Locker Tour: Jose Altuve

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • MVP Jose Altuve, second baseman of the Houston Astros, gives What Pros Wear a locker tour of his glove, bat, and cleats. He also offers a little insight into the music he likes, and you may be surprised to hear what Jose likes. (Oh and my bad for dropping an "A" bomb mid-interview. Just trying to get a point across. 🤐)
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Comments • 125

  • Trey Haeger
    Trey Haeger 3 days ago +1

    Wonder where his buzzer is...?

  • Viralocity
    Viralocity 3 days ago

    So the Bluetooth wiring, is that Samsung..LG?

  • Dr Dre
    Dr Dre 3 days ago +1

    The MVP...Mr. Clutch...The double cup...DUDE YOU ARE A CHEATER.

  • Christopher Tinker
    Christopher Tinker 3 days ago +1

    Where's the buzzers and tape?

  • Fai
    Fai 4 days ago

    Wait wait... where are the buzzing devices Jose? LOL a cheat AND a liar.

  • Paul Sheets
    Paul Sheets Month ago

    He has that swing down also super fast

  • Ziqian Yao
    Ziqian Yao Month ago

    all tuve a

  • Krusty Krabs
    Krusty Krabs Month ago +2

    Does he have a camera and trash can there too

  • Cooper Yates
    Cooper Yates 2 months ago +2

    I heard a couple trash cans banging I think

    BANDIT BASEBALL2 2 months ago +2

    Where is the trash can

  • Dylan Riemer
    Dylan Riemer 2 months ago +3

    he forgot to show off his garbage can

  • Roxanne Jaime
    Roxanne Jaime 2 months ago +1


  • Homero Tinajero
    Homero Tinajero 2 months ago

    Saludo desde Tamaulipas

  • Homero Tinajero
    Homero Tinajero 2 months ago


  • Robby Cowey
    Robby Cowey 2 months ago

    I love Jose altuve

  • Karloz
    Karloz 2 months ago

    I don’t know how people hate him

  • Simon Denny
    Simon Denny 2 months ago

    Omg when I watched this there was 2019 likes on the video. Illuminati confirmed.

  • maddie carr
    maddie carr 2 months ago

    he is so smol

  • El_Duque Comin at ya
    El_Duque Comin at ya 2 months ago +1

    Altuve is so damn humble how can you hate him?

  • nycjin816
    nycjin816 2 months ago

    it's hard to hate this guy, hes phenomenal. but F ALTUVE! go nats!

  • Enrique López Torres
    Enrique López Torres 3 months ago

    Jose Altuve !!! From Puerto Cabello, Carabobo State, Venezuela to Houston and the World !!!

  • Braxton Glaze
    Braxton Glaze 3 months ago

    Do braves locker tours

  • Victor Nog
    Victor Nog 3 months ago


  • Thanh Luong
    Thanh Luong 5 months ago +4

    Altuve is so cute, he is the best baseball player.

  • Patricia Hock
    Patricia Hock 5 months ago +7

    Ours Astros Guy 2019

  • Reyna Calzonzint
    Reyna Calzonzint 5 months ago +3

    I love altuve bc I'm 27 in softball

  • JJM
    JJM 6 months ago +1

    Is that lean

  • Elraydeltaco 24
    Elraydeltaco 24 6 months ago

    Damn Ik it’s a small glove but he is making look like a 11.75 with how small his hands are

  • Hybrid_Robin
    Hybrid_Robin 7 months ago

    Locker tour? He only showed us cleets, a glove and a bat. Am I the only one who saw all the other stuff in the background and wondered why they didn’t go over it

  • Jeb Stewart
    Jeb Stewart 7 months ago +4

    Dang my guy got double cup 😂

  • Hoghunta Texas
    Hoghunta Texas 7 months ago +3

    He is such a nice guy

  • 12_ _Gage
    12_ _Gage 7 months ago +3

    Got the double cup lol

  • Ryan
    Ryan 7 months ago +1

    he meant to say he was paid millions of $ to say positive things and where the apperal

  • JB
    JB 7 months ago +3

    Ah yes the three colors. Blue, orange, and jello

  • Rylen Avila
    Rylen Avila 8 months ago +2

    Do javy baez

  • ralexan548
    ralexan548 8 months ago +5

    Can you please do Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo,or Javier Baez.

    • ralexan548
      ralexan548 6 months ago


    • Charlie Plyz
      Charlie Plyz 6 months ago

      Hey no offense I do not Kris Bryant that is the only thing I don't hate the team

    • ralexan548
      ralexan548 6 months ago

      Charlie Plyz How does it feel to be a third place team?

    • Charlie Plyz
      Charlie Plyz 6 months ago

      I nd I not like the cubs because of Kris Bryant and I like the cardnails

    • ralexan548
      ralexan548 6 months ago +1

      Garrett Hufstedler are you a Indians Fan?

  • Agron Legioneras
    Agron Legioneras 8 months ago

    Jose Altuve beat me up in high school. Been a big fan ever since 🥴

    • Slidez
      Slidez 7 months ago +1

      Agron Legioneras lies

  • SPT_King YT
    SPT_King YT 8 months ago +2

    He looks like he is sipping lean with that double cup. 😂😂😂

  • Lolarox
    Lolarox 8 months ago +2

    he's not lying Lance does have some good swag!!

  • Corvus Laeus
    Corvus Laeus 9 months ago +1

    Go Stros! Jose is the man, love my JA27 glove

  • Swaggy Zangster
    Swaggy Zangster 9 months ago +1

    That’s a nice lookin glove

  • Jose Borrego
    Jose Borrego 9 months ago

    Javier Baez next most exciting and swag player right now.

  • Sambo H
    Sambo H 9 months ago +20

    Blue, orange and jellow 😆😆😆. Love you Jose

  • Michael Giles
    Michael Giles 9 months ago +3

    double cup is a H-town thing🤘🍇🍇

  • LJ Cool
    LJ Cool 9 months ago

    Casual F-💣 @2:30

  • elite socks
    elite socks 9 months ago +2

    Houston stay wit that double cup

  • Dill R
    Dill R 9 months ago +2

    Verlander got the worst swag

    • fred jackson
      fred jackson 4 months ago

      Haha it is probably you

    • AJ Flores
      AJ Flores 8 months ago +1

      Hahah yes. Him or Gerrit Cole

  • Hatzz McGee the Obsessed Astros FAN for life

    Go Astros #TakeItBack

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 9 months ago +2

    Double cup I like that

  • Baby Towerspr
    Baby Towerspr 9 months ago

    Do a navy Báez

  • NavalSEALSniper & Sports

    Puig with his new red a2000s?

  • Jed Bodine Baseball
    Jed Bodine Baseball 9 months ago +8

    My fav player

  • TruLue
    TruLue 9 months ago +4

    "Blue,white and jellow or white"

  • Joseph Alimido
    Joseph Alimido 9 months ago

    C c. K

  • Captain Low Hanging Nuts
    Captain Low Hanging Nuts 9 months ago +4

    He’s double cupping

  • Captain Low Hanging Nuts
    Captain Low Hanging Nuts 9 months ago +1

    He copied me😂

  • Caden Meister
    Caden Meister 9 months ago

    Please do javy baez

  • Drew Muhlenbeck
    Drew Muhlenbeck 9 months ago +2

    He sippin lean??? Double cup alert

  • Supremetre 23
    Supremetre 23 9 months ago +1

    Double cup!

  • kai san
    kai san 9 months ago +2

    superstar in tex