Urgent. The Youtube "Purge" is coming...

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Wanted to give you an update on the new TVclip policies and what it means for us and other creators.
    @ if you want to view all of the aforementioned content.
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  • Kent Noble
    Kent Noble 20 hours ago

    I don’t mind if you just go away Steven.

  • Kent Noble
    Kent Noble 20 hours ago

    Can you wash dishes Steven? Yes? Good. You’ll be ok.

  • MetalHeadMachines
    MetalHeadMachines 22 hours ago

    When you said you wish you were aging in to a silver fox, I imagined you with white hair, you looked like George Lucas.

  • aufaTziun
    aufaTziun Day ago

    You tube keeps suggesting random videos on “home” but not my subscriptions videos, do you have any idea how long ago i had my last “louder with crowder” suggestion, i don’t even remember, and i am subscribed to his channel, shame!

  • Sensitive Skeptic
    Sensitive Skeptic Day ago +1

    Good less negative weirdos the better.

  • Nazareth Hagane
    Nazareth Hagane 2 days ago

    Hopefully it comes and you are first on the line.

  • Joel
    Joel 4 days ago

    The youtube ‘purge’ is not coming. Steven crowder wont to be censored. Conservative channels wont be censored. Why do you people believe this crap?

  • Brandon Bartkowiak
    Brandon Bartkowiak 4 days ago

    You know it's funny TVclip censors people that tell you to live a good life. Like Steven and Jordan Peterson. But a tutorial on how to tie a noose with 1.6million views just popped up into my recommendations. Thanks TVclip.

  • Bloody Sauce
    Bloody Sauce 4 days ago +1


  • John Jourdan
    John Jourdan 5 days ago

    I hope crowdcuck gets banned. Won’t Happen because he’s too PC.

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin 7 days ago

    Jesus Christ is coming back. We are in the last days. Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • chop suey
      chop suey 4 days ago

      "There will be wars and rumors of wars" that's already happening happening and its scary

  • Ben Goddard
    Ben Goddard 8 days ago

    Aww someone had their feelings hurt! Liberals can’t stand to hear a different opinion without freaking out.

  • Kentanago
    Kentanago 9 days ago

    Isn’t that what TVclip Kids is for? I’ll never be able to grow my channel because of this shit. Come on TVclip! Y’all are a bunch of snow flakes!

  • Zeko Reko
    Zeko Reko 10 days ago

    And here is the PURGE THE TVclip BIASED GARBAGE PLATFORM JUST DID!!! They are blocking things that can teach our kids good stuff. I've just noticed this on one of my favorite channels on TVclip by THE MOST HONORABLE JUDGE FRANK CAPRIOS VIDEOS, and how he is really helping people, and listening to their stories. Everyone should see what that man does for his Community and his Country. This is a shame that a channel like that would be blocked, in this way!!! I really despise the Left more and more. They have no morals. Their belief is a fairytale type of vision for our Thats frankly very dangerous. But anyways, it'll come back and bite them in the ass soo hard eventually. Mark my words!!!

    Here's an example: and all of these videos with soo much knowledge for kids are being blocked. All of them.

    The best Judge of all time. But im just wondering why on TVclip we cant save these videos anymore, because of some kind of children lock. I mean these videos are sooo important for todays generations youth to learn something about morals, values, manners, culture, etc... and you cant save the videos anymore. You can subscribe, thankfully i subscribed and turned on the notification on the new videos always, but the option is off now. Its such a shame that nonsense on TVclip that kids shouldnt watch, they can save, make a playlist and save, but cant save this??? Something sooo good for them to see. Its such a shame. Judge Caprio and the staff should look into it and im sure they have the power to put some pressure on the very very biased TVclip. This is one of the best MEN still alive and serving our Communities and our Country. God Bless You Judge Frank Caprio Fans!!!

  • Adam DFC
    Adam DFC 11 days ago +1

    I love youtube for doing this :))). Fuck the right cousin fucking evangelist cunts.

  • TheRealOatmeal
    TheRealOatmeal 11 days ago

    I really enjoy what you guys do, and, since I'm only 14, you have really helped me figure out my political stance. I really hope nothing too bad happens.

  • Elijah Reed
    Elijah Reed 12 days ago

    Nows the perfect time for a new youtube like app/platform to make a run at the top spot.

  • Robert Harder
    Robert Harder 13 days ago

    I haven't seen a video from you in over 2 weeks, is this TVclip or did you take a holiday break?

  • Jim Rhodes
    Jim Rhodes 15 days ago

    Oh for fuck’s sake. Fuck TVclip already. If all you motherfuckers finally made the decision to leave this fucking platform none of us would even be here.

  • Reuben Abogado
    Reuben Abogado 15 days ago

    Jeez those people at TVclip are terrible. Taking down videos like it’s nothing scene though it is effecting lives and ruining careers they probably got a “free pass because there gay” there all queers who eat chips all day and love ducks “ I can’t stand it I fell bad today 😭😭😭😭 I’m just going to cry on TVclip

  • fireworksfactoryshow
    fireworksfactoryshow 16 days ago

    This awful, painfully unfunny 'show' is getting pulled from the TVclip's? YAAAAAAAAAY!!! But could you debate Sam Seder before you get kicked off? #Coldfeetcrowder

  • hydrator1
    hydrator1 16 days ago

    the videos I seen you put out are kinda one sided

  • Stacy
    Stacy 17 days ago

    Is there any alternative to TVclip being spear headed so ALL can migrate to it? I may loose access to my favorite intellectuals and that’s not acceptable! I think EVERYONE is tired of bowing to the Google/TVclip/FB/Instagram gods. Next time I bow it should be so they can kiss it!!! (Thanks. Going to mud hub now to see what’s there.)

  • Chaos
    Chaos 17 days ago

    If the main concern is communicating wit the audience then tell people to follow your social medias. Why are we acting like this paid membership site is the only possible backup plan

  • Ellis Vert
    Ellis Vert 17 days ago

    The new TVclip policies is not real change my mind

  • Xeonix
    Xeonix 18 days ago

    They need to stop hiring elementary school special ed niggas

  • Spooky Boys
    Spooky Boys 18 days ago

    Bout to make a new platform called freetube

  • Free Pepe
    Free Pepe 19 days ago

    I'm banned from 4chan for trying to remind them that memeing is supposed to be about red pills, not shit!
    Where is the home of free speech now!?

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 19 days ago

    I am a huge advocate for safety of other people and I also strongly advocate for free speech. It is going to get to the point where TVclip is going to destroy itself and more people are going to end up leaving the website as a result. Once they leave, they never come back. What is even worse is that if your video was removed for breach of community guidelines, people at TVclip include the phrase "we think" in the email, which implies that they don't know how to interpret their own policies because their policies are vague. It makes me question: How did these people even get hired? They basically failed the common sense class. The policy team needs to clearly be able to identify if the video infringes the policies or not, not make a guess and include the phrase "we think". I will say it now that my channel would not be affected by it because I upload gaming content. Sometimes, I do news stories on topics that need to be discussed. If TVclip decides to take down channels just because the people at TVclip are not in favor of their opinions about something, then that is going to turn into a disaster. We have already dealt with enough problems as a result of the politically correct culture, especially violence. What makes things worse is that no one is willing to admit to that truth nor do corporate media want you to hear it simply because everyone is in denial of it. People need to understand the truth about why this PC culture leads to several problems, even if it is something that they do not want to hear.

  • Jim F
    Jim F 19 days ago

    The bigger and more impressive the better, cuz if they do something big, not only will they be outted to the unconvinced, but maybe there will finally be a new option for the right. I'd rather an open society channel, but that will never happen, and this sly nibbling away at us is really destroying us a bit at a time, while no one notices.

  • loli with tophat
    loli with tophat 20 days ago +1

    do a video about coppa

  • Aurora Nite
    Aurora Nite 20 days ago

    Time for a Free Speech Start up competitor to TVclip. Viewers see the clamp down on free speech ideas differing opinions views that challenge Left mantra. If you build it the people will come. 👍

  • Aaron mccarty
    Aaron mccarty 20 days ago

    The purge survival shop:
    🔪 = 1 like
    🍏apples=1 like
    🐶self defense dog= 1 like
    🔩🔧🧱⚒building items= 1 like
    You can only have one so choose wisely

  • j
    j 20 days ago +2

    Sounds like they’re trying to silence conservative voices before the election

  • DocDoom777
    DocDoom777 20 days ago +4

    The rule is very simple: if you are not a pathological leftist and you don't worship Pelosi as the queen of heaven, you're phuqued.

  • kyesniper
    kyesniper 20 days ago

    Please for the love of god, download all of your videos and upload them somewhere else before they get erased.

  • SciSci Toys
    SciSci Toys 20 days ago

    But your website Louder With Crowder, can it not be subject to some kind of censorship or attack, seeing as Google owns TVclip they are the same guys, I know on YOutube we are more vulnerable, does it matter which host you choose etc. All the large internet companies are owned by Jews and so you have to tippy toe around anything that could be considered antisemitic, if for example, you made a video that was seen to some as anti Semitic then Google would go after you would they not? There was an interesting guy here on YT names Brother Nathaneal, his channel terminated seeing as he blatantly focused on Zionism, spoke about the Talmud, Fed Reserve etc ... it was a question of time that he was going to get censored, he can be found now on another platform, but its not the same seeing as YT is the largest platform and we habitually use YT mainly, why are you not monetized? I have not heard you say anything so terrible that they may not want to monetize your videos, its strange.

  • AlbinoBlackBear
    AlbinoBlackBear 21 day ago

    Time to make another platform. Let's make a new youtube thats not fascist.

  • dirtdiver5050
    dirtdiver5050 22 days ago

    The ultimate goal is to collapse youtube and the information it shares. The common man can have a channel and that is not 1 world domination friendly. Think about it. More male genital cutting, less qualities of life to discourage families. The mark of the slave says it all.

  • Poutinsky _
    Poutinsky _ 22 days ago

    Well cryptocurrency content producers have been pretty badly hit by this in the last couple days. Almost all shut down or smgot strikes. No comments from yt on anything. Poker contant producers, and real estate contant also.. ridiculous guessing game

  • Tuollaf
    Tuollaf 22 days ago

    Make your own site

  • 10 Billion Subs - 2 Sh*t videos

    We should move to a more decentralised space. Leave youtube for the snowflakes.

  • Hunter Cook
    Hunter Cook 23 days ago

    TVclip is purging a bunch of Crypto currency/Bitcoin enthusiast or news channels. May want to look into that

  • Rick Mahnn
    Rick Mahnn 23 days ago

    That is the downfall of the liberals. They ruin everything. If we could get them OUT of our Teacher's unions. They would stop ruining the next generation of kids.

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 23 days ago

    YOuTube is purging Crypto bitcoin content creators/channels. Over 20 channels have been affected and more are being added to the list. Sunny Decree, Ivan on Tech, That Martini Guy, etc. got hit on Christmas Day. Their Twitter shows the progress of this issue. It is terrible how educators in the space are being punished while brainless animalistic mukbangs and shallow brainless content runs free on TVclip 🤨

  • Public Domain Television

    My Account was just terminated for having Public Domain Material on it. Not one single strike or violation and gone!

    • Public Domain Television
      Public Domain Television 24 days ago

      So I am uploading them all again and Data Mining the shiznit out of this. Thanks for the Crack TVclip!!! Your bubble is showing!

  • Nick JrRocket
    Nick JrRocket 24 days ago +2

    The deep state and the left are systematically losing and they hate it. This is the result, they are trying to systematically silence the truth. God bless America, but i feel our country will soon be in our next civil war. It is more important than ever to politically active in an era of silencing of truth. It is times like these that we must band together to fight back. It is no longer a battle of right and wrong. It is a battle between good and evil.

  • Super Man
    Super Man 25 days ago

    lol... Let me show you the real world.

    Governor/House Rep/insert seated power individual here: Coca cola, if you pay money for adds on this Catholic extremest/gun loving channel we will pass some bill and regulations in one of your oklahoma bottling factories and charge you and extra bill in taxes this year.
    ----> Or Coca Cola "We putting 500 mill into Jonny Big Dick's super pack for election this year, he is gonna write us some really juicy bills for tax deductions; he is anti gun so we cant be
    associated with gun channels..
    Coca Cola: You tube, if you play my adds on ANY channel that is controversial/gun related etc. We will stop advertising on your platform - in fact here is a 1 month cancel on our adds (-200 mill in youtube add revenue)

    TVclip: Sorry little channel, you can't afford retribution via court system legal fees, DELETED.
    TVclip: Alright, lets start manipulating and changing our original company core values, TOS and guidelines to start weeding out channels who can fight back legally..

  • Ground Zero With Clyde Lewis

    Great Video Steven, we lost one of our videos to the purge this month.

  • Sonia Teresa González Nieda

    Why is TVclip doing this? Some people may find content disrespectful, but come on, go watch other stuff i enjoy my time here.

  • Waerloga
    Waerloga 25 days ago +1

    Or we could start a TVclip Petition to remove that SJW Susan Wojcicki from TVclip once and for all, because we all know she's the real problem with TVclip. It's supposed to be TVclip not Wojcicki's Tube. She should just rename it MyTube, after herself, because this is what it has become, and by the way, seeing as she's the one making all these decision about what goes in and what doesn't, how is she a 'private platform' and not in fact a publisher, and provably so? Obviously she IS a publisher now. I don't even think she has the legal right to do what she's been doing, which as we all saw in the Veritas undercover expose on her, is her stated intent to subvert democracy. She openly declared intent to us all her power as TVclip's illegitimate CEO to prevent Trump's re-election in 2020, after her Hitlery Clit-ton failed, stating on record, after Trump's election to the White House in 2016, that she would do everything in her power to prevent this (democracy) from ever happening again. Why isn't she in prison for treason? Her obnoxious and extremely toxic SJW behaviour has pissed off so many people now that she has made herself the most despised person on Earth, and deservedly so. She is despicable and she's got to go. Instead of constantly bending the knee to her nonsense, isn't it easier to just get rid of this deranged psychopath once and for all? She is clearly mentally ill, suffering from paranoid schizophrenice delusions of grandeur. The power those Google guys handed to this loser when, out of pity and the kindness of their hearts, they gave this woman the CEO chair of their invention, not hers, for she had nothing to do with it and in no way earned her position. It was given to her as a gift, and this is how she repays them, like Kathleen Kennedy, and trying to 'smash the patriarchy' with her big banning hammer, condeming everyone. Let's copndemn her. Let's censore her ass and ban her back to the gutter where she belongs, or better yet, a padded cell in the nearest asylum, with a straight-jacket so she can no longer harm anyone else in her delusional psychotic state. I want to see her in court after psychiatric review to determine if she's even mentally fit to stand trial. I doubt it. We all know that she's obviously just a mad hatter. An utterly toxic person who take her aggression out on the enitre world with her big undeserved and unearned hammer. It's time to hammer back at this mad woman and end her reign of terror for good. Sack her ass.

  • Theodore Pinnock
    Theodore Pinnock 27 days ago +2

    More people need to be moving over to BitChute.

    • Wendy carlile
      Wendy carlile 26 days ago +2

      All creators should run their videos on Bitchute even if they don't get canceled b/c you never know when the rules will change again, or when TVclip will ban you just for giggles. I personally also wouldn't want someone to have that much control over me, this way you can tell them to eff off if they try telling you how to run your channel. Doesn't hurt to run your videos on BOTH. Plus it will help build Bitchute up and get alot more subscribers on it. Does Bitchute even pay ppl for ads? Or is it just a place to host your video's? Really doesn't matter b/c a lot of the video's I watch have been deplatformed anyway.

  • Noura E.
    Noura E. 27 days ago

    why u kinda hot tho

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 27 days ago

    I'd love to go to mug club but can not afford it

  • Gervais Kewley
    Gervais Kewley 28 days ago

    How possible is it for youtube to be sued ? You have persons dedicated to a platform that ads are paid to youtube for the sake of generating income for both parties . Now they are bringing "rules" to shake a tree of bees..... The sting would be deadly sadly.......they might go bankrupt.

  • Anthony Muldrow
    Anthony Muldrow 28 days ago

    After watching all the COPPA and TVclip terms of service policy videos the Louder with Crowder channel is being used as a genesis that started this fiasco. Crazy how one TVclip creator’s video sparked such an outrage that it change the whole TVclip platform for everyone that uses it...

    Thanks a lot crowder 😂

  • Mr gangly
    Mr gangly 28 days ago

    Cover the Virginia gun laws

  • Dallas Stevens
    Dallas Stevens 29 days ago

    @StevensCrowder HOST, mark dice, HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST,HOST, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice,mark dicemark dice, mark dice,mark dice, mark dice,mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice, mark dice

  • Galen Marek
    Galen Marek 29 days ago

    Did you fuck that gay vox guy yet?

  • Michael Steele Aviation

    TVclip has censored me with this update. Since last week all my comments, on my own channel and other channels, go away after 1 day. This is really frustrating.