Call of Duty: GHOSTS 2 - REALLY...?

  • Published on Feb 29, 2016
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 - Will it REALLY be the new COD...?
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    Would YOU want to see COD: Ghosts 2 this year? :O
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Comments • 10 634

  • MetalBabe4
    MetalBabe4 9 months ago

    To everyone that hated ghost, please go play bo3 and bo4 you pricks

  • xSyco-x- -
    xSyco-x- - 9 months ago

    Who’s here in 2018/19 please bring cod ghosts 2 please fave game

  • The Uncommon n00b
    The Uncommon n00b 10 months ago

    I would really want a cod ghosts...

  • Xxkiller Xxforlife

    If you want to ever want to hate COD GHOSTS or anyone else thats meants their STUPID! 1 👍= love COD GHOSTS

  • Suga Kookies
    Suga Kookies Year ago


  • JUNIOR 18
    JUNIOR 18 Year ago

    I’m ready for the mean comments but I loved COD Ghost I don’t care what any one else says to me

  • ThatMobileGamer
    ThatMobileGamer Year ago

    Ghosts is honestly my favorite. Then again I play more for campaigns.

  • South Ninja
    South Ninja Year ago

    This dude said call of guty 2

  • F34R R3KON
    F34R R3KON Year ago

    2018 still around????

  • John Chile
    John Chile Year ago +1

    What's wrong with you CoD ghost is one of the best games, only because the colors are grey doesn't mean the game sucks, but the player, players that can't handle ghost are just trash players

  • Andrea Harrell
    Andrea Harrell Year ago

    With if price returns in ghost 2

  • Pineapplez 61874
    Pineapplez 61874 Year ago

    Why does everyone hate cod ghosts it’s an awesome game! I mean everything was different, there was more attachments like a holographic sight, a shotgun barrel, and tons of better things like y’all need to realize that!

  • darkfoxvideos
    darkfoxvideos Year ago

    I wanna know the rest of the story! What will Logan be like? Is he going to be the main character or is it going to Hesh? Will it be spilt? I WANNA KNOW GIVE ME MY GHOST 2! I NEED IT!

  • Alpha Rebel
    Alpha Rebel Year ago

    Ghosts is the best cod game in my eyes

  • luke Skywalker
    luke Skywalker Year ago

    in cod ghosts the villain was not dead in the ending so there is a chance for cod ghosts 2 and in that game the villain will die

  • please pass the tea

    I miss Logan

  • Call of duty infinite

    When does COD ghost 2 come out?

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Year ago

    Ghosts wasn't a bad game

  • beast songs
    beast songs Year ago

    I think it will be called ghost two


    Yeah give me my sniper ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  • Arif Cso
    Arif Cso Year ago +1

    I want cod ghost happened!

  • Zeb David
    Zeb David Year ago

    Omg!!! Look how thick you were!!!🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Ruin Fortnite
    Ruin Fortnite Year ago

    Looks like a lot of people want cod ghost 2

  • Coolgamingandvlogs

    Try it out

  • Coolgamingandvlogs

    In the begging of ghost it said only 1 ghost survived in the end it's 2 but I think that 2 is coming

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon Year ago

    I’m so happy about ghost 2

  • TheEnder Gaming
    TheEnder Gaming Year ago

    Agreed cod ghost was A good game super fun

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez Year ago

    is it true

  • Ꮯᴏʟᴇ Ꮪᴘʀᴏᴜsᴇ

    Why can't Activision make CoD normal? Like srsly..... I bet, if Ghosts 2 is still normal, the next CoD games they're gonna make will be another halo game....

  • Ꮯᴏʟᴇ Ꮪᴘʀᴏᴜsᴇ

    If Ghosts II has AST's...... I'll hate Activision 4 lyfe....


    I love ghosts don't hate

  • Justin H
    Justin H Year ago

    Ghosts wasn't good but I think a sequel would be amazing!!! Like if u agree

  • Chacé San
    Chacé San Year ago

    Cod ghosts was dope

  • Tropicana
    Tropicana Year ago +1

    Ghost was my favourite, I'm still depressed that I finished it...

  • Shaughn Kearns
    Shaughn Kearns Year ago

    He made the worst call of duty vid he stopped ghost 2

  • Lena Oxton
    Lena Oxton Year ago

    I Fking Love cod ghosts bo3 destroyed it (In My opinion it's still my best game it has a lot of memories)

  • Madi Grimm
    Madi Grimm 2 years ago

    cod ghosts is my favorite cod

  • Hidayet Berber
    Hidayet Berber 2 years ago


  • Broden Johnson
    Broden Johnson 2 years ago

    it would make sence because in the end of ghosts rorrick kidnaps you and brainwashs you

  • Mr. Emoji Gaming
    Mr. Emoji Gaming 2 years ago

    I want to see goes to because the campaign ended so stupidly I want to see it continued

  • Its NotJacob
    Its NotJacob 2 years ago

    cod ghost didit really kill cod ppl but gave them a frim slap but aw killed cod

  • Jassel Alcala
    Jassel Alcala 2 years ago

    i have no idea y people hate cod ghost.....i play it so much ......peoe just love to hate

  • Hellboy
    Hellboy 2 years ago

    I kinda liked ghosts. The character were some of my favorite.

  • Corphink
    Corphink 2 years ago

    it's gonna be called call of duty wwll

  • Ricardo Maniram
    Ricardo Maniram 2 years ago

    would like to see it yeah.

  • Luca Hoyme
    Luca Hoyme 2 years ago


  • Gavin !
    Gavin ! 2 years ago

    If They make a ghosts 2 I'm thinking the main player will be based on Hesh fighting to get Logan back!! Like if you agree

  • Sam Martin
    Sam Martin 2 years ago


  • terry aqualad
    terry aqualad 2 years ago

    we need cod ghost 2 :'(

  • randy lahey
    randy lahey 2 years ago

    is he on mdma?

  • randy lahey
    randy lahey 2 years ago

    why is he wearing a hat indoors. weirdo.

  • Ajax Amsterdam
    Ajax Amsterdam 2 years ago

    if ghost 2 has exo- suits i suicide 😒

  • Annie Farao
    Annie Farao 2 years ago

    Ib call of duty Ghost Keegan looks eckxeckly like Ghost on MW2

  • Bakat Sal
    Bakat Sal 2 years ago

    the next cod is iw

  • can i get an f in the chat

    Maybe we'll play as hesh or somone else Cause in the end of the credits your thrown into the hole just like rorke and you get tortured

  • dragon gaming
    dragon gaming 2 years ago +1

    ghosts was a good game

  • DJ BLU
    DJ BLU 2 years ago

    I don't know why people freak over having a call of duty ghost 2. Sequels are meant to improve from the first. If call of duty ghost 2 Comes out I think we should all give it a chance

  • Kelmarion Colenberg
    Kelmarion Colenberg 2 years ago

    man call of duty games are super awesome and the best way to relax

  • Dougie Stewart
    Dougie Stewart 2 years ago

    Call of duty ghosts has a better campaign it's the best I've played

  • Anthony the dude
    Anthony the dude 2 years ago

    I would love to see a Call of Duty Ghost 2

  • wagger
    wagger 2 years ago

    i hate bo3 i love ghosts

  • TheDoomGod
    TheDoomGod 2 years ago

    Battlefield 4 Was Awesome

  • Anthony Holland
    Anthony Holland 2 years ago

    I want a cod ghost 2

  • SaucyGailan
    SaucyGailan 2 years ago +1

    I used to watch Ali a daily everyday I would watch a video but then he stopped posting daily and didn't take his channel seriously

  • deb walker
    deb walker 2 years ago +1

    Cod ghost rules

  • _11 SON GOKU
    _11 SON GOKU 2 years ago

    anb we never sow Logan face

  • _11 SON GOKU
    _11 SON GOKU 2 years ago

    I don't think call of duty ghosts wiil come out remember Logan has no voice acting anb they don't know if their wiil be boosts jumping

  • Aslan Demiroglu
    Aslan Demiroglu 2 years ago +1

    I want cod ghost 2 so i can buy my cheap ghosts 1

  • Christian Matthews
    Christian Matthews 2 years ago +1

    Cod ghost was one of my favourite black ops 3 went to far

  • Kākāpō
    Kākāpō 2 years ago +1


  • ProBroGAMING/ Weaklyvids
    ProBroGAMING/ Weaklyvids 2 years ago +1

    remember the end of the last mission rorke drags Logan away which is why cod ghosts 2 should be released

  • ProBroGAMING/ Weaklyvids
    ProBroGAMING/ Weaklyvids 2 years ago +1

    I love cod ghosts the campaign is intense and amazing I want cod ghosts 2 infinity ward do not mess cod ghosts 2 up

  • Poke Master
    Poke Master 2 years ago +1

    I thought that Rorke was dead.

  • Elephant Hurley
    Elephant Hurley 2 years ago +1

    Everyone comment there favourite cod under here pls

  • Daniel Allia
    Daniel Allia 2 years ago

    so its probly gonna be zombies in the next ghost

  • Daniel Allia
    Daniel Allia 2 years ago

    I think theres no extinction because of the dlc map "Exodus"

  • Hydr0 Scorpion
    Hydr0 Scorpion 2 years ago

    I love call of duty ghosts it's my 4th fav console game

  • ryoxe
    ryoxe 2 years ago

    its called infinite warfare

  • PQ DxDe
    PQ DxDe 2 years ago

    infinity wards next cod has to be ghosts 2, ghosts was amazing, best campaign ever, left on a cliff hanger so there's so much more story to tell, I personally loved multiplayer, but for the people who hated it, they won't make the same mistakes twice, ghosts had the best graphics, best cinematics... most realistic cod by far.

  • Kyuuri Suji
    Kyuuri Suji 2 years ago +2

    I don't know why the hate. Ghosts was how I found Ali-A. It's a really good game compared to some of the newer ones

  • Cory Gunther
    Cory Gunther 2 years ago


  • savage king
    savage king 2 years ago +1

    I like it only for the campaign

  • David KillzTM
    David KillzTM 2 years ago +9

    Will cod ghost 2 revive cod from its slumber?

    • Fonzi
      Fonzi Year ago

      don't worry, I'm in the future waw 2 fixed cod up. =-O

  • LocallyInfamous
    LocallyInfamous 2 years ago

    lol infintine warfare is the new worst cod #Ghosts2

  • Tylor Camp
    Tylor Camp 2 years ago

    the next game that treyarch makes should just be called " The Call Of Duty" would an epic title

  • Tylor Camp
    Tylor Camp 2 years ago

    the next game that treyarch makes should just be called " The Call Of Duty" would an epic title

  • Rafael Gaitan
    Rafael Gaitan 2 years ago

    ghost is cool

  • Maura Silva
    Maura Silva 2 years ago +11


  • Swish Productions
    Swish Productions 2 years ago +1

    Cod ghosts is a decent game I dont know why everyone hates I think one person Was like ehh i don't like it then everyone started to hate it

    • oisinw3
      oisinw3 2 years ago +1


  • Techy Plays
    Techy Plays 2 years ago +1

    I wish it was ghosts 2 but sadly it had to be Infinite Warfare

  • Chris Maguire
    Chris Maguire 2 years ago

    Anybody still play ghosts on pc?

  • The typical idiot
    The typical idiot 2 years ago

    It is ghost 2

  • wiski Brown
    wiski Brown 2 years ago

    yep agree

  • Noah Roppe
    Noah Roppe 2 years ago +9

    all the hate on ghosts... the end of the campaign has soooo much potential for a sequel and it would be AMAZING!!!

  • Justin Eagle plume
    Justin Eagle plume 2 years ago +1

    I LOVE CALL OF DUTY GHOST IS My first cod game I played and I am 9

  • Halojouster12345
    Halojouster12345 2 years ago +10

    CALLL OF DUTYYYY GHOSTS I THINK ITS THE BEST CALL OF DUTY I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reilly Maguire
    Reilly Maguire 2 years ago

    I have call of duty ghosts but I need this one

  • ant
    ant 2 years ago +2

    why do you have 3 monster hats you need only need one

  • BioTheHazard
    BioTheHazard 2 years ago +1

    Why do you have to hate call of duty ghosts it's my favorite call of duty what the crap man

  • SttatTic MiTe
    SttatTic MiTe 2 years ago

    Ali a I just watched your last ghosts video and it seemed that you really enjoyed it