Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Arrested At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY

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    ART GALLERY 15 hours ago

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  • Al T
    Al T 17 hours ago

    Did anyone see this teacher threaten the superintendent?? I didn't.. What I did see was the Delphi Technique in full force....

  • Al T
    Al T 17 hours ago

    LOL, listen to the superintendent, oh me, oh me, oh me... Oh, my family... Oh, only my family.. Screw the school and the folks in the town.. I want to steel there tax dollars. Oh, thank you law enforcement who you get tax dollar to off these town slaves..

  • Jim Blane
    Jim Blane 17 hours ago

    If this stupid fat pig doesn't know the difference between disorderly conduct and the 1st amendment, she should not be teaching.

  • winger j
    winger j Day ago

    nothing shocking here to anyone who lives in loserana. Loserana cages more humans than any other place in the world. And St. Tammany Parish is way worse than vermillion.

  • CAMS Graphics
    CAMS Graphics Day ago

    America is Great Again - $110 now $140k per year now, and maximum teachers can get is $45k....

  • Kirk Boswell
    Kirk Boswell Day ago

    The school board can't justify any charges. The person who needs to be doing something is the teacher for false arrest. She wasn't being disruptive, she was asking questions. She wasn't resisting because she voluntarily left when told to do so by the officer. She wasn't threatening anyone, but was manhandled by a policeman and placed in handcuffs the moment that the camera wasn't on him to give him the sneaky opportunity to say the magic words "stop resisting". Blatant abuse of power, and clearly an attempt to intimidate because the teacher was cooperating with the police from the moment he stepped up to her. Any way that you slice this it's false arrest.

  • Figga That
    Figga That Day ago

    People are greedy but it’s the way things are don’t let this distract you from the truth. What’s the truth? Idk everyone has their own truth find yours

  • Louise Smith
    Louise Smith 2 days ago

    A $30,000 dollar raise ?

  • Freedom or Death
    Freedom or Death 2 days ago


  • Freedom or Death
    Freedom or Death 2 days ago


  • atestring100
    atestring100 2 days ago

    That RENTACOP needs to be arrested for assault

  • Brian Burgess
    Brian Burgess 3 days ago

    don't worry... He will also meet his maker someday....

  • Cathy Jeffrey
    Cathy Jeffrey 3 days ago

    Why hasn't that marshal been identified? Fontana called him in, but was he instructed to arrest her?

  • Don Malo
    Don Malo 3 days ago

    What a bunch of balogna

  • Teacher
    Teacher 3 days ago

    If you even say the word "union" in St Charles Public Schools in Louisiana, you are fired. Unions in that parish are illegal. These out of the way parishes don't consider themselves part of the United States and get away with everything. When I tried to get an investigative reporter to help me, they literally said "This is waaaaay out of my area." He didn't want to drive all the way down there even once to investigate because it was so far from New Orleans. Most teachers had to commute back and forth to there for years. These are the small corrupt towns that you would see on 80s shows like "The A-Team" where there is no justice and people have to call the A Team for help.

  • Teacher
    Teacher 3 days ago

    I've been a teacher for 25 years in Louisiana in different systems. I've been through Everything. People have no idea how we are treated. I hope this video will finally bring attention to the broken and corrupt school system. The raise issue is just the tip of the iceberg. Our union is a joke. We are worked to death and blamed for everything. We are forced to change grades to graduate illiterate thugs. We have been stripped of any power after our tenure was taken away years ago. We can't punish or fail anyone. They don't suspend the students anymore. Now all they do this "Restorative" crap. As a result, the students are out of control. There are barely any career teachers's a revolving door of Teach for America kids who leave in a couple of years after their student debts have been paid off. I am still in this business only because I will be retiring soon with a pension, but not many people make it as long as I have.

  • Teacher
    Teacher 3 days ago

    If this brave teacher had not gotten this media attention, she would have faced charges and would have been fired. I'm a veteran teacher and have seen it happen to me and many, many others. They just give you some bad BS evaluations and then fire you. There is absolutely nothing that you can do. I tried lawyers, media, union, one would help me. My fellow teachers just took it and moved on because they don't have the money or the time to fight. Administrators, superintendents, board members, and the freaking secretary of education should have the SAME salary as teachers and be required to teach at least one class. Most of these idiots have taught for a couple of years or have never taught at all. They are worthless. They do nothing except force us to implement their ridiculous policies and subject us to insane evaluation systems like COMPASS.. We have a huge teacher shortage so why not put these people in the classroom so we can see just how well they teach. They wouldn't last a MINUTE in a classroom.

  • Teacher
    Teacher 3 days ago

    St Charles Parish Public Schools and Plaquemines Parish Public Schools treat teachers the same way or worse. I'm a veteran teacher who has worked there and have seen it for myself. Hopefully the media investigates them.

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 3 days ago

    That sorry excuse for a superintendent and that jack booted thug with a badge should be fired immediately. They violated that woman's constitutional rights. Plain and simple. Bring back vigilante lynching in the city square.

  • Eduardo Cazares
    Eduardo Cazares 3 days ago


  • Peter Franks
    Peter Franks 3 days ago

    I hope he and his entire family gets a beating.

  • Tina Hazard
    Tina Hazard 3 days ago

    It's a sad day in America when freedom of speech is no longer an American citizens right. How dare that principal make this about him and his family, he should be ashamed of himself. We want our children to respect the teachers but yet we can't seem to show them respect as adults.

  • Crypto Mike
    Crypto Mike 3 days ago

    Boo Hoo....Mr. Super.....Boo Hoo....

  • guru dogg
    guru dogg 4 days ago

    What a Natzi woman hating pervet of boys...

  • aped3
    aped3 4 days ago

    if You want a Pay rise run for school board !!!

    I AM AMERICAN 4 days ago

    $30,000 dollar raise for the superintendent, while teachers are not being given a raise....are overworked and not recognized ! The teachers should all go on strike in support!

  • persiamotorman
    persiamotorman 4 days ago +1

    He cries because he needs a victim mask. In real life, the man is heartless.

  • Brad Chavis, Jr.
    Brad Chavis, Jr. 4 days ago

    Why is the Superintendent crying? He couldn’t even look at her when she was speaking.

  • Carol Palmisano
    Carol Palmisano 5 days ago

    She was not out of place with her statements. That's what these forums are for. This policeman was totally out of line and reminds me of backwoods justice that has always been used to serve people with power and renders the general public with no justice. Thank god for the video so justice can or should be served . The school board should be held accountable

  • Carlos Rubio
    Carlos Rubio 5 days ago

    so sad history , Good teacher ,stand up

  • Dana Chapin
    Dana Chapin 5 days ago

    Louisiana has the worst school system in the country. Apparently the most poorly trained police force too. That's what this crocodile tears "superintendent" ought to be concerned with. This creep goes on to talk about "fairness to families". Firing the cop and the superintendent and using their salaries to give teachers a raise would be fair.

    SAILOREARTH89 5 days ago

    the guy does not a raise. should be fired.

  • Irfan Beig
    Irfan Beig 5 days ago

    I have 2 kids in the school. I totally agree that Teachers work very hard and are underpaid. Salary disparity is a big problem in this society.
    All support to teachers

  • Kelsey Strouse
    Kelsey Strouse 5 days ago

    6th place in the district? He sure didn't do that all by himself so why is only HE deserving of a raise? OF $30,000 A YEAR? AT ONCE? Yet NO Teachers were brought up to their pay scale? And he doesn't see the problem? Seriously?

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 5 days ago

    Shameful superintendent

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez 5 days ago

    The superintendent does not deserve a raise. This is disturbing that he does not listen to the teachers in his district.

  • Leo Hodapp Sr.
    Leo Hodapp Sr. 5 days ago

    What bothered me about the superintendents statement was, he was playing the victim card. Who got arrested and who got a $38,000 dollar pay raise. Do you expect people to believe that?

  • Elaine Finn
    Elaine Finn 5 days ago

    More elitists mindsets. She did nothing wrong !!

  • Xyz Same
    Xyz Same 5 days ago

    He is upset because he got a lot of backlash - good. - If he thinks he needs to be better paid - go to into the private sector and see what you are "worth" to an employer. Why would HE get a raise when the whole system is defunded. And if the school performs well - who delivers that performance - ideally he mananges the teachers so that they together with the students create that performance.
    He does need some skills - but an ADMINSTRATOR does not need to "walk on water" or be "especially creative" or have "unique skills". A lot of people could do the job - would they get the position (which begs the question HOW or with which connections !! does one get into such a position ??).
    Other managers have to meet sales targest or need to have a product ready (meeting some criteria) or train staff - he has nothing like those challenges to meet. I would assume every good fast food restaurant manger has a more challenging job - and might be paid much less.
    Nor does he have to deal with the really difficult situations (in the classroom with the students). He has to deal with orderly adults mainly (and if they do not show sufficient obedience he will use a Marshall to have them arrested. Big deal.

  • Pro Design
    Pro Design 5 days ago

    Why is that officer not fired yet????

  • mb1968nz
    mb1968nz 5 days ago


  • Kathleen Byers
    Kathleen Byers 5 days ago

    And he's a big p*#sy too.

  • 4catsnow
    4catsnow 5 days ago

    People should bring brooms and dust pans to the next school board meeting....some housekeeping needed....

  • Floyd PattersonII
    Floyd PattersonII 5 days ago

    She wasn't arrested for questioning the superintendants raise...she was arrested for not sitting down when they asked her to. It was shocking that they arrested her for that. But .....follow the rules and you won't have to endure the embarrassing consequences. If you look at the see the board saying "alright that's enough". That's when its time to keep your mouth shut...and ponder another way to make a statement...maybe organize and get a protest going.. or try to get some media attention to leverage your position. But to ignore their order to sit down....unfortunately caused her some embarrassment. Funny how the media spins it to headline "Teacher arrested of speaking her mind"...when it was really for not following the meeting rules.....typical

    NOBLE SEVEN 5 days ago

    If this freak is a man, then i am ashamed to be called one. this is the pussifaction of the American male at its finest.

  • Beth DeRoe
    Beth DeRoe 5 days ago

    Tears after the fact, bet he still accepted his raise.

  • CrucifyRobinHood
    CrucifyRobinHood 6 days ago


  • Lynne Horner
    Lynne Horner 6 days ago

    Things are vary wrong in this country of our's" vary wrong !, This teacher or anyone else had the right to speak up , she was not rude to the superintendent ,when she was asked to leave she did not raise her voice, or to the officer she went out quite,what this officer did was underhanded all around even to this other women in front of the building .this superintendent and officer plus the school board wear vary much in the wrong.When people end up with to much power over others it really goes threw there heads , this power become's vary( scary) and( evil ).

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes 6 days ago

    No way 30k it isnt fair false arrest is? Give the money back!!!!! Theif

  • shilohtlw
    shilohtlw 6 days ago

    I would like to know how many people have an issue with this but okay with tamir rice, trayvon martin, freddie gray, or eric garner.

  • Erika Olvera
    Erika Olvera 6 days ago

    The guy literally tried to change the subject by bringing up his family during the interview and it looked that he was forcing himself to cry.

  • Laboucane Dennis
    Laboucane Dennis 6 days ago

    Nothing like a job where you give yourself a raise.Great.I think ill give myself about 30000$

  • Corey Morrell
    Corey Morrell 6 days ago

    Cry me a river. You should have let her talk and you should have stopped her arrest. You are a coward.

  • richard lanning
    richard lanning 6 days ago

    Is sue

  • pagansforbreakfast
    pagansforbreakfast 6 days ago

    There are many videos showing similar arrests of people who go a few seconds over their allotted minute to talk at a county board or city council meeting.

  • isellcatlitter
    isellcatlitter 6 days ago

    so she got arrested for criminal hard is it to understand "a criminal activity?" other wise she wouldnt have been arrested by the police, hands up, means hands up... end of story the police did their job.

  • Joe Foley
    Joe Foley 6 days ago

    She's my hero

  • Superendorsement
    Superendorsement 6 days ago +1

    The name of the officer is Reggie Hilts. He's had excessive force complaints in the past.

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 6 days ago +1

    IMO, (monster/narcissist) Superintendent Jerome Payau lies about having Hargrave arrested!! His raise - $38,000 - increases his $110,000+ salary to $150,000. Faked tears in TV interview for effect? Argggh! I hope ppl don't trust him.

  • Godschildyes Brown
    Godschildyes Brown 6 days ago +1

    I have absolutely NO sympathy for that superintendent! WOW! Give me a break!

  • Deana Stroud
    Deana Stroud 6 days ago +1


  • lou hearnesberger
    lou hearnesberger 6 days ago

    This super. is a complete fool. Asking 'when is a good time for a super. to get a raise?'How about you get a raise AFTER the teachers get one?This guy needs to be removed, if for nothing else, for being a moron!With the rest of the audience not standing up for the teacher, they are as guilty asthe school board. How dare they call the cops...this is exactly why our country is the way it is....cowardlypeople!

  • Julius Nick
    Julius Nick 6 days ago

    Soft soft soft

  • Illini Legatus
    Illini Legatus 6 days ago

    But isn't this a state run by the Democratic party how could they be short of money?

  • Mat S
    Mat S 6 days ago

    he got a 38.000 Dollar raise.. a RAISE! 50% of america doesnt even make 30.000 a year! i dont believe his tears for a second. why didnt he say anything against the arrest?

  • Robyn Benson
    Robyn Benson 6 days ago

    The deputy owes her nothing as he was only doing his job.

  • Emmanuel Padilla
    Emmanuel Padilla 6 days ago

    Crocodile Tears from him!

  • Æ N I E M A
    Æ N I E M A 6 days ago

    That's why I hate the news...they don't show or tell the whole story. She was asked to leave, she refused. She even went as for as to pull her arm back and told the cop to "Wait". This video clearly paints her as the innocent victim and the police officer and superintendent as the bad guys...which isn't the case at all. No wonder why people get their news from the internet and news stations are now being questioned about the truth or fake news.

  • Æ N I E M A
    Æ N I E M A 6 days ago

    I live in vermillion parish. 4 miles away from where this happened. The boss always makes more than the employees. The CEO of GM and Ford makes way more than the workers of an assembly line. The police officer asked her to leave...she refused and pulls back her arm resisting the officer. That was her mistake. When a authority figure tells you to do something..then you do it! Period! Next time she should listen. She has only herself to blame for this unfortunate incident.

  • Bert Contact
    Bert Contact 6 days ago

    All politicians are corrupt and in it for their own selfish agenda. The people no longer have a voice and never have. Let no one deceive you about this. They do it to gain power for themselves and not to serve the people. Its called money!!! If a person disagrees with them, they will humiliate them or have them arrested. DO NOT EVER TRUST A POLITICIAN. They are their to protect the white shoe boys club only and that ain't you and never will be! That officer is just part of that same group. Its called give me the power group and I will use it against you ever chance i get. Disgusting! When you go to any City Hall Meeting whatever is being voted on has already been decided by the elite of that governing body. The mayor already has or who ever is in charge has already arranged to get what they want for other favors. Its NEVER about the people who actually do the work. All systems whether school or any local government are corrupt. If the person who ran for that office wasn't corrupt when he got there, he surely was and is after the fact. NEVER trust a politician.

  • James Frushon
    James Frushon 6 days ago

    Cry Cry Baby!

  • David DiRusso
    David DiRusso 6 days ago

    Your dam right there is.

  • snakehips3131
    snakehips3131 6 days ago

    The teachers union must go

  • My MidLife Adventures

    He's only crying because he got caught abusing the power he had.... ONLY now are they talking about putting together a plan to get a pay raise for the teachers. So his pay isn't ranked up there with the average for Superintendents in the rest of the state, so what. Nobody made him take that job and he still makes well more than the teachers make, or most people in the country for that matter!... Be a leader! Put off your pay raise until you can put together the plan for your subordinates' pay raise and show them that they matter to you.

  • walter w
    walter w 6 days ago

    if she was arrested and carried away for no reason then she should get a lawyer and take legal action against the Police and the School-TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR

  • Horsez Wilde
    Horsez Wilde 7 days ago

    crocodile tears from a greedy coward of a little control freak "super" hoo, no compassion for the rights violator. I hope she sues him for all he's got...and the other guy (officer) too! I am so sick of the so called "authoritarians" who lord themselves over others.

  • Luis Baldenegro
    Luis Baldenegro 7 days ago

    hes a coward and hiding behind his excuses.

  • Chevalier De Violet
    Chevalier De Violet 7 days ago

    What are we doing? Why are we not standing up and pushing back against abuse of authority??? We all need to come together and see the enemy for who they really are. It's not about skin color! It's the rich draining the poor and middle class!!! This brave woman is a hero! An absolutely amazing hero! Stand up against abuse of authority wherever you find it! Let her be your motivation, your bright, righteous shining example!

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller 7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I would get arrested too in that situation, I would expect it. Teachers complain they don't make enough, I think they do alright. Most of them just show youtube videos during class (ask your kids). As far as the super is concerned, he does not need a pay increase and certainly should not be able to decide when he does. And death threats come to every A*hole put in the spotlight, if anything it should make you realize you are an A*hole.

  • TrionBulldog
    TrionBulldog 7 days ago +1

    Eh.. there's a different perspective to be had here. Anyone notice how it's all the overweight women shouting their opinions toward the mostly male board? Then how she suddenly forgot how to walk when the officer was escorting her down the hall, stumbling about and acting as if he's shoving her without reason... no piggy, he's moving you along. This shouting, orc-faced creature got precisely what she deserved. You can't disrupt civility without consequence.

  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Rodrigo Diaz 7 days ago

    The future of Betsy DeVos' education system. Shut up, or get locked up.

  • Greg Harris
    Greg Harris 7 days ago

    Why does he need a raise? His ego? "Boohoo I'm 57th, watch me cry a bit." Sorry, that's not a reason AT ALL! Give that money to the teachers. It will actually help the kids and if that's the point then that's the proper next step. Period.

  • Sweet Cthulhu
    Sweet Cthulhu 7 days ago

    Lol 30k raise.

  • Coral Reefer
    Coral Reefer 7 days ago

    Blah blah blah

  • LW YaYa
    LW YaYa 7 days ago


  • Judy Gregg
    Judy Gregg 7 days ago

    There is no place for death threats for anyone at anytime. However, the teacher had the right to voice her opinion, and this should NEVER have happened. Please take a minute to read my blog post on this situation:

  • 1janneychan2
    1janneychan2 7 days ago

    So sorry this happened. Do think the teacher had a responsibility to de-escalate the situation. She could have left peacefully. There are other ways to protest. It takes two to tango and she is not blameless.

    • Jan C
      Jan C 7 days ago

      Meg Que Thank you for the comment. I certainly wasn’t there. In the footage I saw, it didn’t appear to me that the officer was being rough with her and it didn’t look to me like she was being overly compliant. There are always two sides to the story, and the media always loves a fight. This should be handled by the community not the national news. We have much bigger problems to resolve.

  • Precious purple puppy

    Should she have got arrested? No. Do teachers get paid enough? No. Did she go on a rant being uneducated on the situation? Yes. And why in her right mind would she want the police officer to apologize? He did nothing wrong, he just did his job. He didn't harm her in anyway and was only doing protocol.
    All in all this went out of proportion.

  • Randy Cox
    Randy Cox 7 days ago +1

    Unreal! Superintendent should step down, officer should be fired! Speak up people! I admire her!

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 7 days ago

    Shame on you superintendent !

  • TheBlack Tiger28
    TheBlack Tiger28 7 days ago

    If you go into a profession and you know that profession doesn't make much money that's on you. you chose that profession nobody coerced you into the job.

  • Judy Myers
    Judy Myers 7 days ago

    How is it fair you get a raise and the teacher who are actually responsible for teaching doesn’t

  • C Mahoney
    C Mahoney 7 days ago

    Deyshia will show us Dey weh

  • Ocean
    Ocean 7 days ago

    welcome to America lol

  • oiyabastard
    oiyabastard 7 days ago

    he is getting a $30.000 raise which. im sure he thinks is too little .. for keeping things running by screwing over teachers for 10 yrs. WHERE IS THE MONEY. GOING FROM LOTTERIES.PROPERTY TAXES AND OTHER EXTORTIONS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO GO TO TEACHERS AND THINGS FOR STUDENTS?? AUDIT THE LOTTERY SCAM

  • Alexander Stone
    Alexander Stone 7 days ago

    Ski shuttle file ypmvw pause advocate toss trait depth re inside tablespoon adult bend.

  • Chiharu Ai
    Chiharu Ai 7 days ago

    She should sue the school board and the Marshall!

  • gord ash
    gord ash 7 days ago

    That is alot of Crown Royal Bags !

  • Drizake89
    Drizake89 7 days ago

    Crocodile tears