Star Wars: Vader Wasn't Always Luke's Father?


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  • The lew d show
    The lew d show Day ago

    watch it age 7 or 8

  • StrangerDanger
    StrangerDanger Day ago

    7 was when I watched a new hope so 7 is pretty good

  • Rose Thorne
    Rose Thorne 16 days ago

    I introduced my son to star wars when he was 4 years old...he is 19 and I am happy to say that if I messed everything else up in his life I got that one thing right. He has kept his facebook banner something Star wars related for almost a decade, and it is still his cinematic first love.

  • Nic bianco
    Nic bianco 21 day ago

    Very late responding to this video but Luke being Kylo Ren’s father does make sense. Because of Kylo’s real name being Ben. Ben is in them too closely related to obi-Wan Kenobi name on tatooine. And with how much JJ Abrams making episode seven look so much like a new Hope Luke being Kylo Ren’s dad makes perfect sense

  • Eleanor Ewald
    Eleanor Ewald 23 days ago

    I cried at the "Always" clip!

  • EE pro DUCKS!!!
    EE pro DUCKS!!! 23 days ago

    age 5-7

    IAMDUMBBOI :} 25 days ago

    I watched it when I was five and I understood

  • JOKKINGKING aka:tristan

    Probably at the age of 9 or 10. That is the age I started watching Star Wars and I understood it quite well!

  • Weston Brevik
    Weston Brevik 29 days ago

    I think age 5 or 6 that’s when I first watched

  • Aamina Green
    Aamina Green 29 days ago

    Six is a great age to watch Star Wars.

  • Logi Bear
    Logi Bear Month ago

    Luke I am you father
    Kylo nooooooooooooo

  • snake nolastname
    snake nolastname Month ago

    Jar jar is a master of drunken fist wu shu

    KANNEN MILLER Month ago +1

    I know Luke is already born but I would say start watching Star Wars at the age of 6

  • Timothy Dunn
    Timothy Dunn Month ago

    Luke: Knock Knock
    Kylo: Who's there
    Luke: Your dad
    Kylo: WOT
    But a good age to start watching starwars- 8-10
    but it is truly the parent's descision

  • bidli
    bidli Month ago

    thumbnail: ye man, Obi-Dang did it, Padmé was the Leg-Spreader of the Order
    title: did I get clickbaited?

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards Month ago

    In answer to your question about how old you need to be. Minimum 4 Maximum 6

  • Zachary popowitz
    Zachary popowitz Month ago

    5 years old

  • Fang the Dergon
    Fang the Dergon Month ago

    Anakin repaired c3po he didnt build him

  • Sonia Walterbos
    Sonia Walterbos Month ago

    I say 8 years old . . .

  • Angelo Riolo
    Angelo Riolo Month ago

    3 years old

  • Dr. End
    Dr. End Month ago

    Fun Fact Obiwan didn't own R2D2 Anikin did

  • Olive Ryan
    Olive Ryan Month ago

    I love that lightsaber shovel idea

  • MegaGamingGecko
    MegaGamingGecko Month ago

    At age 7

  • ikk 99
    ikk 99 Month ago

    2:01 the answer is simple it is not on earth it is in hoth

  • Daughter of Poseidon

    I first watched Star Wars when I was 3, but my brother waited until he was 5 and understood it better. In my opinion 5 seems a bit late. But then it depends on how mature the kid is.

  • Daughter of Poseidon
    Daughter of Poseidon Month ago +1

    Wait, isn’t it, “Luke, I am your father”?
    -MaNdeLa EfFeCt-

  • Alexander Dimas
    Alexander Dimas Month ago

    your wrong because leia is lukes sister does and they wouldn't ...

  • gbubs
    gbubs Month ago

    2:48 this would be in the commercial

  • CT 12
    CT 12 Month ago

    Start at 4 or 5 I started at 3 but I think 4 1/2 is best

  • CT 12
    CT 12 Month ago

    Love Darth Jar Jar

  • Michael Leiner
    Michael Leiner Month ago

    I watched them when I was 5 or 6 so I didn’t remember anything except a few scenes from episode 6 because I would watch it repeatedly due to my enormous crush on Luke. I would recommend age 5 (or younger), but watch them annually after that. This way, they will achieve ultimate nerd status.

  • ACE _
    ACE _ Month ago

    I would around the age of 7-9

  • Kimberly House
    Kimberly House Month ago +1

    My first Star Wars movie was the seventh 😢

  • Bryson Richard
    Bryson Richard Month ago


  • Dom stroying
    Dom stroying Month ago

    of course he's Luke's father it's obvious Vader says "I am your father"

  • alpha Wolf
    alpha Wolf Month ago

    Seagulls stop it now

  • Mike Carder
    Mike Carder Month ago

    They didn't write the Wampa scene to cover Mark's face from the accident, that was already written before that happened.

  • Leia Amos
    Leia Amos Month ago

    So, fun fact about Harrison Ford, his acting career started out because George Lucas knew him because he was a guy who put together the sets and randomly asked him to be in movie and he didn't say no.

  • KING AH3
    KING AH3 Month ago

    no I am your father?
    I thought it was "Luke I am your father"

  • Colton Starkweather
    Colton Starkweather 2 months ago

    BAIT!!! Ahhhh! I was so excited

  • Clinton H
    Clinton H 2 months ago

    Actually you are making a huge mistake darth Vader is Luke's father!!

  • Mario Link
    Mario Link 2 months ago

    Just make the kid watch all the movies every year

  • Tasmanian Mountain Biker

    The age to watch Star Wars is one day old.

  • John Colton
    John Colton 2 months ago

    Age for Star Wars watching is 6 months so they grow up watching it

  • Andrea Doherty
    Andrea Doherty 2 months ago

    I was 6 when I first seen star wars in 2015

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood 2 months ago

    I saw the original star wars when i was five, and it remains one of my earliest(and fondest) memories. My dad took me to the drive in to see it(leaving my sisters at home), and it led to my life long fascination with space.

  • Leondia Davis
    Leondia Davis 2 months ago

    Probably 5 so you start school and no body can ruin star wars

  • Geoff Johnson
    Geoff Johnson 2 months ago

    I guess it's too late for Ben to see this, but the Wampa thing is just a myth. The scene was written a year before the accident, and George Lucas has gone on record saying it had nothing to do with Hamill.

  • Joshua Harrover
    Joshua Harrover 2 months ago

    My family showed me Star Wars when I was about four or five years old. Trust me, it's harmless, and it's a great way to spend time with your kids.

    NORIX AX 2 months ago

    He should be 6 or 7

  • Greeditation Hangry
    Greeditation Hangry 2 months ago

    Ohh. wasn't always his father... took me a while.

  • the bean
    the bean 2 months ago


  • Keira Rodriguez
    Keira Rodriguez 2 months ago

    The child should watch Star Wars when they're like 8 or 9. i watched it when I was 8

  • Marco Uribe
    Marco Uribe 2 months ago

    The face thing is incorrect. That scene was already written like that even before Mark had the accident.

  • FluffyBunny
    FluffyBunny 2 months ago

    Wait Darth Jarjar was originally supposed to be canon I always thought it was just a fan thing I LOVE DARTH JARJAR! I mean I love Darth Jarjar!

  • Alex Parker
    Alex Parker 2 months ago

    I'm not sure how it happened or how he ended up watching the movies but when my cousin was 4, he and I had in depth conversations about star wars.

  • BDog
    BDog 2 months ago

    7 years old

  • Gamaliel Juarez
    Gamaliel Juarez 2 months ago

    6 I was 6 when I first watched it

  • Jefferson Graham
    Jefferson Graham 2 months ago

    8 years old

  • Siena Parr
    Siena Parr 2 months ago

    Ten years old

  • I hate fortnight Give me a reason why it doesn’t

    Why does Luke have blond hair and Vader and padmae both have brown hair

  • Luna Lovegood 25
    Luna Lovegood 25 3 months ago

    Kylo- I killed my father
    Luke-no I am my father
    Ray- u killed my father figure are u kidding me right now
    Kylo-oops sorry NOT (kills Luke)

  • Claudia Nell Ward
    Claudia Nell Ward 3 months ago

    seven frickin' seven

  • Jeremiah Laboy
    Jeremiah Laboy 3 months ago

    Luke being ben solos father would be cool

  • Sabrina McClain
    Sabrina McClain 3 months ago

    I saw the Star Wars movies when I was 6, and when Darth Vader said that he was Luke's father, I just assumed he was lying well into episode VI.

  • The After Math
    The After Math 3 months ago

    5:07 think his voice stopped working there

  • Doctor Doctor
    Doctor Doctor 3 months ago

    My first time watching Star Wars was so early I don't even remember

  • Charlie Irving
    Charlie Irving 3 months ago

    I think 10 is a good age for starting to watch star wars

  • Joe Boe
    Joe Boe 3 months ago

    This guy doesn’t no jack because it has been confirmed by George Lucas that Darth Vader is Luke’s father

  • Sherri Asenova
    Sherri Asenova 3 months ago

    SW: a few ppl involving everyone in their family problems.

  • James VerHulst
    James VerHulst 3 months ago

    I think 7 is a good age for a kid to watch Star Wars, as their minds will still be full of Wonder and Adventure!

  • Andrew Shuttleworth
    Andrew Shuttleworth 3 months ago +1

    Age 1 or 2 just to get to get it into his subconscious but then probably about 6 or 7

  • CasualGamer
    CasualGamer 3 months ago

    5 years old

  • Mackenzie OBrien
    Mackenzie OBrien 3 months ago

    Well, 1) The first draft wasn’t written by George Lucas anyway so maybe it was in his mind anyway because 2) Vader means father in German. His name is literally Darth Father.

  • Bianchini Kids
    Bianchini Kids 3 months ago

    5 is a great age to start watching star wars

  • Griffin Matern
    Griffin Matern 3 months ago

    J: I killed me brother
    Tyler: No! I am your brother!
    J: I was talking about Ben.
    Tyler: Oh, okay.

  • Emmanuel Severino
    Emmanuel Severino 3 months ago


  • Mecca Miles
    Mecca Miles 3 months ago

    I was 7. It forever-changed my destiny.

  • Roman Bespartochnyy
    Roman Bespartochnyy 3 months ago

    Watch or watch not. There is no age limit.

  • El Mundo de Hades
    El Mundo de Hades 3 months ago

    well.. well... well... The biggest reveal was an ACTUAL ON-SET REVEAL... XD mark hamill's reaction was in fact REAL... the only person who knew (no shocker) was in fact James Earl Jones... look it up... true story..

  • Vex99 Khemkar
    Vex99 Khemkar 3 months ago

    7:18 half-life 3 confirmed

  • Mstipak Games
    Mstipak Games 3 months ago

    3 or 4

  • Nick Irvin
    Nick Irvin 3 months ago

    9 years that is when I first saw it

  • Blake P
    Blake P 3 months ago

    I watched star wars too early and had nightmares from Darth Vader choking the officer at the beginning. It kind of ruined the movie for me until I was too old and it was spoiled. Hope it helps.

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q 3 months ago

    6 or 7

  • j borle
    j borle 3 months ago

    7. That seems like a fair age. Your cognitive enough to pay attention and actually care. And you are not going to be full haywire at every given moment

  • Game Theory Fan 101
    Game Theory Fan 101 3 months ago

    Never to young to watch Star Wars

    So 8 years and up

  • Wy Antics
    Wy Antics 3 months ago


  • Somerledsamuel17
    Somerledsamuel17 3 months ago

    I was 3 years old

  • Captain spud
    Captain spud 3 months ago

    my sister has got into my account and is posting mean stuff

  • Ainsley Zirkle
    Ainsley Zirkle 3 months ago

    I was six

  • Darth Xader
    Darth Xader 3 months ago

    The Death Star vs hog warts who wins
    (Death Star has all 20000 ish stormtroopers army troopers Vader and palpatine

  • B. Cipher
    B. Cipher 3 months ago


  • Mario Roman
    Mario Roman 3 months ago

    Jar jar is a Sith?

  • Carla Langston
    Carla Langston 3 months ago


  • RenlangRen
    RenlangRen 3 months ago

    Jar Jar is a Sith Lord! The fact that most in these movies don’t realize this prove Jar Jar’s unparalleled mind control.

  • ben stringer
    ben stringer 3 months ago

    you can probably watch most of the movies at 10 years old but don't let him watch the first half of Return of the Jedi until he's 18 LoL

  • Jordan Seelye
    Jordan Seelye 3 months ago

    He never actually owned a droid r2 Anika’s