The Fortnite Show Episode 4: The Alpha Strikes Back

  • Published on Mar 18, 2015
  • The Fortnite Alpha returns and we're giving away access codes.
    Redeem your alpha codes here:
    Keep in mind all players that access the Fortnite Alpha are under NDA and cannot share screenshots, video uploads, or live stream.
    Sign up for the Alpha and follow up on our social channels:
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Comments • 63

  • 77 Cloud
    77 Cloud Month ago

    What happen to all these workers

  • foo200 random gamer

    I can only put 12 digit codes not 20😡😡😡😡

  • idksom lol
    idksom lol 3 months ago +4

    Who is scrolling tro the play list in 2019

  • ChronicLeaky
    ChronicLeaky 8 months ago +3

    Keep it up😃 I have 130 subs 🐼🐼 hope you get 1 million🐣🐣

  • danny YT
    danny YT 9 months ago

    What's those codes 4??

  • TheFallenCobra
    TheFallenCobra 9 months ago

    Epic games can I get a code please? I was gonna buy it but instead I gave it to my friend for his birthday. So I was wondering if it was any trouble if I got a code? It's fine if not. But thanks for your time

  • Jaden XD
    Jaden XD 10 months ago


  • Jamiah Brooks
    Jamiah Brooks 10 months ago

    When will fortnite come out for Android

  • reverse Luci
    reverse Luci 11 months ago


  • PasscodeAdvance
    PasscodeAdvance 11 months ago

    Like roblox videos

  • Ashley Pruitt
    Ashley Pruitt Year ago

    I can't get mobile fortnite

  • box
    box Year ago +2

    Epic games is there anything I could do I to get everything from season 2.I missed out on it and I want to get all of season 2 items.

  • venkatesh Hariharan


  • Gaming Zone
    Gaming Zone 2 years ago

    Can I have a code for the alpha please??

  • ArcticC
    ArcticC 2 years ago

    omg i really ant a code

    • ArcticC
      ArcticC 2 years ago

      when is the game comeing out?

  • Дерево Деревович

    CUXZR-CD2FV-E2ZYS-C7PQT Sorry, that code has already been redeemed.

    PuSSY _ SWAGGER 2 years ago

    i dont get the emails

  • Spicy
    Spicy 3 years ago

    How can i get a code? :o

  • Nio Vergel
    Nio Vergel 3 years ago

    do you have any codes i can have
    it would make my day'

  • AzeYT - Official Channel

    I didn't get a code :( have fun playing it those guys ho got a code :) i really wanted a code :/

  • karenfilm100
    karenfilm100 4 years ago

    are there still any code

  • 5ir FIGHTf0rApr1ce Kisteninia Lebronu

    wait hold on how do i check if i got picked :P i wanted to play since i read it on game informer :D

  • Marinescu Luca
    Marinescu Luca 4 years ago

    im first who comment on facebook post with 2 friends and i earn : 0 CODES! :(

  • Haldarion Winged
    Haldarion Winged 4 years ago

    TY ! :D

  • Magnus Poder
    Magnus Poder 4 years ago

    Feel like i missed every oppetunity to join :(
    - All codes redeemed.. :(

  • Tanner Adams
    Tanner Adams 4 years ago

    Tomorrows my birthday... Would LOVE a key... *cough cough* *Wink Wink* *Nudge Nudge*

  • Daniel Niemann - Christian MotoVlogging

    I really want a code now :L I feel taunted :)

  • gamecraftersNL
    gamecraftersNL 4 years ago

    I'll never get a code.

  • Krokussify
    Krokussify 4 years ago


  • Joseph Azzam
    Joseph Azzam 4 years ago

    These are the codes, none of them works :/

    • Nio Vergel
      Nio Vergel 3 years ago

      +Joseph Azzam where did you get that codes? it would make my day happy if you give me some

    • Hamza Tahboub
      Hamza Tahboub 4 years ago

      @Joseph Azzam yes they do, the are just all already redeemed.

  • Duke
    Duke 4 years ago +2

    So I'm thinking we should call it ...
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    The Drama Llama!

  • Majent
    Majent 4 years ago +10

    Still nothin... been wating for this game for 2+ years :(
    If you see this Fortnite, send me one please?????
    I'll give you toilet bacon

    • Wucas
      Wucas Year ago +1

      Majent are you happy with how big they got?

  • Emil Schjerven Brenden

    I got a code! :D

    • Nio Vergel
      Nio Vergel 3 years ago

      +Emil Schjerven Brenden do you have any codes i can have
      it would make my day'

  • Vandrefalk
    Vandrefalk 4 years ago

    Tried ALL but too late D:

  • Kurnuttaja
    Kurnuttaja 4 years ago

    Missed all these in the video and all upcoming codes as well. Im never fast enough so not gon bother with any of these.

  • AcidSeth
    AcidSeth 4 years ago +2

    I knew I should have watched the video as it was uploaded, I saw it too late and lost all the codes. Real nice of you guys though.

  • Travis Tonsfeldt
    Travis Tonsfeldt 4 years ago

    Sweet!! OT2 runs thought my Birthday. What a wonderful gift that i could get is a key :P - still waiting for one :(

  • Secundus
    Secundus 4 years ago

    Ah missed the codes! Anyway, have fun to people who got the codes! (I will catch you later)

  • TheGodCold
    TheGodCold 4 years ago

    Ahhh, piece of crap

  • Kevin Bosch
    Kevin Bosch 4 years ago

    Jajj nice! Finally i hope i get a code.

  • Haysleyez
    Haysleyez 4 years ago

    Thank you guys! I loved OT1 and I had a blast! I can't wait to get my hands on OT2! THANK YOU!!! :D

  • Brian Vacquier
    Brian Vacquier 4 years ago


  • walto86
    walto86 4 years ago

    Can i have code guys ? ):

  • Tiger
    Tiger 4 years ago +7

    Last code! Hoorah.

    • Nio Vergel
      Nio Vergel 3 years ago

      +Tiger do you have any codes i can have
      it would make my day'

    • Kurnuttaja
      Kurnuttaja 4 years ago

      Bloody birthdays, if it wasnt for the birthday hero to show up I might have got the key. I cant even tell when mine is... Maybe it is today? In other words if u give the key to me, it might be my b-day present.

    • Mason Humpherys
      Mason Humpherys 4 years ago

      @TigerBlue I'll take it if he hasn't responded...

    • Tiger
      Tiger 4 years ago

      @Tanner Adams Just need your email, sorry bout the late reply! :D

    • Tanner Adams
      Tanner Adams 4 years ago

      @TigerBlue Can i have a code.... It could be my birthday present!

  • Leshy
    Leshy 4 years ago

    aghhhh lol....almost gone one but didnt....maybe next time! :D

  • Beignis
    Beignis 4 years ago +10

    woo got Natalies code

    • Duke
      Duke 4 years ago


    • EX58UD
      EX58UD 4 years ago

      Nice! I'm still waiting for my code :(