Emirates A380 lands in Cairo | Emirates Airline

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Relive the highlights of our Airbus A380’s first landing at Cairo International Airport. From a window view of the Pyramids to a ceremonial water cannon salute, the arrival of our flagship aircraft marked a new chapter in our long-standing relationship with Egypt.
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  • Ishmael Magowa
    Ishmael Magowa 4 days ago

    I rate fly emirates as the best flights in the word

  • Afraz Ahmed
    Afraz Ahmed 7 days ago

    My favourite plane

  • Jack Bentley
    Jack Bentley Month ago +1


  • forever nz
    forever nz Month ago

    The biggest plane I love the misic

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  • milan rositha
    milan rositha Month ago

    I like emirates

  • Jeram Malshan
    Jeram Malshan Month ago

    I like emirates

  • Itshassan Hassan
    Itshassan Hassan Month ago

    Jst loved Emirates!!!

  • Faiza Furqan
    Faiza Furqan Month ago

    Its soo cooool

  • hyper move
    hyper move Month ago

    I was in that plane captain name is hesham el3isawi

  • シAviaibrr
    シAviaibrr Month ago


  • Xiu Ti
    Xiu Ti Month ago +2

    *Fly Emirates, Sponsor Brazil's biggest team São Paulo Fc*

  • Leandro Mito
    Leandro Mito Month ago +1

    Patrocina SPFC do brasil

  • david bayvid
    david bayvid Month ago

    *Mind*: if I got it I am happy

  • david bayvid
    david bayvid Month ago

    *IF NOT I am banging my head at the wall*

  • david bayvid
    david bayvid Month ago

    How can I get a ticket for me? *muscat-manila*

  • Sany Howlader
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  • spotter wilfred
    spotter wilfred 2 months ago

    i love that plane

  • Huraira cheema
    Huraira cheema 2 months ago +2

    Emirates best airline in the world

  • Ranjan Patel
    Ranjan Patel 2 months ago

    Hey my dream I love you

  • Nur der FCB
    Nur der FCB 2 months ago

    Simply beautiful

  • خالد رونالدو
    خالد رونالدو 2 months ago +2

    Welcome to Cairo 👍🇦🇪🇪🇬

  • Nabdab Tabla
    Nabdab Tabla 2 months ago +5

    🔥🔥cool ..
    I love Emirates

  • Firas Arab
    Firas Arab 2 months ago

    One day the A380 will be laid to rest and will join the retired legends such as the Concorde. Where we look back in awe and wonder how humankind had created a city in the sky. I'm honoured to have been able to experience First Class and Business Class travel in this magnificent aircraft and recommend you do the same. One day you will tell your children about this moment.

  • Rafael García B
    Rafael García B 2 months ago

    Maravillosa línea area. Un ejemplo a seguir en el mundo.

  • Youssouf Souley
    Youssouf Souley 2 months ago +1

    I love Emirates 💓

  • Ayisha Rabik
    Ayisha Rabik 2 months ago

    Vara level emirates

  • NajRFajMbestfamousfootballersRm

    I love u emirates

    Dr. NOAH ABUH MAKOJI 2 months ago

    High and comfortable air travel.

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 2 months ago +8

    It'll be a tragedy when these A380's are mothballed in the desert scorch of Arizona's ghost field. So much of a "Concorde" moment you couldn't design. I know Airbus will keep making parts for some time to come...but, once the main craft ceases building...spare parts are little more than stop-gap measures in a valiant effort to preserving a fine ideal, not to mention a stunning variant. The A380 was always more than a "White elephant" & it is discourteous to mention it in the same breath as such.

  • Mahmoud Attallah
    Mahmoud Attallah 2 months ago +1

    How can I be a pilot in emirates air lines

    • Epic Gamer
      Epic Gamer Month ago

      @Mahmoud Attallah thank youu brooo ❤️❤️

    • Mahmoud Attallah
      Mahmoud Attallah Month ago +1

      @Epic Gamer your channel is very good just continue

    • Epic Gamer
      Epic Gamer 2 months ago +1

      @Mahmoud Attallah k ...and if u r an uae citizen...u can apply for cadet pgm

    • Mahmoud Attallah
      Mahmoud Attallah 2 months ago +1

      @Epic Gamer ok

  • Carlos Duarte
    Carlos Duarte 2 months ago +1

    Even get sick just thinking that this A380 model will end up ... with some financial effort from Economy to Business upgrade, you'll enjoy on this plane one of the best experiences of your life.

  • Paris Plane Spotting
    Paris Plane Spotting 2 months ago +1

    great video , liked

  • Luqman Sharif
    Luqman Sharif 2 months ago

    We want to lounch an A380 flight to Nairobi Kenya even though we have a Boeing 777

  • Astrak- Roblox
    Astrak- Roblox 2 months ago +19

    A380 is The Greatest of all time...

  • Mo Hassan
    Mo Hassan 2 months ago +4

    Welcome to egypt 🇪🇬

    • Elaine Blackhurst
      Elaine Blackhurst Month ago +1

      Mo Hassan From Uk 🇬🇧💗✈️🙋‍♀️

    • legendary 17
      legendary 17 2 months ago +1

      Mo Hassan
      مرحب فيك ، آمنور فالتعليقات 🇦🇪💙🇪🇬

  • Devakrishna Ks
    Devakrishna Ks 2 months ago +1


  • saiful isalm
    saiful isalm 2 months ago

    I love Emirates

  • Plat And kinn 125
    Plat And kinn 125 2 months ago +11


  • Umair Siddiqi
    Umair Siddiqi 2 months ago +9

    I love Emirates
    And expo

  • Rayyan Habib
    Rayyan Habib 2 months ago +54

    These many people don’t want the a380 to retire

  • chris 43
    chris 43 2 months ago