Star Wars: Vader Wasn't Always Luke's Father?


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  • Matthew Desrosiers
    Matthew Desrosiers 22 hours ago

    id say around 8 or 9.

  • Aiden Smash
    Aiden Smash Day ago

    4 like I was

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 3 days ago

    6 year's old to watch Star wars for baby Luke

  • Leonid Saykin
    Leonid Saykin 3 days ago

    R2 was never his.

  • Momma Wolf
    Momma Wolf 5 days ago

    I was either 5 or 6 or maybe younger (idr) when I started watching star wars with my dad.

  • Ender Guy
    Ender Guy 6 days ago +1

    I say let him watch episode 1-3 when he's about 5 or 6 and then let him watch all of em when he's about 9

  • ForestWolfGaming
    ForestWolfGaming 6 days ago


  • JdevilU
    JdevilU 7 days ago


  • Bailey Tupper
    Bailey Tupper 7 days ago

    5 or 6

    ADARKWIND 9 days ago

    I finished the video like 5 minutes ago and was in the comment section when I fully realized the ramifications of Bens theory about kylo (there are ways around but come on Kylo would realize at some point Leia was not his mom) that would mean Luke did it with his sister.......cause as I said in the brackets there’s no way someone as gifted as kylo in the force would not be able to tell at some point.

  • The Procrastinator
    The Procrastinator 9 days ago

    6:41 technically he never owned artoo-detoo

  • TheDuke
    TheDuke 10 days ago

    I believe Lucas had everything planned from the moment he released new hope

  • Bippity Boppity
    Bippity Boppity 11 days ago

    Nope...Vader definitely had an unspoken affinity for C-3PO prior to the prequels. Most notably in ESB. I'm not saying Lucas had this in foresight, but it works.

  • Ducklover Gaming
    Ducklover Gaming 15 days ago

    If you have read the star wars books you will know that kylo really is han and Leia's son

  • Lando Callrisian
    Lando Callrisian 15 days ago

    After getting home from the delivery room. That is when I first watched it

  • In Possibilities
    In Possibilities 16 days ago

    How old did he decide is correct for a child to be introduced to these films?

  • Kimberlee Mills
    Kimberlee Mills 18 days ago

    I love all of you're enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winter Moonlight
    Winter Moonlight 19 days ago

    My Dad showed me and my brothers when I was like 4 or 5

  • Julian Briseno
    Julian Briseno 20 days ago

    5 to 6 for first timers

  • Tyler Batman
    Tyler Batman 21 day ago

    8 years old.

  • Josie Huff
    Josie Huff 21 day ago

    When I was little, I wanted Luke and Leia to get together. And then I watched the 3rd movie. 🤢🤮 Yeah.

  • Jake Molony
    Jake Molony 21 day ago

    Vader was always going to be Luke's father but George Lucas didnt tell anyone including her and only told people who were essential to the scene as they were filming it as he wanted it to be a suprise for everyone including the film crew and other actors

  • Nathan Best
    Nathan Best 22 days ago

    I grew up in a house with only A New Hope (On Beta!). I remember first seeing it when I was so young (4ish? 1987ish) that it was just flashy lights and space ships. At that time I do not remember understanding any of the plot line. I do remember asking my dad (Who, sadly, died 15 years ago yesterday.) why they didn't start the trench run closer to the end. He told me to hush up you don't know what you're talking about. *blows raspberry. I did see Empire and Jedi around that time but I do not have a specific memory of it. At the age of 10 I "first saw" Empire and Jedi, when we borrowed them from friends, and had my first geekgasm. The magic of finally seeing "new" content, and kind of remembering parts from earlier, was amazing. So I say show them Phantom at a very young age (They'll judge it less) and slowly over years introduce the rest. Especially because some of the later content may not be suitable for 4 year olds. Not that seeing someone get cut in half is child appropriate, but you can show them Rebels where Darth Maul is still alive . . . I love the final Darth Maul scene. I almost cried.

  • Keath Ames
    Keath Ames 22 days ago

    The very minute they are born is the right time to start showing them.STAR WARS, STAR TREK, & DOCTOR WHO. Everday until they are 30

  • Rigby Finnik
    Rigby Finnik 23 days ago

    You should do a “Rey’s parents” theorie

  • Rigby Finnik
    Rigby Finnik 23 days ago

    Best age is maybe from 8-12

  • Susannah Spalding
    Susannah Spalding 24 days ago +1

    I first saw Star Wars when I was about 9 or 10.

  • VanishingNomad
    VanishingNomad 25 days ago

    "There is another" is not referring to Leia. It's referring to Asohka Tano

  • Michael Egan
    Michael Egan 25 days ago

    4 is the age

  • CatMan0473
    CatMan0473 25 days ago


  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 25 days ago

    When Yoda says "There is another" I think that actually points to Vader having light in him.

  • Tara Abbondante
    Tara Abbondante 26 days ago

    how did they get his name then? Darth Vader literally translates to dark father in Germany... pretty sure this was a thing from the jump.

  • Headmaster Snape
    Headmaster Snape 26 days ago

    "I know"
    Witch one do you prefer?
    Comment down below


    This video is certified 42 percent accurate information. Meh.

  • Edward Sharp
    Edward Sharp 26 days ago

    Yes lukes father

  • Bib Benny
    Bib Benny 27 days ago

    I watched it first at 5

  • av8r
    av8r 28 days ago

    2:30 Your favorite star wars moment? When a character that can do many BS Force moves just because the plot says so? They explain it as her being Kylo's balance but forgot that he was already balanced pretty heavily by Luke. So yeah, Rey's powers are complete BS.

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo 28 days ago

    You lost all your nerd cred by suggesting your favorite SW scene is one wherein a untrained force adept could wrestle away an object from The Chosen One's grandson and Luke's top student... If I have to elaborate further about why that scene was stupid then you are truly lost.

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 28 days ago

    did you wonder how Vader would forget 3po he built him as a child

  • Anna Takacs
    Anna Takacs 29 days ago


  • SageSeeker
    SageSeeker Month ago

    Jar-Jar, a bumbling idiot who masks his skill and power with idiocy and clumsy childish behavior.
    Tobi, a bumbling idiot who masks his skill and power with idiocy and clumsy childish behavior.
    Hm... interesting.

  • The Nintendo Boys
    The Nintendo Boys Month ago

    age 7 is perfect

  • Iris de Goede
    Iris de Goede Month ago

    I'm from the Netherlands and in Dutch the word for father is vader so for me there was no plot twist.

  • Zombie Popplio
    Zombie Popplio Month ago +1

    6 years old for new hope

  • Mindy/Tim Byrnes
    Mindy/Tim Byrnes Month ago


  • Caroline Olson
    Caroline Olson Month ago

    But I'm reading the first draft script right now and it includes the wampa attack.

  • the tomslayer
    the tomslayer Month ago


  • Beth Shea
    Beth Shea Month ago

    Did you just spring an "Always" on me??? Also, good analogy. To explain a fandom, use another.

  • Naþan Ø
    Naþan Ø Month ago

    You could have done a really clickbaity title on this. But you didn't. I appreciate that.

  • Devan Naidoo
    Devan Naidoo Month ago +2

    to see your first star wars movie should be your first movie

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson Month ago

    Obi-Wan was not lying when he said he never owned a droid. He never owned a droid. The Jedi Order owned his droid. R2D2 was owned by Padame originally. C3P0 was built by Anakin. Then C3P0 was owned by Padame and R2D2 was owned by Anakin. Still, neither droid was owned by Obi-Wan, Luke and Leia in a strange way were the next owners of C3P0 and R2D2. The next owner was for some reason Bail Organa Who ordered C3P0's memory wiped so C3P0's would not blab anything. Now here is a question regarding the droids... did droids become a lifeform to the point where R2D2 was a force sensitive being? If everything is made of the force and everything flows through the force... what do you think?

  • James Huffman
    James Huffman Month ago

    Show your kid star wars when they are old enough to sit through a whole movie.

  • Doopy the Dooper
    Doopy the Dooper Month ago

    Let him watch starwars at 5 or 6

  • jaystra26
    jaystra26 Month ago

    4 - 5years they wont be to young or to old

  • Rich Mond
    Rich Mond Month ago

    Bioshock has the greatest plot twist of all time, even if it's not the most well known.

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones Month ago

    My father brought me to Star Wars when I was just 1. I remember nothing of the movie. I was probably sleeping the whole time. I think 5 might be a good time, cause you're old enough to remember it.

  • wizard_ hunter
    wizard_ hunter Month ago

    Every day for the first ten years of their life

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson Month ago

    I think 7yrs is a great age for Star Wars

  • lmsl10 usufan
    lmsl10 usufan Month ago

    I was 11, but I think you should see star wars first at age 8-11

  • Haleigh Brown
    Haleigh Brown Month ago

    children should watch star wars as they are coming out of the womb... never too early

  • NHV Railroader
    NHV Railroader Month ago

    Filmmakers: "One does not simply create an awesome movie with various connecting plot lines on a whim - it requires planning!!!"
    George Lucas: "Hold my beer..."

  • Tricia Lynn
    Tricia Lynn Month ago

    "Always" just gave me a freaking heart attack hfksjjssjdnsndj

  • neomp5
    neomp5 Month ago

    where are you getting the idea that the "darth jar jar" thing was ever considered prior to it being made up by fans just a couple years ago?

    • neomp5
      neomp5 Month ago

      the thing about the wampa scene being written because of hamill's accident is also a myth

  • André / Pyroghoul
    André / Pyroghoul Month ago

    Who thought "oh this character is so disliked for this persona that we gave him with the intention for it to be disliked, so, instead of successfully fooling everyone, as we had initially intended to, by making him a dark lord, let's make it so that his goofy persona is actually him." oh boy, genius.

  • Woodland_TheAFamily

    Darth Vader is Anakin remember. James earl Jones won't be here forever...

  • Bagz 1
    Bagz 1 Month ago

    This was made on my birthday

  • Chase Killough
    Chase Killough Month ago


  • phone gaming
    phone gaming Month ago

    Should have been look I'm not your father

  • Michael Robert
    Michael Robert Month ago

    Fuck Snape

  • Christine Richter
    Christine Richter Month ago


  • Aidan kelsey
    Aidan kelsey Month ago


  • Kaitlynn Comerford
    Kaitlynn Comerford Month ago

    I think the proper age well hello would be 4 but I started at 2

  • Odysseus Rex
    Odysseus Rex Month ago

    Luke as Kylo Ren's real father? Uhh, while fathers can be ambiguous, mothers can't. You realize what that would mean about a certain brother and sister, don't you? It's one thing for them to make out a bit before they really do know the truth, indeed, I've written fanfic where Leia allows Luke to take substantial liberties just to make Han jealous, but to produce a child together afterward? Hmmm. On the other hand, the very moment that Kylo and Han started to walk toward each other on that bridge, a voice in my mind began screaming, "It's Camlann! It's Camlann! It's Arthur and Mordred at Camlann!" So, if you added in an incest angle, that would be a further parallel, and yes, I know, that would be the wrong brother and sister.

  • Olliegaming 505
    Olliegaming 505 Month ago

    I think 6 or 7

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 Month ago

    Actually I still own the toaster I owned 20 years ago, and I even remember the toaster that it replaced. It was a much better toaster.

  • lost lego
    lost lego Month ago

    age 6

  • c_t_c 007
    c_t_c 007 Month ago

    Vader is lukes father was something lile snape kills dumbledoor

  • Wesley Cantrell
    Wesley Cantrell Month ago

    I first saw star Wars at the age of 7 and have been a massive fan ever since

  • Star Wars Owl
    Star Wars Owl Month ago

    I was seven when I saw it for the first time and it’s lucky that Padme was my favorite character because I watched them in chronological order and I didn’t notice jar jar because I was to busy looking at Padme

  • U, Me, and Katie B
    U, Me, and Katie B 2 months ago +1

    A tiny human of his own.

  • tales Of Dale
    tales Of Dale 2 months ago

    If say about 8 years or 6 years old to be able to watch Star Wars

  • Melissa Brazeau
    Melissa Brazeau 2 months ago

    Obi-wan never OWNED R2D2. It was an astromech from Nabu. It was then Anakin's astromech. Therefor, technically, Obi-wan NEVER OWNED a droid. He saw it, interacted with it, but never owned it.

  • kry0stat1s
    kry0stat1s 2 months ago

    He wasn't Luke's father before he and Padme smashed.

  • Joshua Blackwood
    Joshua Blackwood 2 months ago

    The car accident was a coincidence.

  • indiana jones
    indiana jones 2 months ago

    i watched star wars at 6

  • DeuceBooty
    DeuceBooty 2 months ago

    4-6 by 5 years old. Then again every year until like 10, then the prequel trilogy

  • John Burdette
    John Burdette 2 months ago

    I saw the original Star Wars Trilogy at age 7, loved it. Then saw the prequel trilogy as it came out. Love it, but when I was about 5 saw Godfather, and it is my favorite Trilogy.

  • JRodHacker
    JRodHacker 2 months ago

    Age 8 or 9

  • Diarmuid Starrs
    Diarmuid Starrs 2 months ago

    The wimps scene was planned before the car crash

  • Spidertrooper HD
    Spidertrooper HD 2 months ago

    look at my fanart plz

  • Lucy Herold
    Lucy Herold 2 months ago

    i wachted star wars when i was 8

  • Olivia Gonzalea
    Olivia Gonzalea 2 months ago

    When you played the "always" I wasnt looking and thought I got a text then replayed it and realized my phone was on silent😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Craigmeister999
    Craigmeister999 2 months ago

    The Fazah.

  • BMJgunner 1
    BMJgunner 1 2 months ago

    Technically obi San didnt own r2 anikan did

  • Sebastian Norrington
    Sebastian Norrington 2 months ago

    If you made a shove with a lightsaber handle it would sale

  • Luke Truscott
    Luke Truscott 2 months ago


  • Spinosaurus14!!!
    Spinosaurus14!!! 2 months ago

    I was 4

  • Nerdy Blue,fox
    Nerdy Blue,fox 2 months ago

    How dare you compare the words I know to always

  • Layla Brijbag
    Layla Brijbag 2 months ago

    4 should be 👌