THE LOOK-SEE Monster + Ending Explained

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Looking at the excellent horror web series from CryptTV, THE LOOK-SEE. We'll be explaining the story and ending's many mysteries, easy to miss connections, and breaking down the Look-See monster itself.
    Thanks to CryptTV for sponsoring this video.
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Comments • 4 299

  • Andromeda Lightning
    Andromeda Lightning 4 hours ago

    13 children.
    13 is a haunted number (in the United States lol.)

  • mercked whores
    mercked whores 6 hours ago


  • Shadow Wolfe
    Shadow Wolfe 22 hours ago

    Marleens feet are so dirty it's kinda gross

  • awsomeE1111 YT
    awsomeE1111 YT Day ago

    look see is rude

    FLIMFLAM Day ago

    instead of subbing to some horror creator you should subscribe to callmecarson

  • sumerbc
    sumerbc Day ago

    Oh man I am so over my ex wife..... and my sister... I promise man.....

  • Lemuel Yatali
    Lemuel Yatali 2 days ago

    That's so dumb. Why would you just kill people because they didn't move on from something? So if I remember failing in school, and I keep holding on to that and being reminded of that, I'll die? That's so stupid

  • Cloaker
    Cloaker 2 days ago

    This guy is an asshole, ima summon him and beat his ass with my nightstick when he appears. *_YOU HEAR THAT ASSHOLE? IMA BEAT YO ASS._*

  • Kenneth Best
    Kenneth Best 2 days ago +2

    This monster is cool AF

  • frost Phoenix
    frost Phoenix 3 days ago

    Honestly i dont want to get hunted by a demon by if it has to be one it would be the look see he so proffesional no wild roaring and its for a good reason too much frief is bad

  • Xenon VH2
    Xenon VH2 3 days ago

    What did the mysterious man loose?... his penis?

  • MarshyLeaks
    MarshyLeaks 3 days ago +2

    Look-See: If they don't move on in 15 minutes, I'm legally allowed to kill them.

  • Mantha Marie
    Mantha Marie 5 days ago

    If the look-see is after you just say 'like a good neighbor, state farm is there!' then just use him as a sacrifice lol!

  • Daniel Swithenbank
    Daniel Swithenbank 6 days ago

    Im more terrified of John jones,he is a LOOK SEE DO monster....

  • Jonathan Woollett-Light

    Like what if Ginnie just stabbed the look-see then destroyed the watch?

  • Demon Dragon
    Demon Dragon 7 days ago

    My Therapist: It will be a challenge, but you need to go through the process of moving on and letting go of the past.
    Look-See Demon: Wanna lose ya hands? No? Too bad

  • Row Blanka
    Row Blanka 8 days ago +1

    would be cooler if he actually helped Them in a cruel Way to move on instead of just killing them

  • Ash X reflex
    Ash X reflex 8 days ago

    You could say these are the 13 Reasons Why the looksy attacks her

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 8 days ago

    She already got a divorce with Daniel... watch the movie

  • Clout Coochie
    Clout Coochie 8 days ago

    She flushed the ring tho?

  • Sarah Smeltser
    Sarah Smeltser 8 days ago

    Okay, the title looked like a Disney title

  • Jeralt's Horde
    Jeralt's Horde 9 days ago

    Next time on pewds news

    *Looksee, makes an Oopsie*

  • milo fouche
    milo fouche 10 days ago

    Be me sitting in front of my pc in the dark, i pull down my pants stopping only half way as i hear a bump in the house ignoring it i proceeds to pull my pants to my feet " MMM maybe i should stop doing this and find purpose in my life... Nah ima WACK IT!!!" in the background LOOK-SEE it's free real estate.

  • Michael Small
    Michael Small 11 days ago

    Sounds like ya need a really good shotgun

  • Gameknight 995
    Gameknight 995 12 days ago

    The looksee

    Sneak 100

  • Gameknight 995
    Gameknight 995 12 days ago

    Before The second season I genuinely thought this was a slenderman flick

  • Kawaii Onee-chan
    Kawaii Onee-chan 12 days ago

    moron of the story: dont hold on to something of the past or slender man's deranged crooked face brother is coming

  • Jacob Olivares
    Jacob Olivares 13 days ago

    Maybe the reason why the pocket watch is shaped like an eye is because the person IS the looks sees eues

  • Jay Mel
    Jay Mel 13 days ago

    This movie is awesome! The Perfection is garbage! Lol, I am losing faith in your judgement.

  • sb19861111
    sb19861111 14 days ago

    Is this the babadook?

  • Majin_moesly
    Majin_moesly 14 days ago

    Think about it! Daniel is the look see! He was shown in the dream with no eyes and the look see has no eyes! Watch the reveal!

  • TheBurritoBandit Oi
    TheBurritoBandit Oi 15 days ago

    I thought the hand in its mouth was Ginny's hand

  • PureBrawler
    PureBrawler 16 days ago


  • Arianna Quezon
    Arianna Quezon 16 days ago

    The monster looks like All for One in My Hero Academia.

  • Cerise1307
    Cerise1307 16 days ago

    I NEED A PART 2!

  • tori vivi
    tori vivi 16 days ago

    Are there specific body parts he takes when he 'takes a piece'
    idk why but my mind went dark and thought, maybe he's building something or someone

    • tori vivi
      tori vivi 16 days ago

      also, Marlene has a punchible face
      maybe it's because she's a mistress but whenever she comes on screen I get mad and wanna skip

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 17 days ago

    Looksee in dead by daylight😃

  • Sarah Cruz
    Sarah Cruz 17 days ago +1

    Alguém em 2019?

  • 24 kiloG
    24 kiloG 18 days ago

    Soooooo slender man looking ass

  • LegendArySayain
    LegendArySayain 18 days ago

    So... basically, he punishes people for feeling grief?

  • log_ jokes
    log_ jokes 18 days ago

    So this horror series only teaches us to just release our personal burden and move on

  • Azreal V
    Azreal V 19 days ago

    I absolutely think it isn’t a Demon. It’s an Angel, they are so far humanity, that when that try and help. It is only an idea.

  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo 19 days ago

    Looksee is an absolute cunt, he mostly attacks people who are innocent & grieving.
    I'd summon Birch to deal with that fuck nugget.

  • King Rivers
    King Rivers 21 day ago +1

    It's not about letting go. By the time the hell spawn gets there it's to late. If you manage to actually let go while it's there it just wants to take whatever it can as far as what feelings are left before it goes.

  • King Rivers
    King Rivers 21 day ago

    Cops can't work family cases.

  • YungAndVicious
    YungAndVicious 22 days ago

    6:59 *bruh lowkey Marlene got some dirty-ass feet.*

  • Mr. Helix
    Mr. Helix 22 days ago

    So watch seems to be its weakness

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only 23 days ago +1

    *Look see holding a gun*
    u betta stop mf grieving

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only 23 days ago +1

    *Look see holding a gun*
    u betta stop mf grieving

  • joshua fields
    joshua fields 23 days ago

    Look see reminds me of slenderman just with a face

  • Cresitonia
    Cresitonia 23 days ago

    This "monster" Is high key dookie. Idk why so many people are just sucking crypt tv's dick over him.

  • Nyax #50 Lopez
    Nyax #50 Lopez 23 days ago +1

    Look see is a really well dress man uwu Damn I wish men looked like him nowadays.
    Edit: actually look see needs a friend tho. If it bleeds, it has feelings

  • Haley Welle
    Haley Welle 24 days ago

    Bruh none of these people deserved to die

  • Man Running
    Man Running 25 days ago +1

    5:30 - "But He didnt kill her." Oh yeah shes just knocked out shes good, she does yoga.

  • Hmie x
    Hmie x 26 days ago +2

    He does not teleport.
    He is so fast and whenever someone blinks he runs and moves to a different spot.

  • Amber stare
    Amber stare 27 days ago

    Intresting thing, 4 leads to gates of hell, and the child from the begining's number was 4... Just found that interesting

  • Mr114668
    Mr114668 27 days ago

    Well guess you could say he was a bit of a....peeping tom! Eye don't even know why someone would....look at stuff like this

  • Capissotor
    Capissotor 27 days ago +1

    Looks like the top commentators cant release their hatred for look-see...

  • Khoa Ngô Minh
    Khoa Ngô Minh 27 days ago

    didn't you see that the hand in look-see could be the wife's hand ?

  • Dwann Wilson
    Dwann Wilson 28 days ago

    Just hearing what this demon propest ... it really stupid and shitty im sure that why hes the less fav demon. smh these writers can work easy for Hollywood

  • mecaka
    mecaka 28 days ago

    It would be really cool to see you return to these series by cryptTV and add more analysis now that more episodes are out!

  • Lover Gal97
    Lover Gal97 28 days ago

    The mistress dirty ass feet

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller 28 days ago

    I love. The video

  • Mangle Studios
    Mangle Studios 29 days ago

    I love the look-see. He's so fancy

  • Paul_NotWalking
    Paul_NotWalking 29 days ago

    you look like a drowned rat

  • *Insert clever name here*

    Soooo... Extreme self help demon?

  • shiver the lynx
    shiver the lynx 29 days ago +1

    Look-see - hey i got you a gift! ( spits pocket watch out of mouth ) there you go! :D
    Lady - ( screams and stabs him in the neck )
    Look-see - ( looks down at neck and then back up to the lady ) bish is this the thanks i get for letting you live and giving you a gift?... ( stumbles away ) man.. All i wanted was a simple thanks... I:(
    Lady- ...? I:I

  • Virginia BunnyGoblin

    If he pays well, i wouldnt mind being his assistant.

  • Ariana Tiry
    Ariana Tiry Month ago

    Fam, usually Telos is connected to the looks-see. In two stories I've seen with Telos the Looks-see soon appears. One with a father and mother wishing back their son and one with a boy wishing back his girlfriend. The second one could actually be the Telos monster.
    So maybe the guy who cheated asked Telos for his wife to love him again and summoned him.

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Month ago

    Look see monster got some fuckin class

  • DarkCode
    DarkCode Month ago +1

    It looks like a penis with teeth and s&m scars 😆

  • Tracy Thomas
    Tracy Thomas Month ago

    The significance of the number 4 at the crime scene could be in reference to 4 in Japanese being shi or yon. Shi also meaning death gives the number an unlucky nature similar to 13.

  • Leaf Singz
    Leaf Singz Month ago


  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon Month ago

    Dude, if you’re gonna explain the ending of something, don’t explain the whole thing.

  • Slit Wrist Misfit
    Slit Wrist Misfit Month ago +6

    The look see is just a radical new form of therapy :)

  • Melkim Urquilla
    Melkim Urquilla Month ago

    Yasss my fav film guru

  • Rasgriz Revelations

    I would be more curious about what the look see could offer its "servants" or "partners". It shouldn't kill you for refusing as you passed its test. Demons need to obey their own rules so what does it offer to those who agree to work for it? Perhaps they offer to return what it took, or maybe its a trick to eventually turn the other into a look see themselves? Slowly being corrupted by the look see and the way it works, acts, and thinks.

  • Lucas Laramie
    Lucas Laramie Month ago +1

    Wait is there only one bathroom ?? Like how did the guy write on the stall if it's the womans bathroom

  • Matt C
    Matt C Month ago

    What a douche of a demon. “Hey, that guy’s sitting by himself celebrating his dead daughter’s birthday. I should kill him horribly. He deserves it.”

  • ninja foxx
    ninja foxx Month ago

    11:16 oh no no no no

  • ninja foxx
    ninja foxx Month ago

    6:58 is brutal

  • ÑeònZerø Gàchā

    Are we not gonna speak on how dirty Marlene feet are like them shits is bllaaccckk

  • BriFox Studios
    BriFox Studios Month ago

    An idea of what the look-see might be; Slenderman comes into sich a scenario that he gets a mouth that he desperately needs to kill somebody.
    Havent you seen pictures of slender on google that has a saying kinda like "no eyes, but. Always watches"? And the monster's name is look-see. Isn't that kind of like a tie?
    He might also be my top favourite crypt TV monster.


    Look-see: shows up
    Me:hello handsome
    Look-see:cringes so bad it implodes
    Me: works every time
    Me: wait, why the fuck was he here!?

  • natsu Rubio
    natsu Rubio Month ago

    I was dead ass watching this in my living room (wend the girl in the bathtub get decapitated) l heard a noise expecting looksy to be there

  • HoneySulphur
    HoneySulphur Month ago

    Marlene looks like Lindsay Jones.

  • Sofia Guzman
    Sofia Guzman Month ago

    Please do more cript TV explains

  • You! Me? No the other guy.

    Atleast he has class

  • Kookie jams
    Kookie jams Month ago

    The looksee is like a painful therapist

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat Month ago

    I think that the mistress lost her head because it was her face that caused Daniel to have an affair. That's just my thoughts

  • King of the Bruiser-weight

    The reason why the girl was able to injure the look see was because at that moment she no longer feared and being a demon who feeds off of negative emotions was being weakened by bravery

  • Tea Tsuneko
    Tea Tsuneko Month ago

    Slenderman’s little brother carrying on the family’s tradition

  • 송해성
    송해성 Month ago

    A dad who loved his child? Gotta kill him right away!

  • Gacha W/ Ann
    Gacha W/ Ann Month ago +3

    *13 is known for being an evil number...*

    • Jas F.
      Jas F. 12 days ago

      Gacha W/ Ann *you’re

  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney Month ago

    To me I think the twisted head is about being stuck in the past or constantly looking back at what he could have done

  • Elliot Bear
    Elliot Bear Month ago

    I saw a creature so much like this in my dreams a couple years ago, and I’ve never watched these videos before. I’ve never even heard of them before. No eyes, absolutely massive, massive mouth, long fingers, suit. Even moved in a similar fashion

  • enderman_30
    enderman_30 Month ago +3

    The person you hired to sneak into peoples houses and leave notes, you left in a wheel chair great thinking

  • kaylawuvscookies
    kaylawuvscookies Month ago +2

    More like the "Look-here look-listen"
    Shoutout Sean Ranklin.

  • Dave The Rave
    Dave The Rave Month ago

    So the Look-See is like a psycho therapist?

  • Stuffed Stories
    Stuffed Stories Month ago

    One question... Why does he smile so much?????