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  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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  • Kwek Kwek
    Kwek Kwek 55 minutes ago

    6:07 isn't that... Alois?

  • Deen K
    Deen K 2 hours ago

    I got a throne ad a one seceond later her said throne

  • KitMellow
    KitMellow 2 hours ago

    Sigh, why chase after power if it gets you permanently targetted or killed?
    Personally, I'd rather have a peaceful life

  • Ondrikkovarik cz
    Ondrikkovarik cz 3 hours ago +1

    Yellow vests

  • big big
    big big 3 hours ago


  • 제승원
    제승원 4 hours ago

    조셍진 한나라 속국이다

  • Chhun Sarakboth
    Chhun Sarakboth 5 hours ago

    Make more vids please

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 5 hours ago

    Spanish-American war over simplified

  • cheater 59
    cheater 59 6 hours ago

    bro wherez gjenkis cann

  • DanielxMartin
    DanielxMartin 6 hours ago

    Just an opinion but i think you should do the American Civil War next, anyways enjoyed your content as always

  • Jason and Julie Smith
    Jason and Julie Smith 6 hours ago

    We need a lot more content on this channel. Once a week would be great, but can’t we at least keep a “once a month” production schedule?? You have a great angle and great style if story telling here- more content will translate to more subscribers and views. Maybe there needs to be some more upfront investment, but it would CERTAINLY PAY OFF. Please!?

  • bahlul mia
    bahlul mia 6 hours ago

    Why is there no new episode?

  • Depry_Dolphin
    Depry_Dolphin 6 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that this Total War Three Kingdoms campaign was set in Romance mode. Oversimplified being unrealistic, how is that possible?

  • Nancy Li
    Nancy Li 7 hours ago


  • Sharkyplaze
    Sharkyplaze 7 hours ago

    Fans:hey when you gunna upload again
    Oversimplified:The year is 4040

  • Evil Shadow
    Evil Shadow 7 hours ago

    Can you do oversimplified fantasy like game of thrones or something also just as cool

  • lucas han
    lucas han 8 hours ago

    where is the new vid

  • Holden Spratt
    Holden Spratt 9 hours ago

    Post more

  • Andrew Bushok
    Andrew Bushok 10 hours ago

    Ta da! It's a little kitty cat!
    Aka, lunch!!

  • Lord Of Clickbait
    Lord Of Clickbait 11 hours ago +1

    6:21 is funny as hell

  • Cosmocat01
    Cosmocat01 11 hours ago


  • Spiral pig Gaming
    Spiral pig Gaming 11 hours ago

    Make more merch

  • 中国人得清除白色垃圾

    It’s not Lu Bu, it’s Lübu......

  • Jakub Slezak
    Jakub Slezak 11 hours ago

    Please can you make video about Hussites wars?

  • Galaxy boy Tutko
    Galaxy boy Tutko 11 hours ago

    Body burning guy:pulls out marsh mellow
    Me: .........

  • Lol my dad hit me when I was 5

    and then the mongols arrived

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D. 12 hours ago

    I picked Sun Jian/Ce in the game and was really rooting for him in this hoping history would be on my side.... Almost :(

  • Randy Rose III
    Randy Rose III 12 hours ago

    Can please do a video on the Vietnam war

  • AMA TV
    AMA TV 12 hours ago

    Hey I really love your vids and think you can make ones about egyption history

  • Tian Hao Wang
    Tian Hao Wang 12 hours ago

    Anyone else Chinese here???

  • Lugene Veurink
    Lugene Veurink 13 hours ago

    You should make the civil war oversimplified

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 13 hours ago +1

    Pls do a video about Imperial Japan

  • Yaboi A5
    Yaboi A5 13 hours ago

    The comments are
    60 about hitlers dad in the back
    39 quotes of the video
    1 about the actual video

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju 14 hours ago

    My god all the research into this. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you

    TJD LOLZ 14 hours ago

    can you do the "The Holocaust" i really need it form my upcoming test, please and thank you

  • Chaitra S
    Chaitra S 14 hours ago

    Ansient China is so interesting

  • FaZe Succ_MyKakaa
    FaZe Succ_MyKakaa 14 hours ago +2

    I really hope oversimplified would make a video about Persian war.

  • Markus Similä
    Markus Similä 15 hours ago

    The Winter war oversimplified please (part 2 continuation war)

    ELQUAKOO 16 hours ago

    Where is daddy simplified

  • hoang anhminh
    hoang anhminh 17 hours ago +1

    Make a video about vietnam war

  • Owen McDonnell
    Owen McDonnell 17 hours ago

    Nice vid I think I’ll subs... OH NO IM HAVING A HEART ATTACK

  • Lucas46g
    Lucas46g 17 hours ago

    Will you do the Russian civil war oversimplified

  • Superdup Erk
    Superdup Erk 18 hours ago

    Please do Vietnam war i know you will never see this comment but can you do Vietnam war, love you videos!!!

  • PixelNuts
    PixelNuts 18 hours ago

    A story better than Game of Thrones.

  • Aryan Gubbi
    Aryan Gubbi 18 hours ago

    Wow! Alois is alive in 184 AD!

  • Komedi Kralı
    Komedi Kralı 18 hours ago

    6:08 That's Alois Hitler!!!

  • Jackson Cobalt
    Jackson Cobalt 18 hours ago

    3:17 if you pause fast enought youll see a secret messege

  • Nano14lol
    Nano14lol 19 hours ago

    I've just noticed that beautiful easter egg at 6:07 hahaha I love it

  • 블래키유튜버
    블래키유튜버 20 hours ago

    6:10 why there is a english man😅😅😆😆😄

  • Dominique Leger
    Dominique Leger 20 hours ago

    Is 6:13 hitler’s dad?😂

  • Sam Yap
    Sam Yap 20 hours ago +2

    “And all your friends are middle aged man with no Dongs.” 🤣

  • PANE
    PANE 20 hours ago

    Oversimplified hasn't uploaded in 2 months and has become corrupt

  • Henry He
    Henry He 20 hours ago

    3:52 yellow turbans =====> yellow vest, nice touch

  • Gustav Juhler
    Gustav Juhler 21 hour ago

    Hands down the best commercial I’ve ever seen.
    Joke aside, love your videos, keep it up!

  • Not a secret pidgeon overlord Of doom

    6:19 he had no dong
    This angered his father who punished him severely

  • jjjb01
    jjjb01 21 hour ago +5

    Beautifully done! Thanks.
    And as much as I want you to release new video soon, I guess its better if you take your time. Creating all of these animations, jokes, and most importantly very accurate history details and timelines.. I'll just be patient.. As long as you're still making them and happy doing so

  • polopos Bernardo
    polopos Bernardo 21 hour ago

    Next pls Alexander the great!

  • ss z
    ss z 21 hour ago


  • BolshevikMapping
    BolshevikMapping 21 hour ago

    1:12 I didn't know Donald Trump was Chinese

  • david pesha
    david pesha 23 hours ago +1

    why is alois hitler so enraged and punishes that chinese guy severely 6:16


    Please for the love of god, when you make the oversimplified french revolution, say Axel von Fersen and not "de Fersen".

  • Fiercestpewdiepie92

    Oversimplified hasn’t uploaded in 2 months
    This enraged his father, who punished him severely 🇨🇳

  • Bob
    Bob Day ago +1

    I’m waiting for a video on World War 3

  • KevinMC
    KevinMC Day ago

    U should make the us civil war

  • ThatOneScriptyBoi 0001

    Please do the history of Russia, or something about Russia!

  • Byrd Smith
    Byrd Smith Day ago

    OverSimlified I really like your videos but can you make them faster

  • Brett Norman
    Brett Norman Day ago

    Make a new vid

  • Saws Meister
    Saws Meister Day ago +3

    All those years playing Dynasty Warriors was worth it
    Edit: didin't Lu Bu get executed by hanging?

  • LTGX1
    LTGX1 Day ago

    Please do a Civil War one

  • paper bucket bob
    paper bucket bob Day ago +5

    At 6:14 if you pay attention to the background you can see the alois spanking one of the loyal servants just pay attention

  • State College CONELRAD

    Wang Lang and Kong Rong

  • jcscarlett10
    jcscarlett10 Day ago

    hands down some of the best history learnin' on the tube

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson Day ago

    American civil war?
    Or Stalin n shit?

  • The holy Lampshade

    Konichiwa senor, MAMA MIA! I know how to speak Chinese!


  • Smart Raven
    Smart Raven Day ago

    2-3 months later......

  • Goldy Silver lax

    do the american cival war (idea)?

  • Corruption RaZoR

    He should do the American civil war

  • GoldenPenguin5
    GoldenPenguin5 Day ago

    What is the music at 3:26?

  • Maurus Fortnite
    Maurus Fortnite Day ago

    if oversimplified likes this Ill mail him a cookie

  • Oxidized Gaming
    Oxidized Gaming Day ago


  • toni garic
    toni garic Day ago

    I can watch over and over any of oversimplified videos and never get bored. Make more videos please!

  • MMOHunter54
    MMOHunter54 Day ago

    At 6:11 you can see hitlers dad punishing a one of them, very severely

  • The Jake C Channel

    Did any body see hitlers father spanning one in the backround at 17:33

  • telegonic dust
    telegonic dust Day ago

    Wheres the new vid?

  • GunsGiftsGalleries
    GunsGiftsGalleries Day ago +1

    I know all of this because of the game Dynasty Warriors lol

  • MrBagel 05
    MrBagel 05 Day ago

    I bet a new video is coming soon based on previous trends

  • Kachow Boi
    Kachow Boi Day ago

    Please do civil war next

  • Frozen Hamster
    Frozen Hamster Day ago

    I'll have you know you just sold a copy of the game. Well done.

  • Tsai小的N次方

    Damn!it’s the best advertisement

  • JCS2830
    JCS2830 Day ago

    Vietnam war next plz!!!

  • Schulze35
    Schulze35 Day ago

    Yugoslavia oversimplified

  • TheSmartEagle - Stuff 101

    6:14 This enraged his father, who punished him severely.

  • Dragon City Friends


  • Doctor Orange
    Doctor Orange Day ago

    6:16 I feel bad for that man in the background. He's getting smacked by Hitler's father.

  • Gluttony1sin_513

    6:18 this enraged his father who punished him severely

  • TheDeadBox
    TheDeadBox Day ago +2

    Oversimplified will upload this month.

    or else.

    • Harrison La time traveler
      Harrison La time traveler Day ago

      Oversimplified fans: Upload this month or else!
      Oversimplified: Or else what?
      Oversimplified fans: Or else we'll be really mad at you. And punish you severely. (That was partially based from his cold war video)

  • dennis ndegwa
    dennis ndegwa Day ago

    Lu bu is savage

  • Mounib Abbas
    Mounib Abbas Day ago +1

    Oversimplified hasn't uploaded in 3 months

    Wich enraged his viewers and unsubscribed severely
    And he died

  • Nasser Kraidis
    Nasser Kraidis Day ago +3

    Why haven’t u uploaded yet we need more OVERSIMPLIFIED PLZ!!

  • Malatyali Jobs
    Malatyali Jobs Day ago

    Tr altyazı yapan sağol ama neden yarıda bıraktınki