The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures 2018

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
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  • Andy
    Andy 7 hours ago

    Never fallen asleep watchin something spectacular before.

  • WonkaaVision
    WonkaaVision 23 hours ago

    Why would you drop an anchor when you are sailing over the Marianas trench?

  • Jay Jay Manangan
    Jay Jay Manangan Day ago +1

    So this is why the water in our faucet taste like metal-ish

  • Ioannis Theo
    Ioannis Theo 2 days ago +4

    About the first video.. did they say :
    -malaka, no more anchor!

  • Ego adiuvabo te
    Ego adiuvabo te 2 days ago +2

    2018 ????? you mean 1919.....not even one of those are from this century.

  • Tiltdecker
    Tiltdecker 2 days ago

    Well, that's one way to get rid of the old chain

  • Paul C.
    Paul C. 3 days ago

    Incompetent crews

  • Γιωργος Σαρασιδης


  • tommy brockman
    tommy brockman 4 days ago

    Sooo there’s no easier way to do this? 😂 the engineering seems wrong I mean I’m no engineer buuuuttt

  • Louis Cantelmi
    Louis Cantelmi 4 days ago

    Doesn't look like a very good design. I might be wrong on this, but I don't think the brakes are anywhere NEAR big enough.

  • Blue Ghoul
    Blue Ghoul 4 days ago

    first clip is clearly a human error
    They know the brakes is starting to fail and they didnt lower down the guillotine bar (emergency brakes) and they just letting it fly so they will have "proof" that brakes need changing well in other cases they could save a big sum of money if they fricken used the guillotine bar (emergency brakes)
    *Gypsy brakes fail*
    Workers: *Letting it fly and took videos*
    Guillotine Bar: Am I a joke to you?

  • ThePostal67
    ThePostal67 5 days ago

    Anchors away ------- far away!

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 5 days ago

    Terribly poor quality video surely you can do better than this????

  • xx xx
    xx xx 6 days ago

    Cost of a lost or broken Anchor ?

  • zappafan11
    zappafan11 6 days ago

    At $300 to $1200 per link, that's hilarious.

  • zappafan11
    zappafan11 6 days ago

    Ha ha ha.... that first clip shows what happens when no-one does any maintenance on the winch unit.

  • Flavio Junior
    Flavio Junior 6 days ago

    After buy a cell phone, please remove the screen plastic protector.

  • Stu Pid
    Stu Pid 6 days ago

    No trained at all

  • Stu Pid
    Stu Pid 6 days ago

    Not rained at tall lol

  • Loren Kuckuck
    Loren Kuckuck 7 days ago

    2:06 hahahaha!!

  • Arch a
    Arch a 8 days ago

    I don't get it...why don't they grab the spinning piece with their hands to stop it ?

    • Chase Dean
      Chase Dean 7 days ago

      You do that and tell me how it goes

  • Bhavesh Singh
    Bhavesh Singh 8 days ago

    Blue whale helping them

  • James Willis
    James Willis 9 days ago

    I wonder how many guys loaded up their pants with trouser chili !!

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 9 days ago

    Holy monkey poop

  • Joakim
    Joakim 9 days ago +1

    These videos was filmed on Nokia 2001 phone

  • Mrbigp59
    Mrbigp59 9 days ago

    honey call tractor supply see if they have a new chain in stock

  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 9 days ago

    Sorry, thumbs down and that's for airbrushing sparks onto the thumbnail.

  • Dartmoor Dave
    Dartmoor Dave 9 days ago

    I can't believe the tail end of the chain isn't secured in the chain locker below.

  • Dutch iRacer
    Dutch iRacer 10 days ago

    I think there is something wrong with the human PID-controllers. They turn like madman so if the anchor responds there is nothing to be done about it.

  • Marshal Jim Duncan
    Marshal Jim Duncan 10 days ago

    Warning shot

  • Ricky C
    Ricky C 10 days ago

    Anchors ahoy

  • David Firth
    David Firth 11 days ago

    This is why the ocen is rising hahah

  • Robert Fitzsimmons
    Robert Fitzsimmons 11 days ago

    Yee haw!!

  • Dmax W
    Dmax W 11 days ago

    A like for crappy quality video of old anchor footage? shit...

  • Tim Levis
    Tim Levis 11 days ago

    Anchors Aweigh,now has a new meaning.

  • Robert Lloyd
    Robert Lloyd 11 days ago

    All registered under flags from third-world shitholes, and crewed accordingly.

  • jamie wood
    jamie wood 12 days ago +2

    this is why i lower the anchor by hand

  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas 12 days ago


  • Alpha N
    Alpha N 12 days ago +2

    I have no idea what the two dudes are spinning or what this entails, but I feel like for the 21st century this could be done an easier way

    • Tactical_Assault_Popsicle
      Tactical_Assault_Popsicle 8 days ago

      @Alpha N when anchor chains need to be manually let out if the chain gets to much momentum you can't stop it. Its physics.

    • Alpha N
      Alpha N 10 days ago

      @Tactical_Assault_Popsicle So this is the ultimate burnt out clutch?

    • Tactical_Assault_Popsicle
      Tactical_Assault_Popsicle 10 days ago

      Those are clutches for the chain drives.

  • yummyfuzz1
    yummyfuzz1 12 days ago

    Do the chains really need to be that long? It just seems unnecessary

  • whiterthan hitler
    whiterthan hitler 12 days ago

    Imagine getting cracked upside the head with one of those.

  • Ariez Dasilva
    Ariez Dasilva 12 days ago

    human error

  • marco martinez
    marco martinez 12 days ago

    Must have been the right spot for fishing 🤣. Drop the anchor

  • Lastman Standing
    Lastman Standing 12 days ago time don't drop anchor when you are in deep water.

    KONGO JOHN 12 days ago

    Who knew itvwas so hard to drop anchor?

  • Jake Rock
    Jake Rock 12 days ago

    Zero stars for the game but I am not sure what to do with the game but it would not have much to support

  • A v A
    A v A 13 days ago

    Massive automated ship....handcranked anchor wtf

    • MosquitoHunter
      MosquitoHunter 12 days ago

      I'm guessing there was something wrong with the system and they had to do it manually as a backup.

  • Gab Bras
    Gab Bras 13 days ago

    Flex Tape would solve all problems.

  • Lexa Ba
    Lexa Ba 13 days ago

    Что это было? Потеря якоря? Причины?

  • Herby Hannan
    Herby Hannan 13 days ago

    Now that's momentum .

  • Kody Nester
    Kody Nester 13 days ago

    I always think of this shit when I see all these girls with that damn anchor tattoo saying I refuse to sink....

  • Kody Nester
    Kody Nester 13 days ago

    Lmfao the way they run from it when they know it fucked up

  • HellowazHere Cuffs
    HellowazHere Cuffs 14 days ago

    Russians 😂😂

  • Mark Garin
    Mark Garin 15 days ago

    Wonder what a single link of the anchor chain weighs? Did they get them back?

  • me me
    me me 16 days ago

    Really dangerous situation. . A piece of steel free like that might cut a person in 2 side.

    • Lucas Galli
      Lucas Galli 13 days ago

      It takes WAY less than a steel link, dude. I once saw a mooring cable (basically a huge rope) snapping and smashing against a steel cage while trying to moore at Mykonos in winter. There was a poor Indonesian guy right behind the cage who got some nasty injuries from the shrapnel generated by the impact.

  • Billy Darley
    Billy Darley 17 days ago

    4:44 US Navy. lets load a boat with jackasses and see what happens.

  • Ronnie Richmond
    Ronnie Richmond 17 days ago

    Huh, looks and sounds like my life......

  • JJ Thomas
    JJ Thomas 17 days ago

    Why are they all so out of focus and blurry?

    • Billy Darley
      Billy Darley 17 days ago

      well the last one was filmed by American service members so thats all the explanation i need.

  • Douglas Skaalrud
    Douglas Skaalrud 18 days ago

    Hey, she was the chick on Jack Reacher. Wish I could remember what her name was.

  • Anthony Saponaro
    Anthony Saponaro 19 days ago

    Jeeezis Christ just grab the chain !

  • Dave G
    Dave G 19 days ago


  • Alan Baxter
    Alan Baxter 19 days ago

    A;; they need is a fudoufor. Sorted.

  • Ντόπιος Ξένος

    Someone lost his job today!!!!

  • AL-BuRaaQ News
    AL-BuRaaQ News 20 days ago

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  • Keen Camacho
    Keen Camacho 20 days ago

    that is faster anchor

  • Pete Rabbit
    Pete Rabbit 20 days ago

    Ron burgundy is not happy

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 20 days ago

    A little lube please?

  • Tracybeme
    Tracybeme 21 day ago

    Swabs wtf from every angle and run around useless. Senior WTF barking out commands when there is nothing to be done but retrieval. Yup, that IS the Navy. Put a spool of cable at the bottom of the chain locker and weld it to the end of the big link. The cable has less mass and less momentum. It will make it easier to brake and retrieve the main chain.

  • International νideos
    International νideos 21 day ago +1

    1:58 2:00 Malaka

  • Jeff Oelkers
    Jeff Oelkers 21 day ago

    First one is hilarious. Captain - how deep is the water here? Ensign - 1,500 yards. Captain - well we have a 1,500 yard chain let er go....