Trying Out BeeBad Energy Drink

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • At long last! I try out the elusive BeeBad Energy Drink.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  3 months ago +209

    I hope you enjoy this review! Please check out the newest VORW Radio Show on Soundcloud, got some important updates and some (hopefully) good music

    • Daren Garcia
      Daren Garcia 14 days ago

      Catching upon some old videos. Nicely done. I'm not a energy drink guy but....I'm intrigued, Thanks again

    • Closed Gonna be terminated.
      Closed Gonna be terminated. 3 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek such nice reviews.

    • Ass Whole
      Ass Whole 3 months ago

      The newest VORW was your best one yet, gets better every time.

    • SehZ The Cynic
      SehZ The Cynic 3 months ago

      Go Fast! is worth trying, it's rare to see around, i think it's bigger in Europe, but it is one of the best tasting energy drinks i have ever had.

    • desiree !
      desiree ! 3 months ago


  • EclecticBread NCircus
    EclecticBread NCircus 15 days ago

    Royal Jelly is an energy supplement derived from bee larvae secretion. If you're allergic to bees, you shouldn't drink this. I've had royal jelly & it made my throat close up a bit.

  • oX★kaninchen2077★Xo

    ⚠️energy crisis‼️⚠️

  • Jorn Eersels
    Jorn Eersels 27 days ago

    Drink BURN energy drink !!!!

  • Alex Tarzwell
    Alex Tarzwell Month ago

    Is this an advanced form of ASMR?

  • Edwin Ortiz
    Edwin Ortiz Month ago

    Hey ReviewBrah, I know it's been a while since your last energy drink review (2 months ago according to this video) but I've been hearing a lot about this one drink, that I tried, and wanted to know what you think. Hopefully your read this. It's called HYDE Power Potion and it's sponsored by DJ Khalad

    MrINFAMOUSKING Month ago

    Can you do a review on mellow mood or something with melatonin in it?

  • Stian Asle
    Stian Asle Month ago

    Monster ultra has 1g of salt per can, it's crazy u should not add any salt to ur food if u drink this

  • Mike Heckathorn
    Mike Heckathorn Month ago

    It tasted like spearmint toothpaste to me

  • Xc2000 D3
    Xc2000 D3 2 months ago

    Smells very earthy

  • Lucas Jacobson
    Lucas Jacobson 2 months ago

    I like how you always take a few bites or a few sips before speaking. It solidifies my trust in you.

  • bushtuckertom
    bushtuckertom 2 months ago

    please Reviewbrah review v energy drink its liquid from the gods

  • Slotter Otter
    Slotter Otter 2 months ago

    "Everyone likes to guzzle down a monster zero or whatever it's called and go mow the lawn at 6AM"

  • TheDonkeyFLOPPER
    TheDonkeyFLOPPER 2 months ago

    you need to try Bang. it's seriously my favorite energy drink.

  • Fanboy
    Fanboy 2 months ago


  • Old Channel Private
    Old Channel Private 2 months ago

    Hey man, keep up the great work. There's a new energy drink out called 3D, it's by fitness TVclipr Christian Guzman, maybe you should give that the ReviewBrah touch!

  • Ging Freecss
    Ging Freecss 2 months ago

    review brah the only person in the world that you would be fine with if he cucked you with your gf

  • Nihilistic Existentialist

    Still waiting for a Monster Energy Ripper review.

  • Hyenatwo 4
    Hyenatwo 4 2 months ago

    Only Reviewbrah could casually but subtly make a 30 y/o boomer reference and not ruin the meme.

  • Axrty
    Axrty 2 months ago +1

    _”And hopefully this won’t, bee bad.”_
    I have never, ever, heard such a fascinating pun in my life.

  • Beyn Gennon
    Beyn Gennon 2 months ago

    “I’m looming over the BeeBad!”

  • ExtraKB -
    ExtraKB - 2 months ago +2

    Yellow jacket awful 😂

  • Dayle Levi Baynes
    Dayle Levi Baynes 2 months ago

    Ya I mow the lawn at 6am

  • viciousovertaking
    viciousovertaking 2 months ago

    Of course you drink an energy drink out of a wine glass

  • Bautista Parodi
    Bautista Parodi 2 months ago

    Definitely the best energy drink in the market. Healthy and tasty

  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon 2 months ago

    An 8.82!!! BEE BAD!!!!

  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon 2 months ago

    He CAN taste the honey...not overbearing...not overwhelming...kind of an aftertaste.

  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon 2 months ago

    Smells very earthy.

    DASH MAK 2 months ago

    The back of the can should say something like “Shake it fast, Wasp yourself”

  • Team Phan
    Team Phan 2 months ago

    I always get this awkward pause when he tries the food or drink he’s reviewing lol he’s amazing

  • Hank Bishop
    Hank Bishop 2 months ago

    “That’s pretty scary”

  • eclaire4u
    eclaire4u 2 months ago

    What a lad

  • C. Diaz
    C. Diaz 2 months ago

    Can you please try more Rip-It flavors? They're only $1 per can, and some of them are delightful. Albeit, some of them are just generic tasting. If you do, I'll drop you some money for it on Patreon. Please/Thanks.

    • C. Diaz
      C. Diaz 2 months ago

      You tried the 3-Way Berry flavor in "Energy Crisis--Energy Drink Review #88 Rip It Berry Mix". Unfortunately that one just tastes like artificial blue - and it gave the brand a bad rap. I highly recommend the Tribute flavors, which sponsor the troops, or PooTin Power, which is coconut, or F-Bomb, which is a cherry pineapple. I don't recommend StingeR Mo, because it's a Monster flavor knockoff.

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 2 months ago

    Have you tried Venom energy drinks? I enjoy them right next to monster

  • johnny popper
    johnny popper 2 months ago

    retitle { dracula drinks piss}

  • Basics
    Basics 2 months ago

    7:36 lmfao why do you take such small sips it kills me

  • GNJK
    GNJK 2 months ago

    you're the only person in history who pours their energy drinks into a glass, while wearing a suit, and even smells it before drinking as if its some fine wine product.

  • Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    I have an idea for the regular drink series
    "thirsting for a quench"

  • Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    idk if you could get your hands on it but could you review XL it's an energy drink I know it from israel.

  • Memorie Holiday
    Memorie Holiday 2 months ago

    Just curious, but do you drink alcohol? I'd love to see your opinion on some hard ciders.

  • Ebeoniem AmorVincitOmnia

    When they made that serie's with the caracter'Sheldon'in it,they must have watcht this young man.Here's a person in still in contact with his symphatic zelf. Very good, i subscribed. I give him a; 10 =cumlaude. (º~º)

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 2 months ago

    The clutching of the chalice is not of this world.

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 2 months ago

    Carbonated water with caffeine and bee vomit? No thanks.

  • ethan anderson
    ethan anderson 2 months ago

    The honeys so sweet it made him go deaf?

  • the funnyest
    the funnyest 2 months ago

    Hes so cute

  • onim26
    onim26 2 months ago

    Hey reviewbrah, i want you to actually FUCK my WIFE

  • Thomas Perry
    Thomas Perry 2 months ago

    One of these days he's going to spit take and say "that was the most god awful drink I've ever had"

  • Mexican From Mars
    Mexican From Mars 2 months ago

    2:43 had me dieing

  • christian devey
    christian devey 2 months ago

    “It will keep you up at night” an energy drink so effective that you just have to look at the can

  • aaabbbeee
    aaabbbeee 2 months ago

    I love Energy Crisis. I hope to see some more. Even a re-review now that you expanded you palette!

  • IIDubious
    IIDubious 2 months ago

    That pun. It seems the lizard king has made a subtle attempt to bless us with his unearthly, clearly advanced humour.

  • Marty Johnston
    Marty Johnston 2 months ago +1

    Hell yeah broski

  • Firemario94
    Firemario94 2 months ago

    Have you ever reviewed Full Throttle original or agave flavor before? Highly recommend the original tho 👌🏽

  • Steven Bolde
    Steven Bolde 2 months ago

    Review malt liquor.

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales 2 months ago

    Guzzle down and mow the lawn at 6am lol.

  • Thomas Hulings
    Thomas Hulings 3 months ago

    "Deafeningly powerful" is a term one should use in a review of Taco Bell food

  • DaddyPlsNo
    DaddyPlsNo 3 months ago

    I hope the energy drink reviews are at a minimum but still great video John!!!

  • Michal Saniewski
    Michal Saniewski 3 months ago

    Review Rip IT it’s an energy drink popular in the military

  • Michal Saniewski
    Michal Saniewski 3 months ago


  • Michal Saniewski
    Michal Saniewski 3 months ago

    Why don’t you review alcohol

  • scott loiacono
    scott loiacono 3 months ago

    There r wine taste testers he is a energy drink tester. I'll try this out. Thanks 4 the honest review

  • J W
    J W 3 months ago

    Reviewbrah. Man, stay away from those drinks. It is so bad for your heart. Love your reviews though! 👍

  • Callum Winfield
    Callum Winfield 3 months ago

    Great vid keep it up will be sure to try beebad if I come across it, i think I have the taco Tuesday shits. ())===D~~~~

  • Scarlett Faye
    Scarlett Faye 3 months ago

    “The energy crisis”

  • lrbuck
    lrbuck 3 months ago

    I called in sick for work when I saw this. Need to watch.

  • seth crowther
    seth crowther 3 months ago

    What's your name cutie

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare 3 months ago

    my favorite is Monster pipeline punch

  • catyear75
    catyear75 3 months ago +1

    That is the Best Tie Ever ! Also, the bee resembles a yellow jacket in my opinion .... Thanks for the review , Ill try this, I love honey ... :-)

    THEVEGAS RAGER 3 months ago +1


  • Deadpool gang _
    Deadpool gang _ 3 months ago

    The God shall drink nectar of caffeine

  • Half Stack
    Half Stack 3 months ago

    Hopefully it wont BEE BAD *dying hahahaha

  • Jayy
    Jayy 3 months ago

    Youre pretty well dressed for just drinking energy drink, And you have good humour.

  • Buck Futtler
    Buck Futtler 3 months ago +1

    its not gween....

  • Tristan Bailey
    Tristan Bailey 3 months ago

    I had 4 energy drinks today but now my stomach fuckin hurts

  • Mrs. MRedBlue
    Mrs. MRedBlue 3 months ago


  • Joseph Day
    Joseph Day 3 months ago

    Try bang energy! Its delicious
    Try sour heads, star blast or black cherry

  • Paola Cintron Vega
    Paola Cintron Vega 3 months ago

    Did anybody tell you look handsome😍

  • Joe Nathan
    Joe Nathan 3 months ago +1

    ur great

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 3 months ago

    I would like John to taste the zesty majesty of Carabao energy drink

  • Gutch220
    Gutch220 3 months ago

    I recommend reviewing some Four Loko's

  • Embrace It!
    Embrace It! 3 months ago

    I wish you got into ASMR. You'd be amazing at it.

  • Crazy Uncle Hank
    Crazy Uncle Hank 3 months ago

    Royal jelly is a bee secretion given to larvae for nutrition.

  • Crazy Uncle Hank
    Crazy Uncle Hank 3 months ago

    "Monster is the craze with the young 'uns"

  • Crystal Jade
    Crystal Jade 3 months ago

    This is an energy crisis

  • Lorenzo Notarianni
    Lorenzo Notarianni 3 months ago

    Sir, I was hoping to experience watching you burp at the end of the video. I feel let down!!

  • cK
    cK 3 months ago

    Do another MunchBox Review!

  • Vendettaavenger
    Vendettaavenger 3 months ago

    D R I N C C B E E

  • Amlesh
    Amlesh 3 months ago

    marlon brando

  • Golfinghayes
    Golfinghayes 3 months ago

    Please do some alcohol reviews! Anything you prefer :)

  • Martin Diaz
    Martin Diaz 3 months ago

    You look like a rood hat

  • Badbob9nine2
    Badbob9nine2 3 months ago

    Good reveiw !!!

  • juan cervantes
    juan cervantes 3 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 at 8:32 kind of fucked me up lol😂😂😂😂

  • Billy Bootlips
    Billy Bootlips 3 months ago

    15 minutes later, Slayer was blaring and the headbanging was in full swing.

  • Julie B
    Julie B 3 months ago

    "Portentous..." great word my dude!

  • ParallelUniversity
    ParallelUniversity 3 months ago

    BEEbad, with BEE6, and BEE12, best BEEfore November.

  • Beavis
    Beavis 3 months ago

    Did you time travel from the 1940's ?

  • Joe Ruiz
    Joe Ruiz 3 months ago

    Looks like you're doing reviews on beer now! You're the extra most bestest reviewbrah!

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 3 months ago

    Whoa! Rb is buzzing now!!

  • Leman Russ
    Leman Russ 3 months ago

    Just picturing you as a woman.
    Good stuff!

  • SeveralWombats
    SeveralWombats 3 months ago

    Ohhhhhh enogy kwisis is back