Gang Stalking! Is this happening to you?

  • Published on Jul 23, 2018
  • Would you know if you were being Gang Stalked? Are any of these things happening to you? Watch the following clip, and please let me hear your opinion on this topic!
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Comments • 562

  • The Real Potato Dragon
    The Real Potato Dragon 16 hours ago

    High pitch whining noise is likely a messed up light bulb or a AC unit. Happens a lot. Had a bulb fixed yesterday

  • The Real Potato Dragon
    The Real Potato Dragon 16 hours ago

    Woah woah woah...
    Gangstalking = demons & crazy FBI conspiracies...?

  • James Orow
    James Orow Day ago

    someone please teach him how to use a camera!

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller 2 days ago

    I just ignore it now..hahahaha. let them stalk away. Hahahaha

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller 2 days ago

    Ive been gang stalked for years

  • Jaxdia
    Jaxdia 3 days ago

    Do you have an email i can send you a private commebt to keep myself and others safe....i am not good with you tube yet lol...not sure where to find it...yes he is being gang stalked...

  • widdy waddy
    widdy waddy 4 days ago

    What are we supposed to see. He doesn't take painkillers just crystal meth???.

  • Gary Coolboobs
    Gary Coolboobs 6 days ago

    Can you be gangstalked for a chunk of your life? I’ve had some rather weird experiences at my old work, one incident, some random guys phone was following me from one end to the other and didn’t leave for 5 minutes. That’s just one thing.

  • Aaron Benhaggai
    Aaron Benhaggai 6 days ago

    What's he trying to show in the first part looks just like his door

  • Gabriel Romero
    Gabriel Romero 7 days ago

    This dude is high ... Not once did i see any evidence of gangstalking hes just a tweeker with a cellphone

  • cableandchain !!!!!
    cableandchain !!!!! 7 days ago


  • Prezli
    Prezli 7 days ago

    There’s not enough evidence 2 determine 1 way or the other with little evidence shown. But I know that TI & GS is very real considerin my own brief experience of GS about a year & a half ago. There R a few common denominators that TI share but the most common is thought 2 B among those blood type O negative. Without sayin O neg or any other blood type specifically, ask him if he knows his blood type & if he doesn’t, tell him 2 find out. U can get an inexpensive blood typin kit 4 less than $15 online. I’m not sayin that this is definitive proof that he’s bein GS’d but it can B beneficial when weighin the compiled details & give u another piece of circumstantial evidence 4 ur overall discernment.

  • Tater Salad
    Tater Salad 8 days ago

    Seen the movies "Enemy of the State"? or "Kill the Messenger"? In the movie kill the messenger, "True Story" the ending the guy's death is ruled a suicide.....shot twice in the head. TWICE

  • Tater Salad
    Tater Salad 8 days ago

    Gang stalking is real anyone saying it's not is probably a perp. It's the same form no matter where you are, they gossip about you and "tag your it" you all day, everyday, letting you know they are watching and not going away. Personally I'd like to give them what they want and mow them all down, but none of the losers are worth spending the rest of my day locked up with more losers like them.

  • cliff
    cliff 10 days ago

    This Is real and it's so satanic cult... They stalk and harass you so much to the point you want to massicure them all.... These people are narcissis and seek to control every aspect of your life in secreatcy....this is a criminal organization that's funded by the government....its part of the new world order movement in an attempt to force you to conform... They use cointelpro on victims and mkultra then attempted to get them to see a psychiatrist to give an false diagnosis of schizophrenia/parnoia to cover up the crimes they committed ...they will try to destroy your life if that fails they will attempt to kill u

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 12 days ago

    that's totally gang stalking. the best thing he can do is to not show any reaction to it but keep it internally. all his actions and reactions will be used aginst him in the future to make him look unstable, crazy and on drugs. their is a much parger picture to all of this than most other people understand. this is an huge government program and if he keeps up that same responce he will be put on anti psychotic drugs which will weaken his mind like it does everyone who goes on them and then he really will be screwed. he needs to stop using drugs as well otherwise he doesn't stand a chance. nobody will believe him otherwise. good luck bro and pull yourself together. you'll soon realize they are just fucking with your mind and your entire life but your reactions are what they will use to set you up in the future. pull yourself together.

  • skeptic936
    skeptic936 12 days ago

    Do gang stalkers always make their presence known (as in my case) or are there cases where only things in their homes have been moved or changed, or their friends suddenly turn against them etc.?

  • RealLife Hack
    RealLife Hack 13 days ago

    Why hide your info ? If everybody knows

  • RealLife Hack
    RealLife Hack 13 days ago

    It's really not drugs if people are the one making you feel this way. The shit they say . The way they act .

  • Nikee Jackson
    Nikee Jackson 14 days ago

    I know what he's talking about and going through. He is just dealing with it in a frantic instead of calm way. He is a T.I.(Targeted Individual)

  • James Robertson
    James Robertson 14 days ago

    Dude the plp u talk to on daily r the one doing it.

  • DeltaGem
    DeltaGem 15 days ago

    I was gang stalked once when I was in the bathroom, this motherfucker was in the window just staring at me, mimicking my movements and scratching his nose. HELP ME!!!!

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    It's about one 1,000 of what it really is Army lose the shirt

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    If you want to help I have all the info Army

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    I have trapped him in my house they had to break out I'm living in my truck in front of my house because they won't leave me alone when I'm in the house and they don't while I'm out here very much either

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    It's too dark on me

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    We are being robbed and raped also

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    You still need to get rid of that blacked-out flag that's a martial law flag it only needs a blue line

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    It is connected to the Cuban consulate attack they have admitted on CNN and in the New York Times that it was microwave weaponry gang stalking style that hurt the people in Cuba and that is what's happening exactly to the people in America there is 1 million point to targeted people in America

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    If you want to know the whole truth and you want to know the whole story 919-252-1103 that's me Army it's not just about gang stalking it's about drugging beating robbing experimentation people dying people being trafficking locked in mental Wards when they're not crazy at all locked in jail for bulshit of being shot by the cops for no reason they are you a story

  • Chuck World
    Chuck World 15 days ago

    You need to get rid of that black out Flag t-shirt to Army

  • Austin Carlson
    Austin Carlson 16 days ago

    Not crazy just lucky he's aware of his surrounding

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 16 days ago

    They target users so they have a excuse. Duhhh!!!

  • Shelley Younger
    Shelley Younger 17 days ago

    please don't tell your friend he's crazy. He's not. the reason why the people are gone when the police get there is because the police are involved. plus his home is tapped. They know everything that is said and done in your house so that they know exactly when your leaving. I had a Comcast guy go under my home when I wasn't home when all this started and Comcast claims they know nothing about it.

  • Shelley Younger
    Shelley Younger 17 days ago

    No he's not on drugs. The police are involved. They are all members of freemason. They will sensitize you to things so that you will see things all the time. can be standing in front of your house with your friend and someone can walk by with a dog. Your friend will think it's just someone walking a dog but you know that person has walked by 5 times and they only come by when you go out. They infiltrate your friends businesses. There is so much more.

  • Shelley Younger
    Shelley Younger 17 days ago

    My husband was murdered almost 5 years ago. The police covered it up. We started going against the police and they started gang-stalking us. We are harassed every single day.
    They have ran me over walking across the street. They hut another car I was riding in on my side of the car. They lie about you. They will tell people you are a child molester, terrorist, and a drug dealer so people want to get involved and help. The whole point is for you to look crazy to others and then you go crazy and kill yourself. They want you dead. but they want you to do yourself so it doesn't look like murder.

  • MeradiusTemp/Inv
    MeradiusTemp/Inv 17 days ago

    The Roman Catholics are abusers!

  • ray's 3000GT / end times movement

    Get more cameras around the house, Firearms will not work, the only thing that will help is Jesus and father God. he's not crazy, to call someone crazy is dismissive, even if drugs are involved. you should ask him if he does a lot of research about what's going on in this demonic world, if so then they're watching him for sure, but yes I do think he's being gang stalked

  • Monette Elle
    Monette Elle 17 days ago

    Don't be afraid..they feed off of your me I'm a target also

  • Monette Elle
    Monette Elle 17 days ago

    Yes when getting gangstalking they will come in your house and move things or take something and replace it with the same item but do something to it so you'll know that they switched it. Sometimes when you make a move inside your home they'll make the fridge make a noise or have a beeping sound somewhere in your house. They won't harm him physically it's all a mental thing. The more he shows fear from certain things the more harassment he will get from them times 10

  • Monette Elle
    Monette Elle 17 days ago

    I'm being gangstalking also and the more he shows fear and feeds into the more harassment he'll get from true gangstalkers

  • Tekni Speak
    Tekni Speak 18 days ago

    I have been a victim for years. The worst of it was when I was at work they took everything I own from my house and replaced it all with an exact replicate including my wife but the fake wife was not that exact.

  • Lucien Carr 2
    Lucien Carr 2 19 days ago

    He obviously was tweaking. I've found a lot of people who claim to be gang stalked are tweakers.

  • Lucien Carr 2
    Lucien Carr 2 19 days ago

    These are the warning signs that you are a paranoid schizophrenic.

  • Blue Magic
    Blue Magic 19 days ago

    Gangstalking is a government organized tactic to Target critical thinkers they pay the stalkers with gift cards and drugs to do it

  • Blue Magic
    Blue Magic 19 days ago

    voice to skull it's called v2k a military program they use Gwen towers to beam voices at people's head or they will use EMF guns our own military do gangstalking it's old they adopted the tactics from Hitler the Nazis used to do it

  • Josh Dude
    Josh Dude 21 day ago

    the comments in this thread are some of the most insane i have ever read. they range from nobody people swearing the government is watching them for no reason to do nothing to one lady said she resorted to "counter stalking" and it was quote- "way satisfying"... uuum you're a stalker lady, it doesnt seem like the question why is even considered, just a bunch of bored people backing up mentally ill peoples delusions as a type of entertainment.... you people are sick

  • Tactical CanyonSlayer
    Tactical CanyonSlayer 22 days ago

    Nightvision security cameras.. I would probably walk out with a shotgun and blast a round off, they'll run then.. THEN he'll know.. it does sound border line spun out on meth, but if he's got meth contacts, THOSE people will pull shit like this just to see what he is all about..

  • christopher michael
    christopher michael 22 days ago

    it's your phones people, community "policing", they pick targets, mil is involved, fed's... I stood up to LE in hs, 26+ years ago, the cops family and co-workers up here in Mobtana, are behind it all, they moved their mena/iran-contra ops up here, we got org crime with the Luciano's in eureka, Hell's Angels San Fran, Cleveland, Ohio, Standard Oil bastards ran here, middle of nowhere, read up on the Clarence Crouch gang, start learning organized crime, and the drug trade. courts are involved too, fed's, FBI didn't want what I collected, DEA didn't want what I collected, and ya know who's really behind it - THE GIRLS. who else has the devil's idle hands and minds to pull this shit and just sit there, eh? the high pitched noise could be a lack of B12, eat some bread. And i also caught a fucker hiding in my willow tree, they're children, mentally ill... think they'll never get busted, being a targeted individual since hs, welp, i started keeping records in 1996 and just let them do it, my g/f is part of it, how I baited them, was with a garbage can telling them to fuck off in notes i tossed making fun of them being whores, and they took the bait. this is in Billings, MT. by the way. they're the druggies, liars, cheaters, and killers... for real. they're morons. don't worry, I will release and let it out to the public very soon. documented it all. : )

    • christopher michael
      christopher michael 22 days ago

      we also had the medellin cartel up here at the Top Gun Ranch back in the day, read drug running and murder in montana, start researching the names, it's the gov't dope dealers. True Story.

  • Rondell Allen
    Rondell Allen 22 days ago

    Can somebody help me

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 22 days ago

    Tell him to calm down. If he rents, it could be the landlord. Landlord's are doing this crap and they want him freaked out just like he is. Change the locks to everything and get cameras. It is definitely people in the neighborhood. He has to find out who is behind it. Government may not be involved. If they are, it is because the person behind the crap called them. These people like to freak people out and then notify authorities. This gang stalking crap is becoming popular, but they want him freaked out just like he is. This way it looks like what they are saying about him is true. In my case, I do not care, cause the people doing it are criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts, and I know for a fact they have mental health diagnoses. I am not a criminal and never had any mental problems. These are people I have no relationship with and who have violent criminal histories and drug and alcohol histories. A history of robbing and stealing from others. Tell him to not freak out. Think of them as some annoying lying pranksters. He will figure it out. Mostly, I think people who can't get regular satisfaction out of normal life do this type sophomoric psychological game playing. They have nothing better to do with their lives. People need to stop freaking out. Government has better shit to do. Also, he needs to think about who had access to his keys, cause someone made copies or they are good at breaking into cars, but I doubt that someone's that good not to leave car damage. At minimum, it is people with unsatisfactory lives and suffer from boredom. Trust me. I mean these people doing it to me will bang 20 hours a day and slam car doors. That means they do not have shit else to do lol.

  • Texas Milab Targeted Individual

    I'll go on show I have much help. 915 9269450. it'll separate real and fake

  • Texas Milab Targeted Individual

    your video is bait for us going through this

  • Ken c Berg
    Ken c Berg 23 days ago

    People being gang stalked often turn to drugs. Particularly meth because sleep deprivation is one of the goals of gang stalkers. Severe sleep deprivation could cause delusions and hallucinations and when people begin abusing stimulants to combat sleep derivation people will automatically assume the drugs are ths cause.

  • Evan Abbott
    Evan Abbott 23 days ago

    I really don’t know how I feel about this.....🤔

  • Robert Neville
    Robert Neville 24 days ago

    I never understood why they call it gang stalking, it's a surveillance program that was created just before 09/11/2001 and implemented the day after. The "gang stalking" or foot and car surveillance is carried out by the FBI's, SSG division that uses non-agents to do the grunt work. The NSA does the computer hacking/tech/IT part of the program, it's very simplistic, but there are so many people putting out disinformation, the real targeted individuals will never have a clue

  • WhyMe Lord
    WhyMe Lord 29 days ago +1

    Crack head Christine, crystal meth, I think, both of us living at a drug dealing complex, owner was involved, I was Heavily gang stalked there said that late one night she stepped out and two huge raccoons ran by, I did wonder, shortly there after I stepped out late at night and two big raccoons ran by.

    TRIPPLE STACKS Month ago

    Gang stalking is a unlawful sting operation set up by an informant who entraps you into the operation the operation is then carried out by undercover officers and civilian staff and they conduct illegal intrusive covert surveillance on you 24/7.

  • AnOriginalUser Name

    lol. a bunch of paranoid schizos in here. is this the new type of "midlife crisis" epidemic?

  • Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer

    Are there support groups? Seriously. My brother needs something. When this started the term gang stalking wasn't a term yet. It's constant to my brother. I've actually seen it. I'll give 1 example. Standing in the electric company the person in front of us gave our address as theirs. I said why did you just give the electric company our house address, no one lives there but my family. The lady said she didn't know and didn't realize she had. Her proper address was in a completely different area, nowhere near our single family home. Just weird but that's 1 out of hundreds happening daily to him. Absolutely insane, unbearable for him. Are there any support groups he could join?

  • Tiffany Monson
    Tiffany Monson Month ago

    This is very true. Im not fvking crazy..

  • brent bush
    brent bush Month ago

    Also they have been waiting outside my house they keep saying I’m insane but I have so much evidence

  • Official Silke F
    Official Silke F Month ago

    strangers scream out of their cars at me for no reason. helicopter all day flying in circles around me. landlords all want me out. all my bikes are stolen. laptop stolen near me old house at 3 in the morning. strangers follow me even at night to the fields and watch me with cell phones in their hand. nobody there to talk. i am all alone with all this.

    ANGEL OF GOD Month ago

    ok i am out i got no clue what gang stalking is i just wanted to get informed....ty people...

  • Unknown MYOB
    Unknown MYOB Month ago

    Almost all gang stalking is vice cops. It is a scam where they get other people to put on skits everywhere they go. The player can also be an intended victim. Cities want to become “Communists” where they own all of the real estate. The Farce wants to take the real estate for themselves. Ultimately they want to be able to do population control from their own home. It’s the Police behind it. Don’t call the “Police”. There is big money in all of this: mental health professionals, the tow truck companies, the Police. The “Police” want to do wealth redistribution through civil asset forfeiture. The noise is microwaving. It’s police brutality at the cellular level. They use ultrasonic Communications so only one person can hear or voice over power line communications.

  • Brandy W
    Brandy W Month ago

    I think they go after people who use or did use so people will discredit them. I've been through some stuff. Or if you are hanging out with people they think are doing illegal things. They didn't like it when I started going to church and praying all the time. My harassment finally stopped. (I stayed mute for the most part I knew who not to tell so I wouldn't be deemed crazy and loose my daughter.)

  • Anthony Montgomery
    Anthony Montgomery Month ago

    I am a targeted individual as well. N gang stalking is by far the craziest sht i ever been thru n stil goin thru. I have been gettin gang stalked for 3 yrs nw. Ive lost over 300k in the last 3 yrs 2 houses 2 trucks. I am over 100 stalkers incredibly to say. The fbi is involved my ex wife has been kidnapped lawyer shot n kidnapped n hes a millionaire. Ths sht has tested every aspect of my life if i wasnt mentally strong i would of lost my mind yrs ago. Ive came so far i refuse to be denied of my peace or happiness. Gangstalking is real when u become a targeted individual u have no privacy wats so ever. Ppl have lived n abandon houses watching to the point i think they r using satellite. I see u n haha is there signature or ill blow ur head off i have had so many death threats u would think i would be dead already. U have to expose them learn ur enemy there tactics n way they move very important for ur survival. Im n the process of writtin a book as we speak. N i have all the evidence n emotional scars to bck everything im sayin up. Ths is something u only c n movies thing is its my life.

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth Month ago

    I have also been going thru this for years. It's a horrible crime and needs to be shut down asap!!

  • Kay Bo
    Kay Bo Month ago


  • Feed Your Head
    Feed Your Head Month ago

    I have been targeted for 18 years of heavy abuse. frequency weapons have destroyed my life. I am now homeless at age 48. now they harass me 24/7. I have no one left and this torture never stops. my ears ring non stop. I am partly deaf due to the remote neural monitoring. extremely depressed and I have constant panic attack feelings. my hormones are tapped out and I have to use supplememts i can't afford. my life has been stolen from me
    I cannot tell anyone how unbearable the day can be. It's like I died and went to hell. I will not go into my 50s homeless. I will remove myself on my 50th b-day. I figure that will be 20 full years of this bullshit but I cannot grow older and be in this situation. I do not blame the others that have taken their lives. I am outta here on my 50th. just 1 and 1/2 more years. i plan on posting videos soon.

  • Anomalous Possession

    Schizophrenia is one hell of a drug.

  • HelloFellowHaters GOAT

    Who would gang stalk anyone and why? First off tell me who are "they"? Who is gang stalking people? No one is gang stalking anyone.. paranoid schyzophrenia is a real thing. LOL I cannot believe some of the comments

  • HelloFellowHaters GOAT

    LMAO!!!!! There are hundreds of Millions of people in the US alone. Why would "they" the government or anyone stalk you? LMAO!... Unless you are a scientist or anyone working for the CIA, FBI or unless you hold top secrets why would anyone waste their time stalking a regular john doe. People are being so fucking paranoid and retarded! Lmao!!!! Do you even have an idea of how much money and manpower would take to gang stalk anyone claiming they are being "gang stalked" LMAO

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Month ago

    Man the recording,is all over the damn place.,i cant see shhhhh

  • kay Horton
    kay Horton Month ago

    Im sorry but these people sound paranoid as hell and should really see someone for help.

  • LAL L.
    LAL L. Month ago

    You always feel like everyone is talking about you or people know everything about you

  • Patience Love
    Patience Love Month ago +1

    It is Pure Evil and Retaliation against the victim ~ Trust me, It happened to me by a male individual that I thought I trusted and my own family ~ It does not always have to do with drugs ~ That is an Excuse they use against you ~ When I turned to Jesus Christ and put my Full Trust in Him, he revealed the Truth to me and the exposure came out ~ With pure Honesty, I have no regrets going through being a victim of gang stalking or a targeted individual ~ It had to happen! My Lord God Almighty used the Father of Lies and his followers to get me to Jesus Christ and it worked ~ All the Glory goes to my Heavenly Father ~ I am finally in Peace with myself and others and I Love them All unconditionally no matter what they put me through! Remember Vengeance is God's, not no man on earth ~ Love to All xo ~

  • Bethany Udonome
    Bethany Udonome Month ago

    TI's will use meth to stay up and find out who is coming onto their property and vandalizing. Just like people who are not of any interest to the government wake up and drink coffee to be on time and awake for work. The struggle is real!

  • white boy
    white boy Month ago

    This is the first time I have heard of this tonight. I'm actually homeless I just got online because I was noticing some things and it's the same thing you were saying. It's nothing exactly major but I know if I tell anyone they will think I'm crazy. I've actually started extra measures.

  • Bo H.
    Bo H. Month ago

    My family put me in the gang stalking program then spread rumours I was on drugs so no-one believed me. It is spiritual also, zeph Daniel explains it best

  • Dominick7
    Dominick7 Month ago

    Gang stalking is demonic. That's why his room is cold. The meth he took was a gateway for them to be allowed into his life. Check out Jeremiah Cohens channel. They can transform into what they wish and get off on his fear and emotional reactions. The name of Yeshua drives them away.

  • jimmy hoffa
    jimmy hoffa Month ago

    Im not seeing it. I have no doubt its a real thing but this video hasnt shown any proof. If that wasnt his truck why didnt he point camera at his truck. I know how people act on meth and crack and they always think people r in house or in the trees.

  • six*impossible*things
    six*impossible*things Month ago +1

    Sadly this screams drug induced paranoia and hallucinations. The rambling, manic pattern of his speech and the incoherence are a big tell. Hope he gets help.

  • Simon-_-88
    Simon-_-88 Month ago

    Sounds like drug abuse. I remember When I abused weed. I was getting paranoid and heard low voices. Then I stopped smoking and it stopped. It was only Sometimes When I was high.

  • Higgins Williams
    Higgins Williams Month ago +1

    Gaslighting is B N done for Orbital Remote Neural Monitoring Choreographing as the Victim experiences the gaslighting their processing EEG Signatures Brain States Emotional cluster frequencies heavy breathing heart rate palpitations the perpetrators are Choreographing his responses to heterodyne them for later Neural manipulations His relapses are probably B N stimulated Google Lunarfrequency listing and you tube Greg schamnski Julliane McKinney live leak broadcast

  • lambdamage
    lambdamage Month ago +2

    If you repent of your sins the gang stalking will decrease. God bless all of you.

  • Bill
    Bill Month ago

    I had a hard time figuring out what we were watching in the video. The truck in the driveway - was this a truck with its lights on pointed at his house? Does he live in an apartment or the house is to himself? I would say that yes, he is being stalked. The goal is to discredit him for some reason. Either he pissed someone off and they want to get even or there is a monetary gain by getting him out of the picture. He has to figure out why people are targeting him. I was gang stalked for 10 years, I didn't realize it until the last year. I had the water running issue too - someone was in my house running water. I think the goal is to lure him out so he will check. Someone knows he is watching that truck and knows he hears the water I'm sure there are many other examples, but yes he more than likely is being stalked. Why is the question.

  • Ayla Nunyabiz
    Ayla Nunyabiz Month ago

    this is very real... they're tracking bloodtypes, I guarantee hes a RH negative

  • Joan Abernethy
    Joan Abernethy Month ago

    Hard to tell. Don’t know him. But I do recognize his claims that “they” have been in his house and taken things from and placed things in his house. That happened to me too. They’d enter my home and change the radio station, put cigarettes out on the hardwood floor (I didn’t smoke), burn holes in a tablecloth and throw cherry pips all over my kitchen floor. No forced entry so they used professional tools. Off-duty cops? One time I caught them. I got to the corner then realized I’d forgotten something and went back. I saw the guy standing on the corner make a call, then seconds later saw about five people leave my house really quickly. What could I do? Police would not even take a report. It went on for years. I moved all the time. Then a lawyer suggested I sue. I sued police. I represented myself so I didn’t win but I took it all the way to the Supreme Court. That stopped it. So far ...

  • Amber
    Amber Month ago

    Why do certain people get chosen to be gang stalked?

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall Month ago

    Yes 100% He is being gang stalked,why this is easy for me to say;I am being gang stalked,

  • Dallas Beus
    Dallas Beus Month ago

    Gangstalking is real. I first became aware of my gangstalking in 2003 when I was very vocal in my resistance to GW Bush's invasion and destruction of Iraq. Once it is there it doesn't go away.

  • TheCoilover
    TheCoilover Month ago

    Black magic also the tactics are used to cause a chemical imbalance in the brain. I'm a victim of gangstalking they can't hurt you.

  • user1
    user1 Month ago


  • t.i Jerry in call
    t.i Jerry in call Month ago

    hi . just came across your videos . I'm a t.i and have been my whole life and they have made over for a couple years now . it's so crazy all the things they say and how damn organized all this is . I'd like to tell my testimony to some one before they kill me off wich I Think will be soon. please contact me if u can please.

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly Month ago +1

    Post 911, the Patriot Act gave many liberties for programs such as this. There is SO much disinformation on youtube to keep the TI community divided and confused. This is a real program coordinated through FISA falsified warrants and information is shared private servers with fusion centers. Private contractors, businesses, law enforcement, military, EMS, firefighters, and the average joe participate in community engagement. A few know the goal of this program, but it is compartmentalized so many just think they are keeping their communities safe. This is a money making human trafficking business with billions poured into the terrorism funding-so this is the reason behind it. There are multi-faceted reasons for being targeted and each person's tactics vary. Some get break-ins, some get stalked, some get hacked, some get set up for crimes, etc. It is also for research/experimentation to roll out on the whole population. You may have ticked off a person with connections, have a criminal/mental health history, be a person of opportunity, easily isolated with certain personality traits, or just picked at random. It has no rhyme or reason but it is indeed a true program. I am a highly paid and educated professional community service provider and completely sane. I would have never believed this until it happened to me. It is indeed a government operation. Believe your friends when they tell you!!!! We are sick and tired of being out to be made conspiracy tin foil hat nuts in need of medication.

  • Traciann Lee UFOs Australia

    Poor guy, we cant even imagine the horror really, cos everyone would think you have lost the plot when this sick, psychological drama is VERY real...

  • Traciann Lee UFOs Australia

    Would you believe its actually computer generated! Shocking, apparemtly the computer/machine, that may be on held on the moon, it selects people randomly via frequencies put out to society, remote neural monitoring!

  • studio developers2
    studio developers2 Month ago

    this took us a while, over 2 years, when we got home from work we were bothered
    2 years to fully remove these criminal gangs ! and shit down their corrupt operationm exposing they names of the criminals who run it .
    final stalkers have been removed ( names found ) and removed fully from the area
    they have corrupted the police to work with them and they try to torture people and threaten them took us years to shut down the ones who do it

  • Stephen O Neill
    Stephen O Neill Month ago +1

    I am a victim of gang stalking and I have no doubt that he is too. However his stalkers didn't leave any real evidence of anything, they know better , if they left evidence they would be going to jail and no pension. It is not called "covert harassment" for nothing. He only really needs to worry if they start attacking him with directed energy weapons, that is not fun and I talk from experience.