Leave USA & Head to the Netherlands for Better Food


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  • Plunger King
    Plunger King 2 days ago

    Don't make me laugh! The diet in the Netherlands is one of high in dairy, meat, sugar and processed flour products. They have one of the worlds highest rates of cardio vascular disease, alzheimer, arthritis and hip fractures, all due to the rich diet. The only plus is that they exercise more by cycling everywhere as the Netherlands is such a small and flat country with easier access to where they want to go.
    Fake news detected!

  • zamo8 Lamora
    zamo8 Lamora 10 days ago

    Dutch food boring!

  • martinko40
    martinko40 12 days ago

    DUTCH is a bicycle culture , if Americans will spend 5 hours on bicycle a day , they will also look healthier .

  • G T
    G T 15 days ago

    Food is pretty shit in the Netherlands to be honest. UK has much better supermarkets and selection of food. Supermarkets like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Dirk etc are just about average quality and nothing to be praised. The Dutch love to eat junk too, they just cycle everywhere and burn off those extra calories. I've lived here for a number of years and the food is one of the downsides.

  • dutch murdock
    dutch murdock 16 days ago

    The only really big great thing in America is the ego of the people. Het used to the Idea America is NOT the best country in the world.
    Not by far....
    Nature and the countrysides in America are amazing but the people are over the top and wat to obsessed by money!
    Americans are always proud on the most stupid things...always f*cking proud.
    We are more to the point and more humble.

  • Shan Rafnezden
    Shan Rafnezden 19 days ago

    Cook your own meals from whole foods.

  • jakolu
    jakolu 21 day ago

    I'm surprised that the US was tied with Japan! I definitely feel like healthier food that is pre-prepared is more accessible in Japan. Also home-cooked traditional cuisine that has a variety of foods, rich in fish and vegetables is still standard.

  • Dr. Karsten
    Dr. Karsten 28 days ago

    The Netherlands isn’t that small, were bigger then: Israel, Syria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden (population), Norway (population) Cyprus, Luxemburg, etc.

  • Don Miata
    Don Miata 2 months ago

    what might plays a role in our healthcare system is the fact tha solidarity is not a dirty word in Nederland, everybody is obliged to be health insured and the insurance companies are obliged to take every body young or old healthy or sick. if you stay healthy your whole life youre one of the lucky ones, yes you paid all your life (about 110 dollar for a basic insurance per month that includes doctor fees medicines (a few are exluded because to expensive) fees for specialist, the hospital bed and nursing, operations, surgery, operation room everything that you can think of. the few exeptions like dental, can be insured seperately,

  • Don Miata
    Don Miata 2 months ago

    not quite a large, but we are after the US. second biggest exporter of food

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 2 months ago +1

    we eat at home for breakfest and dinner. and lunch we eat at work/school.
    bread in the morning and lunch. warm food for dinner.
    every meal has veggies and meat(unless your vegan).
    snacks and going out is something you do in the weekend or on vacantion.

  • Lien Bijs
    Lien Bijs 3 months ago

    It is a matter of time till we Dutch have the same bad habbits as the Americans, I see a negative change already with when I was a child. 30 yrs ago my mother simply cooked 7 days a week, no matter what. Now people always have reasons to go for take away food, hot weather, no time or even I cannot decide what to cook.Also in my childhood everybody sat around the table and only lousy people ate on the couch. Now it becomes quit normal for a lot of Dutch people to eat on the couch. I think we have to be more conscious in order to keep the good habbits from our parents, myself included.

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 4 months ago

    Which is exactly why we should stop watching (too much) American T.v. and/or glamourize doughnuts and hamburgers.
    I will admit, I joined the cupcake-craze and have watched my fair share of TLC, but I'm still at a normal weight and I put all the decorative cupcakes away, so they wouldn't constantly make me hungry.
    Instead, there's water-waves and ice-skates on the display now.

  • Miss Informed
    Miss Informed 4 months ago +2

    It is not only the Abundance of healthy foods: in the Netherlands unhealthy food products are often cheaper than the healthy ones. The Dutch also have a correlation between healthy feeding habits and socioeconomic status. The income inequality is way less than in the USA and it seems to me there is a moderating effect of culture too. Dutch Calvinistic culture screams for moderation. Enjoy, but certainly don’t overdo it. Portions are trimmed to economically efficient proportions as well. In Dutch restaurants don’t expect to get stuffed. Enough is all you will get and there are all you can eat restaurants that will charge you extra for the stuff you took but couldn’t eat anymore.

  • Martin van der Vlies
    Martin van der Vlies 4 months ago +1

    You want to start living healthy ? Close school canteens make your own meal at home to go.

  • youpie24
    youpie24 4 months ago

    When on holiday in France, the french called 'champion du lait'. As dutch children get milk to drink for breakfast and lunch. Soda? no only on friday evening, if we watched a movie. in the summer we played outside, so no soda.

  • Panzer Raven
    Panzer Raven 4 months ago

    No shit!! I am 6ft7

  • Mark Schattefor
    Mark Schattefor 5 months ago +1

    What a big difference is is the fact that we in the Netherlands don´t have to go far to get
    to a supermarket. Yes they are smaller, but I can get to it on my bicycle, and buy fresh
    products in a range of 1 kilometer in 3 different supermarkets every day.

  • Douwe Bloot
    Douwe Bloot 5 months ago

    Its because of the salien francs invented a way to getting more crops from the land in a year. This can be seen until the day of today.

  • carolineleiden
    carolineleiden 5 months ago +1

    We have small supermarkets all over town, where they sell fresh produce at regular prices. You can walk there, or ride a bike, and so we do, almost every day, for fresh food. We don't need to buy in bulk, once a month, and all processed foods, to a giant supermarket 10 miles out of town.

  • agnar150 Smith
    agnar150 Smith 5 months ago

    The USA is about killing their citizens for profit.

  • Sipke de Boer
    Sipke de Boer 6 months ago

    Americans are often critical about the Dutch tax system, because all the ‘free’ stuff is ultimately paid by the tax payer. However, ‘free’ meals at schools are unheard of in the Netherlands, it is considered normal to bring your own lunch. It is basically the other way around, which is quite weird when you think about it.

  • Eva Stapaard
    Eva Stapaard 6 months ago

    I do grow my own vegetables and fruits. it's the only way to be sure my family eat healthy. but there aren't a lot of people here that have the time or want to do the extra work....
    I never eat canned stuff. i cook from scratch and I use enormous amounts of fresh veggies. we never eat white bread. once or twice a month we eat pizza or fries.
    The netherlands aren't known for their fancy cuisine. It's very basic. potato's, vegetables and a bit of meat. pretty boring you would say but I grew up with it and I really like it. on the other hand I like to cook meals from different countries. we like the variation.
    most people I know eat potato's 3/4 times a week, rice and pasta's the rest of the week.
    BTW.....I'm dutch(frisian) but i really hate to cycle! I rather walk.

  • klopman winkel
    klopman winkel 6 months ago

    what wil happen when whe give the middelfinger

  • klopman winkel
    klopman winkel 6 months ago

    hold on shut the fuck up 2:12 greatings from holland

  • Ainiewainy
    Ainiewainy 7 months ago +2

    And yet we are the country that eats chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast. The Netherlands, so healthy!

  • Ivy King
    Ivy King 7 months ago

    The price of fresh food is key.
    In usa any takeaway is cheaper then fresh greens/carbs/proteine.
    Oh yeah USA:
    stop deepfrying things.

  • MPDeventer
    MPDeventer 7 months ago

    We’re number ONE !!

  • TheReactor8
    TheReactor8 7 months ago

    Eat unpreprocessed fresh food, diversify, moderate quantity and exercise.

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar 7 months ago

    Life lesson...
    Learn to cook, don‘t buy made food in the supermarket

  • Suicidal Forest
    Suicidal Forest 7 months ago

    well its 2018 now. and i can guarantee you that fast food is ALOT cheaper than healthy food. compare a mars bar with an orange. and you pay at least 30 cents more for that orange than for the mars bar. healthy food is expensive in the netherlands. we get more and more american fas foot restaurants here. so people will get fatter over time as well. yet the government keep saying yeah people have to eat healthier. well make the healthy stuff cheaper. dont tax healthy food. and make candies and all that stuff expensive and tax the shit out of it. but as long as they dont do that. and as long as they love fucking america in the ass. non of this will ever change

  • Suicidal Forest
    Suicidal Forest 7 months ago

    75% of the food in america is fake. its a proven fact. drink water contain Fluoride. Their food contains GMOs. and 75% of the tap water in america contains Chromium 6. cancer causing bacteria. point is america is a shit country to live in if you want to eat healthy. NON of their stuff and products are healthy.

  • Linda Raterink
    Linda Raterink 8 months ago

    Lol where did they reseached all this? Our junkfood can also cheep, we just take the time to cook at home more instead of going out everyday. The majority has takeout 1 to 4 times a month. (were prone to make the even cheeper version at home, yes there comes the stereotype we like cheep) And some people would have a little party, if they can buy some fresh fruit and veggies instead of canned food, because they can be expensive. And a nother thing we bike A LOT, that's very good for your health. Less chance of getting fat and diabetis.

  • varitok
    varitok 8 months ago

    Since when is Nederland northern Europe???

  • Sc Donster
    Sc Donster 8 months ago

    And 80% in holland dies of cancer.

  • DeGeweldigeBanaan
    DeGeweldigeBanaan 8 months ago

    go away americans
    we have problems enough here

    NIGGER 8 months ago

    Stroopwafels, thats our secret kut

  • Goldmember Games
    Goldmember Games 8 months ago

    Do we grow food in the garden you have been here ...? Wtf have you been your fantasy...?.

  • KeiraR
    KeiraR 8 months ago

    Please don't come here as well, fix your own damn problems instead. =/

  • Pauwlussz v N
    Pauwlussz v N 8 months ago

    Not all is exactly as described below in different replies/answers.
    Just, Fr example to add something.
    The dutch follow slowly the global mainstream towards human habits and food trends and seduction by adictive mostly sugar bursting, tempting goodies/snacks and junkfood.
    Pretty, still traditional , projection of a average Dutch family household is still picturing the general overall stereotype family of four members average. Witch significantly showing a traditional role devided tasks, responsibilities, devotions and expectations. Father is earning the main income. Mothers is staying at home being the traditional housewife responsible for taking care of the household and bring up the kids (raise) . Early past dutch society this stayed the main task and destiny concerning the family female part of her life/career. As for nowadays they don't always one a kind of career as logic evolving the undertaken education instead of the past time assumption and aspectations as well as personal admiration combined into a untameable hunger towards individual exploration of its own education/knowledge/intellect inspired through personal talent, ambition, interest or slightly, going far as heavy guidance, moving/pushed into a certain direction of education.
    Still most popular in dutch society (moving towards double career partners) is a bit of both. Old/traditional and modern parents-ship . Meaning...... mom stays at home, taking care of the children. At least /until they are responsible and old enough to be independent of managing the daily routine and tasks, responsibilities and aspectations
    About the kids .....its all the same in almost each family and can, category-wise be narrowed down to two overall assumed point of view of the parents concerning education and job-perpectives. The ones who achieve good grates motivate them to aim for the highest possible educational achievement in te direction of personal inrerest combined over viewing the information about job opportunities. The ones who are more practical orientated instead of high education. Point out skills and capacity /talent and choose best suited job-practice(al) orientated school.
    stereotyped dutch family, are the foundations of the solid ordained dutch society. Providing a responsible (as thought/teached) three times a day descent and mostly old fashioned meal accompanied with a lot of dairy products. The dutch have the lowest lactose-intolerance-rates in the world.
    Just a extra point mentionable; the Dutch are globally the tallest people/nation.
    Further details:
    My father was direction board executive of a ( dutch direct translation ) vegetable and fruit auction house / instance constructed by format of a Cooperation ( to serve/fallicitate, non;, objecting achievements of, profit conceiving/focused main values/end achievement ) who have aimed their national targets and consolidations proceding top of the bill agricultural advancement and global top rated leadership and ultimate leading role concerning domesticate evoluting agricultural products/goods/vegetables/seeds and growing processes/techn(ics)ology. Resulting in a availability of agricultural products in high volumes/quantities resulting low self/own consumers prices. Providing the low'-incomes households free overproduction goods distributed through so called free good/food(s)-banks , too which the poorest people aplied for after monitoration by social instance.
    The problem is in contradiction towards the other given opinions here . Or differently formulated..... adding a trouble-shooting issue is the western human society AGENDA AND TIME-MANAGEMENT. Foremost coming along the growing numbers of ever more convertion of households including two working parents full agenda, overloaded obligation/appointments, personal demanding needs and wishes and image fulfillment. Luckily when
    triumphed in the past by slowing down the worldwide procedings . Thanks through a big proportion of institutes and statisticy and social/trend-watchers who passes a continuing advice effort through to the governmental institutes to follow it up by educating and informing the public society. Warning them about possible consequences ib our near future.
    And let them (other enteties) laugh about our way conceiving things and thoughts by joking about having a habit arranging a meeting about the last meeting and that everybody has a say and express their opinion and adjusting ideas along someone else his/her idea or point of order.
    We have shown that as small of a country that we are . We have genes that provided us, from generation to generation (see time apse dutch history) able to contribute world society,providing them, throughout history, making, conceiving, out-of-the-way box idea thinking, providing and inventing , educating and guiding humanity by sharing distributing our 'forwards helping' ideas and inventions.
    Resulting also in fulfilling a high demand for top accupations of expertise and top ranked leading position functionaries of Dutch executives and field/bramche expertise/experts continued throughout proven results and fulfilled expectations achieved through passed on experience.
    We dare to say, and largely have already proven that we are blessed by our genes that makes and provides us skills and the abilities proclaiming possessing most allround, clever, intelligent and advanced capabilities.
    And here comes the biggest dare . I am convinced by calling/saying out loud the following statement . We Dutch people are capable of be the most out spoken nationality with the highest allrounded achieving all levels scoring top ranking country in the world able to make or propose a or several innovtion in almost every branche or field of expertise in any categories.
    Oeps now I have gone to far. This is actually nothing like us , this behaviour is what we normally condemned. This sounds almost more like an redneck yank, so lauded about themselves. Uhlk yak filth oew damned me.....
    Excuses for my grammar.
    This is due the fact of undergoing
    only two years of English education (own choice) in contradiction to fellow countrymen, especially our youth of te last 15-20 years till now. Who enjoy(ed) the education of three compulsory foreign languages.
    Starting with easyv basic English vocabulary at the age of 6 continued at a later stage/age with obliged lessons in German and French and for some greek and/or Latin
    Well that's enough (already to much writing) for today
    From a fellow from the south-city Tilburg

  • GlieseD
    GlieseD 8 months ago

    Germany is much better.

  • Sander Jansen
    Sander Jansen 8 months ago

    So fine to be Dutch

  • TheMerkat55
    TheMerkat55 9 months ago

    To stay healthy we Dutchies have something that Americans also need, and that's a bicycle. That is our culture and policy to stay healthier.

  • Berend Kuipers
    Berend Kuipers 10 months ago

    do not come here! You are not used to our portionf of food. So. we have to make the portions bigger! What an Ami shoves in (I can't call it eats) we eat fir 2 or 3 peersons!

  • robox91
    robox91 10 months ago

    Cooked potato is the way to go.

  • zvxcvxcz
    zvxcvxcz 11 months ago

    Probably not just the food though..... people in the Netherlands bike, a lot.

  • youpie24
    youpie24 Year ago +1

    Eat fresh vegetables and fruit dammit!!!!

  • Nellie Rutten
    Nellie Rutten Year ago

    Cycling is the secret that they stay slimmmer then other western countries and we're cheap so we cook/ boil our own food.

  • Strategist Wang
    Strategist Wang Year ago

    Its not the food. Its lifestyle

  • Classic huckstering snake oil pulpit talk

    Clueless reporter. Sugar and salt are not bad for you. We Dutch eat jam and chocolate sprinkles for breakfast and salted herring with potato chips for lunch. Being an uneducated American is what's bad for your health.

  • oldkidsjonge
    oldkidsjonge Year ago

    I'm Dutch and the Dutch diet is probably among the most unhealthy in Europe :P Better head out to Italy.

  • ThatDutchguy
    ThatDutchguy Year ago

    Yeah Duhhh, Of course we have better food in the Netherlands then anything in the USA, have you seen them Yikes.

  • MaartenMCsquarepants

    People do not think of the costs of their combined healthcare systems whenever they stuff their faces with cheap junkfood, they think about not wanting to look like a pig in the long run. As compared to short-term thinking that I notice a lot amongst my US classmates, on financial but also health related topics, western Europeans seem to take the future effects of their current actions into account more. Everyone knows which food will fatten you and which will make you "Instagram worthy".

  • Jasper Snijders
    Jasper Snijders Year ago

    we are Cheese Masters that's why

  • joehoe222
    joehoe222 Year ago +2

    Important stuff:
    - Use veggies!
    - Eat diverse
    - Move more
    - Cheap food isn't cheap in long term!

  • Tijs Snabel
    Tijs Snabel Year ago

    if it ain't dutch it ain't much...WE OWNED THE USA..Then we sold it...and got Surinam...bad judgement...

    • penelope pittstop
      penelope pittstop Year ago

      Tijs Snabel but then maybe the US would have ended up like Suriname? js

  • Bram Berkenbos
    Bram Berkenbos Year ago

    Well I think another big thing is that for Dutch people the family is very inportant so we often eat with the whole family together at home and so we don't often need to just throw something together for just ourselfs which will often result in fastfood

  • Waarom?
    Waarom? Year ago +2

    2:25 This is why. We have high tech agricultural capabilities. Growing healthy food is something the Dutch mastered ages ago. Nowadays we have the capability to grow massive amounts of food on very small plots of land. Living on fertile swampy soil under sea level has its perks.

  • rutger5000
    rutger5000 Year ago

    Our food is horrible. Healthy and affordable maybe, but horrible. But yeah we're a major exporter of veggies and the like, so should be relatively healthy.

  • MrMezmerized
    MrMezmerized Year ago +2

    It's not just the type of food.... Portions, ridiculous American portions.

    • Widdekuu91
      Widdekuu91 8 months ago

      I was always told I could have one (small) bowl of chips, in the afternoon, when it had been 3 o clock.
      And I still eat chips in a bowl. I never eat it directly from the bag, at least not at home, because then your perception is off and you might eat the whole bag.
      Only on parties is that allowed :P

  • Wasted Spam
    Wasted Spam Year ago

    So Americans need to watch more dutch television. Got it.

  • Mathijs
    Mathijs Year ago

    Chicken are also cheap here. But netherlands has more diversity.

  • The Prophet
    The Prophet Year ago

    Please don't move to the Netherlands..

  • Ditje Datje
    Ditje Datje Year ago

    NO! Stay in U$A.

  • Envy West
    Envy West Year ago

    Saoedi Arabië is so low because obese rate for women is high. You won't see a mother jogging on the Streets there.

  • Macca Lives
    Macca Lives Year ago

    Affordable and cheap? When a cauliflower sets you back EUR 2,49, a pound of strawberries costs the same during the height of summer, I don't think the word 'cheap' applies anymore. Sure, if you want to eat the same things all the time, you can make that claim. But many foods are expensive and can't be afforded by those with low incomes.

  • staalman
    staalman Year ago

    According to this study, the Food Quality in the USA is among the best, I presume that they meant Food Quantity instead in the case of this particular country...

  • DataStorm
    DataStorm Year ago

    The big difference:
    Americans go shop for food once in 2 weeks.
    The dutch almost every day, they take the bike for 2 min to their local grocery store and buy their dinner items they need.
    Food that is high in sugar and fat stays good for a longer period, so the american can get away with doing groceries only once a week or 2 weeks.
    The dutch can take fresh food every day, and are consequently eating fresh food more.

  • Richard Engels
    Richard Engels Year ago

    unfortunatly Russia chooses to boycot Dutch produce..

  • Roland ten Napel
    Roland ten Napel Year ago

    Being Dutch, I can honestly say: Regulations, bitch ;-p

  • -Gemberkoekje-
    -Gemberkoekje- Year ago

    we dont get meals in cafeterias in the Netherlands, just some nice candy, warm snacks or breads

    • john v
      john v 10 months ago

      -Gemberkoekje- are you actually everywhere?

  • ivo mijnnaam
    ivo mijnnaam Year ago

    oh and you yanks have a space issue don't you ... all the cows... all the pigs... all the fucking MAIS you need to feed it...... you are out of space are you ? you are eating so much fucking chicken so much fucking cow..... you eat so much fucking food in yankland.... you BARELY have enough space to place your livestock LET ALONE space enough to place your MAIS.... so you yanks are SOOOOOOOOOO fucked.... oh and you have the BIGGEST waterproblem ever recorded in the human history .... so euh ... did I mentioned you yanks are fucked ? I did..... ? oh .... right oke.... welll you are SO FUCKED !!!! hahahahaha and that is when MY fucking party starts... the period that yankland .... just fucking COLLAPSES !!! so come one youtubers don't let me down when you start shooting each other and killing each other RECORD THAT SHIT !!!!! I have WAY to much fucking popcorn to get wasted so keep those camera's and phone's recording folks I want to see yanks blowing up... flying around... shooting each other I WANT SOME FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT GODDAMMIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the fucking entertaiment ..... so start your second civil war today so I can finally ENJOY some shit !!!!!!

  • Donald jr loetje
    Donald jr loetje Year ago

    We eat well because we don't have those fucking corporations bribing lawmakers. And yes Liberals are better thinkers. Without republicans to sell out the population we have more common sense and less corruptioin.

    EZTIVANS Year ago

    the only reason I would move to the NETHERLANDS is for Armin Van Büüren!!🙌😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Pastafarian
    Pastafarian Year ago +1

    Vegetables and healthy brown bread are a must for a lot of dutch people. If i ask some folk what will they eat for dinner they will name the vegetable first. Our most dutch dishes are vegetable based. We drink the most milk in the whole world and its also the healtheist. No wonder we are so tall!

  • Explodedgames
    Explodedgames Year ago +19

    Go to dutch disneyland (Albert heijn) then put some champignóns in a ZAKJE then get the bonnetje and then fill the Zakje till its full and then go to the cassiers. -John Fealy first thing ever said about dutch people wich is actually true XD

    • Widdekuu91
      Widdekuu91 8 months ago

      Sorry, they weigh it at the cashdesk now :P

    • penelope pittstop
      penelope pittstop Year ago

      Explodedgames ha I never thought of that... but I do bag the most expensive apples and chose the cheapest option on the scale... might use your idea too :-)

  • Brendon Chase
    Brendon Chase Year ago

    On average (let me repeat that 2x).. we've bought less into the pseudo-scientific Ancel Keys myth of artery clogging saturated fat, so the anti fat (pro carb) health craze was only modest over here when the horrible eighties arrived ;) People still use real butter instead of inflammatory margerine, they eat plenty of free range eggs, they still eat a lot of full fat products (lean chicken breast, blech..) and our cows are usually pastured and grass fed. Also, not a lot of HFCS is used over here and that by itself makes a huge difference. Last, but not least: the drinking water over here is superior in terms of not having been chlorinated and fluoridated. A growing concern however, is with contamination by Sonmanto's poisons (square-down). That's why we need to keep TTIP out of here.

  • Veneil
    Veneil Year ago

    I live in Australia where people don't seem to want anything but white bread. And not just white, but soft, mushy WHITE white that feels and tastes like a wet chamois cloth. Just absolutely revolting. But it's what people want and supermarket shelves are packed with long rows of this stuff, with the (apparently) extra selling point that it's "extra soft". One can only conclude Australians don't have teeth. They do have small quantities of something sold as "wholemeal bread" which is, in most supermarkets, the closest thing to "brown" bread but is usually offered in a variety of shades of grey from whitish to a greyish brown. It gets dry very quickly and I find it inedible. It's my never-ending gripe in Australia. They simply don't know what good bread is and even if you'd offer it they wouldn't eat it!

  • klaas de jong
    klaas de jong Year ago +1

    we dont grow our own food, we buy it at Albert Heijn .

  • HolandaChiquita
    HolandaChiquita 2 years ago +5

    But please do not all move to here. Do go and stay in your own country and WORK at it!

  • germano puglia
    germano puglia 2 years ago

    what? japan ties with the us? i would have thought that japan ,with it's low obesity rate and highest life expectancy, would have been first place.

    • idcaf
      idcaf Year ago

      mark tempelman the healthiest "in theory". But fast food is very common for people to eat at least in tokyo where i lived for a few months(btw, avoid sushi, very unhealthy)

    • FlyingDutchMan
      FlyingDutchMan Year ago

      they don't Japan has the healthiest diet in the world

  • spastba
    spastba 2 years ago +33

    When you put ketchup on the vegetable list to meet global health standards and act surprised when your population is unhealthy...

  • Nick Deckers
    Nick Deckers 2 years ago

    Fuck off dont come here you dumb fucks keep buying food with monsanto out food is the boss bye bye

  • fmagalhaes1521
    fmagalhaes1521 2 years ago +1

    Ik ben Amerikaan en ik zou het willen weten... Zijn er GMO in Nederland? De Verinidge Staten heeft het GMO... Kunt en Nederlaan/Nederlandse me vertellen.... ik zou graag bedank u!!!

    • spastba
      spastba 2 years ago +1

      The cheapest area for that is probably Friesland. Be aware though America is pushing this trade agreement TTIP making it possible for them to export their toxic's disguised as foods to Europe soon...

    • fmagalhaes1521
      fmagalhaes1521 2 years ago

      @QuMiJo... Bedankt u wel voor de hulp.. Ik zou naar Nederland willen verhuizen en in een kanaal boot wonnen...

    • QuMiJo
      QuMiJo 2 years ago

      Nee. De EU heeft alle vormen van GMO's verboden. Volgens mij is het om de boeren in Europa te verdedigen maar ze zijn in ieder geval niet toegestaan.

  • Ron
    Ron 2 years ago

    Everybody is slim in Europe and Dutch food is gross (no offence)

    • tijmen131
      tijmen131 2 years ago +1

      +QuMiJo het gerecht draait niet om de aardappel, je kan het weglaten zonder dat er niet meer sprake is van bv andijviestamppot. Smaakt alleen minder. Tevens heet het niet voor niets ANDIJVIE*stamppot en niet AARDAPPEL*stampot. Patat is niet per se een Nederlands gerecht, en patat met mayo en patat met curry zijn geen 2 verschillende gerechten, gewoon 2 variaties van hetzelfde gerecht. Tevens gaat het mij niet erom dat het er 100 moeten zijn, het gaat mij erom er niet veel gerechten zijn waar zonder de aardappel er niet meer sprake is van een NEDERLANDS* gerecht.

      *kan geen strepen onder het woord zetten dus benadruk ik het met hoofdletter, komt wat dreigend over maar niet zo bedoeld.

    • QuMiJo
      QuMiJo 2 years ago +2

      Het is letterlijk onmisbaar in de stampot. Aardappel is het meest dominante voedsel in de Nederlandse keuken. Er zijn sowieso al 50+ varianten van patat gerechten dus 100 wordt makkelijk geraakt

    • tijmen131
      tijmen131 2 years ago

      Stampot is niet ''100 different ways of potato'' het zit erin verwerkt maar daar draait het gerecht niet om. En ik heb het over eten, niet over maaltijden. Dus alles wat ik noem is gewoon correct.

    • QuMiJo
      QuMiJo 2 years ago

      Hahahha laat me niet lachen man, denk eens even na voordat je comment. Ten eerste ben ik Nederlands, ten tweede zijn stampotten allemaal aardappel, heb je er nooit een gegeten? andijviestampot is letterlijk andijvie+aardappel samengeperst = boerenkool. Verder gaat het hiet om eten en cuisine, die nederland niet echt heeft. We hebben idd snacks zoals stroopwafels en pepernoten maar de tellen niet als avondeten (pannekoeken tellen wel als ontbijt). Een echte nederlandse avondmaal bestaat uit aardappel, een portie groente en een klein stukje vlees.

    • tijmen131
      tijmen131 2 years ago +1

      QuMiJo than you probably have never eaten dutch food cause potato's are not the basics of dutch meals, you have haring (met ui), pannekoeken, poffertjes, stroopwafels, pepernoten boerenkoolstampot,wortelstampot, zuurkoolstampot,hete bliksem

  • best gameplay
    best gameplay 2 years ago +8

    we dont grow food in our garden some do most don't

    • Donald jr loetje
      Donald jr loetje Year ago +1

      damien But we do have many tuintjes where people grow their food as a hobby. They are many. Now in my city there are many more in every part of the city for people to grow vegetables. We have at least one garden in every district wijk. In my district we have two big gardens

    • HolandaChiquita
      HolandaChiquita Year ago +3

      +de nielsvlog Erm... It is true. I don't know where you live but I live near Zwolle at the moment, more near the forests. I used to live in Rotterdam and near Assen. And a lot of people do grow their own food. I see and have seen it all around me... Indeed most people live very near supermarkets, but it doesn't mean they do not grow some of their foods themselves...!

    • simple snail
      simple snail Year ago +1

      HolandaChiquita not true... u live in a tiny ass village and like noone grows their own food. like cmon just step in your car 10km drive and you are at the supermarket it may be a biiger thing in city's (aka. wannabe farmer.)

    • HolandaChiquita
      HolandaChiquita 2 years ago +3

      Erm actually a lot of people do. "Volkstuintjes" are still a big thing. Most people living in the countryside (platteland) grow some small vegetables and fruits (even just three different things) and a lot of people have fresh herbs in pots growing in their kitchen etc... And then we have people with big gardens that share their homegrown foods with friends and family...

  • JustinAkaDeadstuff
    JustinAkaDeadstuff 2 years ago

    I thought japan ate much better

  • Tom Bruggeman
    Tom Bruggeman 2 years ago +29

    I'm dutch and I love it how quite often when I have a conversation about food with people from other countries they are like "yeah , what you guys eat is pretty healthy but you eat too much bread , bread is unhealthy".
    Like no , our diet revoles around eating bread morning and lunch, so if bread is unhealthy our diet would be unhealty.
    Your bread just has tons of sugar in it , and it's mostly white bread.

    • George Lucas
      George Lucas 6 months ago

      Dutch bread is a joke.

    • Roland ten Napel
      Roland ten Napel Year ago +1

      Exactly, it's the grains that keep your stomach acids busy, and thus keeps you from getting 'hungry' again real fast, and that's not even talking about the nutritional value of non-white breads and how much of that value is actually absorbed by the body because it takes longer to digest. And then there is the more 'substantive' stool it also results in...

    • Spacefrisian
      Spacefrisian Year ago +3

      There is alot more bread than whitebread in the Netherlands, try those with nuts and seeds on its crust or brownbread.

    • Obey Silence
      Obey Silence 2 years ago

      +Tom Bruggeman Okay then I´am sorry I just found here toast and a bread that has a nice crust but in the inside it is kinda like baguette.

    • Tom Bruggeman
      Tom Bruggeman 2 years ago +7

      You seem to think we eat kaisers outside of restaurants or some shit , we don't , it's just slices of volkorenbrood with stuff on it.Have you even been in a bakery ?

  • Andrius
    Andrius 2 years ago

    Privyet Russian propaganda!

  • TOm E
    TOm E 2 years ago +6

    Everything is better in Holland...

    • HolandaChiquita
      HolandaChiquita 2 years ago

      +nameless anonymous Ja inderdaad, dankjewel!

    • HolandaChiquita
      HolandaChiquita 2 years ago

      +Elveejee Gaming Erm... nee helaas. Ik heb een Drentse vader en een Gooise moeder, dus ben vrijwel ABN opgegroeit, met wat Zuid-Afrikaans tussendoor...

    • Elveejee Gaming
      Elveejee Gaming 2 years ago

      +Angela A hahaha

    • nameless anonymous
      nameless anonymous 2 years ago +2

      + Elveejee Gaming liever een Gelderlands boertje dan een egotrippende randstadter, en dat komt van een Fries :P

    • Elveejee Gaming
      Elveejee Gaming 2 years ago +1

      haha je zal dat kaolo accent van Gelderland maar hebben, allemaal boertjes!

  • William Daher
    William Daher 2 years ago

    lower diabetes and obesesity? They go everywhere on bicycles.

  • Willem Verheij
    Willem Verheij 2 years ago

    There's a lot of great lunch places and restaurants here in the Netherlands too, we have junk food but in any city its quite easy to find a healthier alternative thats not even that much more expensive. Occasionly fast food is nice, like maybe four times a year or such. I tend to only eat it when on the road or otherwise not having time for a more elaborate lunch. But it just cant beat a properly made salmon sandwich.

  • Arthur Hagen
    Arthur Hagen 2 years ago

    There difference is not in the food. It's cycling. Dutch cycle to school, to work, for shopping and for recreation. That adds healthy years to the Dutch lifespan.

  • sagittarius 75
    sagittarius 75 2 years ago +1

    wel dont go to mcdonalds to get breakfest most americans start the day whit an HAMBURGER

  • sagittarius 75
    sagittarius 75 2 years ago

    one joint a day keeps the dokter away lolol

  • Pauwlussz v N
    Pauwlussz v N 2 years ago

    Start by serve/take a decent Breakfast (at least besides all the sweetness/greasy) make healthy variations at least to be an optional choise.
    chees sandwich ha,ha, ..... to simple, ... yeah, i know, .... (I'm Dutch)

  • J
    J 2 years ago +133

    americans always looking surprised when something is better in europe

    • Widdekuu91
      Widdekuu91 4 months ago

      Ofcourse there's no food-culture in The Netherlands if you compare it to France or Italy.
      We've got stamppot and pannekoeken, delicious, but quite bland and not many hot spices or exotic herbs.
      Instead, the focus lies on biking, ice-skating and art/painting.
      At least, if you ignore the Wallen/Weed-stereotypes for a bit.
      But I don't see a problem with that.

    • agnar150 Smith
      agnar150 Smith 5 months ago +1

      They start calling Europe commies but they are just Fox News robots

    • Bad Goy
      Bad Goy 7 months ago

      Lol ikr but everything here is better then there. Americans can be so ignorant.

    • Joe Collier
      Joe Collier 9 months ago +2

      I'm American - Europe is far superior in almost every way.

    • Ger Hanssen
      Ger Hanssen Year ago

      It's the other way around. It's only normal for them to sometimes look at us for better ideas. We are idiots to think that the best ideas come from America.

  • Brazen NL
    Brazen NL 2 years ago

    Education is also a part of it. If my kid eats french fries on Wednesday, it would be pointless to offer that again on Saturday. She'll complain that it's not healthy.

  • Alberdina Degraaf
    Alberdina Degraaf 2 years ago +10

    Let's face it, American food has no flavor unless you add a lot of ingredients and that runs up your food budget ! Dutch food is naturally tasty !

  • Wido Oerlemans
    Wido Oerlemans 2 years ago +1

    yes, we won :-)! if I have to guess... bicycles, lots of bicycles!!!

    • delilah9876
      delilah9876 2 years ago

      +Wido Oerlemans Ja, volgens deze gasten. Ik vraag me af hoe zij aan hun informatie komen, want er klopt geen hout van. Het is algemeen bekend dat de Japanners het gezonds eten en de gezondste mensen ter wereld zijn. Ze staan al decennia lang nummer 1 op de wereldlanglijst. De levensverwachtingen zijn daar ook hoger.
      Op het Japanse eiland Okinawa wonen de meeste honderdjarigen ter wereld. En ze zijn ook nog eens superfit. Dat komt in Nederland nauwelijks voor. De meeste Nederlanders halen de 80 niet eens.
      De Canadese broers Willcox werken bij het Okinawa Centenarian Studiecentrum dat al 37 jaar de 100-plussers op het eiland volgt. "Als Amerikanen zo leefden als Okinawanen, zouden tachtig procent van de cardiologieafdelingen, één derde van de oncologie-eenheden en veel verpleeghuizen kunnen sluiten", luidt het wervend begin van hun bestseller 'The Okinawa Program', een uitleg van de leefstijl met bijbehorend dieet.
      Obesitas en diabetes komen daar nauwelijks voor, terwijl het aantal diabetici en mensen obesitas in Nederland elk jaar toeneemt. Over hart -en vaatziekten zwijg ik nog maar even.
      Overgewicht is echt een groeiend probleem in Nederland. Dat horen we de laatste tijd regelmatig op het journaal. In Nederland heeft 1 op de acht mensen overgewicht en 12,1 procent van alle Nederlanders heeft zelfs ernstig overgewicht, blijkt uit de nieuwste cijfers van het CBS. In 2013 was dat nog 10,1 procent. Dat is echt zorgwekkend. De meeste kinderen zijn te dik.
      De Nederlandse vrouw staat 4e op de wereldranglijst van landen waar kanker het meeste voorkomt, maakt het Wereld Kanker Onderzoek Fonds !
      Conclusie: Die gasten kletsen gewoon uit hun nek! Ze zijn duidelijk niet goed op de hoogte.