The Fortnite Show Episode 4: The Alpha Strikes Back


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  • ChronicLeaky
    ChronicLeaky 5 months ago

    Keep it up😃 I have 130 subs 🐼🐼 hope you get 1 million🐣🐣

  • danny YT
    danny YT 5 months ago

    What's those codes 4??

  • TheFallenCobra
    TheFallenCobra 5 months ago

    Epic games can I get a code please? I was gonna buy it but instead I gave it to my friend for his birthday. So I was wondering if it was any trouble if I got a code? It's fine if not. But thanks for your time

  • Jaden XD
    Jaden XD 6 months ago


  • Jamiah Brooks
    Jamiah Brooks 6 months ago

    When will fortnite come out for Android

  • reverse Luci
    reverse Luci 7 months ago


  • PasscodeAdvance
    PasscodeAdvance 7 months ago

    Like roblox videos

  • Ashley Pruitt
    Ashley Pruitt 8 months ago

    I can't get mobile fortnite

  • box
    box 9 months ago +2

    Epic games is there anything I could do I to get everything from season 2.I missed out on it and I want to get all of season 2 items.

  • venkatesh venkatesh
    venkatesh venkatesh 10 months ago


  • Gaming Zone
    Gaming Zone Year ago

    Can I have a code for the alpha please??

  • ArcticC
    ArcticC 2 years ago

    omg i really ant a code

    • ArcticC
      ArcticC 2 years ago

      when is the game comeing out?

  • Дерево Деревович

    CUXZR-CD2FV-E2ZYS-C7PQT Sorry, that code has already been redeemed.

    PuSSY _ SWAGGER 2 years ago

    i dont get the emails

  • Spicy
    Spicy 2 years ago

    How can i get a code? :o

  • Nio Vergel
    Nio Vergel 2 years ago

    do you have any codes i can have
    it would make my day'

  • AzeYT - Official Channel

    I didn't get a code :( have fun playing it those guys ho got a code :) i really wanted a code :/

  • karenfilm100
    karenfilm100 3 years ago

    are there still any code

  • 5ir FIGHTf0rApr1ce Kisteninia Lebronu

    wait hold on how do i check if i got picked :P i wanted to play since i read it on game informer :D

  • Marinescu Luca
    Marinescu Luca 3 years ago

    im first who comment on facebook post with 2 friends and i earn : 0 CODES! :(

  • Haldarion Winged
    Haldarion Winged 3 years ago

    TY ! :D

  • Magnus Poder
    Magnus Poder 3 years ago

    Feel like i missed every oppetunity to join :(
    - All codes redeemed.. :(

  • Tanner Adams
    Tanner Adams 3 years ago

    Tomorrows my birthday... Would LOVE a key... *cough cough* *Wink Wink* *Nudge Nudge*

  • Daniel Niemann - Christian MotoVlogging

    I really want a code now :L I feel taunted :)

  • gamecraftersNL
    gamecraftersNL 3 years ago

    I'll never get a code.

  • Krokussify
    Krokussify 3 years ago


  • Joseph Azzam
    Joseph Azzam 3 years ago

    These are the codes, none of them works :/

    • Nio Vergel
      Nio Vergel 2 years ago

      +Joseph Azzam where did you get that codes? it would make my day happy if you give me some

    • Hamza Tahboub
      Hamza Tahboub 3 years ago

      +Joseph Azzam yes they do, the are just all already redeemed.

  • Duke
    Duke 3 years ago +1

    So I'm thinking we should call it ...
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    The Drama Llama!

  • Majent
    Majent 3 years ago +6

    Still nothin... been wating for this game for 2+ years :(
    If you see this Fortnite, send me one please?????
    I'll give you toilet bacon

    • Wucas
      Wucas 10 months ago

      Majent are you happy with how big they got?

  • Emil Schjerven Brenden

    I got a code! :D

    • Nio Vergel
      Nio Vergel 2 years ago

      +Emil Schjerven Brenden do you have any codes i can have
      it would make my day'

  • Vandrefalk
    Vandrefalk 3 years ago

    Tried ALL but too late D:

  • Kurnuttaja
    Kurnuttaja 3 years ago

    Missed all these in the video and all upcoming codes as well. Im never fast enough so not gon bother with any of these.

  • AcidSeth
    AcidSeth 3 years ago +2

    I knew I should have watched the video as it was uploaded, I saw it too late and lost all the codes. Real nice of you guys though.

  • Travis Tonsfeldt
    Travis Tonsfeldt 3 years ago

    Sweet!! OT2 runs thought my Birthday. What a wonderful gift that i could get is a key :P - still waiting for one :(

  • Secundus
    Secundus 3 years ago

    Ah missed the codes! Anyway, have fun to people who got the codes! (I will catch you later)

  • TheGodCold
    TheGodCold 3 years ago

    Ahhh, piece of crap

  • Kevin Bosch
    Kevin Bosch 3 years ago

    Jajj nice! Finally i hope i get a code.

  • Haysleyez
    Haysleyez 3 years ago

    Thank you guys! I loved OT1 and I had a blast! I can't wait to get my hands on OT2! THANK YOU!!! :D

  • Brian Vacquier
    Brian Vacquier 3 years ago


  • walto86
    walto86 3 years ago

    Can i have code guys ? ):

  • Tiger
    Tiger 3 years ago +6

    Last code! Hoorah.

    • Nio Vergel
      Nio Vergel 2 years ago

      +Tiger do you have any codes i can have
      it would make my day'

    • Kurnuttaja
      Kurnuttaja 3 years ago

      Bloody birthdays, if it wasnt for the birthday hero to show up I might have got the key. I cant even tell when mine is... Maybe it is today? In other words if u give the key to me, it might be my b-day present.

    • Mason Humpherys
      Mason Humpherys 3 years ago

      +TigerBlue I'll take it if he hasn't responded...

    • Tiger
      Tiger 3 years ago

      +Tanner Adams Just need your email, sorry bout the late reply! :D

    • Tanner Adams
      Tanner Adams 3 years ago

      +TigerBlue Can i have a code.... It could be my birthday present!

  • Leshy
    Leshy 3 years ago

    aghhhh lol....almost gone one but didnt....maybe next time! :D

  • Beignis
    Beignis 3 years ago +10

    woo got Natalies code

    • Duke
      Duke 3 years ago


    • EX58UD
      EX58UD 3 years ago

      Nice! I'm still waiting for my code :(