Seal Strawberry Daifuku

  • Published on Jun 6, 2016
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    Thank you for watching! I've gotten a lot of requests to make dessert so I made one of my favorites. I've been wanted to make a slow and relaxing type of video once. I'm sorry if it felt too long and boring. Next video will be faster paced. And again, thank you so much for watching!
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    【Ingredients / serves 1】
    Rice flour 50g (1.7oz)
    Water 100ml (3.4oz)
    Red bean paste 100g (3.4oz)
    Powdered sugar 1tbs
    Strawberries 3 pieces
    Chocolate 1tsp

    She Dreams in Blue by Josh Woodward
    Old Bossa by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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  • Natdanai Keephimai
    Natdanai Keephimai 2 days ago

    Unadon please

  • Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay

    Gordon Ramsay could never.

  • Baylor Bloomer
    Baylor Bloomer 2 days ago


  • Timur Kelle
    Timur Kelle 5 days ago

    I cant eat this cutie:)

  • en joy
    en joy 8 days ago


  • Èxcéédíñg Thè Üñkñøwñ

    I don't know why but I thought he said "Rub the bowl" instead of "Wrap the bowl". He might have turned into Alladin if he did that.

  • Touka
    Touka 12 days ago


  • Bella P
    Bella P 13 days ago

    I’m allergic to red beans. Does anyone know a good substitute?

  • Lazy Panda
    Lazy Panda 14 days ago

    lol, is he making art or food cant even tell

  • No_one_booo
    No_one_booo 15 days ago

    I love the relationship he has with his cats😣😥😢

  • Marta Hidalgo de Haro
    Marta Hidalgo de Haro 19 days ago

    Lamento, haber visto , tu videos demasiado tarde .
    Porque eres buenísimo .
    Debes de trabajar en esto.
    Yo , que soy de otro pais , lamento no poder entenderte.

  • Marta Hidalgo de Haro
    Marta Hidalgo de Haro 19 days ago

    Me hace gracia cuando paseas al gato con la bici.

  • Kitt Kozy
    Kitt Kozy 21 day ago

    your videos have a studio Ghibli quality to them. love it

  • Just Lisa
    Just Lisa 22 days ago

    I want to go grocery shopping with my cat!

  • Jury Mony
    Jury Mony 24 days ago +2

    I love the beginning when he rides his bike with Haku it's adorable!

  • biiirb
    biiirb 29 days ago

    Your cats are wonderful beings

  • Blossom Gill
    Blossom Gill Month ago

    So peaceful, so wholesome, so yummy! 🌸🐈🌷

  • ThisLittle Kitty
    ThisLittle Kitty Month ago

    Hey there! Would you like to donate Haku to me for at least 60 years?

  • Ely Sa
    Ely Sa Month ago

    Lovely all

  • Cicopath
    Cicopath Month ago

    In United States terms, it would be a glazed strawberry with the first outer layer being a chocolate, typically hardened and dipped again 3 times, and the second layer being a fondant sheet... and fondant is _nasty..._ also, all of it would taste like cardboard.

  • watrgrl2
    watrgrl2 Month ago

    I love that you take your cat in in the basket of your bike shopping! He is so well behaved! He looks like he enjoys the ride.

  • Brittany Savage
    Brittany Savage Month ago

    There is a hair in the chocolate at 3:23 haha the struggle of living with cats!

  • xXGreecOXx
    xXGreecOXx Month ago

    Uma vez fui comer isso e não sabia que era de feijão pensei que fosse de chocolate kkkkk, nunca mais comi kkk

  • BlastooX
    BlastooX Month ago

    Jó lett a videó! De miért fókát csináltál?

  • พงศธร เครือคงคา


  • Ivana GomAri
    Ivana GomAri Month ago

    Hi I’m from Mexico

  • 즐겜러의게임채널

    4:16 cat: are you frikin kiddin me?

  • Mira de Rooij
    Mira de Rooij Month ago

    Plot twist: Haku is a food inspector

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    .....Gordon Ramsay has left the chat

  • ͔
    ͔ Month ago +2

    One day I want to have a wife or husband and live in a small village house together with 3+ cats and me and my partner cooking food together that looks like this, me painting peacefully in the forest and taking my cats into the nature on walks, picnics and little days out. Jun is almost living my dream life.

  • G e n e s i s ༄
    G e n e s i s ༄ Month ago

    Que pedo xd con el packman del inicio

  • ひつじ夢
    ひつじ夢 Month ago


  • ひつじ夢
    ひつじ夢 Month ago


  • Wolf05de
    Wolf05de Month ago

    2:19 when my mom tells me to get off fortntie

  • Army BTS
    Army BTS Month ago

    Очень классный канал)))😃😃😍😍

  • Holo Chanx
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    I would have love to see Rachel re action to this and the tempera Sakura tree owo so badly please make them again but show Rachel too XD 🥺💜😶💕

  • Simon Scare
    Simon Scare 2 months ago

    There’s NO WAY I could eat one of those they’re so cute

  • Lexie Marie
    Lexie Marie 2 months ago

    Am I the only one wondering how Haku is such a good cat and doesn’t run away when Jun leaves him in the basket??

  • aynaa
    aynaa 2 months ago

    literally 3 seconds in and im already crying about how cute it is

  • land of drawings
    land of drawings 2 months ago


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  • Stan Monsta X You cowards

    He’s such a peaceful soul

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    I Don’t Know About That

  • Adia K.
    Adia K. 2 months ago

    R i p T h e S e a l O p e n

  • flanman20
    flanman20 2 months ago

    This is almost as kawii as ur cats

  • Вальда Уэст
    Вальда Уэст 3 months ago

    Блин,этот парень случайно не кулинар или типо того?Он готовит красиво,и несомненно вкусно,крутое видео)))

  • jaysen2200
    jaysen2200 3 months ago

    Awwww my Boone kitty helps me cook dinner every night like this

    • jaysen2200
      jaysen2200 3 months ago

      Mostly because he is a Piggy and wants chicken lol

  • Hằng Lý
    Hằng Lý 3 months ago +1

    Haku + Nagi + Poki = Hanapo !!!!

  • CatGirl
    CatGirl 3 months ago

    Hi! I tried but I just want to ask how much rice flour and water to put? I tried without exact measurement and it turned out really mushy. Can someone who has made this before help me please? Thanks.

  • boomitchell77
    boomitchell77 3 months ago

    When I clicked on this video, the only thing I saw in the title was
    Seal strawberry Dai fuk u

  • kings l
    kings l 3 months ago

    Do you leave your cat outside in the backpack or do you take him with you in the store

  • meldre poulpe
    meldre poulpe 3 months ago

    home mochi is good but I prefer when you make them mith your uncle ... so fond of traditional family ways ^^ we miss that in france

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 3 months ago


  • meme meme
    meme meme 3 months ago +1

    I will be happy if i have ths en ristron😋

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  • Gacha _Wolfzz
    Gacha _Wolfzz 3 months ago +2

    I love how Haku likes things he never saw before and is always curious.
    If he/she was a person, i would imagine him/her being calm, sweet and
    a kinda shy. He would probably have the same personality as Jun~! *

    • Z. Z.
      Z. Z. 2 months ago

      yeah.. I love all 3 kitties but big boye Haku is my fav. He is so kingly and chill

  • Judie T Walpole
    Judie T Walpole 3 months ago

    Your moche paste looks like our 'regal ice' that we use to cover cakes in the UK. same texture and we use corn starch to roll it out, Very similar. Do you leave Haku outside the store on the bike? If you did that in the UK he would have been stolen by the time you got back. We have so many pets being taken from their own homes and sold on to use as bait in dog fights etc.

  • c berry
    c berry 3 months ago


  • barb deboer
    barb deboer 3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure if I was a year in and then return to this comment I’m still on lying going to have the one like I gave myself ;-;

  • ItzNikaWolf
    ItzNikaWolf 3 months ago

    I came for the seals, the cooking too.