How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass


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  • ilovecookingireland
    ilovecookingireland  Month ago +165

    Yes, yeast is a fungus. An unfortunate slip of the tongue & and oversight in the edit (our bad), but Patrick definitely knows that yeast is a fungus, we promise! :)

    • j j
      j j Day ago

      +Adriano Tropea hear, hear

    • Adriano Tropea
      Adriano Tropea Day ago

      MAYBE, people who make THEIR YOBS, knows what they are doing: sourdough is a fermentation of lactic BACTERIAS, different from alcoholic fermentation of the Saccharomyches Cerevisiae, a FUNGUS (like beer or dry or industrial yeast). In sourdough the fermentation is from the bacteria of the order of Lactobacillales, used in fermentation of yogurt, butter, kefir, and also... Sourdough. Check specific lectures and maybe Wikipedia. Bye

    • j j
      j j 2 days ago

      +Mr1234567895730 strong flour

    • ThatGuyKnowsEverything
      ThatGuyKnowsEverything 8 days ago

      Hi, you started with 50gr of flour and 50ML milliliters and later on you turned to measure liquid with Gram 100gram of water !? can i get some answers thanks, very cool video, i loved it

    • Guitar73 T
      Guitar73 T 8 days ago

      thanks for the was the yeast you could do :)

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 2 hours ago

    The two baked bread loafs at the end were paid actors

  • Karen Hampe
    Karen Hampe 4 hours ago

    what happens if you dont feed it for a few days? does the yeast die?

  • Alicia Samaniego
    Alicia Samaniego 11 hours ago

    What is the brand of your proofing baskets? Or what are they made of

  • Defcon Love
    Defcon Love 17 hours ago

    If it’s not Tom papa teaching me, I don’t wanna learn

  • Adriano Tropea
    Adriano Tropea Day ago

    Thanks for your channel guys, and for the useful tips!!! I need to visit Ireland 😂

  • mariali santander

    ..Patrick ...i realized that the flour that you used to start the mother dough is different from the one it is added later... what is the initial flour used in the video?

  • upcycler
    upcycler Day ago

    Kingdom of Fungi are the yeasties, like saying humans are mushrooms...oh wait..

  • Cal T
    Cal T Day ago

    Hi Patrick, As far as know that sometimes you would pick up "BAD" bacteria, molds or fungus.... what's the best way to tell if the starter is right? by looking at the color, smell, or ??? thanks

  • Cal T
    Cal T Day ago

    Hi Patrick, As far as know that sometimes you would pick up "BAD" bacteria, molds or fungus.... what's the best way to tell if the starter is right? by looking at the color, smell, or ??? thanks

  • Julien
    Julien 2 days ago

    very nice
    this dude knows what he's talking about

  • Surya Tejas
    Surya Tejas 2 days ago

    By Discard( 2:10 ) Do you mean by throwing it away?? Please tell.

  • DonF Lepard
    DonF Lepard 2 days ago

    Thanks daddy 😉

  • Kathryn Zack
    Kathryn Zack 2 days ago

    Ive been Kneeding for at least 30 minutes, but my bread is still sticking. Help, thanks!

  • Christine Driver
    Christine Driver 2 days ago

    Living at a higher altitude (4500') baking can be tricky. After a few failed attempts and some modifications to creating the starter to the baking of the bread, I have finally succeeded. The bread is incredible and my family just loves it. Thank you for taking the time to show how we can make delicious bread.

  • John Koutrakos
    John Koutrakos 3 days ago

    Did I miss your answer on what type of flour you used?

  • ridef0rlife
    ridef0rlife 3 days ago

    Can you use spelt flour for this?

  • Jennifer Noble
    Jennifer Noble 3 days ago +1

    Yummmm...he is simply yummy, and the bread is good too!

  • millroadtv
    millroadtv 3 days ago

    Great video!

  • U.K.N
    U.K.N 4 days ago

    can i use fine ao flour ? also which are you using?

  • Joe Stubbs
    Joe Stubbs 4 days ago

    I have followed the instructions for the making of the Starter quite rigidly I think and baked two loaves one on a tray and the other in a Pyrex dish - exactly as shown in the Video, but ended up with both having a ''soggy bottom'' what would account for this - I did turn over both loaves and baked them for a further 20-25min but the internal texture was doughy in the middle...ideas please...joe

  • Cameron Todd
    Cameron Todd 4 days ago

    Where can I find that Pyrex dish & lid?

  • Mery Cecchi
    Mery Cecchi 4 days ago

    When you put the starter in the fridge do you cover the jar with a tea towel or with a tight lid?

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      Mery Cecchi You can use a lid to protect it, from anything getting inside. I place my lid on loosely by just laying it on top. I don’t tighten it, so it can breathe.

  • Carmen F
    Carmen F 5 days ago

    Hi there, great video! Do you cover the sourdough starter when preparing it?

  • Ermias Takele
    Ermias Takele 5 days ago

    What kind of flour do you use for the starter?

  • Anna Leslie
    Anna Leslie 5 days ago +1

    This is truly the best sourdough recipe video, if just made so much more sense and understanding about the process. And for those people who don't know what to do with the discarded starter, make crackers! 1 cup sourdough discard, 1 cup flour, 1/4 cup butter, salt and herbs, grated cheese perhaps and make it like rough puff pastry.

  • Terry Long
    Terry Long 5 days ago

    I made a starter with whole wheat bread but it doesn’t seem to be as wet as the starter made with strong flour. I’m also trying this at a high altitude location (about 7600 ft or 2300 meters) and wonder if that impacts the process. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • Danel
    Danel 5 days ago

    damn lovely vinegary smell damn it stinks soooooo much but make greak bread tho hahha

  • J J
    J J 6 days ago

    Just gopher it

  • Marcus Nunes
    Marcus Nunes 6 days ago +1

    When he says ''strong flour'', it means flour ''tipo 00''?

  • Karolina Mazik
    Karolina Mazik 6 days ago

    Can I put it the fridge after first stage of proving ? And then finish it the following day ? I started making today and basically run out of time lol

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      Karolina Mazik I have done that and it’s worked for me. Once he puts it in the basket and says it’s good to bake in 3 hours, I then just place the basket in a bag in the fridge and bake in the morning.

  • The Bearded Ferret
    The Bearded Ferret 6 days ago

    why do u discard starter every day?

    • The Bearded Ferret
      The Bearded Ferret 3 days ago

      +PirateCheeky i see, maybe u can answer this question aswell, can u put the finished dough in the fridge overnight to use early morning and have the same bread? i really like this bread but u need to let it rest twice for 3 hours or something and be sure not to leave it to long or it will collapse?

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      The Bearded Ferret If you don’t discard, it will grow so much, you won’t know what to do with it. I keep my starter in the fridge and feed it mid week for maintenance. When I feed I discard 3/4 then add 100g warm water, to 100 flour and stir. I let it sit on my counter for about fifteen minutes then put it back in the fridge. I take it out Friday nights to warm up, discard, then feed it and let it get bubble to make bread on Saturday after it’s grown overnight. Saturday night I put it back in the fridge and repeat. Make sense?

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman 6 days ago


  • Aisha Bunch
    Aisha Bunch 6 days ago

    Thank you I am going to try it this weekend. mine always flat

  • devaraju devaraju
    devaraju devaraju 7 days ago

    Where is yeast

  • Geo Mondiale
    Geo Mondiale 7 days ago

    Great vid, you really care about your work. Wish I was there

  • Tessa Devereaux
    Tessa Devereaux 7 days ago

    Thanks for great demonstration. My bread looking good and currently in the oven. Really enjoyed making it.

  • hello its me
    hello its me 7 days ago +1

    Every time you feed the starter should it be the same amount of flour and water as the time bofore or you double the feed every time. ?????

  • T Abbs
    T Abbs 7 days ago

    Well, I am confused. I am new to baking, so please clarify. You say that on Day 3, etc. to discard, and then add... Do I discard the mixture, and add to the empty bottle!!?? Please clarify. Thank you.

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      T Abbs discard most of the starter, about 3/4 then feed by adding more flour and water, then mix. Repeat as he says

  • greggmorrowut
    greggmorrowut 8 days ago

    I love this recipe. I love the video. I am going to purchase some proof baskets. What size are being used? I see 8, 9, 10 inch proof baskets.

  • Corrin Gromley
    Corrin Gromley 8 days ago

    Why must I throw away any at all? Why not just keep feeding and using?

    • Tenebricōsum
      Tenebricōsum 7 days ago

      your starter will grow exponentially since we're feeding it using a 1:1:1 ratio, so discarding some of it is a way of managing the quantity. you can use the discard in other recipes if you don't want to waste your starter!

  • Fans dolls
    Fans dolls 8 days ago +1

    excellent!! I want to eat it now!! please be free to contact us to get dry yeast to make this bread:

  • Classy M
    Classy M 8 days ago

    Is it ml of water or grams of water. The start of the video says ML now it says grams. Is this correct or is it a typo?

  • selda acar
    selda acar 8 days ago

    Harika elinize sağlık 👍

  • Pete Lasko
    Pete Lasko 8 days ago

    Starting my fungus today❤️as soon as I figure out what the heck MLs ARE and 230° C equals in F......FREEDOMHEIT😊 ❤️🇺🇸

  • Shahbaz Rabbani
    Shahbaz Rabbani 9 days ago

    Followed the instructions for 7 days and now my wife is pregnant...I think I missed a step somewhere.

  • Andika Hetris
    Andika Hetris 9 days ago

    Didn’t expect it but my grandma actually has one set of that dish

  • David Acúrcio
    David Acúrcio 9 days ago

    If you want to use another type of flour, rye for ex, do the quantities of the ingredients change? or the prove time? Cheers

  • Liora C
    Liora C 9 days ago

    Patrick - yesterday I made my first lot of sourdough - it was wonderful. I've been baking ordinary yeasted white organic unbleached bread without salt because my son needed that - I used only a little salt. The bread is like nothing I've tasted before - not even the commercial organic sourdough. It was a bit more dense than I expect it will be after I get some experience - but just wonderful - and so much more satisfying. Thank you :)

  • Ashli Sisk
    Ashli Sisk 9 days ago

    I made some today I am so siked!!!!

  • Tessa Mae
    Tessa Mae 9 days ago

    It's all in the GOOD THINGS IN LIFE: Well said!

    • Tessa Mae
      Tessa Mae 9 days ago

      Today, I baked my Third Sourdough Bread from Nigella Lawson's recipe, by just adding the engredients, which is quite "runny", and mix them in the mixer, let it rise, then BAKE, I have enjoyed eating it while it's still "HOT" !!! The very crunchy skin, and the very soft inside!!! With NO kNEADING!!! Just baking with ease! It's heavenly!!!

  • Marguerite Larsen
    Marguerite Larsen 10 days ago

    This recipe is spot on. I waited two weeks to start my first loaf of sourdough and used a recipe from a blog I found, and it was a disaster. I was so discouraged, but then I found your video and gave it another go straight away and it was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Stef Big
    Stef Big 10 days ago

    Hi . thank you for this amazing video! Could you please give the exact measurements for the profing bowl you are using in the video? the one made of rattan that is . Or if the bowl you are using is not the size you would recommend, please tell me what size to buy then. I would fallow your exact recipe (800F,460W,320S) for the 2 loafs. thank you.

  • Peter ward
    Peter ward 10 days ago

    So... last week I had my first successful loaf from my own starter today however the dough is still so wet it’s pretty much unmanageable even after it’s overnight in the fridge.😩

  • Mel Flo
    Mel Flo 10 days ago

    So cool

  • nicole crystal
    nicole crystal 10 days ago

    can not hear you at all

  • Quinlyn Johnson
    Quinlyn Johnson 10 days ago

    Every time I knead my bread comes together and gets less sticky. Great that is the right track. But whenever I begin to get closer to that silky window stage my bread starts feeling sticky again and almost feels like I added water and then I feel like I can never quite get it all the way there because every time I feel like I start getting close it starts going back to sticky. I feel kind of crazy and am not sure what's going on? Any thoughts?

  • Will
    Will 10 days ago

    I just want to drink a beer with this guy.

  • Halil Akcengiz
    Halil Akcengiz 10 days ago

    Using fan is useless.

  • Lisa Herrmann
    Lisa Herrmann 11 days ago

    Hi Patrick thanks for the great video, I was wondering if you could say something about the flour type that the sourdough prefers? I made a starter almost three weeks ago and it was very "sleepy", some little bubbles on the top, smell like fermented fruit, but no rising/increase of volume . I used a standard wheat flour (Italian type 00) and fed it every day like you described. Yesterday I tried to make some bred with it but it didn't turn out well, didn't rise at all 🙈 then, when it was time to feed him I thought "why not use some other flour that is sitting in my kitchen cupboard" and popped some rye flour in there. This morning it looked great, big bubbles and almost double the size!!! So, is it the rye flour or maybe because it is a whole grain flour the reason for success? Thanks a lot!

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago +1

      Lisa Herrmann If it was over processed or bleached, it may have been lacking the grains and nutrients needed to feed it properly. You can use half bread flour and half wheat flour. Organic is best as well.

  • Da Os
    Da Os 11 days ago

    hmm, my starter never rises. just gets a film of dark water on top. tried feeding more often (12hrs instead of 24) and using warm water.. no difference. using 70 white - 30 spelt flour mix.

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      Da Os Are you leaving it in a cold area? Mine needs a bit of warmth to rise, but not too much. Are you using equal parts water to flour? I leave mine under a stove light, after feeding, to encourage growth for bread the following day.

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy 11 days ago

    Why no leavan first?

  • Macklin Lorion
    Macklin Lorion 11 days ago

    Help! Starter is active, very bubbly, I’ve kneeded the dough, but it does not rise at all in initial proof. My kitchen is warm, but I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  • Gottmoerder
    Gottmoerder 11 days ago

    I'm sort of suspicious about the Irish, so I'm just gonna do half of what this recipe says and mix it up with a recipe from Nepal.

  • Barbara Maj
    Barbara Maj 11 days ago

    I wanted to comment but was more afraid of where he got the "bacteria/fungus" to start his "pet". I've been told of "hungarian toe butter" recipes and till now doubted their veracity...

  • Barbara Maj
    Barbara Maj 11 days ago

    Doesn't salt in that amount act as a retarder to the yeast?

  • Steve Dayton
    Steve Dayton 12 days ago

    Thanks Patrick for all the info and formulas. One of the best instruction videos I've seen in a long time. This morning I started using my new sourdough starter. My dough didn't appear to be as sticky as shown in the video. I'm going to increase the amount of water next time. Any suggestions on by how much? In the meantime I will guess and experiment. I'm in the US and used King Arthur bread flour.

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      Steve Dayton I usually feed 100g water to 100g flour for weekly fridge maintenance and feed 200g warm water to 200g flour( half white/half whole wheat) the night before making bread the following morning. I also discard 3/4 of starter before feedings as to prevent overgrowth.

  • R P
    R P 12 days ago

    Total food porn!! Loved the video! Question (that I don't believe I saw in the Q&A): What adjustments (if any) to times, water, etc., should be made for warmer, more humid climates - in my case, south of Spain? Thank you in advance!

  • Carmen Ruiz
    Carmen Ruiz 12 days ago

    WOW! At last I've found the masterclass I had been looking for! So grateful! Regards from Spain!

  • James Davis
    James Davis 13 days ago

    Day one... +50 grams of flour. Day two... +50 grams of flour. 50 + 50 = 100, right? Day three... Discard 100 grams of flour... So you discard the entire starter? I’ve watched the vid several times and I’m at the day three point. Do I discard the entire starter and then add another 100 grams right back in? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but it seems a tad confusing.
    Plus, I just scrolled through a bunch of posts here and I don’t see any comments asking something similar. Ugh... I’m probably missing something obvious. 🤪

    • Cristian Pericica
      Cristian Pericica 12 days ago

      first day 50g of flour + 50 ml of water, second day the same at the beginning of 3rd day you'll have 200 g so discarding 100 g and you are left with 100 g it makes total sense.

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 13 days ago +1

    Thanks from America bro! That homemade culture is amazing!

  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel Bennett 13 days ago

    how long between feeds will it live in the fridge for? Would it survive a month without being fed?

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago +1

      Daniel Bennett Feed it weekly in the fridge or keep it in the freezer for a month without feedings. Then let it sit out at room temp and add some warm water and flour to bring it back to life. When bubbly back in the freezer. I prefer fridge.

  • Sara Hamo
    Sara Hamo 13 days ago

    Hello again, maybe the bread and sourdough of the bakery house has very few yeast in it ?? Because their bread is really good even after three days. Like Terry. So I thought maybe extra to the acidic they add very little yeast? And another question to me. Could it be that because I add some sesame to the dough and also sunflower seeds that are sliced ​​with sour bread that I prepare for airy ones? I would be happy to receive your reply. Thanks

  • Erin Vittoria
    Erin Vittoria 13 days ago

    Of all the starter/bread tutorials I've watched, yours is the most in-depth that I've found. Thanks for the great info; you've got a new subscriber :)

  • Thomas Palumbo
    Thomas Palumbo 13 days ago

    What is the glass product used in this video?

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 3 days ago

      Thomas Palumbo Pyrex is the brand of glass. If you type Pyrex bowl with lid etc into google, you should be able to find it.

  • Giuliana F.
    Giuliana F. 13 days ago

    the best video of my life! he is perfect! his work is art!

  • CaptainReverendo
    CaptainReverendo 14 days ago

    I followed the recipe exactly. Brilliant! Came out perfectly, very tasty, but not sour or tangy at all. Maybe my starter is too young.

  • Shane Hubble
    Shane Hubble 14 days ago

    I actually prefer the look of the loaf cooked in the pyrex, it looks more rustic

  • Kara Nyxx
    Kara Nyxx 14 days ago

    honestly the best bread tutorial ever

  • Usha Kota
    Usha Kota 15 days ago

    extremely inspiring.. thank you Patrick , for making," baking" so simple and organic(??).When I got starter started, on the 4th day I notice that the starter developed lesions (may be pores) as much as my " would be loaf" would have .. I watched a couple of other videos instructing to feed the yeast every 12hrs, for a very hungry yeast. Is it true or can I just leave it for a 24h feed?Also, why does one need to wait for 7-8 days.. is it because starter is not "harmless" yet?does the starter duration depend on the climatic conditions ? I mean, since I live in a tropical climate, does it mean, the starter is made lot earlier than expected.? BTW, I never baked bread so far.. your video was truly inspiring to get started for the first . Thumbs up!

  • Ali A
    Ali A 15 days ago

    Awesome video Patrick. Would you talk about !00% whole wheat sourdough also please?

  • Belma G.K.
    Belma G.K. 15 days ago

    Oh thank you that was an amazing door stopper with whole wheat flaaaar 😂😂😂😂 never try with whole wheat

  • Curt Watson
    Curt Watson 16 days ago

    I notice you didn't use a cloth/towel with the basket. Do you recommend using the basket sans cloth? I just tried my very first sourdough, and while it came out tasting amazing, it looked like garbage due to the dough getting stuck to the cloth when I tried to turn it out into the dutch oven, despite the VERY generous coating of flour I applied. If I can ditch the cloth entirely, that would be great news!

    • Curt Watson
      Curt Watson 10 days ago

      +PirateCheeky Awesome, thanks! I have the Bannetots as well. Going to try without the cloth tonight. Also using bread flour and doing a few extra folds to try and get a less sticky surface.

    • PirateCheeky
      PirateCheeky 10 days ago +1

      Curt Watson I bought a wood bannetot and it came with a cloth. You can use the cloth or dumb straight into the bannetot as long as it’s floured well. I don’t use the cloth, and my friend does. No issues.

  • GodOfReality
    GodOfReality 16 days ago

    The best bread-making video I've ever seen. Fantastic work. One question though, why doesn't the starter grow mould?

  • Never Gonnatell
    Never Gonnatell 16 days ago

    I don't see why you'd give someone you don't like a massage.

  • Lucy Gibson
    Lucy Gibson 16 days ago

    Such a helpful tutorial, thanks!

  • Matthew Bowers
    Matthew Bowers 16 days ago

    So inspired by this. Made my own at home and the taste is wonderful. Thank You for teaching!!!

  • SherpaDaddy1989
    SherpaDaddy1989 16 days ago

    Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing the tips as this was a fun video to watch. Can't wait to make it :-)

  • Greg Cully
    Greg Cully 17 days ago

    Hi Patrick, I've watched your video 10 times and have been making sourdough weekly for ~3 months. Every loaf I make has a massive air pocket. What am I doing wrong?

  • Burritos1962
    Burritos1962 17 days ago

    Hi. I have been cooking all my life and never even tried to understand "sour dough". Thanks for a nice tutorial. I have one question though since my english is not perfect. I had to look into the word "PROVE" mentioned in your video. I could just find "PROOF" or "PROOFING DOUGH" as the last "rising" of the bread. Which one is correct? Thanks again for a nice tutorial.

  • Amy P
    Amy P 17 days ago +6

    Is it normal to knead for 30 minutes? That just happened to me b4 I got the window effect

    • Hassan Bassam
      Hassan Bassam 13 days ago +4

      Yeah don't worry, really normal, especially if you don't have much experience. I've found it gets quicker and quicker with practice, and also as my starter gets stronger and stronger.

  • Nat The Cat
    Nat The Cat 17 days ago

    Hello Ryan. I have followed your instructions to the T. But my bread is not proving as yours for the first proving. What’s wrong ?

    • Nat The Cat
      Nat The Cat 17 days ago

      Thank you in advance for your reply

    • Nat The Cat
      Nat The Cat 17 days ago

      My starter is very healthy and over growing.

  • Erik Gustafson
    Erik Gustafson 17 days ago

    Oh fuck yeah

  • felix crab
    felix crab 17 days ago +1

    Proved mine overnight at room temp, came out mad sour and delicious!

  • Ben Hinssen
    Ben Hinssen 17 days ago +1

    Thank you! I just Made my first ever sourdough bread!
    I created my start following this video exactly! On Wednesday my starter was ready but I was not ready yet to bake. So I kept it in the fridge until Friday evening, the I took it out and fed it just like explained here.
    It rose beautifully up the side of the jar.a
    I made my dough in the proportions mentioned I. The video and let it rise for 3h. The next rise didn’t match up with my schedule, so again as stated in the video, I let it rise in the fridge for 6h. Then I took it out and let it rise about one hour to two hours more, then in the oven with a tray of water!
    It came out amazingly!
    Thanks for the great video!

  • Iwan Jones
    Iwan Jones 17 days ago

    First class video with lots of tops and techniques

  • Bobby Two Shades
    Bobby Two Shades 18 days ago

    Yo, I just stumbled upon this video and you seem extremely well educated in bread and have a natural nack for teaching it. Great job great video I hope the bread tasted great. That would be the one thing that I would add the final cut and taste.

  • LilaMusical
    LilaMusical 18 days ago

    Is the starter only for sourdough bread? Thx!

  • silicon1
    silicon1 18 days ago

    this is what a real artisan looks like.

  • Giorgio Grlj
    Giorgio Grlj 18 days ago

    Tried. Nothing happened.