TMNT 2003 (Deleted Scenes)


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  • John Manning
    John Manning 9 days ago +1

    I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls And Especially Ben Gwen And Max Tennyson From Ben 10 (2005) Keep On Teaming Up And Hanging Out With The Ninja Turtles On TMNT (2003) Even If I Still Want To See TMNT (2003) Having A Crossover With Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s

  • John Manning
    John Manning 9 days ago +1

    I Still Totally Want To See TMNT (2003) Having A Crossover With Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Even If I’d Still Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls And Especially Ben Gwen And Max Tennyson From Ben 10 (2005) Keep On Teaming Up And Hanging Out With The Ninja Turtles On TMNT (2003)

  • John Manning
    John Manning 24 days ago +1

    I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls And Especially Ben Gwen And Max Tennyson From Ben 10 (2005) Keep On Teaming Up And Hanging Out With The Ninja Turtles On TMNT (2003) Even If I’d Still Would’ve Like To See TMNT (2003) Start Having A Crossover With Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s And Yu-Gi-Oh GX

  • Isaiah Simmons
    Isaiah Simmons 4 months ago

    we need this show back in 2018 or 19 with new episodes so much potential

  • Natty Pearce
    Natty Pearce 7 months ago +1

    They should of kept Karai's scene

  • oliver warren-cole
    oliver warren-cole 9 months ago

    I laughed at 0:25 splinter throws his cane at Mikey knocking him off the bar he was sitting on funny as hell

  • Lord Raiden
    Lord Raiden Year ago +3

    Karai's scene is just great.

  • Rae Phillips
    Rae Phillips Year ago +1

    What are eggcreams?

  • Z Pan
    Z Pan 2 years ago +9

    that show was amazing!

  • Mrs. Miwa
    Mrs. Miwa 2 years ago +8

    Karai's sceen hits it right, it is Soul of Shredder which replaced Karai's one.

  • D-ray
    D-ray 3 years ago +5

    Some of these deleted scenes was used into the game Tmnt 3 Mutant Nightmare

  • A Toaster
    A Toaster 4 years ago +27

    Better than 2012

  • Leo Lim
    Leo Lim 4 years ago +3

    Don't even think about it Raph.

  • Hazel Skywalker
    Hazel Skywalker 5 years ago +1


  • LeosFanGirl
    LeosFanGirl 5 years ago +2

    ha mikey got hit w/ a stick

  • Charles_ZX
    Charles_ZX 6 years ago +7

    I don't like the new one.This one seems much better.

    • Ali Yigit
      Ali Yigit 27 days ago

      agreed.2012 and 2018 version are sucks

  • Lindsey Cantrell
    Lindsey Cantrell 6 years ago +3

    mikey got owned by master splenter in the first one lol

  • lily Gonzalez
    lily Gonzalez 6 years ago +2

    0:24 was funny a lil,when mikie got hit

  • HyperGolem
    HyperGolem 7 years ago +9

    Ma, Bishops security system sure sucks ass.

  • ahmed al
    ahmed al 7 years ago +2

    2:49 mutated splinter!

  • dondena21
    dondena21 7 years ago +3

    I love seeing behind the scenes of the shows with the turtles. Leo and Raph are good training with their hands behind their backs. Splinter could have caused BIG damage when he hit Mikey in the head with his stick! And just glad that the turtles that Karai faced were just machine bots. It wasn't until in Turtles Forever that she realized her mistake, that her father had to be destroyed!

  • Kas_not_Cas
    Kas_not_Cas 7 years ago +3

    vanilla egg cream sounds tasty

  • Denise Lau
    Denise Lau 7 years ago +5

    an egg cream is a beverage made out of soda water, chocolate syrup and milk. its an exclusive fountain drink so everything must be mixed using a siphon nozzle to create the foam. The egg creams the TMNT are eating is the NY variation, which is usually vanilla flavoured.

  • FightingDreamer246
    FightingDreamer246 7 years ago +3

    2:48 Master Splinter??? xD

  • nellaselfgirl
    nellaselfgirl 7 years ago +5

    so they traveled all the way from New York to Area 51 for vanilla eggcreams?What ever those are.

  • Hannah Bowers
    Hannah Bowers 7 years ago +1

    oh noooo!!! At 4:53 i hope tht didnt actually happen

  • magicalgirlj
    magicalgirlj 7 years ago

    @Sheashay100 I agree, this would scare the kiddes

  • magicalgirlj
    magicalgirlj 7 years ago

    Shredder-chan is bad ass

  • magicalgirlj
    magicalgirlj 7 years ago

    Mikey is so cute

  • Sketch
    Sketch 7 years ago +6

    3:57 Raph's my favourite turtle!
    ''I can't wait to see the exprecion on Donnys face when he sees this!''

  • Shaniful23
    Shaniful23 8 years ago +1

    WTF is a vanilla eggcream?! Sounds nasty :P blegh LOL

  • TailsPrower4Life
    TailsPrower4Life 8 years ago +1

    AWESOME the Turtles really live the WILD LIFE!!!!! they rock whoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nellaselfgirl
    nellaselfgirl 8 years ago +1

    :24 I know someone already said this but splinter was totally using the force.

  • ZerkaiGG
    ZerkaiGG 8 years ago +3

    These aren't deleted scenes, I remember them airing seperately in the saturday mornings, like commercials or mini-segments.

  • Ardi Meçi
    Ardi Meçi 8 years ago +4

    @JunTheBlackTulip they are the intros of the episodes.

  • Grassland
    Grassland 8 years ago +1

    which episodes are these scenes from?

  • Grassland
    Grassland 8 years ago +1

    How are these deleted scenes? Which episodes are missing these scenes?

  • Sexy Megaman
    Sexy Megaman 8 years ago +3

    0:24 OWNED!

  • InuyashanKag
    InuyashanKag 8 years ago

    @MegaMariofan1 :D Same here, my nicknames Mikey, and my other friend is Michelangelo xDDDD

  • nerawaka1000
    nerawaka1000 8 years ago +3

    all of that 4 egg creams
    it was pretty much worth it.

  • ali muhammed
    ali muhammed 8 years ago

    so coooooooooooool vid

  • KitKat95
    KitKat95 8 years ago

    i can see why these are DELETED scenes. too technical. MUCH too technical. lots of explanations, but in a way that doesn't really flow or capture interest. Except that first one. That was kinda funny.

  • MegaMariofan1
    MegaMariofan1 8 years ago +3

    haha Mikey just cracks me up

  • Sheashay100
    Sheashay100 8 years ago

    That scene with Karai was disturbing...

  • gingerstar453
    gingerstar453 9 years ago +1

    lol that is sooo funny love this vid

  • Natalie Formosa
    Natalie Formosa 9 years ago +4

    Lol , all that risking for vanilla ice - cream ? Well , at least it was worth it I guess lol XD

  • Natalie Formosa
    Natalie Formosa 9 years ago

    @aaypea Lol , must have been worth it then XD

  • Natalie Formosa
    Natalie Formosa 9 years ago

    @Texkittylover888 Yeah , and mikey had to open his mouth lol XD

  • japanese anime lover1
    japanese anime lover1 9 years ago +4

    hmmmm raph brings up a good point i wonder what dons face would look like if he brought one of those back to the lair it would be like a child on christmas morning

  • RyutheWeredragon
    RyutheWeredragon 9 years ago

    I think that Laird purposely kept it ambigious as to what was going on between Karai and Chaplin, though the Leo/Karai thing was shown to have existed AT LEAST up until Exodus Part 2.

    After that, it's really up to the viewer's perception.

  • RyutheWeredragon
    RyutheWeredragon 9 years ago

    Her name is Dr. Raven Shadowheart, better known by her superhero name of Radical.

    She and Leo are noted as soulmates in her final appearance but she is killed by her archenemy Complete Carnage in Tales of the TMNT Vol 2 #41

  • RyutheWeredragon
    RyutheWeredragon 9 years ago

    Well, in the 80s TV series, Leo's love interest was a female mercenary-esque ninja named Lotus Blossom.

    In the Official Comics, shown in the future scenes, Leo's Soul Mate (actual words used) is a human as well.

    Yeah, so the Species barrier isn't a problem here.

  • RyutheWeredragon
    RyutheWeredragon 9 years ago +2

    You mean DESPITE Leo's canon love interests in both the comic series and the 1980s series were human women?

  • Sakura Petals
    Sakura Petals 9 years ago +5

    meh...I still think that his FATHER should be more mature about it. Goodness knows, maybe the other turtles picked up their "hit Mikey" habit from him.

  • Taraka1
    Taraka1 9 years ago

    Look at it this way. Least he only does that once in a while, usuall when mikey says something really stupid or contradictory. He could be like raph and smack him on a regular basis.

  • Sakura Petals
    Sakura Petals 9 years ago

    Splinter is one freakin' ass in that first clip. Was the cane throwing really nessasary?

    He resorts to using his cane WAY too often when it comes to Mikey.

  • aaypea
    aaypea 9 years ago

    all that for vanilla egg creams lol
    what's an egg cream?

  • TMNTLeoandMe1
    TMNTLeoandMe1 9 years ago

    Where the shell did you find them?!!!

  • Theokal3
    Theokal3 9 years ago

    Sorry to say that, but your affirmation annoy me. The last ep prove nothing. You have to make a difference between having a crush and dating. It remember me when somebody said Ulrich and Yumi "started dating again" at the end of Code Lyoko, since they were seen holding each other's hands. That's stupid. They may have a crush on each other without dating...

    As for Karai and Leo, I clearly said that, according to me, their love/hate relationship was FRIENDSHIP-like, not true love...

  • Theokal3
    Theokal3 9 years ago

    Oh, don't yell that, please. First, we have no prove Karai start dating Chaplin. She hold his hand, that's all. It might mean she start like him better, okay, but that doesn't mean they are dating...
    Still, I admit KaraiXLeo is just a fan-made couple. Yes, she's a human and he's a mutated turtle. But it's hard to deny there are hint about them... I believe he just share some kind of Love/hate relationship with her... as friendship of course.

  • millionairejh
    millionairejh 9 years ago

    i swear i saw these somewhere on tv

  • Christi DiFrank
    Christi DiFrank 9 years ago

    the way i see it, Leo had a crush on Karai at one point, but got over it. cuz if you look at the last few episodes of the Lost Season and the last episode of BTTS then you will see that there is nothing between Leo and Karai now.

  • RyutheWeredragon
    RyutheWeredragon 9 years ago

    It's implied there was a bit of a crush there.

  • HyperSonicXtreme
    HyperSonicXtreme 10 years ago

    They also showed them in some commercials back in 2003 and 2004 on Fox Box.

  • Deoxy360
    Deoxy360 10 years ago

    just like family guy when they are released on dvd.

  • Diego Luiz
    Diego Luiz 10 years ago


  • AngelGarou
    AngelGarou 10 years ago

    As far as I know, this is not deleted scenes - it's the extra material on the 4th season DVD and is nothing but shorts made for the purpose of entertaining... That's why a lot of them are monologues and "finished" storylines. But they are good ;)

  • trakas35
    trakas35 10 years ago

    idk why this waz deleted

  • Mikisna
    Mikisna 10 years ago


  • Zoast
    Zoast 10 years ago

    It's a prologue

  • Zoast
    Zoast 10 years ago


  • C PT
    C PT 10 years ago

    These aren't deleted scenes, these are prologues!

    ...Though if you like the prologues, why don't you just make a few vids on all of them?

  • Emerald Naja
    Emerald Naja 11 years ago

    :25 LOL

  • Namisama2
    Namisama2 11 years ago

    the first one was the best to me because master splinter threw his stick at mikey. it was funny to me.

  • maxpuppy7
    maxpuppy7 11 years ago


  • Gabo Camarillo
    Gabo Camarillo 11 years ago

    Sorry but well...heh ya deleted scenes, wow Donnie hasnt become a huge monster when they where actually trying to cure him. No scenes when he is or becomes one =/ ?

  • missypixy
    missypixy 11 years ago

    what the heck, vanilla egg creams! lolz!

  • YugiohGirl017
    YugiohGirl017 11 years ago

    I don't remember. I'll try to find it.

  • Kuni
    Kuni 11 years ago

    what episode was that?

  • Kuni
    Kuni 11 years ago


  • YugiohGirl017
    YugiohGirl017 11 years ago

    When the mutants come into play, I almost cried because Donatello was turned into one.

  • sarah hughes
    sarah hughes 11 years ago

    well ff will be comin off soon i suppose so its on channel 18 a like 9 am on saturday mornings

  • tothehalcyon
    tothehalcyon 11 years ago

    Why do all the mutant rats have huge eyebrows?

  • Ciana's Closet BJD
    Ciana's Closet BJD 11 years ago

    hah! loooove the last one XDDD

  • missypixy
    missypixy 11 years ago

    lol, vanilla egg creams!!!

  • Faunatik
    Faunatik 11 years ago

    Wow, those were cool. Thanks!

  • Eptricat
    Eptricat 11 years ago

    the ending is so funny! :]

  • Noizemaze4
    Noizemaze4 11 years ago there anymore dleted scenes? how did you get them anyways? :o

  • WonderSuperior
    WonderSuperior 11 years ago

    Take Zanruman's personal space cruiser for example. I know we did.

  • michelangelo466
    michelangelo466 11 years ago

    i love the one at the end where you think it's something big they are getting and then it turns out to be a drink. hee hee i think they should have put that on whatever episode it was supposed to be on

  • mphlohi
    mphlohi 11 years ago

    That's very true, I love both series. They're both just fine.

  • mphlohi
    mphlohi 11 years ago

    You're wrong about the family thing. There WAS a sense of family between the Turtles and Splinter in the OT.

  • HyperSonicXtreme
    HyperSonicXtreme 11 years ago

    Some of them weren't deleted because I saw them once on FOX

  • hyourintenshi
    hyourintenshi 11 years ago

    I don't know if you just complimented the new version or you were just saying which parts you hated. No offense or anything.

  • hyourintenshi
    hyourintenshi 11 years ago

    Agreed *nods* Mikey and Raph practically have the same personality! It was real weird.

  • hyourintenshi
    hyourintenshi 11 years ago

    isn't he?! xDD Mikey's too cute to ignore or stay mad at! Look at that winning smile =D

  • b1njjj95
    b1njjj95 12 years ago

    hey don't rush him, this has 2 be just right...*presses button* security briech...sector 9A...lmfaooo

  • b1njjj95
    b1njjj95 12 years ago

    but the genetic freaks we run into these days r, a whole new ball game...lmfaoo...omg the things these cartoon characters say...

  • b1njjj95
    b1njjj95 12 years ago

    u mean the young 1 was so cute... aka: Michelangelo...

  • stardragon nova
    stardragon nova 12 years ago

    which episode was the first one deleted from?