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  • Marissa Melhorn
    Marissa Melhorn  Year ago +229

    Hellloooo!! Thank you guys for all of the love on this video! I've gotten a few comments I want to address so I'll do it here:
    1. I know it would've improved my video by putting a clip of Tana's in it, but for certain reasons I decided not to end up doing that. If you'd like to see a video where I do Jenna Marbles drunk makeup tutorial and put clips from her video in mine, you can check that out here: tvclip.biz/video/jzi3kjztlpy/video.html&t=58s
    2. My contacts are from Solotica, the link is in my description!
    Thank you guys so much for 60,000 subscribers!

  • Emma Gerety
    Emma Gerety 15 days ago

    Girl you are beautiful and you having nothing to cover unlike me

  • Nevaeh Sladen
    Nevaeh Sladen Month ago

    U look way prettyer withoutvmackup

  • iman ali
    iman ali 4 months ago


  • GamingWth Bleu
    GamingWth Bleu 6 months ago

    WoW first viseo i watch of you and wow your beautiful jeez ps great job with the make up you look lovely i should say fabulous

  • Squidnie Squad
    Squidnie Squad 7 months ago

    You already look really pretty without makeup

  • .
    . 7 months ago

    You should do James Charles !! also I LOVED THAT LOOK ON YOU !!!!

  • s p a c e  l a t t e
    s p a c e l a t t e 8 months ago

    I just love your makeup and your so kind!!!! You are so inspiring and my mom usually doesn’t let me watch beauty gurus cause they say bad words and stuff but my mom let me watch you because you are so positive and kind. Thanks Marissa!!

  • Mckenzie Grace
    Mckenzie Grace 8 months ago

    i loveeeee your videos im a new subscriber im obsessed

  • Gaming Queen
    Gaming Queen 9 months ago

    Wtf your so pretty without makeup are u an angle

  • Lauren Nelson
    Lauren Nelson 9 months ago

    You are actually GORGEOUS with or without make omg😍

  • Kirsten Ismond
    Kirsten Ismond 9 months ago

    New sub so sending love ~

  • Sydni Overall
    Sydni Overall 9 months ago

    I am so happy I found your channel!!!

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman 10 months ago

    I love your videos

  • Seriously? Bruh
    Seriously? Bruh 10 months ago

    Omfg you’re gorgeous, before and after makeup.😍😍

  • Riya is such a BRAT
    Riya is such a BRAT 10 months ago

    You look better then tana

  • ALEX
    ALEX 10 months ago

    Lmao crying why amni not focused HELLO?

  • Just Molly
    Just Molly 10 months ago

    Love from the Uk ❤️

  • H O N E Y B U N
    H O N E Y B U N 10 months ago

    How come she follwed Tanas makeup tutorial but she slayed and did it better than her?

  • Sivan Matzov
    Sivan Matzov 11 months ago

    your skin is beautiful.

  • White Radish
    White Radish 11 months ago

    Are your eyelashes real? Love the video❤️

  • Kiley Hayes
    Kiley Hayes 11 months ago

    You're so pretty ohmygod

  • S Heere
    S Heere 11 months ago

    I thought I was the only one still who didn’t mind tana...GUESS NOT! by the way I loved this 💙

  • Sophia Gabrielle
    Sophia Gabrielle 11 months ago

    You're so pretty! 😍😍

  • Angel Villegas
    Angel Villegas 11 months ago


  • Marley Moreno
    Marley Moreno 11 months ago

    I feel like you did better

  • Addison New
    Addison New 11 months ago

    I love that you actually have like the majority of the products!

  • lorin a
    lorin a 11 months ago

    This is the First video i’ve seen from you And your face without makeup is GOOAALSS

  • honey u r aesthetically pleasing

    Anyone else watching all her videos to keep up because they're new. Only me?
    Oh. Okie.
    also she has the cutest cheekbones

  • Liam Alistarr
    Liam Alistarr 11 months ago

    You have pretty eyes ❤️

  • Blue5iv baxx
    Blue5iv baxx 11 months ago

    What's your haircut it's cuteeee.

  • Lea Lorenz
    Lea Lorenz 11 months ago

    I couldn’t understand what shade the lipstick is ☹️ can someone help me? I really love the color and it looks like it would be really flattering

  • yeet boi
    yeet boi 11 months ago

    Your voice reminds me of dove Cameron idk why ...

  • harper woosleyyy
    harper woosleyyy 11 months ago

    oomf youre gorg ahhh

  • Nadia Piatek
    Nadia Piatek 11 months ago

    omggg ur sooo beautiful !!!!

  • vereena
    vereena 11 months ago

    I just found her channel and I love ittttt

  • sadiebaby
    sadiebaby 11 months ago

    12:57 she sounded like that vine where the girl gets water poured on her head and then she goes "hello?" LMAOOO

  • Tia L.
    Tia L. Year ago

    You look like a sweet and genuine person

  • Mike Morash
    Mike Morash Year ago

    Great video. I found it very infomative.

  • Courtney Taylor
    Courtney Taylor Year ago

    Your so pretty oml!!!

  • JalyssaJayne
    JalyssaJayne Year ago

    Dude you are friggen beautiful✨

  • Hannah Bruley
    Hannah Bruley Year ago

    I love how real you are! I would love if you checked out my channel!

  • cassiex3babyeee
    cassiex3babyeee Year ago

    Never subscribed so quick...your absolutely beautiful 😁 love the video can’t wait to binge watch your videos ❤️😂

  • Marina Newman
    Marina Newman Year ago +2

    “Since when do I have a zit I’m offended” bITCH ME

  • Laura Kutzler
    Laura Kutzler Year ago

    Yaaaas bitch you started a viral trend!!! People need to credit you especially tana!

  • Stephanie Fauteux

    “I hate myself” you sound just like Tana 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Dezaray Palmer
    Dezaray Palmer Year ago +1

    Jeffree Star

  • Danielle Frasch
    Danielle Frasch Year ago +1

    YOURE STUNNING!! Dang girl... I am now a new sub, time to binge watch all your vids!

  • Seitz Racing Videos
    Seitz Racing Videos Year ago +1

    ... subscribed automatically. UR SO PRETTY WTFFFF❤️

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H Year ago

    What color are you in the jouer foundation?☺️

  • Stalin's Vlogs
    Stalin's Vlogs Year ago

    You already have your makeup on??

  • Brynja Sandhals
    Brynja Sandhals Year ago +10

    This is the first video I watched of yours, and you are super pretty omg!

  • Soulsearching Valia
    Soulsearching Valia Year ago +1

    Youre so pretty dude, and I like your vibe. ✨Subbed 😊

  • Mortitian’s Sister

    New sub! You seem pretty chill, I like u 🖤

  • keiflix
    keiflix Year ago +1

    you’re so pretty :]

  • Moriah Sanae
    Moriah Sanae Year ago

    soo amaziingg!!

  • Lauren Hake
    Lauren Hake Year ago +2

    For some reason you give off a calming,chill vibe😂 subscribed✌🏻

  • Cristy C.
    Cristy C. Year ago +1

    You should recreate Tina Haladas tutorial!! She has amazing ones and I’m a new subscriber 😍❤️

  • Cheyeanne Carter
    Cheyeanne Carter Year ago

    Your so adorable

  • Aleyah Moncrease
    Aleyah Moncrease Year ago +3

    "Why am I not focused? HELLO?" lol girl me too

  • Lia L
    Lia L Year ago

    what is the lipstick shade?

  • Kam Maddin
    Kam Maddin Year ago +1

    You’re adorable

  • Bailey Coffman
    Bailey Coffman Year ago +1


  • jennifer
    jennifer Year ago +3

    i love you so much! i can’t believe i just found you!!

  • ** Itsjennieduh **
    ** Itsjennieduh ** Year ago +2

    I wish I would have found you sooner

  • laura
    laura Year ago

    Yesssss I love this video❣️❣️

  • Are you my Dad?
    Are you my Dad? Year ago

    Those lashes just broke my hymen 😩❤️

  • Ashley Clappison
    Ashley Clappison Year ago

    I absolutely love you and your videos xx

  • Jess the mess
    Jess the mess Year ago

    When you’re setting your face with a brush and powder. Don’t use swiping motions! Big fluffy brushes work best for removing powder. And it’s okay if your face is still a little tacky, as long as any spots that will crease (undereye, smile lines, etc) are completely powdered

  • CVTS Music
    CVTS Music Year ago +1

    While I don't use make up, I love watching this!

  • erosemakeupx
    erosemakeupx Year ago +2

    Not even 1min in you haven’t even started and I’m already subscribing

  • Sleepy Hollow
    Sleepy Hollow Year ago +4

    Omg you sorta look like enyajaja so pretty

  • Philine Wreck
    Philine Wreck Year ago +1

    How much of the video she has to skip in the begining. 😄

  • Cienty Verleyen
    Cienty Verleyen Year ago +9

    So Jeffrey basically got the inspiration from you, girlll glad i found the original lol

    • TheSilvereyeChannel
      TheSilvereyeChannel Year ago +1

      Cienty Verleyen - that's not true Jeffree Stars fans voted for him to do a Tana makeup tutorial okay.

  • Taesty Kookie sprinkled with Suga


  • Nakayla Williams
    Nakayla Williams Year ago

    I love it a lot and you should do it again

  • macy monae
    macy monae Year ago

    500th comment

  • Brandon Is Senpai
    Brandon Is Senpai Year ago +1

    Oml your so pretty 😍

  • katie peacisa
    katie peacisa Year ago +1

    girl jeffree damn stole ur video honey

  • Tanika Hoskins
    Tanika Hoskins Year ago +1

    Also you're really pretty

  • Tanika Hoskins
    Tanika Hoskins Year ago +2

    Omg i just started watching you and You're awesome. Btw i just subscribed ❤

  • Ellie Toenjes
    Ellie Toenjes Year ago +8

    can we talk about how perfect your eyebrows are damn

  • Marc Wyant
    Marc Wyant Year ago

    Nobody gonna comment on how she copied Jeffree Star?

    • Marc Wyant
      Marc Wyant Year ago +1

      katie peacisa omg I am so dumb. Sorry about that 😨

    • katie peacisa
      katie peacisa Year ago +1

      Um if you check her video, it came out before. Jeffree's video came out yesterday, so technically, he copied her.

  • Jessica Campbell
    Jessica Campbell Year ago +12

    *Major Noah Cyrus vibes, you are stunning*

  • Gianna Alessandra

    I typically never stay until the end of these kinds of videos but you seem like a really cool and down to earth person so I stayed. Also you just got a new sub💙

  • rustyamh15
    rustyamh15 Year ago +7

    I like how you actually followed the tutorial to the best of your ability. I keep seeing these videos and people are making excuses or just skipping whole steps and it kind of defeats the point of the tag

  • Wang gae
    Wang gae Year ago

    FUCKING SLAY QUEEN. New sub :)

  • Makayla Bear
    Makayla Bear Year ago +9

    “Honestly I overlined them because I feel like that would make her proud.” Lmfaooooo. Subscribed

  • Evelyna Staroverova
    Evelyna Staroverova Year ago +1

    I usually get bored of tutorials but I watched all this ! New sub😊

  • Kalen Miller
    Kalen Miller Year ago +3

    You're so pretty!!! You just gained a sub today!

  • Natalie And Maddie

    “But its fine”

  • sam
    sam Year ago

    you look exactly like colliscool

  • HoodRatVibez
    HoodRatVibez Year ago +5

    You slayeeeed this look

  • Willow Wistinct
    Willow Wistinct Year ago

    what lashes oftt

  • Star Bucks
    Star Bucks Year ago

    Damn u look better than her ass

  • Hannah Layne
    Hannah Layne Year ago +7

    Your eyes are so pretty and I got recommended because I watch tana and now you have a new sub

  • Joceline Shimizu's Vlogs


  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton Year ago +1

    beautiful eyes!!! and brows gurllll ❤ just a beauty all around! you gained a new subbie ❤❤❤✨

  • Kelly Almeida
    Kelly Almeida Year ago +8

    Girl you are so pretty

  • Alyssa T
    Alyssa T Year ago +4

    I got recommended this video bc I watch tana and I was looking down at the comments and I noticed that you liked every single one and I’m just so great full that there’s still down to earth youtubers.

    • Marissa Melhorn
      Marissa Melhorn  Year ago

      I try to like as many as I can now because I used to not and I realized people didn’t feel appreciated or listened to! It’s very important to me 💓