The Mystery of the 2019 iPad Pro

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • There has GOT to be more the new iPad Pro than just a triple camera system... (because who would buy a $1000 iPad just for more camera lenses)
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Month ago +2745

    No One:

    Literally No One:

    Apple: We've FINALLY put three cameras onto a tablet!

    An OLED iPad Pro would be legit though right?

    • Hock :v
      Hock :v 20 days ago

      When apple anouncement this ipad

    • dave EPISODES
      dave EPISODES 26 days ago

      Meh camera's better
      Hi Dave my name is Dave 2

    • Demetres Demetriou
      Demetres Demetriou 27 days ago

      Given the rumor about the mini-led displays in late 2020/early 2021 would it make sense for Apple to change display technology three years in a row? Also, can they do pro-motions (120hz) on OLEDs??

    • Sony Android
      Sony Android Month ago

      How much is ipad pro 2019?

    • DQuiLon
      DQuiLon Month ago

      I am still not sold on the idea of OLED for devices that stay with me more than 5 years.... that includes tablets, laptops, TVs and such... I know the tech has improve a lot... but I value longevity and durability over deep blacks... so a display that is going to crap out and have burn-ins as soon as 1 year of use is no good for me....

  • Meh meth
    Meh meth Day ago

    I think the camera design is better at ipad though rather than iphone weirdly fit or id say awkward looking

  • SevenSeas Conquerer
    SevenSeas Conquerer 5 days ago

    You forgot a13

    • Jax :D
      Jax :D 22 hours ago

      Either A13x or A14x!

  • maans le roux
    maans le roux 5 days ago

    I would definitely be keen on buying that and I have never wanted to buy a Apple product in my life. But iPadOS changed that. Super keen to see where they will take iPadOS. I hope they will:
    1. Improve external monitor support. The back bars currently is really silly.
    2. Better mouse support. Nothing beats a mouse for office productivity
    3. More filesystem support on external devices like NTFS.
    4. Make sure Safari is 100% desktop capable to work flawlessly with Google Docs.
    Would definitely replace any need I have for a laptop

  • Phantom forces Fighter

    Did anyone see the bend of the ipad pro on the left?

  • 索长
    索长 7 days ago


  • Arun ravi
    Arun ravi 9 days ago

    who is the best apple hater...dave...period...they might have done something to wrong him...even if apple give ipad at 600 $ dave will still criticise for sure..even tho there is no competetion for ipad in the market..there is nobody in the market who makes that much effort to put a creative machine dave will still hate it...

  • Sullivan Wang
    Sullivan Wang 16 days ago

    Pro Display XDR is LCD with Mini LED, not OLED.

  • Niklas Kraus
    Niklas Kraus 17 days ago +1

    "Noone is going to buy a new iPad pro just because of three lenses."
    Lol this is apple you're talking about bro there is always people who will buy it

  • Danny Dman
    Danny Dman 21 day ago

    Can you make a video comparing the latest tablets including the galaxy tab s6?

  • Andy Valdez
    Andy Valdez 24 days ago

    Airpods 2 was nothing more than wireless charging and supposedly a faster chip..... everyone bought that. Don't be surprised if it's a minor CPU upgrade and a camera...

  • Talk ID
    Talk ID 24 days ago

    Nope, my guess is still ips but has better quality xdr

    • Talk ID
      Talk ID 24 days ago

      And better response time, say 1ms

  • Terryss
    Terryss 24 days ago

    It' s not even going to be released this year.

    Stop helping to spread false rumors and getting people' s hopes up.

    No ipad pro this year, no A13x device anytime soon.

    Following Apple' s stupid logic, the "pro" has been taken by the iphone for this year.

  • No Edge
    No Edge 25 days ago

    I want to buy an ipad, I really do. But I just can't get through the selection process... Why is brand new 2018 model powered by 2013 CPU? Why it cannot use the new apple pen - and why both apple pens costs same? I want the device, but it feels to be such a big scam to me.

    • Jax :D
      Jax :D 22 hours ago

      The A10 is still plenty powerful is the reason they still use it. I'd argue it's better and faster than 75% of Android devices out there. Either get a new 2018 iPad or get a second hand 2017 one for about $200 or so. You're talking about the normal iPad and not the pro ones right?

  • Rn Samyog
    Rn Samyog 26 days ago

    im ready to buy ipad pro 11 inch with in week you have any suggestion to wait for new one and how much gb is better to buy

  • Tea-Chai hai zindagi
    Tea-Chai hai zindagi 26 days ago

    People will buy a new ipad pro even if they don’t add any new feature

  • Tom cat
    Tom cat 26 days ago

    Oled technology has burn in flaws

    • Jax :D
      Jax :D 22 hours ago

      Not true!

  • Allen Wang
    Allen Wang 27 days ago

    Let’s just hope so

  • Sharul Hafiz
    Sharul Hafiz 27 days ago

    Will the current gen iPad pro price drop?

  • Everything Entertainment

    I really want to buy the 2018 ipad pro but it is so exoensive. I don't currently use any apple products so does anyone know how long it will take for the price to go down?

  • Demetres Demetriou
    Demetres Demetriou 27 days ago

    Given the rumor about the mini-led displays in late 2020/early 2021 would it make sense for Apple to change display technology three years in a row? Also, can they do pro-motions (120hz) on OLEDs??

  • Miss Lynne
    Miss Lynne 28 days ago

    Wouldn't an OLED mean screen burn though?

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan Month ago +3

    Why would you want to pay even more for 3 cameras on a device that you’re hardly ever going to use for photography?

    • Vi Gd
      Vi Gd 28 days ago +2

      Yes. Shooting with smartphone is more easier rather than this big chunky tablet

    • Mr Green
      Mr Green 28 days ago +1

      @Devan Devan I hope they do :/

    • Devan Devan
      Devan Devan 28 days ago +1

      Mr Green They might not still sell it...


    • Mr Green
      Mr Green 29 days ago +1

      You're right. And the only reason why I can't wait for the new iPad Pros is so I can buy the current 11in at a (slightly) lower price.

  • JB
    JB Month ago

    I wonder if they could put some kind of haptic feedback on the iPad

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy Month ago

    Batter life should be improved too. It sucks after the last update and I'll never forgive them for that!

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy Month ago

    Who cares about the camera on ipads?!!

    FRNZI5KO Month ago

    anyone thinks  will release iPad Pro this October?

    • 吴立名
      吴立名 26 days ago

      seems like it wont happen

  • Abhigyan Gohain
    Abhigyan Gohain Month ago

    Awesome 😎

  • Abhigyan Gohain
    Abhigyan Gohain Month ago


    V3NOM D3ADSH0T Month ago

    1:39 {note the price tag} 🤣🤣

  • proficrafter hd
    proficrafter hd Month ago

    Excuse me but the pro Display doesnt have an oled display

  • Tuguldur Baatar
    Tuguldur Baatar Month ago

    I bet Apple will release iPad to iPad sidecar functionality that will only be available on triple camera model. This in essence will kill off the macbook pro.

  • Not a Youtuber
    Not a Youtuber Month ago

    It will NOT have 3 cameras

    I AM NOT WILDCAT Month ago

    I’m waiting for a 5g 120hz oled display 15 inch IPad pro with 2tb storage and make it thicker so they have room for the 3.5mm jack and it won’t bend easily

  • Hussain Jafri
    Hussain Jafri Month ago

    I'm an Apple Fan, Suddenly I'm using Samsung

  • Asiatic Leopard
    Asiatic Leopard Month ago

    i 💯% Agree!

  • Studio8 Worx
    Studio8 Worx Month ago

    I need a larger screen n than adding cameras

  • Jarvis Faleiro
    Jarvis Faleiro Month ago


  • NiVi OoF
    NiVi OoF Month ago

    Let’s just hope the find a way to STOP it from BENDING before Jerry gets it or zack

  • The Meme God
    The Meme God Month ago

    It’s probably gonna be VERY VERY fragile

  • kevin Guo
    kevin Guo Month ago

    "apple is not dumb" let's cross our fingers. iPad is the only Apple product that I care about. Hope they will be OLED. But to be honest I think they will milk the same shit until it can't make money anymore. Then they will start making making innovation.

  • Rajan Thakkar
    Rajan Thakkar Month ago

    Ipad Pro
    Ipad Pro Max
    Ipad Pro Max XDR

  • Chris Abby
    Chris Abby Month ago +3

    Its just that he is so relaxed, its almost as if he is sitting 😄

  • Everett
    Everett Month ago +1

    No one:


    SuperMax XDR Ultra Liquid Solid RTX Freesync display

  • wtf17727
    wtf17727 Month ago

    OLED panels aren't ready yet for tablet size.
    Look at the Galaxy Tab S6, should have the best OLED you can get in a tablet and it only reaches ~370 nits of brightness.

  • Luka Voglar
    Luka Voglar Month ago

    2:34 - That's gonna be the headlining feature - the display, not the triple cameras. Apple's not dumb, they're not gonna try to sell people this minor upgrade, no way people are gonna buy that

    That's literally the exact thing they did with the new iphones and yet people are buying them. Apple isn't dumb, their customers are.

  • Ben Abbott
    Ben Abbott Month ago

    I’ve been looking into getting an iPad Pro. If they dropped an iPad Pro with an oled screen I’d buy it for sure; but if it’s just three cameras I’m definitely buying the current generation.

  • theandroids
    theandroids Month ago

    You're right, Apple is not dumb...They think their customers are.

  • Kova4a
    Kova4a Month ago

    Can you imagine the price tag of an ipad with 120Hz OLED with the cheapest models being $2.5k and almost no one buying it. Heck, apple might go a bit further a release one with a mini LED display for 3-4k.

  • Bryan Bielka
    Bryan Bielka Month ago

    Will cost 3k base model just watch

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    I think that tech reviewers sometimes forget that many customers are first time iPad buyers or upgrading from a much older product and a better camera system is something that they will appreciate. No one ever said that a 1980s Ferrari was slow but they still made them faster. Plus better cameras better AR

  • Asbin Gurung
    Asbin Gurung Month ago

    Plastic reflecting light

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia Month ago

    Considering how long people keep their iPad i doubt they will be oled. i wouldn't buy an OLED monitor or an OLED iPad. the icons and dock would get burned into the screen no thanks. That happened on my old S7

  • TechDaddy
    TechDaddy Month ago

    "They're not going to just add a triple camera"
    Isn't that what they did on the iPhone 11 though? New lenses and an updated chip ... this is basically it. The rest is software improvement.

  • Mika XD
    Mika XD Month ago

    I have my iPad for 4 years now. Never used rear or front camera ever.

  • Irfan Shaikh
    Irfan Shaikh Month ago

    That would be a 2000$ Ipad.

  • Maverick Hunter K
    Maverick Hunter K Month ago

    A TVclipr that thinks.... rare

  • Common Brushtail
    Common Brushtail Month ago

    lcd is fine, I don't want to deal with oled burn in

  • Clitorious B.I.G.
    Clitorious B.I.G. Month ago

    thank you! the first reviewer which mentioned the very slow pixel response time from this shitty displays. the display from my AIR1 from 2013 is faster. i hope to see a oled without pwm!

  • TheSpikeyCantaloupe