Lions vs. Texans Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • The Detroit Lions take on the Houston Texans during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.
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Comments • 724

  • j cal
    j cal 17 days ago

    boycott still on fu for the disrespect of the dead

  • Victor V
    Victor V 25 days ago

    That fumble six isnt even a fumble

  • TayDank
    TayDank 27 days ago

    Browns fan came here to see if Duke Johnson starting yet for Texans.. Doesn't look like he's going to even play this preseason smh I hope he start for y'all he's the best RB y'all got

  • elmer perdomo
    elmer perdomo 28 days ago

    Oline looks improved πŸ’ͺ🏽

  • Turo V.
    Turo V. 28 days ago

    Yo!!! 6:14-6:21 mans is naaaaaasty

  • Za'veon fire
    Za'veon fire 28 days ago

    3:05 runner was down by knee boo fumble!!!!

  • Akil Dilip
    Akil Dilip 28 days ago

    Lol I don’t think the lions blitz once and Texans acting like they have the best oline

  • Darryl Wilson
    Darryl Wilson 29 days ago

    I like that tj hockenson catch

  • Sideshow BOB
    Sideshow BOB 29 days ago

    Current NFL : Shotgun + pass + option play

  • MLP Shawn
    MLP Shawn 29 days ago

    Adam's said GET OFF ME YOUNGSTER

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 29 days ago

    1:23 look at that blocking 😭

  • Isaiah Nagurski
    Isaiah Nagurski Month ago

    Higdon is a bad man

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz Month ago

    David fales looked better than josh Johnson! Also #88 on the lions did a helmet catch!πŸ‘

  • Trahern Moore
    Trahern Moore Month ago

    Detroit back up QB Josh johnson is wack need to seek a vet back up QB real quick

  • John-boy
    John-boy Month ago

    Nice kicking in this game (hey, I've seen a lot of missed field goals this preseason). That straight arm by Adams was just rude

  • StephenRFlores
    StephenRFlores Month ago +1

    Damn good game Roderick Johnson. Looking like a solid LT

  • J Saucee
    J Saucee Month ago

    Joe Webb is a beast

  • Hector Alvarado
    Hector Alvarado Month ago

    This is my first ever NFL game that I've been to and it was the best experience in my life!!!

  • Jimbob Cooter
    Jimbob Cooter Month ago

    Mike Bullock from sb nation is a complete idiot. he didn't understand what he was looking at in this game.

  • RipX
    RipX Month ago

    Texans have had terrible QB's in the past (specifically savage) but Deshaun Watson has great potential, he did wonderful last year, although he does to need to learn when to throw the ball away. But other than that he is solid. I dont even remember the last time we had a mobile quarter back. Looking forward to great things this year. LETS GO TEXANS!

  • True North
    True North Month ago

    Looks like another long year smh

  • Locke Cole
    Locke Cole Month ago

    Let me just bring the rest of my fellow Texans fans back down to earth. 1. The Lions did a lot of 3 and 4 man rushes. 2. The Lions didn't even play but a few of their starters at most. 3. Matt Kalil wasn't playing this game, Roderick Johnson was, and apparently it wasn't good enough for him to be called the starter over that clown Kalil. 4. Bill O'Brien is our coach.

  • jansig
    jansig Month ago

    Google sucks! What is with the ads??? Google gets to advertise on google?? BLAME CHINA AND GOOGLE!!!

  • Tre J
    Tre J Month ago

    Lookout stafford lol

  • aurelio torres
    aurelio torres Month ago

    At 8:47 why the hell did he stop?? He would of got a sack on the QB ??? Lmao

  • rlouis215
    rlouis215 Month ago

    Bruh that stiff arm πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Vincent_Wei 20255055

    Not a Texans fan, but I can safely say that the Texans' receiving squad gonna be fire

  • Viirus Fresh
    Viirus Fresh Month ago

    Our Offensive linemen looking great. Shoutout to them

  • Nicholas Paul
    Nicholas Paul Month ago

    At 8:48 look at #45. I guarantee you he got cut after this game from that mistake he made.

  • Antwan IsYouHigh
    Antwan IsYouHigh Month ago +1

    Yall Texans Fans do know our d line was back ups right?

    • Antwan IsYouHigh
      Antwan IsYouHigh Month ago

      How? With trey flowers.. mike Daniels.... damon snacks harrison...ashawn Roberson... deshawn hand... and romeo owkara... so who blocking who?? Foh

    • RipX
      RipX Month ago +1

      We will beat you even with your best linemenπŸ˜‚. Much respect bro look forward to seeing you guys in the regular season

  • L3nyo! L3nyo!
    L3nyo! L3nyo! Month ago

    Lions until the day I die. Gonna be a while.

  • Edwaun Randall
    Edwaun Randall Month ago

    "OMG HE THREW EM' ASIDE" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    TEG NANDO Month ago

    Let's Goooo! Texans got this year

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago +1

    04:09 Terrible Throw Into 3 Man Coverage Webb

  • Anonymous Poblisious
    Anonymous Poblisious Month ago +1

    Texans protection is great!

  • aurelio torres
    aurelio torres Month ago

    Ro y is going to be a good addition to are secondary..!!!!

  • Randomr Uploads
    Randomr Uploads Month ago

    watson didnt have time to throw like that last year

  • Dame Dizzle
    Dame Dizzle Month ago +1

    Vyncint Smith is gonna be a weapon this season mark my words

  • Killer kl-rt
    Killer kl-rt Month ago

    Oh lions. You never disappoint

  • Kareem  Johnson
    Kareem Johnson Month ago

    Seen a lot of 3down lineman for Detroit which for a mobile qb is disastrous. However they probably were trying to get some sort of eval on who could get sum wins in 1on1s. I think #92 PJ Johnson was ok not great but pretty good.

  • Kareem  Johnson
    Kareem Johnson Month ago

    I'm also very surprised in Webb I hear he was a wide receiver at some point...!! This guy was making throws sum 10yr pro's couldn't make. Kudos!! He had a few that was so so but overall great job.

  • Kareem  Johnson
    Kareem Johnson Month ago

    The lions inside lb looked to part.. I mean every guy the put in was solid that's tough especially for a safety turn lb. #35 killbrew. #44 Reeves Mayben was also very instinctual and precise. The 3rd n 4th corners are in need of development but that's expected for young dbs. Would liked to seen the pass catchers a lil more focused on hand eye coordination. Too many good balls dropped I'll credit tht too good coverage from the Texans. The city of Houston was very hospitable to the lions I'm told. Thanx for that you guys are great hopefully we can do the same for you someday.

  • Kareem  Johnson
    Kareem Johnson Month ago

    62 sacks is never completely on the o line..All mobile qb are pretty much impatient. Watson should really take what the defense is giving until he gets 1on1 or some match up he likes. It's not always about the deep ball. I know he's talented the whole world knows this. It's 4qtrs for a reason..Slow down make the right read ball gone no qb pressure at all. He stays clean o line looks good,everybody goes home happy.

  • Monty Wilkinson
    Monty Wilkinson Month ago

    And I forgot for lions fans all 100 of the local lions fans were at the game that night!!

  • Dalton Watson
    Dalton Watson Month ago

    Best play @ 6:11!

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker Month ago

    Do you guys remember when the Lions won the Super Bowl? Peppridge farm remember πŸ™‚

  • Kailon Dillon
    Kailon Dillon Month ago

    Their o line is good and this coming from a saints fan

  • Addler Nicolas
    Addler Nicolas Month ago

    So No one comments on how Webs arm...

  • Sir Toliver
    Sir Toliver Month ago

    I'm just trying to figure out how Detroit has a need for OFFICERS, but manages to have a pro team that never wins...

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes Month ago

    Peep #45 from the Texans at 8:46. That man legit blew a wide open sack lmao

  • TTRO Witchy
    TTRO Witchy Month ago

    I went to the game

  • Ashley Castle
    Ashley Castle Month ago

    Not that I care. But I seen three holds and a false start on the Texans first drive.

  • A Sheff
    A Sheff Month ago

    Play Johnnie Dixon more. Undrafted sleeper 😴

  • David
    David Month ago

    6:15 is pathetic. lions need to cut that scrub 24 asap. when another player is brushing you off like a fly in the nfl that's the problem. this sorry ass scrub doesn't belong in the nfl. cut him

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller Month ago

    Gee, I wonder if the announcer thinks all Texans plays are "nice"

  • The Bee
    The Bee Month ago +3

    Another preseason with no Matthew Stafford , who needs to play as much as possible.... he hasn’t won the Super Bowl , 13 years in league...... come on Detroit

    • not Sauer
      not Sauer Month ago

      Why would we play our starting QB in a meaningless game? So he can break his back again?

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv Month ago

    Files look good

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith Month ago

    And David Fales is going to make Miami regret dropping him, that 99 yarder last year told me all i needed to know about that kid

  • Gabriel Battaglia
    Gabriel Battaglia Month ago +1

    Zenner needs more reps

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi Month ago

    Josh Johnson looked like total trash