Rainbow Six | Six Major Raleigh 2019 - Playoffs - Grand Finals

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Watch the Grand Finals of the Rainbow Six - Six Major, live from Raleigh, North Carolina.
    This year’s Major will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina USA; the first Major in the US, we look to put on an amazing show for our fans around the world. The week-long event will see 16 teams travel to Raleigh and compete for $500,000. On top of the on-stage competition, the event will offer booths and activities for all attendees. See you in Raleigh.
    SCHEDULE (Timezone: EDT)
    10:30 AM: Pre-Show
    11 AM: Showmatch
    1:30 PM: Esports Panel
    2:30 PM: Grand Final - TBD
    7:30 PM: Closing Ceremony
    #R6S #SixMajor
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Comments • 447

  • Lil Egg Rolls
    Lil Egg Rolls 12 days ago

    I wonder wat headsets the pros were using

  • Seth Dyer
    Seth Dyer 25 days ago

    This commentator is annoying as hell

  • XxoticR02 RoSion
    XxoticR02 RoSion 29 days ago +1

    I actually waited 30+ minutes I have no life

  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain Month ago

    Blaming Uuno is retarded, G2 cleaned house throughout the tournament.

  • choco purin
    choco purin Month ago


  • Harv Prentiss
    Harv Prentiss Month ago

    How can they see anything with the monitor so close to their face?

  • David Medina
    David Medina Month ago

    Why they dont put the himn of RUSSIA🇰🇬🇦🇴🇦🇴

  • Langaa
    Langaa Month ago

    I AM PLAT 2
    (aka sub to me and i will luv u forever)

  • Koolz 100
    Koolz 100 Month ago


  • Vada
    Vada Month ago

    9 hour stream and i still have to comment wtf are you wearing Mzo lmfao

  • xboxlivesmatter
    xboxlivesmatter Month ago

    So is this rigged? Saw a screen that said empire won mid game on kafe

  • Cth Justin
    Cth Justin Month ago

    Its so fitting that Empire would be the team to dethrone G2. They are living up to Empires former glory back in the day when they were a Leauge Org.

  • Brendan Loy
    Brendan Loy Month ago

    6:34:53 proof the whole thing is scripted

  • Groover
    Groover Month ago

    Hmmmm haven’t seen a “battle pass” before is this going to be a new trend for gaming?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago

    They were drinking vodka

  • Purple Wine
    Purple Wine Month ago

    Come you guys saying they saving strat at the same guys that voted them to win. Bandwagons !!!

  • Koolz 100
    Koolz 100 Month ago +2

    My mans is a fruit cake “plan on clapping some cheeks”

  • TrolaOmega
    TrolaOmega Month ago

    do ppl not get tired of seeing the same ppl win over and over?

  • Collin Byrne
    Collin Byrne Month ago +3

    Pengu is the best clutch player hands down. He always is outsmarting even the best of players and keeping himself out of dodge just enough to make the other team give him the easier gunfight or win on time.

  • Collin Byrne
    Collin Byrne Month ago

    Those first 3 rounds were fucking nuts

  • Jake Stolworthy
    Jake Stolworthy Month ago +1

    :O damb gurl

  • wardevin 11
    wardevin 11 Month ago +1

    Im going to say this here and now i love g2 because ive watched em since they were penta and its crazy how during the era of eg it wasnt as toxic as now but g2 was in empires place and they were humble and i miss that because guess what they didnt truely let it get to them. But i dislike how in the semi finals fabian said noone was a bigger threat than them because thats just cocky for no reason. They hadnt shown up during online while empire had and also how they were the closest rivals. Im happy g2 lost because maybe it'll put em( most importantly fabian) in a more humble place. On account of fans calling uuno the reason they lost you have to realise uuno is miles ahead of all of us. And it was his first fucking major with them hes a really talented player and played amazingly during the tournament and on the kafe match but since he had acouple bad matches he deserves to be fired if you're saying that you want someone to lose a job for one bad match thats childish. Empire deserved the win they trained and built theyre weaknesses and took the win with respect to what g2 are,legends nuff said

  • Devonte Alberts
    Devonte Alberts Month ago

    Joystick is this year's kanto

  • FireRust
    FireRust Month ago +1

    i like how Fabian talks so much trash about Lion and how stupid and broken he is, then he picks Lion.. lmao what an idiot

  • FireRust
    FireRust Month ago +6

    Does Fabian still think he's the best player in the world? He's literally the most annoying player in all pro league and he's pretty bad tbh

    • FireRust
      FireRust 27 days ago

      FlamerVault I don’t think he’s joking though, and if he IS joking, his sense of humor needs some fine tuning

    • FlamerVault
      FlamerVault 27 days ago +2

      That's what makes him amazing, he's so pretentious and that's the entire joke that I'm surprised you dont get. He knows he's not but his entire shtick is that he pretends he's always the best and that he's won before he's even played.

    • Cth Justin
      Cth Justin Month ago +1

      He was practically throwing most of the 4 games

  • Komestalove
    Komestalove Month ago

    Fabian is trash 😂

  • l-Riot_Pro-l
    l-Riot_Pro-l Month ago +1

    Creators cup

  • JohnKredrevreich Johnkredrevreich

    They will for sure fire Uuno. GG to Joystick and to everyone that has made this show possible .

    • JohnKredrevreich Johnkredrevreich
      JohnKredrevreich Johnkredrevreich Month ago

      @wardevin 11 I'm not going to argue with someone tagging me as braindead just because i shared my opinion , all i say , as you said my judgment is for his entire play , but in the moment that you really are at one step from getting those 500.000 $ and you perform like that , that's not acceptable for that level . And guys in the Ex Penta Surely knows it . Yes Fabian did little mistake , but you can't compare Fabian to Uuno , definetely , like you can't compare joystick to anybody of the G2/Empire . Bye , This was my last comment .

    • wardevin 11
      wardevin 11 Month ago

      You clearly didnt watch the kafe game where uuno did show up dude if you blame uuno for being why they lost youre braindead uuno played VERY well in the tournament for being on this new team and it was his first major with em and he had bad games so what. Fabian has good reason to be blamed cause he let his anger and emotions get to him he droned poorly and it showed i love g2 watched em since penta but you cant deny that even if it was anyones fault empire played better and had the better stamina

  • Crimson BTW
    Crimson BTW Month ago


  • Josh Kuri
    Josh Kuri Month ago

    so tired and bored of G2 and their stacked team..its not even competitive idk why people cheer for them its genuinely just boring. Their roster is so good that all you would need is 2 of 5 team members (Pengu and Kanto) and they could win every round themselves as they often do...

  • ordinary guy
    ordinary guy Month ago

    goga worried to be booted nxt

  • grubbie
    grubbie Month ago +3

    Im glad G2 lost, means theyre gonna have some decent competition going forward now.

  • Isaac Vera
    Isaac Vera Month ago

    Joystick really won that for empire

  • Mr. Add1ct.-
    Mr. Add1ct.- Month ago

    Very well played, deserved

  • Shashank Makhija
    Shashank Makhija Month ago +2

    Well played very well played !!!
    You deserve it keep up!!!
    Love ❤️
    Invitationals gonna be Soo much fun
    Thank you rainbow six siege
    Super sexy game!!!❤️

  • Several Korveks
    Several Korveks Month ago +6

    Empire makes G2 look like silvers.

    Nah, just kidding, impressive performence from Empire

  • someBUDDY
    someBUDDY Month ago +4

    Lets play the creators cup like ranked and make it boring and lets not even try to meme a single round

    Not Rowdy Shroudys:

    Not even Godly's Golds:

    Fake Diamonds: YES BABY

  • J stands for Jammy
    J stands for Jammy Month ago

    starts at 4:41:37

  • Daniel Hinds
    Daniel Hinds Month ago

    Oh UUNO stop crying you trash fuck. You are to blame. You need to uninstall siege and go get a fucking job.

  • Chinken
    Chinken Month ago

    Should've kept jns 🤷🤷

  • Aero
    Aero Month ago +1

    "So it's more skillful." Bruh what are you even trying to say..

  • Robert Benato
    Robert Benato Month ago +2

    In the words of Panari
    Joystick is cyborg

  • NitSUj
    NitSUj Month ago

    How tf has Fabian not been kicked off G2 roster, he is so useless when it comes to dragging. Ik he plays support but like you have to be able to win gun fights ffs at some point

  • FireTail XZ
    FireTail XZ Month ago +2

    Can't we just appreciate how TheRussianBadger memed at 2:02:13 ???

  • bdgpgj077
    bdgpgj077 Month ago

    its bullshit that you have to pay for the premium battlepas if you already have a season pass, i think its such a scam

  • Fabulous5
    Fabulous5 Month ago

    2:02:16 When men become gods.

  • thanh tùng hoàng

    Coastline is really a Championship map.

    DANK PRODUCTIONS Month ago +1

    Whoever hired Kaitlyn needs to be fired

  • Elias Übelhör
    Elias Übelhör Month ago +1

    1:29:00 is that Basically Homeless in the front row?

  • Johanna das liebliche Einhorn

    When do you get the charm for watching the streams?
    I watched all three streams on twitch and linked my uplay but didnt get the charm

  • Naflae -_-
    Naflae -_- Month ago +1

    Uuno isn’t very good huh

    • Naflae -_-
      Naflae -_- Month ago

      Hentai is art but he isn’t good, I never said I blamed him, but he underperformed over and over

    • Hentai is art
      Hentai is art Month ago

      Stop blaming him for the loss ffs

  • XCluster gaming
    XCluster gaming Month ago +1

    Operation recycled content?

  • TM-Owl
    TM-Owl Month ago +4

    Damn this match was amazing. I wanted empire to win because they were underdog's but I also rooted for g2 because it's g2. Joystick and Dan are godly af. I don't think it was uunos fault they lost

  • Ac3ClawX
    Ac3ClawX Month ago

    Am i the only one Who thinks empire is one of the least likeable Teams just by the way their Players act

  • PutEmIn Cuffs
    PutEmIn Cuffs Month ago

    Did anybody ever get any charms? I linked my accounts on Twitch and never got a charm

    • dynasty
      dynasty Month ago

      You get them next week

  • Daniel Pinho
    Daniel Pinho Month ago

    Nechrophiliacs- Laugh with joy

  • Ryan Scherich
    Ryan Scherich Month ago

    For Run-outs just lower the timer before being spotted to like 1.5 secs instead of 3 secs...Risk Vs. Rewards.

  • Kye Hatten
    Kye Hatten Month ago

    RGC for life lol well done gents good comp

  • Cedric Montilla
    Cedric Montilla Month ago +1


  • Sawyer Prescott
    Sawyer Prescott Month ago