• Published on Feb 15, 2019
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  • 「Betrubial」
    「Betrubial」 Day ago


  • AnaV Games
    AnaV Games 4 days ago

    what happened to Mark?? xDD

  • AdamBall 6
    AdamBall 6 22 days ago +1

    Eat pant

  • TheBlueEyed
    TheBlueEyed 24 days ago

    I refuse to believe those are pants.

  • Kangaroo Jack
    Kangaroo Jack 29 days ago

    Why does this exist...?

  • sideboi
    sideboi Month ago

    P a n t s

  • Kaykmeh
    Kaykmeh Month ago

    You’re an MVP if you rush for the subtitles for videos like this

  • Loki LaufeySon
    Loki LaufeySon Month ago

    so this is how mark advertises...

    DCOMMANDO 05 Month ago

    How high is your electricity bill?

  • Tables Can Walk
    Tables Can Walk Month ago

    Why are they soooooo good damn expensive

  • ƒelinoel
    ƒelinoel 2 months ago

    Sure you've got pants but you, a brand NAMED cloak, does not have cloaks???

  • Gaming warriors
    Gaming warriors 2 months ago

    Just scrolling through mark vids. then I see: pants. with no extra context. just pants.

  • The Diamond Wolf
    The Diamond Wolf 2 months ago

    Finally mark pot on some pants

  • And Freedom For All
    And Freedom For All 2 months ago

    wellll..... I took a break from this channel because I got sick of mark turning into a political mouth piece regurgitating Orwellian newspeak (as he said he would NEVER do to us - see his old video when he was invited to the white house.) I thought enough time has passed, maybe the spark of creative life has returned to him. I hit uploads, scrolled through, and saw this quick little video called PANTS and thought - YES - he's back. What do I get? A sucker punch plug of overpriced average quality awkward fitting clothing. .... Yeah, the glory days are gone. :( Oh well, peace out guys.

  • Cat The Catolic
    Cat The Catolic 2 months ago

    Eat pant

  • Blue Pencil
    Blue Pencil 2 months ago

    *Slaps legs vigorously*
    p a n t s
    P a n t s
    *PANT MAN*

  • Wiggeoli The third
    Wiggeoli The third 2 months ago

    Did I just watch an ad to watch an ad

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +1

    **sexy man standing on couch not aware of the dangers that he's gonna fall**
    **sexy man falls and dies like the sexy man he is** _Rip_

  • Anay Patel
    Anay Patel 2 months ago +1


  • Avian 〰〽
    Avian 〰〽 3 months ago

    Hentai is a dot with pizza on the side with rice & gravy on the side with homework due at 12;00... even though it's 11;59, but you don't care, because you watch iatneH {not hentai} all morning drinking Starbucks while you read this comment. Ily bye 🍍

  • KaanThe Fish
    KaanThe Fish 3 months ago

    Unlike Felix...

  • Trashy trashheap
    Trashy trashheap 3 months ago +1

    The real Mark doesn't wear pants! this is an imposter !

  • My Peepee Itch
    My Peepee Itch 3 months ago

    Anyone else confused AF?

  • Carl Cai
    Carl Cai 3 months ago

    still short

    i am sry

  • Ella Kaplan
    Ella Kaplan 3 months ago


  • Calico Bunny
    Calico Bunny 3 months ago

    Someone give the caption writers a medal

  • Abedur Rahman
    Abedur Rahman 3 months ago

    BEST VIDEO ever of CLOAK with MUSIC!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Akirakki
    Akirakki 3 months ago +1

    What if I don’t have legs?

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion 3 months ago


  • dead memer man
    dead memer man 3 months ago +1


  • Assad Ali
    Assad Ali 3 months ago

    No one:
    Markiplier: *stares*

  • highkey. emilyy
    highkey. emilyy 4 months ago

    any1 else think of Kkandbabyj while listening to this, or is it just me?!😂

    MEME REVIEW 4 months ago +1


  • Tibet Korkmaz
    Tibet Korkmaz 4 months ago

    ................ Wtf?

  • SmartMars603
    SmartMars603 4 months ago

    I checked out the link and they seem legit, but the thing I want is $85. Hopefully they'll still exist for many years! (So I can get the hoodie I want. But I do legitimately hope they do well.)

  • mxmx midxriya
    mxmx midxriya 4 months ago

    yeah but mark prolly fell on a pile of those comfy ass pants tho

  • bengalifob2
    bengalifob2 4 months ago

    Such a nerd

  • godhatesquinn
    godhatesquinn 4 months ago

    I wish I had the money for cloak lol

  • Justalittlebitbad :3 ;3

    Life in a nutshell

  • Izzie J
    Izzie J 4 months ago

    1 million views on a 15 second video saying ""we've got pants... Cloak gets comf""

  • Uri Frid
    Uri Frid 4 months ago

    A man encounters two bridges.
    1. Keep walking and go on with your life
    2. *Pants*

  • Tigga Ente
    Tigga Ente 4 months ago

    What is the Song Called ?

  • Gamer Fam
    Gamer Fam 4 months ago


  • GD Nautilus
    GD Nautilus 4 months ago +1


    ERECT TOMATO 4 months ago

    he's... so short

  • Davand3000
    Davand3000 4 months ago

    all the dislikes doesnt wear PANTS

  • samuel Holroyd
    samuel Holroyd 4 months ago

    I saw him standing like an Alpha-Male and then he started to progress into a lower beta-Male

  • Karuma Heiwa iji-kan
    Karuma Heiwa iji-kan 4 months ago

    Markiplier presents... Pantalones.

  • Carlos Madrid
    Carlos Madrid 4 months ago


  • Aa 8379
    Aa 8379 4 months ago

    Pants aren't real
    Hehe, okno

  • Maseofbass
    Maseofbass 4 months ago

    I've never wanted to buy clothing from a TVclipr brand so much before. Mostly probably because I tend to like H&M stuff and his clothing is similar. Support Cloak guys!

  • Len Kagamine
    Len Kagamine 4 months ago

    Don't turn on caption please I beg of you.

  • unwxnted
    unwxnted 4 months ago +1

    *_sexy man_*

  • King Chris A
    King Chris A 4 months ago

    What’s this song called again?

  • Coco Studios ;-;
    Coco Studios ;-; 4 months ago

    What’s the song???

  • Stick Gamer
    Stick Gamer 4 months ago

    How to have 1 million views

  • I need more SOPE
    I need more SOPE 4 months ago

    Sexy man falls and dies like the sexy man he is* rip

  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat 4 months ago

    *E X T R A W O W P A N T S*

  • Matthew
    Matthew 4 months ago

    wev'e got pants

  • J. Kenyon
    J. Kenyon 4 months ago

    Never have I seen more accurate subtitles 8)

  • Lisa Lukens
    Lisa Lukens 4 months ago

    I'm comin for that ass :3

  • fresh Avocado
    fresh Avocado 4 months ago

    He's got legs aswell. Nice to see he's also got two, and no heels 👠.lol

  • ColdOdin70
    ColdOdin70 4 months ago

    oh hell no

  • Dear Ranae
    Dear Ranae 4 months ago

    Them thighsss

  • gamingtalent 14
    gamingtalent 14 4 months ago

    He just got some easy money

  • Cat The Catolic
    Cat The Catolic 4 months ago

    Eat pant

  • Luzz The ultimate
    Luzz The ultimate 4 months ago


  • Chrissie
    Chrissie 4 months ago

    love the captions

  • molcal8303
    molcal8303 4 months ago

    Roblox pants. Pants. And more pants. Shirts


  • Alexa Lawson
    Alexa Lawson 4 months ago

    oh my god ARE YOU OKAY?? LOL

  • Cinder
    Cinder 4 months ago

    My dog absolutely loves this music xD

  • Claire Wright
    Claire Wright 4 months ago

    "home is where the pants aren't"
    Markiplier 2016

  • benjamin thomas
    benjamin thomas 4 months ago

    Te Fuk

  • Falcondorf
    Falcondorf 4 months ago


  • Nathorix
    Nathorix 4 months ago +1

    Overpriced pants, lovely.

  • pikachu ree
    pikachu ree 4 months ago

    This is the best ad I've ever seen

  • Anonymous Subconsciousness

    Y’all turn on subtitles and you’ll have no regrets

  • Hagenstaile
    Hagenstaile 4 months ago

    i like that he had so many edits and good effects on a 15 second long video when lots of youtubers have 10 min videos with like edits you see from a really bad horror movie.

  • Sckeza
    Sckeza 4 months ago

    70 Dollars for a shit brand of pants. why. I highly doubt it's mark that's actually doing this...Right?

  • NearEnderKidd
    NearEnderKidd 4 months ago

    What was this video? I’m so confused

  • _IAmNotDarky
    _IAmNotDarky 4 months ago

    **sexy man standing on a couch not aware of the dangers that he's gonna fall**

  • Victoria Ledoux
    Victoria Ledoux 4 months ago +1

    this is the content i signed up for

  • AwesomeCuteGirl
    AwesomeCuteGirl 4 months ago


  • Ñørå Łøvë
    Ñørå Łøvë 4 months ago

    Love me

  • Shy'mGagaFan2007
    Shy'mGagaFan2007 4 months ago

    This is not Mark, the TRUE Mark would NEVER wear pants xDDD

  • Trappin' Re
    Trappin' Re 4 months ago

    pants? *iS tHaT pAnTs yOu wEaR?*

  • Emu Gad
    Emu Gad 4 months ago

    hang on..
    did mark just fall?

  • CrescentMoon The Monster

    Lol, markimoo fell 😂😂

  • Annie Chadbourne
    Annie Chadbourne 4 months ago

    How is youtube free?

  • More Ants
    More Ants 4 months ago

    *sexy man standing on couch not aware of the dangers that he’s gonna fall* hmmmmmm....

  • phillip98 '
    phillip98 ' 4 months ago


  • Allen Richardson
    Allen Richardson 4 months ago

    Another randow vidow.

  • cutbutter55
    cutbutter55 4 months ago

    whats the song?

  • Styx YT
    Styx YT 4 months ago

    lol if he was money hungry and looking to squeeze bucks out of his younger audience, he would follow the laws of supply and demand and lower the cost of the clothing. this high of a price = very low demand = very low profit lmao

  • GamingTagAuto [Gta Gamers]

    You got pants! Yes we can see that So?

  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel 4 months ago

    this shouldnt exist

  • Zion Dawson
    Zion Dawson 4 months ago +2

    Dude I'm just wondering what that song is...its groovy

    • Zion Dawson
      Zion Dawson 4 months ago

      @Kaycee thanks 😁

    • Kaycee
      Kaycee 4 months ago

      Its Stay by Otis McDonald

  • WilierRainDrop- Gameplay and shmuts

    0:11 lol that's one of the mark ended up dying other than him exploding the kitchen

  • incorrect is incorrect
    incorrect is incorrect 4 months ago +1

    What is the music in the background???

    • Kaycee
      Kaycee 4 months ago

      Stay by Otis McDonald

  • T4T1ANA
    T4T1ANA 4 months ago +2

    *sexy man falls and dies like the sexy man he is*