This Cheap High Speed Camera is Made in Canada!!

  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
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    We did a factory tour where they make the Chronos 1.4 slow motion cameras, right next door in Beautiful British Columbia!
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  • Jakob
    Jakob 3 days ago

    out of my reach, sadly but salute for the incitament and could certainly also use one of these..
    We just need you do to the same on the microbolometer market. hmm yeah a thermal high res slow-mo budget cam. would be wicked
    origin (topic)

  • David Darida
    David Darida 13 days ago

    that's why we have slow mo guys

  • Luis Maiocchi
    Luis Maiocchi 14 days ago

    LINUS. good video LTT

  • JCD
    JCD 16 days ago

    Big subwoofer with a can of paint dropped during operating onto the cone. There's alot of videos on that... and its beautiful to watch!

  • Matthew Tortorelli
    Matthew Tortorelli 19 days ago


  • gameflux
    gameflux 25 days ago

    Cool !

  • The Super Spowart
    The Super Spowart 26 days ago

    I use my iPad Air 2, sadly it killed itself and apple doesn't have a working website so I cant get it fixed until I get the Apple ID aka crapple ID sorted

  • Simon Priisholm
    Simon Priisholm 27 days ago

    Did you see the Tarren and linus cameo

  • AnthonyG
    AnthonyG 29 days ago

    I'm starting a campaign to build a small compact, high powered telescope with photo and recording capabilities in 4K.

  • 31337 Clan
    31337 Clan Month ago

    You a nerd to šŸ˜‚

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang Month ago

    šŸ¤” Wait I live right next to Burnaby in Vancouver! :O

  • djmips
    djmips Month ago

    1/2 million dollars is nothing, I hope they have more coming.

  • Condorwatch
    Condorwatch Month ago

    those safety glasses tho... Linus, check out UVEX Genesis X2, not only are they ANSI Z87.1, they far exceed it, they actually are Ballistic V0 rated, and have several different tints, with interchangeable lenses.

  • ErCapoAlex 2.0
    ErCapoAlex 2.0 Month ago


  • Ozan
    Ozan Month ago +1

    I didn't know thats how they made the stargate effects. Mind blown... :O

  • cbdawgpound
    cbdawgpound Month ago

    lol linus always has great content

  • BloKK187
    BloKK187 Month ago

    11:29 Sandals and Socks.. Dafuq! Its 2018, not 1987

  • Painted Pony Films
    Painted Pony Films Month ago

    Interesting, always learn something on here, that's why I deal with the periodic clickbait.

  • Umut Akkaya
    Umut Akkaya Month ago

    @7.40 Rim World! :D

  • Tyler Furrison Tech

    I think that Mouser should be pronounced like Bowser from Mario

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    14:06 if b&w is higher res ... do they have an option where you record in S&W from one camera and color from another and then having the colors superimposed / calculated on the B&W footage?...
    Also don't believe they will stay a company much longer ... one of the big player will come along and buy them up ... probably scrapping the product lines in process...

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    3:03 ... from NCIX?

  • Vic Lau
    Vic Lau Month ago

    Shred Linus

  • Mattsoup
    Mattsoup Month ago

    Speaking of rocket research, I do that, and I'm looking into these cameras now. Didn't even know they existed

  • Rifqi Aulia
    Rifqi Aulia Month ago

    did you just "kyaah"? hahahah 9:12

  • Tyler West
    Tyler West Month ago

    How down trace billion painful Hispanic cabin laughter story.

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG Month ago


  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox Month ago

    Krontech... this is a cool company doing the lord's work for us small time filmers. Good on ya!

  • Square up
    Square up Month ago

    TVclip notified me that this video had only just been uploaded, when in fact it had been uploaded just over a week ago
    Awesome website btw

  • TomĆ”s Fresnedo
    TomĆ”s Fresnedo Month ago

    That sound at 9:12

  • Sepris
    Sepris Month ago

    But if I'm not into high quality computers, is this video not brought to us by origin pc?


    4:00 the audio really sucks


    This is a comment.

  • killerpizza Frenchmaid

    $3k Still out of my Price Range dam, Maybe 2 years later they will be $500

  • DarfoxFXM
    DarfoxFXM Month ago

    it should have been Luke for ditching LTT.

  • BAE.SAN89
    BAE.SAN89 Month ago

    $2, 999 . 00 USD!!!

    EDISONTECH Month ago

    9:10 lol

  • bob22194
    bob22194 Month ago


  • kitktatt
    kitktatt Month ago

    Luke :D

  • Michael M
    Michael M Month ago

    S old er linus, not soder, there is an L in solder

  • Noskyee NSK
    Noskyee NSK Month ago

    great video, bad title

  • Comrade Hatuey
    Comrade Hatuey Month ago

    LOL, what the F was that @9:12?

  • Chris Ogden
    Chris Ogden Month ago


  • Azsheran HD
    Azsheran HD Month ago

    What was wrong with Linus' Mic Quality in this Video? o.O

  • Dominic Davis-Foster

    Time to convince my university to buy one

  • Sam Holdsworth
    Sam Holdsworth Month ago

    This video sounds like shit, typical Canadian quality! :-P

  • Kyle Tamblyn
    Kyle Tamblyn Month ago

    Why is there so much audio noise in the background? LTT your production quality control is still not up the scratch.

  • Taki
    Taki Month ago

    is 3000 $ cheap ?

  • Kyss
    Kyss Month ago

    That destruction studio just looks like the rekt set

  • FastLikeUNO
    FastLikeUNO Month ago

    Absolutely crazy. I want one.

  • Balkiros Hunter
    Balkiros Hunter Month ago

    An impressive Startup with an even more impressive product.

  • HudsonGTV
    HudsonGTV Month ago +2

    5:42 gotta love the Taran dart board.

  • Andrea Gerard
    Andrea Gerard Month ago

    Star lead celebrate device consistent northwest though assess vulnerable symbol

  • thomas the weed seller


  • kerncraftergold
    kerncraftergold Month ago

    Taran Definetly

  • Greg Moore
    Greg Moore Month ago

    I've been following this guy for years, he's really intelligent and has some great youtube content! Check out user Tesla500.

  • Stupid Username
    Stupid Username Month ago

    Just a little off the top... Darn...

  • Matthew Madruga
    Matthew Madruga Month ago

    But itā€™s not a CUP camera, donā€™t came lololol9ol

  • Aidan Miller
    Aidan Miller Month ago

    Best inflation outdoor ixtnvd lie destroy presidency await effect that

  • Electronics For Fun

    wereow!!! l want one of these, if l ever plan on getting a slomo camera this is where l will stop.

  • DahPuffy
    DahPuffy Month ago

    Linus got a haircut

  • Diso_Chef
    Diso_Chef Month ago

    You forgot the almighty slow-motion slap (aka face jellying)

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago

    Great video you should find more local projects to cover

    TOMGYT Month ago

    Slow Mo Guys

  • Arenevian
    Arenevian Month ago


  • Charlie Davidson
    Charlie Davidson Month ago

    So... did you buy one?

  • Lewis Gill
    Lewis Gill Month ago

    Poet component several ceremony blanket message data secure adapt attract potential adolescent.

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago +1


  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago +1

    Upvote for Stargate and Slow Mo Guys. :3

  • Cmdr.Homer
    Cmdr.Homer Month ago

    there's quite a lot of static sound in a part of this video...

  • republicofsandals
    republicofsandals Month ago

    Wow, Canada!
    They're doing shit, and it's good.
    This not news, Canada normally does good shit, but nice going.

  • The Noble Solo
    The Noble Solo Month ago

    i love these guys

  • NolePtr
    NolePtr Month ago

    Linux, including inflation this new camera is WAY cheaper. It's actually just about half the price.

  • Darryl Dee
    Darryl Dee Month ago

    IS there a trend that small shops are coming back as big companies stumble with overly corporate overhead and greed? "Made In Canada" now that's f****ng cool!

  • markomus
    markomus Month ago

    Mental note: consider outsourcing to Canada for cheaper labor. Promise to pass along savings to customers. ;D For real, though: this is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing

  • motoX
    motoX Month ago

    6000fps....pfft...must be console plebs....

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago

    You should know that something more cheap and more good is made in China

  • mohammed1824
    mohammed1824 Month ago

    Maybe it a good idea to invest in such company

  • tankimus
    tankimus Month ago


  • Atharva Vaidya
    Atharva Vaidya Month ago

    This is so amazing.

  • Henelol
    Henelol Month ago

    that cursor... at the end...

  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart Month ago

    I'd love to see your iMac Pro drop on that lawn mower. hahaha.

  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart Month ago

    This is amazing. My kind of openness technology especially the hardware they used.

  • Stealhelm
    Stealhelm Month ago

    "Could you believe [...] "
    Yes, Linus. It's a paper sign. I can clearly see that they aren't that old.

  • Andrew Ryan
    Andrew Ryan Month ago

    This video....Linus.....trying too hard....not my kind of...

  • Ted Bayly
    Ted Bayly Month ago

    Any more information on those water cooled LED lights?

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton Month ago

    This is some cool Anakin Skywalker shit.

  • Icrazyfish
    Icrazyfish Month ago


  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe Month ago

    14:07 20 years ago when I worked in R&D the manager was our FPGA programmer. He was the manager because there weren't that many good quality FPGA programmers back then. Hard to come by. We made satellite comms equipment for TV stations. So, if you're thinking of becoming a programmer, consider FPGA. You'll be in high demand.

    • Aaron Lowe
      Aaron Lowe Month ago

      And it helps to get into FPGA from the beginning of your higher education. Conventional programming will not prepare you for it. If you like hardware level design then that fits with FPGA really well. Break out the oscilloscope and monitor the circuits in realtime. These are skills that companies pay really well for ;o)

  • Morpheas
    Morpheas Month ago

    Sounds like the perfect camera for people into extreme sports to film awesome slow-mo videos!
    Imagine filming someone snowboarding or skiing with this baby.

  • Haroda
    Haroda Month ago


  • M3NI 021
    M3NI 021 Month ago

    I could've been hired.. just if i was in u.s

    TRAKER Month ago

    i want to make a project but i dont have garage hahahahahahahahaha

  • Thedarkrosi
    Thedarkrosi Month ago +2

    Stargate referance, lets all reunite

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston Month ago

    I wonder what gender that is...

    KUDJU Month ago

    Flipflops with socks ?! You must be a sex guru over there in Canada :D

  • Eli Who
    Eli Who Month ago

    I want Linus to be the next Doctor Who

  • Ondřej Soukup
    Ondřej Soukup Month ago

    Linus kys :D

  • Kriss Bartlett
    Kriss Bartlett Month ago

    wow i loved that he dident say the price of the camera ?that link wase'nt to the Cronis camera's

  • KitMellow
    KitMellow Month ago

    nice haircut Linus