Save the World Dev Update #19 - Player Reporting, New Trap Placement, and Melee Buff


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  • Timmy Brown
    Timmy Brown 9 days ago

    0:22 :O fifth zone in new patch ? PLZZZZZZZ

  • Stuthelion
    Stuthelion Month ago

    Dakotathegreat56 This guy on PS4 can y’all spam him he scammed me

  • r2d2star99
    r2d2star99 3 months ago

    Switch save the world

  • crazy train Conner
    crazy train Conner 4 months ago

    My little brother was playing save the world and got scammed off of his entire inventory of good guns. Could you fortnite help me and him out please.

  • Kodak boy6
    Kodak boy6 5 months ago

    can you make a better trading sistiom!!!!!!!

  • awsomegamer
    awsomegamer 5 months ago

    Is there gonna be a new map in season 6 I love fortnite😍

  • T.TVco-viper 99
    T.TVco-viper 99 6 months ago

    I swear at the start he sounds like he is scared

  • IVANDORITO gameplay
    IVANDORITO gameplay 6 months ago

    Salvar el mundo sera gratis

  • Tristan Willstout
    Tristan Willstout 6 months ago

    1:10 epic staff get infinite ammo

  • TrigoIsBack
    TrigoIsBack 6 months ago +2

    Save the World for Switch?

  • GaminRevz
    GaminRevz 6 months ago

    Ok.. I have an idea. Since us ps4 folks get ps plus skin, when fortnite on android is released we should have some sorta skin for android members too since we had to wait so long. Who agrees?

  • oh yesh yeah
    oh yesh yeah 7 months ago +1

    When you mean potential bans do you mean permanent or temporary

  • Janay Foote
    Janay Foote 7 months ago


  • Kay Peranovic
    Kay Peranovic 7 months ago

    Can we get a good explosive weapon in the event store again, because challange the horde is impossible without a good heavy rocket launcher, and also good fun 😉

  • Stellardrake838
    Stellardrake838 7 months ago

    make save the world free plz im broke

    BETRAYED 7 months ago +2

    If I buy save the world and it comes out free this month will I still get the vbucks even tho it’s free??

    • UppishChaff
      UppishChaff 7 months ago

      MYZTIC GAMING It should work like this
      If you buy save the world it will give you free vbucks
      So once it comes out free you still earn free vbucks than someone who downloaded it free

  • TheOtakuWolf
    TheOtakuWolf 7 months ago

    Did anyone else think "oh God yes, mounted turrets" when the cover art was mentioned haha.
    Now I'm wondering of the traps will be peaceable on the underside of ramps one day, makeing the mega trap box even more trappy.

    G’DAY MATES 7 months ago

    Lvl 124 100k Vbucks OMFG

  • Ice Playzz
    Ice Playzz 7 months ago


  • Fernando Monroy
    Fernando Monroy 7 months ago

    Bring the Ultimate Founders back

  • Red Dead Bandit Boi
    Red Dead Bandit Boi 7 months ago


  • ryker uhlman
    ryker uhlman 7 months ago

    xd pugrocks scammed me said we trade inv for inv then he took all my stuff and didnt give it back.

  • alucard heartnet
    alucard heartnet 7 months ago

    I like the fact that they buffed things but showing the usefulness on a lvl 124 against a lvl 64 isn’t really saying much about the damage fall off at low lvls for that lvl 124 any weapon would do a stupid amount of damage lvled up or not

  • samurai shadow bot
    samurai shadow bot 7 months ago

    But what nintendo switch I do not see it there

  • Ikhlef Houwari
    Ikhlef Houwari 7 months ago

    Fortnite à love you 😙😘😙😘

  • Sami Bou Khaled
    Sami Bou Khaled 7 months ago

    remember guys , report naughty players

  • Hadolfitler
    Hadolfitler 7 months ago

    *if you are asking for Battle Royale features this is a save the world video*

  • DURP16
    DURP16 7 months ago +1

    U nees to here most of us telling yall to bring back the old BR lobby music that was fire as freak

  • Audrey Sibley
    Audrey Sibley 7 months ago

    *A N D R I O D*

  • Janae Flood
    Janae Flood 7 months ago

    Make fortnite on android please

    EPICGAMER 65 7 months ago

    When will save the world be free

  • great gaming tv
    great gaming tv 7 months ago

    Plus the old song was wayyyt better change back plzzzz like if agreee

  • great gaming tv
    great gaming tv 7 months ago

    But whourat if they get in a game and they have to do something fast or they will get into trouble or something

  • Dom's Games
    Dom's Games 7 months ago

    When is it out? (⟃ ͜ʖ ⟄)

  • Zozo King
    Zozo King 7 months ago

    Can I get a free save the world code for Xbox? 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Kronic VortexYT
    Kronic VortexYT 7 months ago

    When is save the world for free

  • jon6oy1189
    jon6oy1189 7 months ago

    When are you guys making new classes

  • juan moreno
    juan moreno 7 months ago

    Bring back eletric trap

  • juan moreno
    juan moreno 7 months ago

    And bring back the old glider sound and renegade raider

  • juan moreno
    juan moreno 7 months ago

    Season 1 and 2 was way more fun

  • juan moreno
    juan moreno 7 months ago

    Please add each time we win we get 10000 vbucks

  • juan moreno
    juan moreno 7 months ago

    Also add redknight

  • juan moreno
    juan moreno 7 months ago

    Epic please add the muisic back on fortnite also add cracshot and season two battle pass

  • Crack Kid
    Crack Kid 7 months ago


  • Awesomewelol Ninja
    Awesomewelol Ninja 7 months ago

    Plz add a trade system getting scammed in save the world is too easy so plz add something like a trading system

  • Diego Quiles
    Diego Quiles 7 months ago

    Will the nocturno ever comeback

  • UncleSh1z
    UncleSh1z 7 months ago

    Please add more rarities Like Magical (Red) 2500 vbucks, heroic (Shiny Diamond) 3000 vbucks and Legenderic (Burning Gold) 5000 vbucks

  • Legend Ranger
    Legend Ranger 7 months ago

    Bring a pack for old weapons plz

  • Benja
    Benja 7 months ago

    Cuando va salir fortnite a android??

    GIRAFFE 7 months ago

    What if we got scammed before because I lost my zapatron to a scammer???

    ARROJEN CURRY 7 months ago

    ?????fornite Android

    ARROJEN CURRY 7 months ago

    Android fornite Android fornite Android fornite Android common😭😭😭😭😭😠

    ARROJEN CURRY 7 months ago

    Android fornite Android fornite Android fornite

  • Boi Person mem
    Boi Person mem 7 months ago

    Tell me when it’s released I’d really like to know

  • Gaming Complex
    Gaming Complex 7 months ago

    Plzzzzzzzzz make save the world free plzzzzzzz epic plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx I want save the world free plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Oof Off
    Oof Off 7 months ago


  • Squartd Ward
    Squartd Ward 7 months ago

    is founder still be able to make v bucks from save the world when its goes free

  • Squartd Ward
    Squartd Ward 7 months ago

    Bring back limited edition

  • Paradox Yxlx
    Paradox Yxlx 7 months ago

    Save the world for Android. Battle royale for iPhone. 😏

  • It is Wenzday me duds
    It is Wenzday me duds 7 months ago

    I want playground mode on switch please like this if you agree

  • nT King
    nT King 7 months ago

    I can't change my primary hero please help

  • xd brennan
    xd brennan 7 months ago

    Where's playground

  • Truth Cavana
    Truth Cavana 7 months ago

    please make save the world free for PlayStation

  • Jamespatrick Ampunan
    Jamespatrick Ampunan 7 months ago


  • Tina the Lama
    Tina the Lama 7 months ago

    Bring back guided misile

  • luis salazar
    luis salazar 8 months ago

    Pls fornite on xbox 360

    • Mofix
      Mofix 7 months ago

      Xbox 360 is old

  • Deku Link
    Deku Link 8 months ago

    ya saquenlo gratis >:v

  • PotatoChipz
    PotatoChipz 8 months ago

    When Is save the world going to be free

  • Luciano Gonzalez
    Luciano Gonzalez 8 months ago

    People can just report people that didn’t even do anything

  • frogow
    frogow 8 months ago

    Everyone in the comment section is talking about BR on Android. Have you not seen the title?

  • Too Muchskillz
    Too Muchskillz 8 months ago

    Plz put south african servers
    We can't play with 200+ping
    Thank u

  • GoDz-sP1279 -_-
    GoDz-sP1279 -_- 8 months ago

    What about save the world in in nintendo switch

  • Busdriverboii
    Busdriverboii 8 months ago

    When are they just gonna tell us when save the world is going free?

  • Ergens Hyso
    Ergens Hyso 8 months ago

    Please put fortnite app in android

  • The Loganator
    The Loganator 8 months ago

    Why afk reporting

  • Naruto Xboy_563-1
    Naruto Xboy_563-1 8 months ago

    And also bring back the nocturno

  • Yg_karlosolo
    Yg_karlosolo 8 months ago

    @Fortnite I’m still waiting for your help

  • Firestinggamer YT
    Firestinggamer YT 8 months ago

    When will save the world be free it said 2018 it’s 2018 now we still see no release date

  • Like Pop Like Child
    Like Pop Like Child 8 months ago

    BRING BACK THE BATTLE PASS EMOTES (bec I want the floss)

  • faros gold Gamer
    faros gold Gamer 8 months ago

    They say in season 5 on pvp save the world will be free

  • Sonic The hedgehog x
    Sonic The hedgehog x 8 months ago

    Save the world free when

  • Infinite Wars
    Infinite Wars 8 months ago


  • ObnassiA 98
    ObnassiA 98 8 months ago

    Can you add pro Builder control in Save the world?

  • Lorna Bianzon
    Lorna Bianzon 8 months ago

    Why you add in save the world trap in the normal game

  • KenKaneki NatsuDragneel


  • VxT_MrpOpGaMeR YT
    VxT_MrpOpGaMeR YT 8 months ago

    What about scamming

  • Mustache Freak 45
    Mustache Freak 45 8 months ago

    I want to play fortnite on Android plz

  • ADAM13 ツ
    ADAM13 ツ 8 months ago

    Rose team leader plz

  • YaBoiGev
    YaBoiGev 8 months ago

    Is scamming bannable? Because they once said if you get scammed its your fault because we never added that to the game

    JOHAN GAMEPRO 8 months ago

    FORNITE android please

  • Edwin Jacinto
    Edwin Jacinto 8 months ago

    Does anyone know if u can still earn vbucks once stw comes out for free or will it be people who bought it can only receive vbucks from playing it?

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez 8 months ago


  • Christian Chavarria
    Christian Chavarria 8 months ago

    When will save the world be free

  • Xaaesh
    Xaaesh 8 months ago

    Yea bring back old music

  • snicc
    snicc 8 months ago

    When is actual effort going to be put in this game?

  • Vincent Plekan
    Vincent Plekan 8 months ago

    Give us release date for save the world

  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account 8 months ago

    Now all we need is a MOUNTED LMG.

  • GADJETnat _214
    GADJETnat _214 8 months ago

    Fre STW plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Aly Williams
    Aly Williams 8 months ago

    Canny Valley update?

    VANIX ZEE 8 months ago

    When will save the world be free