BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAUL 2019! what's in my backpack as a senior

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • hi guys!! in today's video i show you everything i got for my senior year of high school!
    when does your school start? mine starts august 15th!
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    camera: canon g7x mark ii
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  • Zehra Sagici
    Zehra Sagici 7 hours ago

    I don’t like school but i like shopping for it

  • Charry Ong
    Charry Ong Day ago


  • EnjoyAdventuresWith Manal

    Please tell me what your hair colour is if you see this comment

  • EnjoyAdventuresWith Manal

    You're so pretty I love your hair colour

  • Abigail Mussan
    Abigail Mussan 10 days ago

    Hi Kenna!😆I am a new subscriber of yours!I love your videos😘...this is the first video that I've watched! Iwatched almost 25 videos of yours! 😅Love your school supplies😍I am just like you when I was in grade 5!😂I always talk to myself in front of the mirror or basically everywhere!!!🤗😇Your my inspiration👻😻
    I watched till the end!!! 🤒btw,my keyboard doesn't have that emoji! I hope you notice me!! 😔😕Sorry Kenna😣😥


  • Its Me Naica Michelle
    Its Me Naica Michelle 10 days ago

    hi im new to ur channel❤

  • Saulo S.
    Saulo S. 11 days ago +1

    btw your smile is sooooo nice
    No One:

  • Ben Waggott
    Ben Waggott 12 days ago

    beaut amazing videos ngl add my snap bwaggott223 and my insta we could create amazing content with our skills

  • •leaxpea•
    •leaxpea• 17 days ago

    Her: "I think that many people have this backpack"
    Me: Wow so you think everyone is rich? xD

  • Sierra Noel
    Sierra Noel 19 days ago

    How can you fit all your school stuff in such a tiny backpack??? I have to have a huge backpack for my binder and laptop.

  • NR - 08GM - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)

    i only stayed to the end because i was counting how many times you siad "like" lmaoo

  • anahi
    anahi 24 days ago

    She gives me such magical vibes. Like idk how to explain but I just started watching her vids and now im on love??

  • iiEyrana rblx
    iiEyrana rblx 24 days ago

    I have the same pencil case as you! I have mine in light blue though.

  • Aesthickawaiivans -_-
    Aesthickawaiivans -_- 25 days ago

    I’m getting mine soon

  • Hani Bazhi
    Hani Bazhi Month ago

    That Bacpack is made in my country

  • Simply Jaeda
    Simply Jaeda Month ago


  • Flxreall
    Flxreall Month ago


  • C h a n e l
    C h a n e l Month ago

    *trys to be trendy*

  • SJ Smith
    SJ Smith Month ago

    What size is the backpack?

  • Adrna Cmllia
    Adrna Cmllia Month ago

    When kenna said "everytime I buy a planner and then i didn't use it" i freakin felt this and "so let's hope that doesn't happen this year" omg that literally me every year and end up still doesn't use it

  • bryce sookra
    bryce sookra Month ago

    your videos are always just so ORGANIZED!!!

  • Sophia Delacour
    Sophia Delacour Month ago

    She’s probably a vsco girl.

  • Shylah Vlog
    Shylah Vlog Month ago

    For all TVclipr that needs help let’s work together!!!

  • Dunyah Mahmoud
    Dunyah Mahmoud Month ago

    definitely miss the feeling of buying and then organizing new school supplies 😭

  • Selena Trevino
    Selena Trevino Month ago

    RAINBOW!!! bc I'm a real one ;)

  • Josie Ryann
    Josie Ryann Month ago

    omg girl! i would go to five below, then come home and make a photo booth video on what i got! that's how bad i wanted to start yt! i finally started a channel! I'm hoping to grow my channel by using the tips and tricks you gave me in your "first paycheck" video! I Love your channel! You inspired me to start a yt channel after 4 years of wanting to start one! Thanks Kenna!

  • Nathalie Ortega
    Nathalie Ortega Month ago

    you're so pretty

  • Ahmxd Shxhrlnzxm
    Ahmxd Shxhrlnzxm Month ago

    When is your next video?

  • علي إكسبرس العربية - Aliexpress Arabia

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  • Alyazia Alkaabi
    Alyazia Alkaabi Month ago +1

    I just wanna say something

    You are such an amazing TVclipr , I like your editing , filming , especially your personality, your are so cute , and I always enjoy watching your videos , and rewatch them , cause I never get bored of them , I like this type of videos , and my TVclip video content is similar to yours , and I always use your tips , I am super happy for knowing your channel , just keep going and be positive , thank you ❤️😔

  • Courtney Cioll
    Courtney Cioll Month ago

    I think she forgot that the binder was from stapels

  • Ally Lopez
    Ally Lopez Month ago


  • Ally Lopez
    Ally Lopez Month ago

    You are inspiring!!

  • pyt_myraprettybad Snellings

    October 2019 anyone??

  • Chong Xuan
    Chong Xuan 2 months ago

    hi can i know where u got the himalayan salt lamp from and if possible , can u write out the link haha thanks :))

  • Fiona Rankin
    Fiona Rankin 2 months ago +1

    My dad told me that it is said: fuelraven! Also love you and getting a fjulraven Kankan back pack for Christmas!

  • Miranda Valle Torres
    Miranda Valle Torres 2 months ago


  • Ellie Roblox
    Ellie Roblox 2 months ago

    Love all ur videos hope u notice it and i love all ur back to school stuff 💘

  • Besmela
    Besmela 2 months ago +1

    I love it.

  • Ash Flame
    Ash Flame 2 months ago

    Its called kAnken

  • It’s Shaney
    It’s Shaney 2 months ago


  • Aretha to
    Aretha to 2 months ago

    You talk way to much toooo much

  • Joseph Nieto
    Joseph Nieto 2 months ago

    Hi Kenna Love You God Bless You Child n Family

  • Julie Jeff
    Julie Jeff 2 months ago


  • Temple of Hope
    Temple of Hope 2 months ago

    just found your channel....and you have made me laugh so hard.... So entertaining! #samesizeeverything #tinynotebook 💕

  • Jorgito :p
    Jorgito :p 2 months ago

    I have those highlighters and pencil case

  • Kallie Turner
    Kallie Turner 2 months ago

    Girl, I love your channel! You da bomb! 🤝💓

  • Elisa S.
    Elisa S. 2 months ago

    she is the ultimate VSCO girl

  • Calidays
    Calidays 2 months ago

    Soooo cute!

  • viren mahabir
    viren mahabir 2 months ago

    Kenna you are an inspiration.You rock!I loved this videeoooo!!!!You are amazing.Continue rocking this channel:)😁

  • Alexander Gonzalez
    Alexander Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Good shit once again. You never fail to disappoint. 😭😭😭😭🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • yemiravity
    yemiravity 3 months ago


  • Yacky R
    Yacky R 3 months ago

    I hace the same backpack on the same color, it gets dirty super quick tho :(

  • Lady Diane Fortich
    Lady Diane Fortich 3 months ago

    Why did u fast forward itttt ugh

  • Melanie Tapas
    Melanie Tapas 3 months ago


  • Izzie Rose
    Izzie Rose 3 months ago +1


  • :D
    :D 3 months ago

    The å in kånken is o not a i think thats the biggest mistake everyone who don't speak swedish makes. Also ä is pronounced as a in cat.

  • mileven stan
    mileven stan 3 months ago

    ahh i love u sm

  • Peaceful Melodies
    Peaceful Melodies 3 months ago

    Eww is that plastic

  • KPop Lady202
    KPop Lady202 3 months ago

    You say it like this: (I'm sorry if it didn't work..) :----> FIAHL- RAHVEN- KAHNKEN . Please like if this was helpful. :D