Kerala Martial Arts Demonstration

  • Published on Jan 4, 2014
  • Kerela Martial Arts demonstration we saw at the Kathakali Center in Fort Kochi. December 2013.

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  • Deepak kumar
    Deepak kumar 21 day ago

    Every hindu should learn this

  • ravi b
    ravi b 2 months ago

    Best video on kalari so far.
    Have seen many videos on kalari. But these people are too good. Professionals.

  • Ajay Kumar Tandan
    Ajay Kumar Tandan 2 months ago

    Osm dreel

  • Krishna kumar
    Krishna kumar 2 months ago

    😂where is martial arts came from? Is this called kerala martial art

  • Punith DG
    Punith DG 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for keeping and reviving world's ancient martial arts which inspired all other martial arts in the world..

  • Ashu Ana
    Ashu Ana 2 months ago


  • Hari Govind Sai S
    Hari Govind Sai S 3 months ago

    Wonderful demonstration. Where is this kalari?

    SATHURANGAM STUDIO 3 months ago

    Most of the self defense skills are went from Tamil Nadu

      SATHURANGAM STUDIO 3 months ago

      @im phenomenal in Chennai Tamil history museum there is a article about him go and see that

      SATHURANGAM STUDIO 3 months ago

      @im phenomenal do you have any written record for he is not the first martial artist

    • im phenomenal
      im phenomenal 3 months ago

      @SATHURANGAM STUDIO who told you he is the first martial artist...there are written records for this

      SATHURANGAM STUDIO 3 months ago

      @im phenomenal he is the first hypnotiser in the world

      SATHURANGAM STUDIO 3 months ago

      @im phenomenal bodhi darman the first Tamil martial artist you know that!

  • Harjot Singh
    Harjot Singh 3 months ago

    Britishers di bhan da loda jihna na es ta rok lai c

  • Roy mammen Joseph
    Roy mammen Joseph 3 months ago

    They are good.

  • angryman
    angryman 3 months ago +1

    From what I can observe, agility and flexibility are key aspects. Most of the offensive techniques involve arm strikes, submissions, and joint locks. Kicks seem to be kept to a minimum while weapon techniques emphasize close combat by holding them close to the body.

  • Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    Very awe inspiring!!! I wish thus was taught in the States. Respect.

  • The Surya
    The Surya 4 months ago +1

    I'm really fortunate because I born in India which is the most holy , religious , spiritual and powerful country in the world . I'm die hard fan of Kalaripayattu . I will learn this mother of all martial art not immediately but definitely .🙏

    • The Surya
      The Surya 3 months ago

      @Smitha Shirish Thanks

    • The Surya
      The Surya 3 months ago

      @Smitha Shirish I couldn't understand , what do you mean .

  • dhananjay krishna,Serving humanity

    But most powerful technique is to maintain eye contact number strike to
    Presure points

    PRAVIN 4 months ago

    It's really sad to see. This martial art the beginning of all martial art is being watched as classical show.
    It should be practice as standard part of wrestling because of the flexibility which delivers to artists is amazing, they can grapple a Ufc players if they wanted too.

  • Rd Ghaji Ghajak
    Rd Ghaji Ghajak 5 months ago

    When the british came to india they slowly and secretly destroyed this culture from india physically and mentally.. As years go passing by most indians feel that their own martial art are not as good As those from other countries. As a matter fact this art is as dangerous as those from thailand, malaysian, indonesian, japan, korea and the philipines.

  • Siya Sanobar
    Siya Sanobar 5 months ago +1


  • Do it your self TV
    Do it your self TV 5 months ago

    Where is your kalari school

  • Arun K.V
    Arun K.V 6 months ago

    How beautiful those guys , how flexible

  • vimal raj
    vimal raj 6 months ago +1

    awesome 👍

    RASA THANDRAM 6 months ago +1

    The best martial artists I have ever seen on TVclip...

  • Sreehari Vs
    Sreehari Vs 6 months ago +1

    *From kerala* 💪💪💪
    *Vadakkan Kalari*

  • Ganesh Padyachi
    Ganesh Padyachi 6 months ago

    Where is this , ur contact or address or academys name

  • Hari Hari
    Hari Hari 6 months ago

    very nice 👍👍👍

  • Cesar Camara
    Cesar Camara 6 months ago +1

    Beautiful! Those two practitioners were fantastic.

  • ignite international
    ignite international 6 months ago

    It is one of the pride of India🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Logeswaran 90's
    Logeswaran 90's 6 months ago


  • Abdulla Tnktr
    Abdulla Tnktr 7 months ago

    Urumi veeshalil ithuvarey kanatha chila items super

  • Sreejith Raj
    Sreejith Raj 7 months ago +2

    The mother of all martial arts is Kalaripayattu.... originated in kerala.. gifted by the great sage Parasurama.

  • Eagle 33 Eagle 55
    Eagle 33 Eagle 55 7 months ago +1

    when you call the source for the pandavas they appear, thank you very much Krishna too, Love to you

  • Hari Krishnan Vinod
    Hari Krishnan Vinod 7 months ago

    Where is this place , amazing stuff ,am interested in learning

  • Biney Sin
    Biney Sin 7 months ago +1

    I'm A Tai Chi Student But After Watching This.
    I Need To Learn This Original Martial art.
    Rally The Real Martialarts Is Kalaripaitu.
    Iski Kata Form . Dikhne me Acha Nehi Hai But The Combat Techniques Is So Powerful and Dangerous

  • FameKaZ
    FameKaZ 8 months ago +1

    Wow i learn something new, very good😁🇲🇾

  • jabirahman rahman
    jabirahman rahman 8 months ago

    Superb kalari i have ever seen in my life.

  • Adhi Adarsh
    Adhi Adarsh 8 months ago +19

    I am modern and traditional silat ,wing Chung practitioner,but our knowledge is not compete with this precious kalaripayat,this art is incredibly dangerous and accurately powerful ,this is the ultimate

    • awsm byz
      awsm byz 4 months ago

      machane wing chun keralathil padikan patumo?

  • Bijeesh Bala
    Bijeesh Bala 8 months ago

    Eth tekano vadakano

  • Devendar LifeGuru
    Devendar LifeGuru 9 months ago +2

    definetly i came and lerning this art

  • Devendar LifeGuru
    Devendar LifeGuru 9 months ago +2

    definetly i came and lerning this art

  • Devendar LifeGuru
    Devendar LifeGuru 9 months ago

    i love this art

  • Devendar LifeGuru
    Devendar LifeGuru 9 months ago

    i love this art

  • Devendar LifeGuru
    Devendar LifeGuru 9 months ago

    i love this art

  • Devendar LifeGuru
    Devendar LifeGuru 9 months ago

    i love this art

  • Omar Carrillo
    Omar Carrillo 9 months ago

    I am in Love again

  • Lakshman Sambangi
    Lakshman Sambangi 9 months ago +1

    Hat'soff to Kerala

  • Fasaludheen Zainudheen
    Fasaludheen Zainudheen 9 months ago +4

    Congratulations to MANZIR and SHAKKEER who have performed kalari payattu at its expertise and showed it to the world. I am proud as a keralite.

  • Ritik Sharma
    Ritik Sharma 9 months ago

    Superbbbbbbb Bhai superbbbbbbb superbbbbbbb

  • Vijay Chand
    Vijay Chand 9 months ago

    Very good guys, keep it up, make more videos.

  • Ragith Thomas
    Ragith Thomas 9 months ago +1

    Very awesome stunts

  • Vijaypraksh Panday
    Vijaypraksh Panday 10 months ago +1

    what is the address and name of this school

  • Abhilash Kt
    Abhilash Kt 10 months ago


  • The merayuth
    The merayuth 10 months ago

    Weapon could work really nice in street

  • Malayalam Video maker
    Malayalam Video maker 10 months ago +1

    എത്ര കാലം കൊണ്ട് പഠിക്കാം??

  • Gurukulam Communication
    Gurukulam Communication 10 months ago +14

    Great video documentation works by your channel. I really like it. Regards. Gurukulam communication are also promoting kalaripayattu the traditional art form of kerala must visit & Suggest us. Thank you .

  • jonah de lainch
    jonah de lainch 10 months ago

    Actually I'm an Romanian street fighter I ruled over 22 years but one Indian k.o me I'm in India at Hyderabad .., I will be soon here and I will take my pride

    • Ishwer Kumar
      Ishwer Kumar 10 months ago

      What is the name of Indian fighter who beat you

  • Shifil Ameen
    Shifil Ameen 11 months ago +9

    Incredible KALARI.....

  • seeram k
    seeram k 11 months ago +3

    It is great...people who see this video please share it

  • Lalit Rawat
    Lalit Rawat Year ago +2

    Will you teach me this art?

  • Nikhildev
    Nikhildev Year ago +4

    Amazing guys !

  • d.gurunath reddy
    d.gurunath reddy Year ago +8

    kalaripayattu was banned by british because they could not fight them and defeat but there was a king Parshi raja who was strong and could not be defeated by either british or tippu sultan so the tippu army bribed one of the generals of Parshi raja and when the raja went for hunting he was attacked in jungle and killed, later tippu sultan gifted kingdom to british.
    Marthanda Varma destroyed whole dutch navy and could not recover they were powerful than british and this led to british empire grow.

    • Unni Krishnan
      Unni Krishnan 7 months ago

      Ooh why ur saying fasludheen tippu ur hero pazhassi our hero...
      Tippu great warrior ...our hero... tooo
      We should respect all our war heeros..
      U should respect other religion...also
      Respect other religion ..taught by prophet muhammad..
      Only thing i am finding in ur thoughts
      Neglecting non islamic peoples...

    • Fasaludheen Zainudheen
      Fasaludheen Zainudheen 7 months ago

      @Unni Krishnan i have studied not just about Maurya,'s but also about Gupta's, Alexander, Genghis khan and many across the glob. So what? Regardless their language,religion, region, ethnicity... they killed many and developed empires.
      I let you free to your common ignorance that islam instituted from prophet mohammed. At least you had better seek the reason why mohammed is known the 'last prophet'. Then you will get the answer about the 'origin' of islam.

    • Fasaludheen Zainudheen
      Fasaludheen Zainudheen 7 months ago

      Mr. Unnikrishnan, history should not be judged from Hariharan's film which is meant to made to fabricate the fact. Tippu fought unto his last but your hero was seeking hide outs when edachena kunkan martyred. Duke of Wellington(wellesley) was assigned by british government and he simply finished pazham puzhungi raja. Salutes go to kurichiar tribes, thalakkal chanthu and kunkan but not to the coward who used their innocence for his selfishness.

    • Unni Krishnan
      Unni Krishnan 7 months ago

      Fazaludheen sir ...
      Before christ maurya dinesty ruled by chandraguptha maurya .. in that dynasty..afghanistan also included...
      Later king ashoka .. ruled..
      That time islam relilgion not originated.. before christ...

    • Unni Krishnan
      Unni Krishnan 7 months ago

      What the hell u r saying ...
      Pazhassi raja great warrior though british cant defeat him...
      Finaly the man who defeated napolian in waterlow war named Arthur wellesly
      Pazhassi raja defeted by him only..

  • Edgar Tabujara
    Edgar Tabujara Year ago +1

    "nice". ..."**.***