How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass


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  • panicdont
    panicdont 46 minutes ago

    Bravo ! A great video and a great approach ! Thank you !

  • Chef E
    Chef E Hour ago

    Great video,but do you have any tips for working with whole wheat flour? I try doing it,I was kneading for long time,but for whatever reason I couldn't get the gluten to develop to be able to do the window test.thanks.

  • خديجة حسين
    خديجة حسين 4 hours ago

    I wish visit Ireland and meet u to tell u 💓 you are a genius 🖒

  • honsville
    honsville 10 hours ago

    Also, i use a bondo scraper from walmart for my dough scraper. You can get a package of 3 different sizes for like $3. Work amazing.

  • honsville
    honsville 10 hours ago

    I think i just found out why my bread is so dense during your kneeding process at 6:30. I always add flour to make it easier to kneed. My dough seems to rise fine and has decent structure, but whenever i bake it, it isn't very fluffy when i take it out of the oven and doesn't rise while baking it.

  • Nefarious Cookie
    Nefarious Cookie 13 hours ago +1

    Beautiful rise

  • altanIV
    altanIV 16 hours ago

    I'm fairly new to baking but my starter has been going strong for 3yrs now. Your recipe for both starter and bread is very easy to understand. For some reason my sourdough always tends to stick to the proofing basket. After watching your video I realize my dough may need more kneading. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lesli D
    Lesli D 19 hours ago

    Is that whole wheat flour? Looks darker than mine. Can't wait to start baking. You are a wizard teacher, thank you, Patrick.

  • Jeslynn Goh
    Jeslynn Goh Day ago

    Thank u for yr video and receipes. Tried yr receipe twice. Still bread a little dense please advised.tks

  • emeralda pa
    emeralda pa Day ago

    can I just halve them if I want to make only one loaf?

  • MrPlymouthsundance

    Awesome video. Best instructions by far

  • Jamie Affleck
    Jamie Affleck Day ago


  • My Damn Channel
    My Damn Channel Day ago

    why do you discard 100ml of starter?

  • Daniel Goetz
    Daniel Goetz 2 days ago

    Going to have to pop over to the local Baker.

  • bish arse
    bish arse 2 days ago

    A very informative guy . Perfect video

  • Riho Hommik
    Riho Hommik 2 days ago

    YEAST IS NOT BACTERIA, it's a fungus

  • TreCoolResident
    TreCoolResident 2 days ago

    I make a lot of bread but I never had the desire to make sourdough. You and this video have convinced me to give it a go.

  • Aviv Halpern
    Aviv Halpern 3 days ago

    Is he speaking english?

  • cocopenguin21
    cocopenguin21 3 days ago

    Where do I find a banneton like yours? Only found wicker ones so far. I scene this video a hundred times now and am successfully baking sour dough, thanks!

  • Ivory Mantis
    Ivory Mantis 3 days ago

    Always trust a man with an Irish accent when it comes to sourdough.

  • curbotize
    curbotize 3 days ago

    You've explained everything so well. I'm definitely going to give this a go. You make it look easy

  • Micha3LD C
    Micha3LD C 4 days ago

    why are we whispering.?

  • Emma Wood
    Emma Wood 4 days ago

    This has worked perfectly for me however I am trying to increase the quantity to make 10 loaves once a week for friends and family. I tried to increase the quantities but the sourdough seems to have gone weak. Do you have to increase the amounts gradually as I was adding 200g flour, 200g water each day to an established starter?!

  • Giancarlo Campos
    Giancarlo Campos 4 days ago

    Sourdough Bread is the Bomb!!!

  • Jesse Blanchard
    Jesse Blanchard 5 days ago

    Struggling to find a pyrex bowl with lid like you have here. I thought I saw a link somewhere on your site but can't find it. Can you provide the link again? It's strangely difficult to find them!

    • Jesse Blanchard
      Jesse Blanchard 4 days ago

      +ilovecookingireland Thanks! I did see that one but was worried it wasn't deep enough. But, maybe I was wrong, I'll snag it and give it a shot. Thanks again. Love watching your videos with my daughter.

    • ilovecookingireland
      ilovecookingireland  5 days ago

      Amazon is usually the best place. You could also use cast iron dish. Here is a link for a Pyrex

  • Andrew hohenthaner
    Andrew hohenthaner 5 days ago

    Quite late to the party but I want to thank you for this tutorial. I haven’t made bread since 2015 and you’ve inspired me.

  • David Caballero
    David Caballero 5 days ago

    can i mix in 100g of wheat flour and 700grams bread flour rather just bread flour and just follow the recipe? or would the yield of water would be different?

  • Webster Jones
    Webster Jones 6 days ago

    Most helpful bread video, thanks for it

  • Ike Does Stuff
    Ike Does Stuff 6 days ago

    so much work for a loaf of bread? wth?

  • Leslie Nienaber
    Leslie Nienaber 6 days ago

    I bought a San Francisco sourdough starter powder and the instructions were SO BAD (as I’ve learned now) that I was flustered. Starting over with my own homemade starter and your video gave me the confidence I need to keep trying! Thank you!!

  • Woody Dickson
    Woody Dickson 6 days ago

    I'm going to be making this for my families Christmas dinner. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Oh, and I've subbed to Ryan's Firehouse channel. Awesome!

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 6 days ago

    Hi Patrick do the rules for sourdough apply to spelt flours or are there any special requirements.
    Regards Nick

  • Leandro Sanchez
    Leandro Sanchez 7 days ago

    Great video, I have a question about the discard, do you stir it before discarding everyday or you just discard from the top? Thanks

  • بوتشي كافيه Buchee Cafe

    God bless you

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia 7 days ago

    Hi Patrick, hope your well, thanks for the video I really got the knowledge I needed, however, I need help, the first 3 days it looked really good very alive but on day 4 after discarding and adding the above amounts it stopped and it does not bubble or ferment anymore, I waited and still did day 5 and 6 but nothing, what should I do?

  • Jared Brown
    Jared Brown 8 days ago

    Question.. are you feeding every 12 hours?

  • Angela Morey
    Angela Morey 8 days ago

    When do you stop adding flour while kneading? I always added flour as it got worked in and got sticky again for a few turns of the dough and then just keep kneading after that until I could see through it. What I think you are saying is to not add any extra flour at all while kneading and it will eventually not be sticky anymore and be smooth?

  • Cooking Adventures with Cookie

    Trying to do this with barley flour.... it's not working. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Liora C
    Liora C 8 days ago

    Patrick - I've been looking at so many sites and pages trying to get my head around sourdough. My sister-in-law made me some starter and the local organic bakery offered me some - but it all seemed so complicated until I watched your video - THANK YOU!!!! - you set everything out so lovingly and simply. Am off to make it now (ps I've been making salt free bread for a while so no novice to the yeasted variety :) )

  • Tyrone Bartlett
    Tyrone Bartlett 8 days ago

    Just wondering what flour you use to make the starter? It looks like wholemeal? Thanks

  • denross9
    denross9 9 days ago

    Thanks a lot for this master class! I'm eager to start doing it!

  • Tommy Mui KL
    Tommy Mui KL 9 days ago

    May I ask why in making the first starter, we need to throw away half of the dough?

  • IKE
    IKE 9 days ago

    “Repetition is the path to mastery.”
    -Zenyatta, Overwatch

  • NG B
    NG B 9 days ago

    No bread bakers where I live that I've been able to find.

  • Huw Watkins
    Huw Watkins 9 days ago

    First time ever making bread and it's come out perfectly! Crispy on the outside, soft inside. Big thanks for this great video!

  • Gloria Athanasatos
    Gloria Athanasatos 10 days ago

    Hello Patrick.
    After watching your video several times I decided to give it is go, unfortunately I wasn't successful the first time the bread didn't rise and felt doughee and also got stuck to the baking tray. So I ate it anyway 😋 and the parrot loved it. If you get a chance can you tell me by my description where wrong? I wanted to try again. Thanks

  • Timothy Freeman
    Timothy Freeman 10 days ago

    Are we meant to siv the flour?

  • Cynthia Essiambre
    Cynthia Essiambre 10 days ago

    why do you not make a levain?

  • Justin Leung
    Justin Leung 11 days ago +1

    Question.... on the recipe it says to repeat the process everyday (which is 24 hours); but here you said every 12 hour.... so which one is correct?

    • Jared Brown
      Jared Brown 5 days ago

      +Justin Leung Fantastic! It does help. that is what I have been doing this week and so far so good!

    • Justin Leung
      Justin Leung 7 days ago

      Jared Brown so far I’m feeding the starter on a 24-hour schedule. Works out great so far. Hope this helps!

    • Jared Brown
      Jared Brown 7 days ago

      I have the same question on this. I have seen some recipes that state to feed it once a day or every 12 hours.. I am curious

  • MKcLTM
    MKcLTM 11 days ago

    feeding with the same type of flour? which one exactly..

  • An Jin Geon
    An Jin Geon 11 days ago

    You are so right I am impressed by your saying : 'It is very difficult for a recipe to be exact, because everyone is different. Instead, the dough will tell you when it's ready' This is so right way to approach not only cooking, almost everything. Im mathematician, and every theorems and proofs of them should be logical, but it is always hard to just follow what others does. Instead, simply try to work until you get it, you will be ready to prove the theorem.

  • Itamar Salhov
    Itamar Salhov 11 days ago

    "As long as you don't use it all, you'll never run out" is true for most things.

  • Capt BlackEagle
    Capt BlackEagle 11 days ago


  • Тот самый Максим

    Почему не разрезали?

  • Lasse Nilsson
    Lasse Nilsson 11 days ago

    Wien i Cook on high temp it al got Burnd.
    Doft Knowles what crapy venens you have.
    Cant have more than 175 degrees.

  • Sydney Freeman
    Sydney Freeman 11 days ago

    These videos are amazing. I just pulled my first loaf out of the oven, it turned out amazing. Thank you for all the help !

  • Pc7
    Pc7 11 days ago

    Nice. Everyday the glass jar is getting bigger

  • Johnny
    Johnny 12 days ago

    So basically if you have a craving for sourdough, plan to suffer for about a week cause that's how long it takes to make this bread.

  • lovemywayyy
    lovemywayyy 12 days ago

    I tried to bake my first today and it didn't go quite right.. I've started a week ago with the started, followed the instructions. I realized I don't have the wholemeal flour so I went with strong white flour (type 750, 12% of protein). The sourdough started thing went well (in my opinion), the started had a lot of bubbles, grew in volume and seemed active to me. I've kneaded the dough yesterday, didn't add any additional water, and even achieved the windowpane effect. I've left the dough to rise, then knocked back the air, wrapped in the cling film and put in the fridge overnight in the bowl.
    Today was the day I was supposed to bake the bread, I took it out of the fridge, preheated the oven, created the steam and put the bread in on the pizza baking tray (with holes) - this might not be the wisest choice of the baking dish. The end result is the dough didn't really rise up (the diameter has increased). The taste is really good, but it's more like a flatbread than the bread..
    Any ideas what went wrong? The pictures of the process for those interested:

  • ariel p
    ariel p 12 days ago

    I didn't DISCARD any starter and it's now day 6... do I need to start over or what?

    • ariel p
      ariel p 11 days ago

      +MY NAME CHEF yes it is

      MY NAME CHEF 12 days ago

      Is it bubbly and vinegary

  • Mahmoud Ibra
    Mahmoud Ibra 12 days ago

    thanks a lot.

  • Billiejo Lear
    Billiejo Lear 12 days ago

    I am not making this sour dough bread but I was looking for kneading techniques. I am making Amish white bread and have for a long while. I just wanted to tell you that although someone below used the reference 'nasty white bread makers' lol, you have taught me much. I watched many, many videos when learning to handle my dough and enjoy making breads. Your kneading technique and learning to ;listen' to your dough has been one that I really believe in and use every time! Thank you!

  • Brittany Callen
    Brittany Callen 12 days ago

    You "lid-erly" ha ha

  • Dan
    Dan 13 days ago

    That's tang town

  • Weerasak Naveeekarn
    Weerasak Naveeekarn 13 days ago

    I wonder if a yeast allergy people can eat sourdough bread? Please!

  • Timothy Freeman
    Timothy Freeman 13 days ago

    Conor McBaker 🇮🇪🍞

  • Gloria Miller
    Gloria Miller 14 days ago

    Thanks Patrick. I baked the bread and had a baked rock instead LOL. it was really compacted. I will try again. My starter needed more time I think. I will continue practicing. Thanks again, love, love your videos.

  • Amol Upare
    Amol Upare 14 days ago

    nice video,thank you
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  • Little significance
    Little significance 14 days ago

    The starter is alive!

    The vegans are goanna come!

  • Reginald Rich II
    Reginald Rich II 14 days ago

    I’ve watched a lot of sourdough making videos and this one, for sure, made it seem way simpler than every other one I’ve watched 🤦🏽‍♂️. I feel like I’ve been duped! Great stuff!

  • Stephen Watson
    Stephen Watson 14 days ago

    Dumb question but do you close the starter jar after it has started or just leave it open all the time? Open in the fridge too?

  • ToThe PintoDurrrOw
    ToThe PintoDurrrOw 14 days ago

    My dough got so sticky that I couldn't even handle it. More flour or less sourdough starter?

  • William Geist
    William Geist 14 days ago

    yeasts are fungi and eukaryotic microorganisms. bacteria are prokaryotic microorganisms.

  • Livi Loo
    Livi Loo 15 days ago

    230 degrees C = 446 degrees F

  • Will Ahmad
    Will Ahmad 15 days ago

    Hi Patrick, I followed the instructions 100% accurately, not once but twice and unfortunately it was a total failure. not sure what was the reason, but it turns to watery, first few days I can see some activities but then water separate and flour separate. These days in Hong Kong the room temp is around 20-23C so may be too hot. Can you pls comment, what can be the reason? big thanks.

  • Eric Cerda
    Eric Cerda 15 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what glass baking dish this is? It appears to be a sort of dutch oven, but I can't find this on the Pyrex or Corningware site.

  • edward arthur l. de carvalho Arthur

    Pra tomar uma sopa, deve ser o bicho!!!

  • Dean Moser
    Dean Moser 15 days ago

    Patrick, I have been baking bread for over 20 years and I learned more in this video than 20 years experience. Thank you!

  • LunaDaChinchillaGirl
    LunaDaChinchillaGirl 16 days ago

    Why am I watching a man make bread at 2 in the morning?

  • Raoul Kaminiczny
    Raoul Kaminiczny 16 days ago

    hes not mentioning that he covers the dough in oil before he lets it proof the first time. youll end up with a dry crust on top that you will knead back into the dough otherwise.

  • BBQTrader
    BBQTrader 16 days ago +2

    I made the bread, per instructions, proofing for first rise, then splitting into two loaves. I cut into two, put one aside for second rise, and per video, placed the other in the top shelf of the refrigerator overnight. I cooked the first, and it was great! The next day, per video, I took the 2nd out (it was cold) shaped it a bit, and put it "straight into" the oven, which was at temperature. After 30 minutes, it looked great! When I cut into it, the middle oozed out like cream-filled doughnut; not even remotely baked.

    So, what went wrong? I'm assuming our home refrigerator is much cooler than you are used to - I think ours (Samsung) defaults to around 42 dF. So, I'm thinking I can't go straight from the cold refrigerator to the oven, and instead must give it a couple or three hours to come up to temperature before putting into the oven.

    Does this sound correct to you?


    • Mr Mothy
      Mr Mothy 6 days ago +3

      Exactly right. If you cold-prove dough, you need to let it come back to at least room temperature before baking (usually about an hour, depending on how warm your kitchen is). This will allow the whole dough to bake evenly.

  • Zeljko Trifunovic
    Zeljko Trifunovic 17 days ago

    you never made starter before ?
    And all of a sudden you want to .....but you are too lazy and stupid to mix water and flour and need to get some from someone else .
    What will you bread making be ?
    You won't be making this bread for takes dedication and persistence .

  • M.A.J.
    M.A.J. 17 days ago +2

    Not my proudest fap

  • G Tron
    G Tron 17 days ago

    I could listen to this dude all day.

  • Joseph Madder
    Joseph Madder 18 days ago

    I tried not adding much flour after the measurements like he recommended, but at the end my hands were completely covered in dough, couldn't even see through it it was so thick. I measured with a kitchen scale. What'd I do wrong?

  • Gloria Miller
    Gloria Miller 18 days ago

    Patrick my dough hardly rise. I even did the window pane test and i looked good. What did I do wrong?

  • Nicole Alexander
    Nicole Alexander 18 days ago

    When you go to make the bread, and have removed the starter you need for your recipe, do you feed the remaining starter before putting it back in the fridge?

  • Talkyn
    Talkyn 18 days ago

    Great presentation. I'm a bread-freak in the making, and I'm still at the stage of having a great loaf one time, and a crap one the next without changing (that I notice) what I do. You really lay it out and make it clear! Top-notch video quality also. Thanks!

  • Thomas Rolison
    Thomas Rolison 19 days ago

    Ugh I keep attempting this recipe... not sure if my starter isn’t active enough yet? (Though I have plenty of bubbles and it smells like it’s a bit acidic) or if I’m just doing something wrong. Bleh who knows I guess I’ll just keep trying

  • Konnov Bajan
    Konnov Bajan 19 days ago

    I shall call this man the Irish Bread Lord.

  • Livi Loo
    Livi Loo 19 days ago

    Day three on my starter. Thank you for the video!!

    • Jared Brown
      Jared Brown 7 days ago

      Question for you. Are you feeding it every 12 hours or once a day?

  • Rich M
    Rich M 19 days ago

    Thank you for confirming all the great things in life are rotten; Beer, cheese, wine, yogurt, kombucha, Sauer kraut, pickles....

  • chris guyer
    chris guyer 19 days ago

    Those measurements ... How much is that in America measure .
    We cook with cups , tablespoons , and teaspoons .

  • Ink Deskuid
    Ink Deskuid 19 days ago

    Finally made my starter today 🙌

  • Jeff Carter
    Jeff Carter 19 days ago

    This dude looks a bit like Pete Townsend, let my love open the door, with bread.

  • Nazi Marul
    Nazi Marul 19 days ago

    I though it was howtobasic asmr

  • eogg25
    eogg25 20 days ago

    If you do not make bread every day but once a week, does the starter go bad.

  • Jolie - Jo
    Jolie - Jo 20 days ago

    I made a sourdough starter and it was ready after three days - it smelled like feet, but we tried making a bread with it and it came out dense and not really sourdough-ey. The next day, my starter also became watery and bad! Do I need to let the starter sit out for a week, regardless of whether or not it looks ready, or did I use it too early?

  • NI W
    NI W 20 days ago

    Tink about sumbudy ye don't like. Got it.

  • Frances Douglas
    Frances Douglas 20 days ago

    Thanks Patrick for sharing your talents & passion for making REAL bread. I've had an interest for learning how to make my own starter for a long time. Today was my 6th day and starter seemed ready so I mixed my first bread cutting recipe in half. Plan to mix another tomorrow using the full recipe. Really excited! Also, thanks for explaining about the kneading process and how to determine when the dough is ready to start proofing. Excellent instructions from a super teacher . Thank you. Sincerely, Frances Douglas