THE LOOK-SEE Monster + Ending Explained

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Looking at the excellent horror web series from CryptTV, THE LOOK-SEE. We'll be explaining the story and ending's many mysteries, easy to miss connections, and breaking down the Look-See monster itself.
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Comments • 4 475

  • Yaya Cartii
    Yaya Cartii Day ago

    “ Help them out” 😂😂😂

  • jessa Lacra
    jessa Lacra Day ago

    i really love all the eps. of crypt tv.

  • Lee Luke
    Lee Luke 3 days ago

    Wait! What if, if Jenny wen’t into the bathroom because he died, or his body in front of her, DEAD. Scared, runs into the bathroom. And the etc. If he IS the Looksee, (not going by actor.) he must’ve been killed, you see. I saw this video explaining if somebody kills either with black hair, idk. Becomes the looksee after the ritual had been begun, because there was a scene that had ANOTHER LOOKSEE BREAKING THROUGH THE POCKET WATCH.

  • ghost 22
    ghost 22 6 days ago

    So you are telling me he is a powerful demon but can't write his own notes ?

  • Freeworld of the Mind Entertainment

    wow i thought this was a film. i want the sequel and prequel after hearing this.

  • Random Things
    Random Things 8 days ago +1

    The look see is basically a murderous therapist in a way

  • Mr Samurai
    Mr Samurai 12 days ago

    So it is basically saw

    HOTPIGS 13 days ago

    I don’t think the look-see was ever in danger of Jenny, he loves toying with people, and keep in mind he created this reality and can seem to see the future. I think he was giving her a glimpse of hope just to take it all back.

  • ParadoxError
    ParadoxError 14 days ago

    Seems like the first assistant was missing the top of his head.... That could come into play later

  • kaylawuvscookies
    kaylawuvscookies 14 days ago

    Gwen Carole is a babe.

  • Jarese Jeffrey
    Jarese Jeffrey 16 days ago

    When I see that monster

    " I'm calling men in Black "

  • Katie Reed
    Katie Reed 16 days ago

    Where can u watch itn

  • hopeman returns
    hopeman returns 16 days ago

    I came here from llama arts

  • Joru CR
    Joru CR 17 days ago


  • MemesForDays
    MemesForDays 17 days ago

    *The look see watches this video*
    The look see: how the hell did he know
    *Hears someone not let go*
    The look see: well my break is over

  • Alexa G
    Alexa G 18 days ago

    I no longer see this creature as scary bc of that tiktok of the guy flirting with the look-see monster

  • Shifter
    Shifter 19 days ago

    "You have to get over your friend deaths"
    Looksee: *kills the kid walking away* *but he hears a piano*
    Gio: "i giorno, have a dream"
    Looksee: "fuck"

  • Dark
    Dark 20 days ago

    14:35 this is not true the whole monster summoning is specificly explaind in the sunny family cult: 4 blood sacrifeces and the 5th will become something (a monster that is) this is the ritual for all the monsters not 13 deaths thats just a random number. If you don't believe it just count the deaths in look-see season 2

  • FairSissy
    FairSissy 20 days ago

    you should make and Ending Explain of season 2

  • Relentless
    Relentless 22 days ago

    The 1st look-see is roger from the Sunny Cult Family

  • Scott Dooley
    Scott Dooley 22 days ago

    Do you think the looksie can only be killed in his reality or only by the assistant?

  • mydomonation
    mydomonation 22 days ago

    Not gonna lie, demons are so impatient today, only a few minutes after reading a note does he come to take

  • fedda99
    fedda99 23 days ago

    8:42 look-see: AAAAAH SHE’s CRAZY HELP!!!

  • fedda99
    fedda99 23 days ago

    6:43 look-see: damn it i lost her :(

  • Gloom King
    Gloom King 23 days ago +5

    The looksee: How dare you feel sad that the child you raidef died two days ago. You shall die now.

  • Rohan Dunn
    Rohan Dunn 24 days ago +1

    the look-see has to look good if they are scaring people

    also the look-see whenever they appear behind someone i say to myself sup fucker i got you now

  • Puspazee Puspa
    Puspazee Puspa 26 days ago +1

    "Which I gotta say are looking mighty sharp!" Hahaha! Another good one!

  • BlueKid
    BlueKid 26 days ago

    It seems like it kinda does not want them to let go, cause it just kills them and scares them to do it properly.

  • Aiden MB
    Aiden MB 27 days ago +10

    Person: won't release
    Look-see: I diagnose you with dead

    TUFUNGA TATTS 28 days ago

    this is a dumbass demon

  • The Outcast Potatos
    The Outcast Potatos 28 days ago

    You should do a video on season 2 :)

  • little Pupper
    little Pupper 29 days ago +2

    Why would you want to kill look-see? He's so nice trying to help people

  • ImSoLament
    ImSoLament Month ago

    I know it’s already been over a year, but Daniel’s death was the first clip in the first episode of LookSee, hence the missing eyes all the way through his head.

  • the nate show
    the nate show Month ago

    fun fact:the mystery dude names lewis in the credits

  • Andrew Ponce
    Andrew Ponce Month ago

    Ever heard of the old youtube series Marble Hornets?

  • Ms. Linzuela Jones
    Ms. Linzuela Jones Month ago

    I love Crypt T.V.

  • Tavi T
    Tavi T Month ago


  • Alexis Conner
    Alexis Conner Month ago

    I love crypt tv, I am currently watching look-see

  • souske25
    souske25 Month ago

    Though must the people scratch write the words like that every time? That shit seems tedious as all hell, maybe that's the real punishment here.

  • Beau Guthery
    Beau Guthery Month ago

    I wanna say the monster was telling her who the next target was and what he needed to get over

  • Bike Speedster
    Bike Speedster Month ago +1

    8:43 The monster is actually scared of its victim? Dayum. She the G.O.A.T.

  • james engle
    james engle Month ago

    would you do one on cryptv birch or stoneheart they are really cool but a bit confusing.

  • S.S Swaggings
    S.S Swaggings Month ago

    Why did Marlene Flex-Glue her windows shut?

  • luka kljaic
    luka kljaic Month ago

    While i am no officer she shoud have called backup or all units

  • hellspawn611
    hellspawn611 Month ago


  • Tatjana Ivanova
    Tatjana Ivanova Month ago

    Gosh, he's so stingy. He literally gives you 2 seconds to do what you need to do and if you don't do it, he kills. If he would have just given her more time.

  • Silver Ivy
    Silver Ivy Month ago +1

    Oh my god, Marleen, your speech was like so good

  • Leigh Ramsay
    Leigh Ramsay Month ago

    LOOK SEE Season 2?

  • Michael Herbert
    Michael Herbert Month ago

    What if your left handed and he chooses you after chopping off your left hand. Your warnings are gonna look really messed up

  • Samuel Lowery
    Samuel Lowery Month ago

    So, the Look-See is literally just the Bootstrap It Monster? That is actually pretty scary. "Get over your trauma or I'm gonna murder the shit outta you."

  • scott jones
    scott jones Month ago +1

    It doesn’t really give em time to figure out what to do and do it...I feel like they could have figured out a better way for the creature to operate, even within the exact same perimeters they’ve set for it.

  • 719Gas from THEslumZ

    All these movies the ritual,babadook are the exact same plot. Just a couple alternative versions altered in some small way

  • ZaphGaming
    ZaphGaming Month ago +1

    look see i made a poopsie

  • manu mudgal
    manu mudgal Month ago

    Maybe Daniel is in Sunny family cult?

  • HexagonBright
    HexagonBright Month ago +4

    The Mysterious man was probably missing his Cock so he committed suicide, Looksee always takes a piece Right 😂

  • Humberto Garay
    Humberto Garay Month ago +4

    "13 is a spookly specifically number associated with evil and bad luck"
    me: *born in October 13"

  • uʎɔ
    uʎɔ Month ago

    Its been a year man. We need an update!!

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating Month ago

    Damn that's insanely cool

  • Daffy
    Daffy Month ago

    if you are saying that 13 deaths somehow summoned him then how the hell did he already find one assistant to write that note? as the guy was already present above the grieving families?

  • CornishPasty
    CornishPasty Month ago

    What a shite monster