Spanish Baby Names You'll Fall In Love With


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  • The List
    The List  Year ago +11

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    • kermit The fRoG
      kermit The fRoG 9 months ago

      The List juliette is my sisters name

    • Bell
      Bell 11 months ago

      Camila is pronounced just like Camilla, wtf

    • Be Jo
      Be Jo Year ago +3

      The List Isabella isn't a Spanish name, is Italian. The Spanish name is Isabel

  • EXO's Wife
    EXO's Wife Month ago

    Another popular name is: for girls Alejandra and for Boys Alejandro.
    Alejandra is my middle name and even thought I think it's pretty, I know a lot of girls with the same name, so I kinda don't like it, it's so used, even in these days.

  • Hybrid Animates
    Hybrid Animates Month ago

    Valeria is a spanish baby name its cute :3

  • How to Survive LifeWithDina

    My name is Valentina

  • Kastelorizian Meis
    Kastelorizian Meis 2 months ago

    Is it a last name because my great great grandmother had it as a last name?

  • Asia Brown
    Asia Brown 2 months ago

    Ok I like and not only because I'm have latina

  • Gamer_ Unikat
    Gamer_ Unikat 2 months ago


  • ShadowLoli R00mia
    ShadowLoli R00mia 2 months ago

    Is Mayumi and Kenji Spanish names because Albert stuff in roblox

  • Justice BowBow
    Justice BowBow 2 months ago

    My friends name is yamilet

  • Alex Dash
    Alex Dash 3 months ago

    The problem is that they still LOOK English besides Valentiń

  • Luciana Pacheco
    Luciana Pacheco 3 months ago

    I have a Spanish name ‘ Luciana ‘

  • Jamey Leanne Cooper
    Jamey Leanne Cooper 4 months ago


  • Camila Cordero
    Camila Cordero 4 months ago

    I'm from the dominican republic and my name is Camila

  • Stephany Fofano
    Stephany Fofano 4 months ago

    I like these ones:Isabella
    also brazilian Portuguese is also a popular language

  • Alondra Santana
    Alondra Santana 4 months ago +1

    My name is Alondra

  • whitney woods
    whitney woods 4 months ago

    Nope didn't fall in love

  • A Girl
    A Girl 4 months ago

    My name is camila!! 😁

  • Ghel Bautista
    Ghel Bautista 5 months ago

    I bet Juan Leandro for my baby...

  • Divina Tiangco
    Divina Tiangco 5 months ago

    I can beat the names our baby's name is JEWEL

  • Riley Deenihan
    Riley Deenihan 5 months ago

    How about irish baby names you’ll like?

  • diaamonds _k
    diaamonds _k 5 months ago +1

    My crush is latino so i gotta prepare lmao😂

  • Marina Dominicana Pérez
    Marina Dominicana Pérez 5 months ago +1

    These aren't even that good

  • FlamingoHotCheetos
    FlamingoHotCheetos 6 months ago +1

    My Name Is Delia

  • Andreaorr28
    Andreaorr28 6 months ago

    it isn't 'Isabella' but 'Isabel', and 'Aitana' comes from a language from North Spain (Euskera) and means Glory or in spanish version and still in use as well, Gloria. Please make a proper arguments for this and not just give information that come out from nowhere really.

  • Twinkle Cupcake :3
    Twinkle Cupcake :3 6 months ago

    Lol my last name ends with Belen, but without the accent mark. Does that count XD

  • Lola Docherty Xox
    Lola Docherty Xox 6 months ago

    Lola is also Spanish, (that’s my name)

  • Lizbeth Rodríguez
    Lizbeth Rodríguez 6 months ago

    Agree but can she at least try to make the name sound Spanish just sayin...

  • Layla Gordon
    Layla Gordon 6 months ago

    My cousin's name is Isabella

  • victoria sanchez
    victoria sanchez 6 months ago

    LOL part of my name is Belén andmy cousins name is Máximo

  • Ashley Valdez
    Ashley Valdez 6 months ago

    my real name is Ashley
    my last name is valdez

  • Cortana
    Cortana 6 months ago

    la mayoria de estos nombres españoles tienen origen latin o roman

  • Maritza Sanchez
    Maritza Sanchez 7 months ago

    what about Maritza

  • Bella Medina
    Bella Medina 7 months ago

    My name is Isabella, and I'm from Mexico, and Spain!

  • Camila Fraser
    Camila Fraser 7 months ago



    There is more spanish cool names like:
    Cayetana, Alondra, Linda, Lydia, Adilia, Cresencia, Belinda, Melissa, Maryana, Miriam, Irvana, Marycruz etc ect.

  • Nelvin Miguel
    Nelvin Miguel 7 months ago

    Dont have to be in a rush of talking Man! You forgot Allegra it means happy

  • Olivia SKEGGS
    Olivia SKEGGS 7 months ago

    I also like A really popular Spanish Boy Name Called Santiago

  • Tomato Enthusiast
    Tomato Enthusiast 7 months ago

    "Most popular names in America have latin roots. here's some up and coming Spanish names..." hmm I wonder what language Spanish fucking came from hmm

  • Jessica Cannan
    Jessica Cannan 7 months ago

    My sister and I are both Spanish but we can’t speak it and my name is Jessica and her name is Isabella

  • Lluvia Garcia g
    Lluvia Garcia g 7 months ago

    My name is very rare cuz my name is Lluvia in English it stands for rain

  • Leslyn Marques
    Leslyn Marques 7 months ago

    Alicia is a Spanish name

  • Gerardo De La Cruz
    Gerardo De La Cruz 7 months ago


  • mangana215
    mangana215 8 months ago

    Isabella wouldn't be an Italian name? Because the Spanish version is Isabel.
    Besides most names aren't even that popular in Spanish speaking countries

  • Mei Coronado
    Mei Coronado 8 months ago

    I was told "Leandro" is a bad name to give your son ( in mexican slang )

  • Kamila Garcia
    Kamila Garcia 8 months ago

    0:32 this is my name but spelled with a C

  • Mich  Evan
    Mich Evan 8 months ago +2

    If you are gonna talk about spanish names at least pronounce them the right way. -.-

  • Marta Barson
    Marta Barson 9 months ago

    Spanish babys are so cute!!!!

  • I'm Ysa V.
    I'm Ysa V. 9 months ago

    my name's Isabella but with a Y so it's Ysabella

  • Glittercupcake 549
    Glittercupcake 549 9 months ago

    My name is Isabella

  • Lucaya. Riarkle. Rules.
    Lucaya. Riarkle. Rules. 9 months ago +1

    Why am I watching this, I'm 12 lol these are really cute though

  • Gerardo De La Cruz
    Gerardo De La Cruz 9 months ago


  • Marilly Rose
    Marilly Rose 9 months ago +41

    To anyone who wants the name:
    That's it please comment!😄

  • Cherry Pop
    Cherry Pop 9 months ago +3

    Camila, Isabella, Andrew, andres, are my favorite names

  • Ayla the queen
    Ayla the queen 9 months ago

    My name is salome it's a Spanish name

    • Maria Bustamante
      Maria Bustamante 8 months ago

      Ayla the queen Mine, Maria Guadalupe, yikes hideous if you ask me...

  • SHOOK ToTheCore
    SHOOK ToTheCore 9 months ago

    My name is Camila

  • Lucky Cloud
    Lucky Cloud 9 months ago

    I like Camila

  • Official Stephanie Lanada

    Oooooo Camilla! I heard it in the Havana music video

  • KittyGirlGamer - Roblox & More! :3


    • Idrc anymore
      Idrc anymore 9 months ago

      No Mess Wiff Da Derp Cat! :3 😂

  • paula izquierdo
    paula izquierdo 9 months ago

    My name is Paula and I don't know anyone with that name

  • irrrene perezzz
    irrrene perezzz 9 months ago +9

    aitana is a basque name, not spanish

      SAACAAS 14 days ago

      irrrene perezzz in Basque Country today 100% talking Spanish...Euskera is only 20% spoken as mother tongue. Basque Country is in Spain. Aitana is popular name in ALL Spain.

    • Enrique
      Enrique 25 days ago +1

      That's part of Spain, so... Get over it!

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 9 months ago

      hyuna and momo trash ooh. That makes sense. They were probably only putting names from Spain.

    • irrrene perezzz
      irrrene perezzz 9 months ago

      Diana Escobedo Luna yees it's from the Basque Country which is in Spain but they don't speak Spanish

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 9 months ago

      hyuna and momo trash I was wondering where it was from because it’s obviously not Spanish

  • Let's Try Style Summer
    Let's Try Style Summer 10 months ago

    Gyn, Kyra, Leya, Malyssa, Amayra

  • Derp Opps
    Derp Opps 10 months ago +4

    Im in a mexican family and my babys cousins name is camila

  • blah girl :3
    blah girl :3 11 months ago

    What about Mia?

  • The GoodWolfine
    The GoodWolfine 11 months ago +1

    My name is Isabella.

  • Mia !!!!
    Mia !!!! 11 months ago +1

    I have a friend named Camille not Camilla

  • I watch YouTube videos
    I watch YouTube videos 11 months ago

    Second daughter would be named Valentina beauté

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 9 months ago

      I watch TVclip videos It seems as if she would get bullied because of her name, but if she meets a Mexican, then no. She won’t get bothered because of it. I go to a Mexican school and turns out that the kids are really nice. There is a Valentina and some people make puns but mostly to make Valentina laugh.
      AND also I don’t know of any kid who has gotten bullied and I only know of one girl who is agressive towards everyone esle. But she’s a crazy little bitch. She looks so cute when she gets mad at anyone because of how short she is.

  • Galaxy :3
    Galaxy :3 11 months ago +49

    Am I the only one who knows all these names and how to pronounce them because I know Spanish?

    • Elena Angulo
      Elena Angulo 3 months ago

      Galaxy :3 well there are a bunch of countries that are with u in this XD

    • Bella Medina
      Bella Medina 6 months ago


    • Joan Quintero
      Joan Quintero 7 months ago

      Rosario Ayala me too

    • Gerardo De La Cruz
      Gerardo De La Cruz 7 months ago

      Nah I know Spanish too

    • 안드레아
      안드레아 7 months ago

      yes because it’s sooo hard for the millions of people that speak spanish to pronounce names

  • Sharon Collins
    Sharon Collins 11 months ago

    I have 1 Rosa

  • Alicia Lonsdale
    Alicia Lonsdale 11 months ago +2

    My name is Spanish. It's 'Alicia'

  • Rose Leary
    Rose Leary 11 months ago +3

    My name is Rose ( obviously ) and I don't know anyone with that name except for their middle name . Sad but unique

    • Nora
      Nora 4 months ago +1

      My name is isabela

    • Jucia Yay!
      Jucia Yay! 5 months ago

      My name is Lucia. I've have never met or heard of another Lucia :(

    • Idrc anymore
      Idrc anymore 9 months ago +1

      Rose Leary At my school there are 5 Girls names that

  • Luize Mendes Apa
    Luize Mendes Apa 11 months ago

    Camila and Aitana are such beautiful names🦋✨

  • Emily G
    Emily G 11 months ago

    I love the names Ivan,Matias,Adrian,Alvaro,Gemma and Nadia those are the names of my cousins from Spain

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 9 months ago

      Emily G I fell in love with Gemma as soon as I read it. I will now remember that name for years until I have a daughter and if she looks like a Gemma to me, I’ll call her Gemma and if she ever asks why that’s her name, I’ll say “because you’re the prettiest gem I have ever seen”..... oh, and my cousin and aunt are called Nadia. Cool name.

  • Congratulations, You played yourself

    I'm number 43 ......

  • Friendship Club 907

    How 'bout Daira?? Is someone named like this????

  • Joanna Rodriguez
    Joanna Rodriguez Year ago

    Valentin is my baby brother's name! ahhh soo jealous of his beautiful name

  • mollzzz xxx
    mollzzz xxx Year ago

    My cousin's name is Isabelle but we all call her Izzi🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • carl me
    carl me Year ago +16

    I'll laugh all day if a white kid got names like these

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 5 months ago

      ZerrieEverlasting true

    • ZerrieEverlasting
      ZerrieEverlasting 5 months ago +3

      When the princesses of Spain are pale blondes

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 7 months ago +1

      carl me hey! I know an Isabella and she is white!

    • Kora Chan
      Kora Chan 8 months ago +13

      carl me This Will blow your mind:
      Spain is in EUROPE

    • José Díaz
      José Díaz 11 months ago +13

      Well, you know, lots of white kids are getting these names throughout Latin America and Spain. I guess you'll just have to meet them.

  • Possesed Boi Keeper
    Possesed Boi Keeper Year ago +5

    How About El'Jèfe? XD

  • Neon Hearts
    Neon Hearts Year ago


  • Brianna Henriquez
    Brianna Henriquez Year ago +119

    The way she pronounces the names is so cringey

  • The Martinez twins Are so adorable

    I've got 2 Ivan and Emilio

  • ffangel ndnd
    ffangel ndnd Year ago +7

    I am of the Valentin family !!finally number 1 at something 😂

  • shirley veodeos
    shirley veodeos Year ago +1

    Leandro my nefhew is called that name hooray

  • Hannah Cruise
    Hannah Cruise Year ago +1

    Arlo And Arli Are My Favourite Spanish twin name

  • Brisa Rodriguez
    Brisa Rodriguez Year ago +4

    Camilla is such nice name but i dont know my babys gender yet x2

  • Betty Brown
    Betty Brown Year ago +2

    I didn't fall in love with them
    Their nice names though

  • Melody Fussell
    Melody Fussell Year ago +1

    I have a friend named Aytana. The video spells it with an i, though.

  • Alicia Roque
    Alicia Roque Year ago +1

    My daughter name is yaretzi its a aztec name wich the name meaning is you will always be loved

  • Royalty
    Royalty Year ago +14

    My Lil Sis name is Camila

  • Donna Tisdale
    Donna Tisdale Year ago +1

    My name is ariele I've never watched the little mermaid neither have my parents

  • Lolita Robles
    Lolita Robles Year ago +14

    these names are awaful in spanish, if someone ask you about your name and you say any of these, they will laugh for the whole day

    • Nora
      Nora 4 months ago

      Your mama aint thought you no manners

    • Nora
      Nora 4 months ago

      Shut up asshole

    • Diana Escobedo Luna
      Diana Escobedo Luna 9 months ago

      Lolita Robles yep. I feel bad for any white parents who name their kids like this. At school, every Spanish and Mexican child will make fun of them

    • FAIRY FLOSS- Daniela
      FAIRY FLOSS- Daniela 10 months ago

      How rude 😟☹

    • Lolita Robles
      Lolita Robles 11 months ago

      Esteicy Gonzalez Chillllll bitch, its just a simple comment

  • Eccentric
    Eccentric Year ago +14

    These names are mad basic.

  • Alexis Arrizon
    Alexis Arrizon Year ago +2

    My dad is Spaniard and his name is Fernando Octavio.

  • Googoo Goondall
    Googoo Goondall Year ago +2

    Ugly ass thumbnail.

  • Sparklezmusic89
    Sparklezmusic89 Year ago +2

    Ohhh I love Belen and Camilla.

  • Music Beats
    Music Beats Year ago +5

    The only Spanish names I love is Emilio and Ivan 😂❤️

    • Sabrina !!
      Sabrina !! 8 months ago

      Music Beats 💀💀

    • Alyssa The Gymnast
      Alyssa The Gymnast 8 months ago +1

      Music Beats yess the Martinez twins 😂

    • Emily G
      Emily G 11 months ago

      My cousins name is Ivan

    • Casrv Sfv
      Casrv Sfv Year ago

      Music Beats jesus you are everywhere, I went to a history video of Spain and someone had commented 'Spain is my city', then I was getting informed about the terrorist attacks and someone said 'I hope Iván and Emilio are alright' now you... how many are you?!

    • Meh Life
      Meh Life Year ago

      Music Beats #martinatorsforlife ❤❤

  • Rocio Chicharro López

    These are't very good

  • Έλληνας Εθνικιστής

    greek names are better

    • bluepixie25
      bluepixie25 6 months ago +2

      No. They are not. Put please, judge a whole language's worth of names based on less than a dozen selected by some random person who's not even a Spanish speaker.

    • Angeleni Demecf
      Angeleni Demecf 10 months ago +1

      I agree

  • Johanna O. Dobbins
    Johanna O. Dobbins Year ago +4

    The only worthy name of that list is Maximo...the rest, 🤔😒

  • Taylorrr
    Taylorrr Year ago +1

    I have an Italian name that I love which is Venice and I completely fell in love with it since I visited there last August

    • DarknedNinja
      DarknedNinja 4 months ago

      Taylorrr ur youtube name says Taylor ?