Why PILOTS CAN´T wear POLARIZED sunglasses? Explain by CAPTAIN JOE

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel, today´s video is a follow-up video to my recent topic, what´s in a pilots bag, I mentioned you shouldn´t buy polarized sunglasses as a pilot, and today I´ll be showing why!
    Now before we talk about a normal set of sunglasses and a pair of polarized ones and how they affect your vision we quickly need to discuss unpolarized and polarized light waves.
    The light emitting from the sun releases light particles, better known as Photons. These photons vibrate up and down, or side to side creating a bundle of light waves flying towards planet earth.
    Which means that the light provided by the sun flys in horizontal or vertical waves, therefore making the light waves unpolarized.
    But, the sunlight can untangle itself pretty easily. Those light particles just have to strike something, like a lake or in our case clouds, and they'll start vibrating in the same direction.
    Meaning all the photons start oscillating in the direction that's perpendicular to that surface. So, the light particles that bounce off a horizontal surface will then begin oscillating vertically.
    Meaning the reflected particles suddenly have fallen into sync reflecting as polarized light.
    Which brings us back to our polarized sunglasses. I admit the name was not well chosen, they should have called them "sunglasses with vertical or horizontal bars", which are able to block polarized light.
    So let´s say the sun light which gets reflected off a cloud, is coming vertically towards you, giving you that nasty glare. Now if you put on your polarized sunglasses with "horizontal bars" in them, they will block the vertical light waves and reduce the glare.
    Now you´ll think that´s great, cause pilots see sunlight reflecting clouds most of their time, so why can´t they wear polarized sunglasses? Here comes the problem!
    Watch the rest of the video to learn more about polarized sunglasses influence your vision in a modern airliner cockpit!
    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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    Thankyou Capt Joe Thats Great Video

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    Because too many pilots would then see the flat Earth and come forward about it. (just kidding, I am poking fun at those FE idiots)

  • Tak Builds
    Tak Builds 6 days ago

    So this explains why some dials in my 5 series are barely visible when I wear my sunglasses! ☺😄

    • Sean Wright
      Sean Wright 6 days ago

      and your comment explains a whole lot more

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    Where are italian subtitels ?

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    Arturo Javier Valls 8 days ago

    Great explanation, I was recently asked about this problem, and I sent them to your link. A greeting and thank you very much.

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    Commercial bitch...
    ...was so nice

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  • Javier Murcia
    Javier Murcia 14 days ago

    Plane windows aren't polarized, at least the one in your video isn't. If the window was polarized they would behave exactly the same way as the screen, they would become opaque when your glasses are perpendicular to their polarization angle, and transparent when aligned.
    These colorful hazy rainbows you see in the window is stress, or internal tension (as you said caused by its construction method), which manifest itself as different colors depending on the tension, when lit with polarized light.
    Try to illuminate any clear plastic, with the light of almos any monitor, and you will se the same effect.

  • CarinaHarumi
    CarinaHarumi 18 days ago

    TVclip video tells me not to wear polatized glasses if flying a plane, Google Ads shows me a bunch of polarized glasses for sale.

  • Lincoln Osiris
    Lincoln Osiris 19 days ago

    i dont know if its different in airliners but im flying in a G1000 glass cockpit and having no problems with polarized sunglasses

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    Nice video man!

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    you can try this simply by wearing one and rotate your phone

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    Do they make Maui Jim sunglasses that are not polarized?

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    I like you/(your) channel im going to be a (Co) pilot soon

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    Just wear them you coward

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    Captain Joe DJ and a Pilot 😮 amazing

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    I'm a Boeing 747 and I find this extremely offensive

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    Very informative 👍

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    Cant see the instruments. Just saved you time from watching this stupid video made by an auto pilot. F-15 driver. You're welcome.

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    Good evening Captain Joe. First I would like to say your videos are great, super informative. And second, would you please recommend me a great pair of aviator glasses? I am about to start my flying school and would love to have great sunglasses for the flying classes. Thank you much.
    Carlos Botero

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      Carlos Botero ray bans. Its cliche but it works

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    Lmao 😂I read the title so wrong "why cant 21 pilots wear Polarized sunglass ?!

  • hansy3
    hansy3 Month ago

    I’d prefer a more technical explanation of the system used to block polarized light rays that are used in sunglasses.
    I was also under the impression that aircraft windows were generally ‘polarized’ already, eliminating the need for ‘polarized’ sunglasses. Also, isn’t it actually illegal for flight crew to wear polarized eyewear? You make it sound like more of a casual recommendation!! Thanks for the vids, I do enjoy them!

    • Sean Wright
      Sean Wright 6 days ago

      Did you read anything above? or just jump straight to uniformed commentary?

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    Great explanation Joe.

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    Marry me.

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    Nobody there for *pilots* and *polarize* in one video title?

  • Airbus Fan
    Airbus Fan Month ago

    I usually love your videos, but your explanation what polarized light is - well, it is simply wrong. If you want to talk about polarization, you have to stick to the wave picture, thus no photons at all! So polarized light is light which's electromagnetic waves are polarized, which means that the electric field (thus the magnetic field as well) has a constant single direction (or which's direction periodically rotates in circular polarized light) instead of a mix of everything. If you want to talk about photons, you cannot talk about electric field components. For most problems there is a single picture that you should stick to. If it is about polarization, stick to the wave picture. If it is about the photo effect, stick to the particle picture. If you really want to combine both pictures, you must dive into quantum field theory - but that stuff is really complicated. Please do not imagine electromagnetic waves as photons flying curves! Basically in Physics the path of light (thus photons) is the definition of "straight". If you need a visual picture of the combination of the wave and the particle picture regarding light, you can imagine a photon as a small wave package carrying the Energy h*f with h=Planck constant and f the frequency of the wave. For the explanation of polarization, the wave picture is absolutely enough - nobody needs photons to explain polarization.

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    This is a science lesson as well O_O

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    Who thinks that last pair of glasses he put on looks ridiculous?

  • Thomas Prosser
    Thomas Prosser Month ago

    You are mixing up photons with electromagnetic radiation. In fact, you don't need particle physics to explain polarization. If you'd just stuck to light waves, it would be more correct. If you bring photons into the picture, you would have to explain how light is produced by excitations of a quantum field. Just leave away the photons and save yourself some troubles :-)

    PIONEER Month ago

    I thought it was because you would not be able to see the birds.

  • Foothills NZ Taka
    Foothills NZ Taka Month ago

    So how do you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays ?

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    Video starts at 0:38

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    Advises not to buy polarised sunglasses.
    Sponsored by polarised glasses.

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    Amazing. Blew my mind to see the screen go black.

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    This explains why certain things look strange the my sunglasses . Though I'm not a pilot, this was most edcational!

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    great video. I want to be a bush pilot one day.

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    Just recently found your channel Joe. Awesome content!

  • behinderteleberwurst
    behinderteleberwurst 2 months ago

    Your sunglasses are polarized at 45° (all polarized sunglasses are, generally). Hence why you can't see anything on the screens when tilting them 45° to the right, because the polarization of the screens is at 90° angles.

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    John Skiggs 2 months ago

    In the 1960s and 70s' they did wear polaroids, (but no glass displays) clearly much has changed. Great Helpful Vid' Thanks Capt' Joe :)

  • Rayid Av
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    Please consider making a video about the life of a cargo pilot like who serves you , how do you spent time, how is like to be all alone over 35000 ft just two people

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  • Robert Autry
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    You can’t read the cockpit instrument panel with polarize sunglasses

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    hello Mr joe '
    I am prospective trainee pilot in civil aviation looking for materials that are supplementary to my progress as student.Below is my email adress: meshu725@gmail.com. thanks

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    Hello Captain Joe.
    I had a question Why do Pilots where white colour shirt worldwide?. Is there some reason?

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    $60,000 IFR panel, but still no one can spare a few bucks for plasma displays.

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    Anyone who wears polarized glasses and has a smartphone knows this

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    I have been watching your videos. Your videos are awesome. Very talented young man

  • Wyndham Coffman
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    (Cringe) light isn't a wave made of photons. Photons are the smallest packet of energy that can be seen as a wave of a particular amplitude and frequency, or a single positive/negative cycle; which acts like a particle when measured. On this scale it's best describe as a electromagnetic wave, and the polarization referring to the direction of the electric field. (the magnetic field being perpendicular to the electric field, do to the right hand rule)

  • feroz007ful
    feroz007ful 2 months ago

    in a video I saw, USA provides largest air navigation out side of its territory, or similar kind of things! Could you please tell me was was the actual thing it was? I can not remember the whole thing, neither I can found where did I see that! just I need to know what would be the actual information and its really urgent. Thanks in advance.

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    Come on TVclip!

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    Is this related to physics???

  • Roger Key
    Roger Key 3 months ago

    Basic idea is right, however the directions are backwards. Reflected light comes to your eyes as horizontally polarized. www.physicsclassroom.com/class/light/Lesson-1/Polarization

  • Tim Simulations
    Tim Simulations 3 months ago

    Hi, Captain Joe, this is Timothy Karsten. Can pilots wear polarized glasses for general stuff, for example wearing it while you are driving?

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    In any case, this answer was much too long.

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    Right before you were going to say that the video was sponsored by GlassesUSA, I got an advertisement for GlassesUSA

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  • deborshi kashyap
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    are pilots allowed to listen music during cruise

    • 9292O98
      9292O98 19 days ago +1

      ​+nGon- Surgeons are allowed to play music while they are operating because surgeries don't often require surgeons to pay close attention to audio instructions that are read very fast. As long as the music isn't so loud that a surgeon can't hear what the nurses are saying or he/she is distracted, he for sure can listen to music while operating.
      But for pilots, they need to constantly pay attention to any incoming message/ instructions from the ATC/ other aircrafts/ etc. If you receive an ATC's instructions while listening to music, are you sure that you can immediately snap back to pay full attention to what ATC is saying? Are you sure you won't miss any information?

      THE ROBBER Month ago +1

      +nGon- Well the thing is, if a plane suddenly goes out of control, the pilot needs to be able snap back to action mode. If he's listening to music, then he might not make the best decisions cos he's distracted. Surgeons don't need to be in a state of total concentration since they are cutting open a homo sapien not flying an A380 or smth.

    • nGon-
      nGon- 4 months ago

      I would think so. I mean even surgeons often play music during operation, at their own discretion, and are trusted with knowing for themselves when to turn it off if they feel like it distracts them. If surgeons can be trusted with that during important operations, pilots should too, during steady flight. I'd think pilots do have to be ready to listen to communications at any moment, buy it's really easy to pause the music automatically.
      The only two reasons I could then think of why they might not be allowed to listen to music is either 1) it might cause hearing damage if the headset doesn't provide a good enough seal or 2) radio frequencies from radio stations might interfere with performance and communication, although these days you can of course easily download music so that's no longer a problem.

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