UFC Mexico official weigh-ins and faceoffs highlight

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Check out highlights from Friday's official weigh-ins and fighter faceoffs ahead of UFC on ESPN+ 17 in Mexico City.
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Comments • 131

  • Marco Mark Productions
    Marco Mark Productions 23 days ago +1


  • Holger Laufenberg
    Holger Laufenberg 24 days ago

    That is the gayest thing i’ve seen in hours

  • Guess 123
    Guess 123 24 days ago +1

    So MMA weight ins are being hosted in some back ally Mexican bar ? It sounds like a bunch of drunk bum Mexicans were in there 😏 ....thanks God for the blessed wall

  • Cora
    Cora 24 days ago

    I clicked because I thought they were kissing :(

  • SA M
    SA M 24 days ago

    Sijara could bang out most of them dudes she is tuff.

  • quadrocopter flyaway
    quadrocopter flyaway 25 days ago

    8:33 who the fock is this

  • lee lunk
    lee lunk 26 days ago


  • lee lunk
    lee lunk 26 days ago


  • Stone Stone
    Stone Stone 26 days ago

    remember when sijara eubanks was supposed to fight valentina shevchenko what a joke 😂

  • Blacksheep
    Blacksheep 26 days ago

    Jeremy “try hard” stephens

  • Am I The First African Humanist

    Bethe moves her World Map back and forth every time.

  • Nub Destroyer
    Nub Destroyer 26 days ago

    Ngl yair looks like he about to cry

  • Hawaiian Punch
    Hawaiian Punch 26 days ago +1

    Is it me.. Or does Brandon Moreno look like Mclovin 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Hosdo
    Michael Hosdo 26 days ago

    Stephens all day long.

  • Chris A
    Chris A 26 days ago

    Rodriguez is a smart striker. I think this fight will go much like the Zabit fight, unless Stephens gets inside and is able to crowd and pressure Rodriguez.

  • Marcos Cerrudo
    Marcos Cerrudo 26 days ago

    Vamos Panterita!! Tire magia esta noche!! Saludos desde Argentina!

  • bara park
    bara park 26 days ago

    Rodriguez is a very dirty player

  • Daily Scratchers
    Daily Scratchers 26 days ago

    Why all the girls gotta get naked

  • T S
    T S 27 days ago

    Yair no air exhausted & barely breathing

  • ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000

    If Stephen connects he should put Yair to sleep but Kenny Florian had to fuck everything up and pick Steohens to win by knockout which I hope he does but Kennny Florian has a record 0- 364 in picking fights soooooo idk

  • fm88
    fm88 27 days ago

    yair is lit

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 27 days ago +5

    lol.looks like usada visited everyone on the card other than the woman fighting Angela Hil.she was hiding under the cage next to my man bones Jones...😂😂

    • Poseable Dumbs
      Poseable Dumbs 26 days ago

      It's a guy. Check the big ads Adams apple. Brought to you by Wme aka disney

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 27 days ago +1

    lol Bethe still in UFC and Zingano got cut.don't know about that one.but Bethe and sijara is a fun fight.lookin forward to it

  • Jason M
    Jason M 27 days ago +1

    Vanesso Mello can barely stand, drained out and weak.

  • Nicolas Ruvalcaba
    Nicolas Ruvalcaba 27 days ago

    With that many Mexican warriors on one fight card there's no way it's going to be boring..

  • Skosh
    Skosh 27 days ago

    Wait, what was the mega meme with Sijara Eubanks that was going on not that long ago? I remember there was some shit but I don't remember what exactly.

  • Koffft
    Koffft 27 days ago +2

    Damn Yair seems to be very nervous haha

  • David Flint
    David Flint 27 days ago +8

    Is that a dude fighting the Angela Hill? I thought we weren't allowed to do that

    • Poseable Dumbs
      Poseable Dumbs 26 days ago

      It sure is. There's several since wme aka Disney bought them out.

    • Pete Hutchins
      Pete Hutchins 27 days ago

      she he needs major testing

  • Kim Jason Vega
    Kim Jason Vega 27 days ago +2

    Vanessa Melo looks like a poor woman get paid to get KOed.

  • Emjay Mendez
    Emjay Mendez 27 days ago +1

    No one is even acknowledging the fact that Alexa Grasso just beat Karolina in her last fight and that she physically looks phenomenal. She once said she admired Felice Herrig for her physical fitness, and shes now proving to be one motivated lady.

  • Emjay Mendez
    Emjay Mendez 27 days ago

    I dont recall Paul Craig has won a fight in some time.

    • Ninjachugs
      Ninjachugs 27 days ago

      Emjay Mendez he’s on a win-loss-win-loss streak, 1-1 this year

  • Joseph Asch
    Joseph Asch 27 days ago

    Anyone who thinks bethe has a nice ass stop it your embarrassing yourself

  • Patty Hays
    Patty Hays 27 days ago +1

    If Stephens loses another one, he could be getting a call from Scott Coker...

    • Eric
      Eric 26 days ago

      Yair was 1 second away from a similar losing streak lol

  • Grandmaster CHOODA
    Grandmaster CHOODA 27 days ago +5

    I hope they made tickets affordable to actual Mexicans

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte 27 days ago

    2:46 You cannot tell me these Brazilian broads are not loading up on PEDs in their native country early in their careers. This bitch lookin' like Mickey Gall! A physique like that is not natural at all. This chick, Jessica Andrade, even Claudia Gadelha shows traces of this. We need to stop pretending this is just a result of hard work in the gym.

  • Belgian John
    Belgian John 27 days ago +2

    why is this guy fighting a girl and why is he bigger than me?

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K 27 days ago

    Jeremy coming straight outta Risky Business

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K 27 days ago +1

    Bethe got back.

  • MephsTV
    MephsTV 27 days ago +3

    I just came to see Alexa Grasso

    • 789raiden
      789raiden 26 days ago

      @Chris GetOFFmeHOE el querpo*

  • El Super Guapo
    El Super Guapo 27 days ago

    Arriba la capital del mundo!! Let's go Yair!! Alexa, Carla, Irene and "Bethe" an example of Latinas beauty and toughness!

  • Kovalef Kova
    Kovalef Kova 27 days ago +1

    Vamos yair Rodriguez partele la cara a Jeremiah que se cree ingreido y hazlo humilde CARAJO tu tienes talent para ser el gran CAMPEON EN TU PESO TIENES YOU HAVE TALENT OK

  • Kentucky Blugrass
    Kentucky Blugrass 27 days ago +5

    @4:45..."Donchu know I'm Loco"

  • Erbol Ergaziev
    Erbol Ergaziev 27 days ago +4


  • Michael Spoto
    Michael Spoto 27 days ago +1

    no way that girl angela hill is fighting isn't roided up.

    • Poseable Dumbs
      Poseable Dumbs 26 days ago

      @Chris GetOFFmeHOE yup. Wme Disney. You people are all gonna see soon. It's not just men fighting women. Check colbys sister out. She makes Gabi Garcia look feminin

    • Todd Johnson
      Todd Johnson 27 days ago +1

      not passing judgement because I don't know the woman.but being a trainer for over 20 years and a physical therapist..traps are very hard to come by.for male and especially female.arms maybe.. but traps.. normally a tall tell sign of p.e.d.s. she better hope usada didn't watch this cuz they are coming...😂😂

    • publius maximus
      publius maximus 27 days ago

      @Michael Spoto no man I'm not even sure what game that is

    • Michael Spoto
      Michael Spoto 27 days ago

      @publius maximus are you pugilus on discord?

    • publius maximus
      publius maximus 27 days ago

      Damm foreall man she got big ol man arms and neck Haha feel bad for hill they always put her in wars

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 27 days ago

    best ceremonial waigh in ever for a main Event yair is sooo emotional you can see it will be huge huge fight i cant wait

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis 27 days ago +3

    Carla and Alexa should be the Main Card seriously who cares about those two Mr. Nobody's that will never hold a title. When Carla has been the champ under multiple promotions, and Alexa needs shades at night her future is so bright. It's official, UFC higher ups, need to hire me as their matchmaker. These weak Main Cards are getting out of hand. I know how to sell tickets and Pay-Per-Views. Ari, Dana hit me up.

    • Will Lewis
      Will Lewis 27 days ago

      @Chris GetOFFmeHOE Why would I ever take a drink of Hennessey again 1st this is not the late 90's early 2000's? 2nd get your spellings and mind together before you step to Sensei William 8th Degree Black Open Hand. Peace is my shelter my conscience is my guide and beauty and perfection is my life, so my temple stays pure. 3rd slap yourself troll because I'm not there to do it for you. Go 👉 👌 yourself 👊✊✌

    • Will Lewis
      Will Lewis 27 days ago

      @Baby Boy T Suarez has a very bright future too I agree No doubt

    • Will Lewis
      Will Lewis 27 days ago

      @Baby Boy Ok Ok let me set the record str8 bruda, Andrade is the luckiest straw-weight of all time for how she snaked her way around "THUG GOAT ROSE", Zhang showed us that. Joanna J needs to retire and have a little Polish superkid if she is able unless she steamrolls Waterson which is likey. Superfight of whatever year Wei vs Rose, in the return of the humble THUG.

    • Nowhatamsaying
      Nowhatamsaying 27 days ago +1

      @Will Lewis us old timer need to stick together. These wwe soy boy fans have no clue about what mix martial arts is all about. Ufc has turned into " cage fighting entertainment " & put way to much time in old journey men who only have been gates keepers & never will be champ. However, I do believe this will be a good main event & test for the young kid. For carla, her time has gone. Still a warrior though.

    • Baby Boy
      Baby Boy 27 days ago +2

      Rodriguez has a much better chance of getting to the title than grasso or esparza imo. I don't think either stand a chance as long as you have Joanna, Suarez, Andrade and the current champ in front of them. Plus Rodriguez and Stephens have fight of the night written all over it where the co main might be a borefest. I do agree that there's been a lot of weaker cards lately tho. Don't forget they are having a non title main event between Joanna and Waterson coming up shortly if that's what your looking for.

  • closinginonclosure
    closinginonclosure 27 days ago

    Yair has been a shit show. Went from being Dana's flavor of the week hype boy. Then getting his ass beat. Getting released from the UFC. Brought back in. Hardly ever fights, but weaseled out a win in the final seconds of his last fight. Now thinks he's the hardest thing ever. I have a feeling Jeremy fucks him him. He doesn't fight well under pressure. He needs distance to get his kicking game going. If Jeremy pressures and makes it dirty like he often does. It's going to be a long night for Yair.

  • Petros
    Petros 27 days ago +7

    Stephens should decapitate Yair.

    • Douglas Jackson Jr.
      Douglas Jackson Jr. 26 days ago

      To late! it ended in a no contest. 😂😂😂

    • Tamer Ciftci
      Tamer Ciftci 26 days ago

      @Diz Zkl that's true.

    • Diz Zkl
      Diz Zkl 26 days ago

      @Tamer Ciftci Whatever is on the line if a punch lands on the face you gonna feel it.

    • Tamer Ciftci
      Tamer Ciftci 26 days ago

      Honestly I wouldn't bet anything. Yair looked like his life is on the line after the weight got announced. Just look at him

  • hector rodriguez
    hector rodriguez 27 days ago +13

    Well done fellas. I love how you combined the official weigh in and then the face off, important for me prior to laying funds down. But damn, Bethe's ass is epically luscious

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 27 days ago +1

    Once upon a time in Mexico 🇲🇽....

  • boogieboy1974
    boogieboy1974 27 days ago

    How many fight does angela hill have to lose before they fuck her off?

  • Yokikoshimoto DDA
    Yokikoshimoto DDA 27 days ago

    Пиздец. Наш уделает его в чистую походу.

  • herc20000
    herc20000 27 days ago +2

    Yair looked a bit like Jim Carey a few times there.

  • Devin Davis
    Devin Davis 27 days ago +13

    Wow I wouldn't be surprised if they cancel the Aldana fight.

    • The Nightmare
      The Nightmare 27 days ago +3

      Devin Davis that other girl is drained she looked like 💀💀 on the scale

  • Dwin
    Dwin 27 days ago +7

    carla has one of the best asses in mma

  • D M
    D M 27 days ago +9

    Pettis lookin like a shrunken head.

  • Bull Mtn. Billy
    Bull Mtn. Billy 27 days ago +3

    Yair is gonna win, he already took his sunglasses.

  • Cesar Barrantes
    Cesar Barrantes 27 days ago

    Wow Yair is WEAK AS FUCK

  • Nick Sure
    Nick Sure 27 days ago +8

    YAIR fake laugh and it's looks like moore cryin

    • Nick Sure
      Nick Sure 27 days ago

      @ruggedtobbycheck better how Stephens fuc knock out this fake "panthera" and remember my nickname and bend a knee next time when you answer on my comments

    • ruggedtobby
      ruggedtobby 27 days ago

      "It's was" wtf lol

  • anthony gonzalez
    anthony gonzalez 27 days ago +5