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  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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    From Epidemic Sound:
    Rannar Sillard - Battle Scars 1
    Zauana - Encountering the Unknown
    Trace Way - Journey Through the Desert
    Sight of Wonders - King of Lions
    Sight of Wonders - Rice and Wine
    Leimoti - Silk Paper Letters
    Yi Nantiro - Skilled in the Arts
    Christian Andersen - Xin Li And The Concubine (2, 3, 8, 9 and 10)
    From Artlist:
    Kyle Preston - Eastern Relection
    Kyle Preston - Eastern Tale
    Gabriel Meyer - Breath Celebration
    Runar Blesvik - Far East
    Max Herve - Future Asia
    Max Herve - Hang Drum Traveler
    Alon Ohana - Keep Him By
    Diezmo - Macera (ft. Baq)
    Avi Goldfinger - Not Enough
    Bottega Baltazar - Piova
    Jonathan Barlow - Road in Thailand
    Suraj Nepal - Son of Himalaya
    Ian Post - The Agent
    Alon Ohana - The Green Feel
    Alon Ohana - Tribal Principle
    Max Herve - Turning Around the Enemy
    Alon Ohana - Victory
    Doug Maxwell - Sao Meo
    By Kevin MacCleod:
    Eastern Thought
    Ishikari Love
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  • how about no
    how about no 3 hours ago

    For a moment i thought in the beginning i thought it said it's a beautiful day out side
    Birds are singing flowers are blooming...

  • z
    z 4 hours ago

    Why is fdr spanking some dudes butt

  • Robert Aylor
    Robert Aylor 4 hours ago

    The "lightning round" looked and sounded exactly like a typical Total War game (any of them).

  • Michael Farquharson
    Michael Farquharson 6 hours ago

    xi jinping vs. lü bu... who is punished severely?

    SCIDIDIDI 9 hours ago

    6:15 are we ignoring the fact that adolfo father is spanking someone on the background?

  • كيس احمر
    كيس احمر 10 hours ago +1

    6:08 father adolf hitler

  • Littleboy & Fatman
    Littleboy & Fatman 11 hours ago

    Imagine getting rick rolled by a Chinese bird barely a minute into the video

  • Josh Leggett
    Josh Leggett 12 hours ago

    "All that is divided just unite, all that is united must divide."

  • miamiller fam
    miamiller fam 14 hours ago

    Watching oversimplified videos desert tax for that

  • Omega Star
    Omega Star 14 hours ago

    5:23 *eye disappears*

  • Joanna Norland
    Joanna Norland 18 hours ago

    great vid but the Wu/Chu war happened after the forming of the three kingdoms and was won by the famous Sun Tzu

  • Furqan Ghouri
    Furqan Ghouri 19 hours ago

    0:17 why does this sound like sans so much

  • infantry Smarties
    infantry Smarties 19 hours ago

    He yi the orphan killer

  • Lucy Kilroy
    Lucy Kilroy 20 hours ago

    Hitler's dad is in the background in 6 :17

  • J W
    J W Day ago +1

    You know you’re in trouble when your biggest enemy is pi pi

  • Dibblepistols -
    Dibblepistols - Day ago

    Drinking game every time he says China take a shot

  • Pedr Gamer
    Pedr Gamer Day ago +1

    Do u know da *WEI?*

  • snails
    snails Day ago

    This is one of Oversimplified's better videos

  • GX Legend marc
    GX Legend marc Day ago

    Me:Wow "Three kingdoms" it's easy
    Me 3 minutes later: oh my god 30 rebelion, the economy it's destroyed...
    Me 4 minites later: *computer* : your kingdom fail

  • Troll Entity
    Troll Entity Day ago +1

    The emperors concubines aren’t actually as beautiful as they were described because the people fear the concubines would trick the emperor into making bad decisions

    • Fano Boyo
      Fano Boyo 5 hours ago

      That also applies to most powerful people in history.

  • Gum_gamer1121
    Gum_gamer1121 Day ago

    6:19 hitlers dad in the back hahaha

  • Arus
    Arus Day ago

    What better way to start off a history video by having an existential crisis!

  • Farida Gbepo
    Farida Gbepo Day ago +1

    *Yellow vest*

  • Jay Feather
    Jay Feather Day ago

    Bro I’m Chinese

  • Emre Düzcan
    Emre Düzcan Day ago +1

    6:07 Why is Hitler's father severly punishing a eunuch?

  • Electric
    Electric Day ago

    i love how the bird sings never gonna give you up in chinese

  • Xiang Ji
    Xiang Ji Day ago

    The bad reputation of Lü Bu is really unjust. The legends are way too distorted by the time The Romance of Three Kingdoms was written, which was literally more than 1000 years after the events actually took place. Liu Bei was the most scheming guy that literally betrayed everybody that ever helped him, yet he got depicted as the "kindest" man out there. Not that surprising though that's what all mainstream narratives do.


    Ce que les gens ne savent pas, c'est que le mouvement des gilets jaunes n'a rien de nouveau 3:48

  • Julius Alex Chavez

    What the heckl was Hitler's father doing there? HAHAHAHA

  • Yamitaicho
    Yamitaicho 2 days ago +2

    me: *A Dynasty Warriors Lore Master*
    Oversimplified: *Actual researcher*
    me: Man...

    Also me: Cool.

  • Kyle Roemer
    Kyle Roemer 2 days ago

    6:08 bruh what is hitler's dad doing here

  • Boku
    Boku 2 days ago

    3:52 yelow vest armed with baguete hmm

  • xXthegamerXx XxthereversexX

    14:22 my guy said dynasties instead of kingdoms and he said kingdoms again

  • Vietcong And Trees in Minecraft

    Hitler : *Confused noise*

  • Aircoll
    Aircoll 2 days ago +1

    The bird is singing rick roll...

  • Jean Nguyen
    Jean Nguyen 3 days ago

    6:18 anyone? Hitler’s dad is from CHINA!!!

  • Ethan Manus
    Ethan Manus 3 days ago

    6:12 you can see H@!lers dad in the background spoken

  • Skedich lavender 2
    Skedich lavender 2 3 days ago +2

    Yuan shu: becomes emperor
    This enraged his father, who punished him severely

  • animation kid
    animation kid 3 days ago

    holly crap

  • TheFortniteGamer Z
    TheFortniteGamer Z 3 days ago +1

    I’m so confused why didn’t they just like use lightsabers smh...

  • Ak Kara
    Ak Kara 3 days ago

    Do the three west African empires ples ma

  • XaNe•SoldierYT
    XaNe•SoldierYT 3 days ago +1

    Hitler's father is smacking a dude lol

  • Saxby XYZ
    Saxby XYZ 3 days ago


  • Małgorzata Wierzbicka

    6:08 I will slap u girl

  • Matteo dragonul
    Matteo dragonul 3 days ago

    11:45 lol Romania

  • Dang Anh Tuan
    Dang Anh Tuan 3 days ago +1

    6:15 That looks like Alois Hitler spanking an eunich.

  • Vaughn M.
    Vaughn M. 3 days ago +9

    Instructions Unclear:
    Built army out of stone.

  • Hoàng Phúc Nguyễn

    6:15 :))

  • Ishaan Dave
    Ishaan Dave 3 days ago

    wtf in the scene at 6:08, you can see Alois Shicklgruber severely punishing one of the eunuchs!!!!

  • Danielle M Hall
    Danielle M Hall 4 days ago

    Petition for Human Alexa to be a job title : put you signature here

  • Vinh Vu
    Vinh Vu 4 days ago

    Japan: I have fought China the most.
    Mongolia: No I have!
    China: Amateurs
    Vietnam: you're... kidding me
    China: Hi dad.
    Vietnam: Did you steal my beer yet?
    And punished China severely
    A lot of help from DrQuasi making this comment. Credits to him.

  • Jack Attacks Universe

    Did any one see hitlers dad spanking those guys.

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz 4 days ago

    Ive watched this many time but i have one question. Why are there eyes arrows when they are fighting. Im also getting a trump ad saying that democrats are trying to take away healthcare. ?!?!?!

  • Lee Moua
    Lee Moua 4 days ago

    Hey, this sounds like the United States Of America right now! Republicans and Democrats!

  • Utavin Zo
    Utavin Zo 4 days ago

    3:51 a French yellow vest among there
    3:51 semble un Gillet Jaune entre eux là

  • Pelzig Jager
    Pelzig Jager 4 days ago

    At 6:18 Hitler's dad is spanking them in the background

  • jasper budiono
    jasper budiono 4 days ago

    Actually in story written by Luo Guanzhong, Cao Pi did not kill the last Han Emperor. Instead, after his coup, the Han Emperor was put under house arrest until Liu Bei declared himself as Emperor of Shu-Han. Cao Pi later sent the Emperor to Liu Bei to make him look awkward in front of all his generals. So Liu Bei's advisor, Zhuge Liang forced the Han Emperor to host official ceremony of handling over his power to Liu Bei and acknowledge him as the Emperor of Shu-Han. The plan setup by Cao Pi's advisor, Sima Yi was brilliant as Liu Bei forced his cousin, Liu Zhang to host ceremony of handling the power after he invaded it. So making him forced the Emperor for the second ceremony made Liu Bei lost support from people from Central Plain.

  • Pollo Polloso
    Pollo Polloso 4 days ago

    6:09 there is Alois Hitler

  • murmurmur murmurmur
    murmurmur murmurmur 5 days ago

    i could see hitlers dad in the background spanking one of the uniqs