Jordan Myles vs. Cameron Grimes - Breakout Tournament Finals: WWE NXT, Aug. 14, 2019

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Jordan Myles and Cameron Grimes leave it all in the ring in the final match of the NXT Breakout Tournament. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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Comments • 166

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall 2 months ago

    Rip Jordan Myles
    Welcome back ACH

  • Decapitated Gamer
    Decapitated Gamer 2 months ago +2

    This is awkward watching this match now.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago +3

    Turns out that Myles is a whining black racist.

  • the awsm media guy
    the awsm media guy 2 months ago +3

    Jordan "I refuse to work with racists" Myles

  • Andre Yapto
    Andre Yapto 2 months ago +3

    Trevor Lee should have win this match

  • Carne y Huevo
    Carne y Huevo 2 months ago

    bad decision wwe, Angel Garza vs Cameron Grimes was best

  • Holy Royals
    Holy Royals 4 months ago

    Trevor Lee the racist

  • Dax Akina
    Dax Akina 5 months ago

    Franky became Jordan myles that's what's up!

  • Chris McAllister
    Chris McAllister 5 months ago

    Lol they gave my man ACH the most generic black person name ever

  • Kshitij Pradhan
    Kshitij Pradhan 5 months ago +7


  • Fabio Dewitt
    Fabio Dewitt 5 months ago +1

    Jordan Myles? What a generic name, ACH was so much better.

  • Cameronishot1
    Cameronishot1 5 months ago

    Jordan myles is just to over the top and his smile just gets under my skin...he's good but I just can't truly like him as it just feels over the top, I like Grimes but he just doesn't have the greatest look but I don't think that matters as he is a good talent.

  • Iryanto Zendrato
    Iryanto Zendrato 5 months ago

    Hilangkan iklan dlm video plis

  • Tyler the Rex
    Tyler the Rex 5 months ago

    I want to see a breakout tournament for the tag teams, because u got that new Indian tag team that we saw in worlds collide, and they look like nxt s next dominant tag team, and for the women all getting opportunities for their respective titles

  • Timothy Torres
    Timothy Torres 5 months ago

    They should've signed all of the stars that competed in this tournament.

  • sHangToxus
    sHangToxus 5 months ago

    Puta que es bueno Trevor lee por la ctm

  • DMG118
    DMG118 5 months ago +4

    That's former Impact Wrestling X-Division champion of the world Trevor Lee!

  • osim osim
    osim osim 5 months ago

    The commentary is very annoying

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 5 months ago +1

    Good on ACH/Jordan Myles for picking up the win. Of course, I would like to see Jordan compete for NXT Championship someday. But, right now, that North American Championship is begging for new contenders. Most importantly, the matches would sell: Jordan Myles vs. Velveteen Dream. 💰
    Dream has spared no expense of making that title relevant. I could only hope that it gets bigger and better as time goes on.

  • Tyler Blair
    Tyler Blair 5 months ago +1

    Grimes (Trevor Lee) should have won. NXT has the exact issue that the male main roster has. On the main roster, there’s no big faces, only heels. On NXT, there’s no big heels (Undisputed Era only) and only faces. I think making another face win the tournament was a big mistake.

  • TamiiRoyal
    TamiiRoyal 5 months ago

    Those punches were so fake it got me irritated 😤

  • A WrestlingFan
    A WrestlingFan 5 months ago

    So much talent between these 2 wrestlers

  • King Que
    King Que 5 months ago

    I hope everyone that was in this tournament is in wwe 2k20 be pretty cool to play as ACH and Shane Strickland

  • January Boy Harrison
    January Boy Harrison 5 months ago

    Why does it say nxt takeover

  • Orienteering withNapalmDeath!

    I missed ACH who was dancing happily in the ring with Naito's entrance theme

  • CPA
    CPA 5 months ago

    Great match.

  • Static 《legend》
    Static 《legend》 5 months ago +15

    Samuel Shaw (whatever his NXT name is) should have won the tournament.

    • Tyler Blair
      Tyler Blair 5 months ago +1

      He’s easily the worst in ring talent in the entire tournament. You are crazy if you think he should have won.

    • OldWestCooper
      OldWestCooper 5 months ago +6

      his new name is Dexter Lumis btw i think he can be a cool superstar in NXT so much storylines can be done with his gimmick

  • Daithi Day
    Daithi Day 5 months ago

    I wanna see nxt top 10 and 205 top 10

  • Kraxos sl
    Kraxos sl 5 months ago

    The lady sounds like someone's aunt that's trying too hard.

  • Moon Stomp
    Moon Stomp 5 months ago

    Should have been Angel

  • Caio Moreira
    Caio Moreira 5 months ago

    apollo crews 2.0

  • Miss Monde
    Miss Monde 5 months ago +1

    I thought the girl was ronda😶

  • 360 dj CREATION
    360 dj CREATION 5 months ago

    We won't great khaki back

  • Berfin Tas
    Berfin Tas 5 months ago


  • ReOgAsS entertainment
    ReOgAsS entertainment 5 months ago +1

    Final music Slipknot-All Out Life

  • Paul
    Paul 5 months ago

    "Cameron Grimes"? No. Go back to school WWE that is an unbelievably stupid name.

  • ANDERIA B00bs
    ANDERIA B00bs 5 months ago +1

    I love Jordan myles he a great fighter

  • Mc Kin
    Mc Kin 5 months ago

    ACH vs Trevor Lee

  • Sam Grimes
    Sam Grimes 5 months ago

    Nice to see someone with a decent surname for once

  • SomeRandomDoctor
    SomeRandomDoctor 5 months ago

    Lets hope Jordan Myles doesnt end up like Apollo in a couple years.

  • RockRock RockRock
    RockRock RockRock 5 months ago

    Following I love John Cena and The Rock works for Lake

  • Beefy Mario
    Beefy Mario 5 months ago

    Female referee during male match gives away that no ref bump will happen in match. Also, it's unbelievable that she would be able to separate two 6ft plus adrenaline, filled pissed off, fighting men.

  • Slightly Sinister
    Slightly Sinister 5 months ago

    2 out if 3 members of this commentary team are fantastic. One is garbage. That one is Beth Phoenix. She's not good at commentary

  • NZero
    NZero 5 months ago +34

    Jordan Myles and Apollo Crews could be a good flashy tag team

    • Fogell Mclovin
      Fogell Mclovin 5 months ago

      Why? Cause they are both black?...

    • The MetalMau5
      The MetalMau5 5 months ago

      @Lee Bot what about all 3 of em

    • Lee Bot
      Lee Bot 5 months ago

      Yes what about Jordan and Cedric

  • game gamer
    game gamer 5 months ago

    The naxt jobber for wwe

  • Gcool243
    Gcool243 5 months ago

    These two are so phenominal. I'm afraid Grime's look might hinder him on the main roster, but man can these two wrestle and both are pretty good promos too

  • Nishu Malik
    Nishu Malik 5 months ago


  • Hakeem Johnson
    Hakeem Johnson 5 months ago +8

    My Dream Matches : Isaiah "Swerve" Strickland vs The Velveteen Dream : Jordan Myles vs The Velveteen Dream 👊🏾

  • Derrick Jones
    Derrick Jones 5 months ago

    He called Jordan Myles Scott Myles

  • iconic boy831
    iconic boy831 5 months ago

    I'm glad that jordan myles won super

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh 5 months ago +10

    Nxt better than raw n smack down live

    ARTHUR FIGHT 5 months ago +1

    Black Power🐸❤️👮🏿👶🏿☘

  • Caleb Watson
    Caleb Watson 5 months ago

    Angel Garza was the best.

  • CJ Destruction
    CJ Destruction 5 months ago +5

    Trevor Lee and ACH bay bay!
    *adam Cole superkicks me*

  • JRA Tu Amigo
    JRA Tu Amigo 5 months ago +10

    Jordan Myles future NXT Champion.
    Cameron Grimes future NXT North American Champion.

    • dreadghoul23
      dreadghoul23 5 months ago +1

      I honestly see it the other way around

    • Charlie Turner
      Charlie Turner 5 months ago +2

      Hopefully grimes gets the NXT title one day too cause that guy was amazing on the indies

  • Edrin Mande
    Edrin Mande 5 months ago +52

    The winner of this tournament really shoudve been Isaiah "swerve" Scott

    • streeTkiDwannaBe
      streeTkiDwannaBe 5 months ago +1

      I’d just like to see him and Dio Maddin (Brennan Williams) appear on tv already. Wanna see some Generation Chill.

    • Sergei Biolango
      Sergei Biolango 5 months ago +4

      Love that dude

  • Carne y Huevo
    Carne y Huevo 5 months ago +1

    Cameron Grimes is more better

  • RJ Ω
    RJ Ω 5 months ago


  • Dani Mendez
    Dani Mendez 5 months ago

    Trevor lee?

  • Hulk Hogan Cena
    Hulk Hogan Cena 5 months ago