Spanish Baby Names You'll Fall In Love With

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
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    Most popular baby names in the United States have Latin roots, but we tapped baby-naming experts Pamela Redmond of Nameberry and Sherri Suzanne, founder of My Name for Life, about the hottest up-and-coming Spanish baby names!
    Julieta | 0:11
    Camila | 0:31
    Isabella | 0:49
    Belén | 1:12
    Aitana | 1:29
    Máximo | 1:43
    Leandro | 1:57
    Valentín | 2:10
    A name is everything | 2:36
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  • The List
    The List  Year ago +11

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    • gaby carmona-linares
      gaby carmona-linares Year ago

      The List juliette is my sisters name

    • B
      B Year ago

      Camila is pronounced just like Camilla, wtf

    • Be Jo
      Be Jo Year ago +3

      The List Isabella isn't a Spanish name, is Italian. The Spanish name is Isabel

  • Kool McKool
    Kool McKool 5 days ago

    Pff. Maximo is a weak name. You name a baby.
    Maximus Aurelius Decimus Leader Of The North Armies Leader Of The Felix Legions Father To A Murdered Son Husband To A Murdered Wife And Will Have His Revenge In This Life Or The Next.

  • Allondra Jones
    Allondra Jones 25 days ago

    Where’s my name?! My name is Spanish

  • Hettie Petra
    Hettie Petra Month ago

    Let this women be, shes clearly not Spanish and so will pronounce them wrong. I would like to hear you Spanish people pronounce German or Swedish names.

  • PorkoRoso
    PorkoRoso Month ago

    Isabella is not a Spanish name but “Isabel”.

  • Sulamita Carla
    Sulamita Carla 3 months ago

    Latin Babies Are SOOOOOOOO Cute!!

  • Mommy Maire
    Mommy Maire 4 months ago

    my half sister's name is Isabella!!:D

  • Anna Ross
    Anna Ross 4 months ago


  • elixnnaii
    elixnnaii 6 months ago

    My middle name is Reyna and it meams Queen ❤💖

  • Valentina Alvarado
    Valentina Alvarado 6 months ago +2

    My Name is Valentina 😒

  • LightingMcQueen
    LightingMcQueen 6 months ago

    My name is Miguel but I’ve barely met any Spanish or English people or American people with my name in fact I have met only one

  • - scftpeach
    - scftpeach 6 months ago

    Im Isabella

    TOYGIRL 6 months ago

    My name is isabella

  • Baby Names Girls Boys
    Baby Names Girls Boys 6 months ago

    Wow! So many beautiful names. 💖💗

  • EXO's Wife
    EXO's Wife 8 months ago

    Another popular name is: for girls Alejandra and for Boys Alejandro.
    Alejandra is my middle name and even thought I think it's pretty, I know a lot of girls with the same name, so I kinda don't like it, it's so used, even in these days.

  • Moonie Moon
    Moonie Moon 8 months ago

    Valeria is a spanish baby name its cute :3

  • Valentina Apergie
    Valentina Apergie 9 months ago +2

    My name is Valentina

  • Kastelorizian Meis
    Kastelorizian Meis 9 months ago

    Is it a last name because my great great grandmother had it as a last name?

  • Asia Brown
    Asia Brown 9 months ago

    Ok I like and not only because I'm have latina

  • Gacha_ Unifox
    Gacha_ Unifox 9 months ago


  • Kae Madz
    Kae Madz 10 months ago

    My friends name is yamilet

  • Alex Clementine
    Alex Clementine 10 months ago

    The problem is that they still LOOK English besides Valentiń

  • ʝυиισ
    ʝυиισ 10 months ago

    I have a Spanish name ‘ Luciana ‘

  • Jamey Leanne Cooper
    Jamey Leanne Cooper 11 months ago


  • Junior Cordero
    Junior Cordero 11 months ago

    I'm from the dominican republic and my name is Camila

  • Stephany Fofano
    Stephany Fofano 11 months ago

    I like these ones:Isabella
    also brazilian Portuguese is also a popular language

  • Alondra Santana
    Alondra Santana 11 months ago +1

    My name is Alondra

  • whitney woods
    whitney woods Year ago

    Nope didn't fall in love

  • cami lol
    cami lol Year ago

    My name is camila!! 😁

  • Ghel Bautista
    Ghel Bautista Year ago

    I bet Juan Leandro for my baby...

  • Divina Tiangco
    Divina Tiangco Year ago

    I can beat the names our baby's name is JEWEL

  • Riley Deenihan
    Riley Deenihan Year ago

    How about irish baby names you’ll like?

  • diaamonds _k
    diaamonds _k Year ago +1

    My crush is latino so i gotta prepare lmao😂

  • Marina Dominicana Pérez

    These aren't even that good

  • Andyorr
    Andyorr Year ago

    it isn't 'Isabella' but 'Isabel', and 'Aitana' comes from a language from North Spain (Euskera) and means Glory or in spanish version and still in use as well, Gloria. Please make a proper arguments for this and not just give information that come out from nowhere really.

  • Twinkle Cupcake :3

    Lol my last name ends with Belen, but without the accent mark. Does that count XD

  • Lola Docherty Xox

    Lola is also Spanish, (that’s my name)

  • Lizbeth Rodríguez

    Agree but can she at least try to make the name sound Spanish just sayin...

  • Layla Gordon
    Layla Gordon Year ago

    My cousin's name is Isabella

  • victoria sanchez
    victoria sanchez Year ago

    LOL part of my name is Belén andmy cousins name is Máximo

  • Ashley Valdez
    Ashley Valdez Year ago

    my real name is Ashley
    my last name is valdez

  • Maritza Sanchez
    Maritza Sanchez Year ago

    what about Maritza

  • Bella Medina
    Bella Medina Year ago

    My name is Isabella, and I'm from Mexico, and Spain!

  • Camila Fraser
    Camila Fraser Year ago



    There is more spanish cool names like:
    Cayetana, Alondra, Linda, Lydia, Adilia, Cresencia, Belinda, Melissa, Maryana, Miriam, Irvana, Marycruz etc ect.

  • Nelvin Miguel
    Nelvin Miguel Year ago

    Dont have to be in a rush of talking Man! You forgot Allegra it means happy

  • Olivia SKEGGS
    Olivia SKEGGS Year ago

    I also like A really popular Spanish Boy Name Called Santiago

  • Tomato Enthusiast

    "Most popular names in America have latin roots. here's some up and coming Spanish names..." hmm I wonder what language Spanish fucking came from hmm

  • Jessica Cannan
    Jessica Cannan Year ago

    My sister and I are both Spanish but we can’t speak it and my name is Jessica and her name is Isabella

  • Lluvia Garcia g
    Lluvia Garcia g Year ago

    My name is very rare cuz my name is Lluvia in English it stands for rain

  • Leslyn Marques
    Leslyn Marques Year ago

    Alicia is a Spanish name

  • Gerardo De La Cruz


  • mangana215
    mangana215 Year ago

    Isabella wouldn't be an Italian name? Because the Spanish version is Isabel.
    Besides most names aren't even that popular in Spanish speaking countries

  • Mei Coronado
    Mei Coronado Year ago

    I was told "Leandro" is a bad name to give your son ( in mexican slang )

  • Kamila Garcia
    Kamila Garcia Year ago

    0:32 this is my name but spelled with a C

  • Mich  Evan
    Mich Evan Year ago +5

    If you are gonna talk about spanish names at least pronounce them the right way. -.-

  • Marta Barson
    Marta Barson Year ago

    Spanish babys are so cute!!!!

  • I'm Ysa V.
    I'm Ysa V. Year ago

    my name's Isabella but with a Y so it's Ysabella

  • Glittercupcake 549

    My name is Isabella

  • Lucaya. Riarkle. Rules.

    Why am I watching this, I'm 12 lol these are really cute though

  • Gerardo De La Cruz


  • Marilly Rose
    Marilly Rose Year ago +50

    To anyone who wants the name:
    That's it please comment!😄

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings Year ago +3

    Camila, Isabella, Andrew, andres, are my favorite names

  • Ayla the queen
    Ayla the queen Year ago

    My name is salome it's a Spanish name

    • Maria Bustamante
      Maria Bustamante Year ago

      Ayla the queen Mine, Maria Guadalupe, yikes hideous if you ask me...

  • Coochie Gang
    Coochie Gang Year ago

    My name is Camila

  • guyoiii __
    guyoiii __ Year ago

    I like Camila

  • Stephanie kittywitty

    Oooooo Camilla! I heard it in the Havana music video

  • ღ•Kitty •ღ


  • paula izquierdo
    paula izquierdo Year ago

    My name is Paula and I don't know anyone with that name

  • irrrene perezzz
    irrrene perezzz Year ago +9

    aitana is a basque name, not spanish

    • Carlota Gutierrez
      Carlota Gutierrez 3 days ago

      basque country is part from spain!! C'mon, in Galicia, for example they speak 'gallego' apart from spanish! Like valencia or catalunya! (we are in trouble with catalunya but catalunya is in spain!

      SAACAAS 7 months ago

      irrrene perezzz in Basque Country today 100% talking Spanish...Euskera is only 20% spoken as mother tongue. Basque Country is in Spain. Aitana is popular name in ALL Spain.

    • Enrique
      Enrique 7 months ago +1

      That's part of Spain, so... Get over it!

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna Year ago

      hyuna and momo trash ooh. That makes sense. They were probably only putting names from Spain.

    • irrrene perezzz
      irrrene perezzz Year ago

      Diana Escobedo Luna yees it's from the Basque Country which is in Spain but they don't speak Spanish

  • Let's Try Style Summer

    Gyn, Kyra, Leya, Malyssa, Amayra

  • Øcto Đerp
    Øcto Đerp Year ago +4

    Im in a mexican family and my babys cousins name is camila

  • blah girl :3
    blah girl :3 Year ago

    What about Mia?

  • The GoodWolfine
    The GoodWolfine Year ago +1

    My name is Isabella.

  • Mia !!!!
    Mia !!!! Year ago +1

    I have a friend named Camille not Camilla

  • I watch YouTube videos

    Second daughter would be named Valentina beauté

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna Year ago

      I watch TVclip videos It seems as if she would get bullied because of her name, but if she meets a Mexican, then no. She won’t get bothered because of it. I go to a Mexican school and turns out that the kids are really nice. There is a Valentina and some people make puns but mostly to make Valentina laugh.
      AND also I don’t know of any kid who has gotten bullied and I only know of one girl who is agressive towards everyone esle. But she’s a crazy little bitch. She looks so cute when she gets mad at anyone because of how short she is.

  • GalaxieBaguette :3
    GalaxieBaguette :3 Year ago +60

    Am I the only one who knows all these names and how to pronounce them because I know Spanish?

  • Sharon Collins
    Sharon Collins Year ago

    I have 1 Rosa

  • Alicia Lonsdale
    Alicia Lonsdale Year ago +2

    My name is Spanish. It's 'Alicia'

  • Rose Leary
    Rose Leary Year ago +3

    My name is Rose ( obviously ) and I don't know anyone with that name except for their middle name . Sad but unique

    • Nora
      Nora 11 months ago +1

      My name is isabela

    • Jucia Yay!
      Jucia Yay! Year ago

      My name is Lucia. I've have never met or heard of another Lucia :(

    • Random Person
      Random Person Year ago +1

      Rose Leary At my school there are 5 Girls names that

  • Luize Mendes Apa
    Luize Mendes Apa Year ago

    Camila and Aitana are such beautiful names🦋✨

  • Emily G
    Emily G Year ago

    I love the names Ivan,Matias,Adrian,Alvaro,Gemma and Nadia those are the names of my cousins from Spain

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna Year ago

      Emily G I fell in love with Gemma as soon as I read it. I will now remember that name for years until I have a daughter and if she looks like a Gemma to me, I’ll call her Gemma and if she ever asks why that’s her name, I’ll say “because you’re the prettiest gem I have ever seen”..... oh, and my cousin and aunt are called Nadia. Cool name.

  • Congratulations, You played yourself

    I'm number 43 ......

  • Friendship Club 907

    How 'bout Daira?? Is someone named like this????

  • Joanna Rodriguez
    Joanna Rodriguez Year ago

    Valentin is my baby brother's name! ahhh soo jealous of his beautiful name

  • mollzzz xxx
    mollzzz xxx Year ago

    My cousin's name is Isabelle but we all call her Izzi🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Carly O
    Carly O Year ago +16

    I'll laugh all day if a white kid got names like these

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna Year ago

      ZerrieEverlasting true

    • Zerrie=Everlasting
      Zerrie=Everlasting Year ago +4

      When the princesses of Spain are pale blondes

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna Year ago +1

      carl me hey! I know an Isabella and she is white!

    • Kora Chan
      Kora Chan Year ago +17

      carl me This Will blow your mind:
      Spain is in EUROPE

    • José Díaz
      José Díaz Year ago +14

      Well, you know, lots of white kids are getting these names throughout Latin America and Spain. I guess you'll just have to meet them.

  • Possesed Boi Keeper
    Possesed Boi Keeper Year ago +6

    How About El'Jèfe? XD

  • a deranged person


  • Brianna Henriquez
    Brianna Henriquez Year ago +142

    The way she pronounces the names is so cringey

  • The Martinez twins Are so adorable

    I've got 2 Ivan and Emilio

  • ffangel ndnd
    ffangel ndnd Year ago +7

    I am of the Valentin family !!finally number 1 at something 😂

  • shirley veodeos
    shirley veodeos Year ago +1

    Leandro my nefhew is called that name hooray

  • Hannah Cruise
    Hannah Cruise Year ago +1

    Arlo And Arli Are My Favourite Spanish twin name

  • Brisa Rodriguez
    Brisa Rodriguez Year ago +4

    Camilla is such nice name but i dont know my babys gender yet x2

  • AshIsMyName •
    AshIsMyName • Year ago +2

    I didn't fall in love with them
    Their nice names though

  • Melody Fussell
    Melody Fussell Year ago +1

    I have a friend named Aytana. The video spells it with an i, though.

  • Alicia Roque
    Alicia Roque Year ago +1

    My daughter name is yaretzi its a aztec name wich the name meaning is you will always be loved

  • Royalty
    Royalty Year ago +14

    My Lil Sis name is Camila

  • Donna Tisdale
    Donna Tisdale Year ago +1

    My name is ariele I've never watched the little mermaid neither have my parents