Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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  • President Ivan
    President Ivan 9 hours ago


  • clone Evo
    clone Evo 9 hours ago

    I am chinese
    The first time I saw foreign TVclip, I can promote the wonderful stories of the Three Kingdoms. However, this is only a summary and summary. Wonderful in games and books and film and television productions!

  • Godzilla man 2006
    Godzilla man 2006 9 hours ago

    Oversimplified to the Korean war or the Vietnam war

  • Ayrton Noan Willem Kok

    Do the Balkan war next

  • adityA jaiN
    adityA jaiN 9 hours ago

    I think now is a good time to make a video on india where china and us planned to attack and russia helped us

  • Jesús Rueda
    Jesús Rueda 10 hours ago +1

    Napoleonic Wars please...

  • Claudio Pagani
    Claudio Pagani 10 hours ago

    ( the guy with the eunthics)

  • Carlos Lim
    Carlos Lim 10 hours ago

    Can u do spanish colonization of the philippines

  • Tanya Lazarova
    Tanya Lazarova 10 hours ago

    more vidddddds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asad Tariq
    Asad Tariq 10 hours ago

    btw if u do one of these for the 7 seasons of GOT you will get like 100M views

  • Luisin88
    Luisin88 10 hours ago

    Was Zhuge Liang not worth mentioning, wow the state of Shu.

  • Press PlayToGame
    Press PlayToGame 10 hours ago

    6:16 center left

  • StarGaming101
    StarGaming101 10 hours ago +1

    9:09 imagine being known in history as a human candle

  • Sparkle8205
    Sparkle8205 10 hours ago +1

    Ancient China,
    Where your crops are ruined by the yellow river, raiders are at your door, and most importantly...
    Laser Eyes.

  • An unimpressed Rooster
    An unimpressed Rooster 11 hours ago

    But OverSimplified, the Jin dynasty didn't unite China, the vikings did!

  • Fin Pump
    Fin Pump 11 hours ago

    Where are you from? In one of your videos, you said peoples.

  • MrChris420
    MrChris420 11 hours ago

    great northern war

  • Tuna Cantez
    Tuna Cantez 11 hours ago

    do u know yusuf kayaalp? :D

  • John Canavi
    John Canavi 11 hours ago

    Yeah but... Diaochan never existed. She was a fictional character...

  • John Jamieson III
    John Jamieson III 11 hours ago

    There is no square

  • Ignatius Rocky
    Ignatius Rocky 12 hours ago

    can you make like the fall of motorolla or anything from this century...would be cool

  • Jay-Leandro Uchiha
    Jay-Leandro Uchiha 12 hours ago

    how to advertise a video game

  • Ignatius Rocky
    Ignatius Rocky 12 hours ago

    5:57 that guy just got john snowed

  • Kamikaze Pilot
    Kamikaze Pilot 13 hours ago

    6:08 What is Hitler's father doing in the background?

  • Shawn Huang
    Shawn Huang 13 hours ago


  • iamawesomelol1
    iamawesomelol1 13 hours ago

    could you do the american civil war next?

  • ToastedAndButter
    ToastedAndButter 13 hours ago

    I couldnt keep up

  • P0ZS
    P0ZS 13 hours ago

    6:08 look back and you'll see hitler dad spanking

  • Its Lenin
    Its Lenin 13 hours ago

    But oversimplified I didn’t buy the game using your link

    This enraged oversimplified who punished me severely.

  • Yianni
    Yianni 13 hours ago

    do Cyprus 1974 please

  • Chicken nugget the rugged

    I hate it when my chinese emperor dad who I never bonded with that much, gets a heart attack

  • da pooottato
    da pooottato 14 hours ago +2

    Do the roman civil war!!!!

  • GabryPlayz
    GabryPlayz 14 hours ago +1

    At 6:09 look at the back of the stair case. Hitlers that is punishing the Eunuchs djdueuufuufuvuyf.

  • Joe Pee
    Joe Pee 14 hours ago

    These ancient Chinese were like the Romans at the time!

  • le epic fbi
    le epic fbi 15 hours ago

    Guys 6:15 he is being punished severely!

  • _BluePixz_
    _BluePixz_ 15 hours ago +1

    0:22 rick rolled...

  • Matteo Ciccone
    Matteo Ciccone 15 hours ago

    I love these because they are educational an d hilarious

  • Faseela Cherangai
    Faseela Cherangai 15 hours ago

    Is that the qing dynasty

  • Abie Schertz
    Abie Schertz 15 hours ago

    You must make an OverSimplified US Civil War

  • Sidney Kemper
    Sidney Kemper 15 hours ago +1

    They have no dongs you don’t give them power

  • jondeitma deitman
    jondeitma deitman 16 hours ago

    Good Hitler video self reference

  • Anyoy Orange
    Anyoy Orange 16 hours ago

    Why is this so good?

  • Swedish Stick
    Swedish Stick 16 hours ago

    What is (I think that is his name)Alois Hitler(I think that is his name) doing at 6:17 on the stair

  • Rundan Duan
    Rundan Duan 16 hours ago

    8:28 you just got rick rolled by writings on the wall, 永远不会让你失望,永远不会放弃你

  • Richard Matlock
    Richard Matlock 16 hours ago

    Great video! I love how you teach! btw can you do vietnam? please.

  • re han
    re han 16 hours ago

    Watched the video already. The only thing I remember was "OH NO! I am having a heart attack!" 😂😂😂

  • Erik Taroreh
    Erik Taroreh 16 hours ago

    6:10 I see the Hitler his dad hit the ass

  • Pwnjones
    Pwnjones 16 hours ago

    Check out the 2010 Chinese TV series "Three Kingdoms" for more. It's hands down my favorite version of the telling of this story. I'm really looking forward to this game as well.

  • viet nguyen
    viet nguyen 16 hours ago +1

    did any alois punishing a eunich severvly

  • Fierysaint1
    Fierysaint1 16 hours ago +1

    This was the greatest commercial I've ever seen for a Total War game in my life!

  • Blueberry Playz
    Blueberry Playz 16 hours ago

    Anyone see that English guys spanking the hell out of that eunuch

  • Krk Patterson
    Krk Patterson 16 hours ago

    ... well ... I got the names from Dynasty Warriors - the series of video games ...

  • Katarína Bušová
    Katarína Bušová 17 hours ago


  • Man Man
    Man Man 17 hours ago

    Do winter war oversimplefied

  • Batbold Hanburged
    Batbold Hanburged 17 hours ago

    long story short. Nice video man really appreciate

  • Detiplay FHGHJ
    Detiplay FHGHJ 17 hours ago

    6:11 There is hitlers father in the background! 😅😂🤣🇩🇪

  • 刘雪凌xuelingliu
    刘雪凌xuelingliu 17 hours ago

    Today's sponsor is total war: three kingdoms.

    Dude, uncool

  • Furious Demon
    Furious Demon 18 hours ago

    *6:09** The eunuchs killed his uncle. This enraged Adolf's father, who punished them severely.*

  • kitez opo
    kitez opo 18 hours ago

    at 3:50 That guy holding the bread is their chef cook at war.

  • DMC5 Nero
    DMC5 Nero 18 hours ago

    If he doesn't upload again I will fuckin buy all his merch.

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 18 hours ago

    6:08 you can see in the background hitler's dad 😂😂🇹🇩

  • theclasmasterking 2.0
    theclasmasterking 2.0 18 hours ago +1

    6:10 the backround is a beautiful callback

  • Big Boi The Patrick man

    Qin Dynasty, huh?
    More like……
    C H I N Dynasty lit fam dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab!!!!!

  • Big Boi The Patrick man

    I’m gæ luluululilulululil

  • Huang Mason
    Huang Mason 19 hours ago +1

    CaoCao in China is not being seen as a good person or a bad person , his personality is complicated ......

  • Austin Schrantz
    Austin Schrantz 19 hours ago

    0:21 the bird is singing "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down"

  • Bryan Nguyen
    Bryan Nguyen 19 hours ago

    OverSimplified, you should do a video about why Haiti declaring independence from France.

  • Peter Jack
    Peter Jack 20 hours ago

    Could you please do a vid about the Crusades?

  • Svante Rundblad
    Svante Rundblad 20 hours ago +1

    Can you please do "The Great Northern War"

  • Yumiko Sorachan
    Yumiko Sorachan 20 hours ago

    Pls make about Napoleonic war

  • Chris
    Chris 20 hours ago +1

    do the greco persian war or the peloponisean war

  • Aussie Titan
    Aussie Titan 20 hours ago

    Gee that’s a lot of backstabbing

  • Rick R
    Rick R 20 hours ago

    7:57 it's "LÜ BU". the Ü is pronounced like the german Ü. even if you can't pronounce it, you need to put the little dots there! to distinguish 吕(LÜ) from 鲁or陆or卢(these are some common LU family names)

  • Wait What
    Wait What 20 hours ago

    6:08 I love how Hitler's father is beating a eunuch

  • Tessa Chan
    Tessa Chan 20 hours ago

    As a native mandarin speaker. I know he tried hard to pronounce correctly. Overall, good job!

  • Theiggyboss
    Theiggyboss 21 hour ago

    When is the next video coming
    I know they take time since they need research and animations

  • Mr. First Aid
    Mr. First Aid 21 hour ago

    6:16 spot hitler's father

  • Vincent Liu
    Vincent Liu 21 hour ago

    You pronounced the Chinese names pretty correctly.

  • Explaining animations
    Explaining animations 21 hour ago

    Who saw Adolf Hitler's Father in the background 6:13

  • The small ones Of the internet

    6:08 “and he was punished severely”

  • Regan Neal
    Regan Neal 22 hours ago

    Me, an intellectual (having played Dynasty Warriors 2+3)- I know him, and him, and that battle, and that other guy too!

  • CY_B0T
    CY_B0T 22 hours ago

    make a video on INDIAN HISTORY

  • Alex Tremblay
    Alex Tremblay 22 hours ago

    finally, you're back !!!

  • Karlo Pasaribu
    Karlo Pasaribu 22 hours ago

    Well, there's hitler's dad punishing someone severely

  • Laura Renteria
    Laura Renteria 22 hours ago

    6:19 wtf what is he doing at he there??

  • Oh yeah yeah General
    Oh yeah yeah General 22 hours ago

    A civil war?
    That's right!

    More economic downturn.

  • Akmal Azman
    Akmal Azman 22 hours ago

    this video game me an idea, GENGHIS KHAN OVERSIMPLIFIED

  • motherfucking thing
    motherfucking thing 22 hours ago


  • Panzer_17 Z
    Panzer_17 Z 22 hours ago

    I love your video's !!!😍😍😍

  • wwe fan
    wwe fan 22 hours ago

    He should do an American civil war vid

  • yrtsg
    yrtsg 22 hours ago

    I like how it just says dog and cat on the framed pictures haha

  • T.N.I Ball
    T.N.I Ball 23 hours ago

    First noticed that hitlers dad is there.

  • Kykios1
    Kykios1 23 hours ago

    I was gonna say 'and theeen Gengis came to f**k them all' but he came 1000 years after :/

  • Meoli Red
    Meoli Red 23 hours ago

    i read too much chinese novels these days and this is totally accurate.

  • We Love Cats
    We Love Cats 23 hours ago

    i saw hitlers dad spanking someone in one of the scenes

  • Ghostown56
    Ghostown56 23 hours ago

    We need the Civil War next.

  • JG Studios
    JG Studios 23 hours ago

    Do the 100 year war next

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez Day ago

    We suck at being people, man the ancients were gangster af. Some ancients would’ve rana muck of our current planet

    DANNY SUN Day ago

    It's Lu Bu!

  • Thigissimos
    Thigissimos Day ago

    8:32 Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down (the words beside the artwork in the centre)