Car Detailing Tips and Tricks (Bringing an Old Car Back To Life)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2016
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    Today, Chrisfix and I go over all of the essential tips and tricks for detailing your car, including paint restoration, interior reconditioning and more!
    Recently, I purchased a 1989 Nissan 240SX that I'm building a new video series around. If you would like to learn more and follow this unique project, here's a link to the playlist:
    Check out Chrisfix's Supercleaning video!
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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 2 years ago +3217

    Where are the ChrisFix subscribers at??? What a great collaboration with Saabkyle04! We really transformed that 240sx and I had a blast!
    P.S. I see a lot of people asking so here is the answer. We didnt clay bar the car because there was no need. The paint on the 240 is in decent shape but not great shape so it was more important we focused our time on bring back the shine rather than removing clear coat contaminants. This is just to hold the car over until it gets wrapped or resprayed.

  • Awesome 1877
    Awesome 1877 19 days ago

    9:51 Laughing So Hard! 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀

  • Oldstuff Man
    Oldstuff Man 21 day ago

    Reddit mad.

  • Veni Vidi Vici
    Veni Vidi Vici Month ago

    9:53 lol that dude

  • Matt Seals
    Matt Seals 2 months ago

    I appreciate watching video content. Kudos!

  • Irfan Khan
    Irfan Khan 2 months ago

    9:52 Chris face

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming 2 months ago

    9:53 ChrisFix's Face Reveal Finally

  • Therealgamer Att Jatt
    Therealgamer Att Jatt 2 months ago

    100% comments - 9:50 , chrisfix face reveal!!!

  • *Nick *that clique
    *Nick *that clique 2 months ago

    Your intro for this vid shoulda been
    鈥淗ey Guys Saabkyle04 Here And Today Were Gonna Super Clean The 240sx

  • Widows Spouse
    Widows Spouse 3 months ago

    10:41 the difference is astounding

  • galaxy Unicron gacha
    galaxy Unicron gacha 3 months ago

    I see your face chrisfix

  • Moto Corner
    Moto Corner 3 months ago

    Why are u hide your face cris fix?

  • WoLFMaN
    WoLFMaN 3 months ago

    FACE REVEAL!!!!!!!!!

  • Amandamarievargas
    Amandamarievargas 3 months ago


    PROGEEE_ 3 months ago

    Chrisfix face reveal?!??!??

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains 4 months ago +1

    Another tip, if you have pin-stripes on your car, pressure washing it will probably remove them. My Grandfather鈥檚 1987 Airstream has a big blue pin-stripe, but one section got removed. Just a tip.

  • Pablo Entrala
    Pablo Entrala 5 months ago

    can i use Meguiars ultimate compound instead polishing? do I need to clay bar before the Meguiars ultimate compound?

  • That One Gamer
    That One Gamer 5 months ago

    9:50 look above the dashboard near Kyle's hand out the windshield. Your welcome.

  • Billettes Baubles Eco Alternatives

    The guy in the background was cracking me up. I rewound and watched it like 3 times 馃槀

    • Alister Rebello
      Alister Rebello 5 months ago

      The guy in the background is ChrisFix one of TVclip's biggest diy mechanics, and he doesn't show his face

  • Nikky Stapp
    Nikky Stapp 5 months ago


  • Tyrsky Kuutti
    Tyrsky Kuutti 6 months ago

    9:53 ChrisFix face reveal

  • Lucas Melendez
    Lucas Melendez 6 months ago

    I thought he took the video Chrisfix

  • The Gamer Guy
    The Gamer Guy 6 months ago

    9:53 ChrisFix face reveal

  • Cars,Bikes, and Planes
    Cars,Bikes, and Planes 6 months ago

    9:53 Chris Fix face reveal.

  • big smoke
    big smoke 6 months ago +1

    Nice 240 :O

  • HTL vlogs
    HTL vlogs 6 months ago

    If you were doing a super clean then why didn鈥檛 you do any wax

  • ejmaugs 11
    ejmaugs 11 6 months ago


  • Chris Alexander
    Chris Alexander 6 months ago

    So whats the grocery list?

  • Ashwin Raj
    Ashwin Raj 6 months ago

    9:50 We spotted a wild Chris in the background

  • douglas lane
    douglas lane 6 months ago

    9:52 CHRIS'S FACE!!!

  • Zhinanjys
    Zhinanjys 7 months ago

    9:52 chrisfix face reveal

  • Christian Alonso
    Christian Alonso 7 months ago

    The DRIFTSTANG lol, its in the back

  • Miles Anies
    Miles Anies 7 months ago

    I gotta say I really hate the front bumper on this one it鈥檚 a great car but that throws me off

  • Joseph Irey
    Joseph Irey 7 months ago

    What kind of polish?

  • Sunny's Custom's Diy Garage

    Cris fix your the man

  • Han Sen
    Han Sen 7 months ago

    Omg Chris face!

  • TheOneWheeledNavy
    TheOneWheeledNavy 7 months ago

    Chris being a weirdo at 9:50 lol

  • Elijah Casey
    Elijah Casey 7 months ago

    If you polish a turd... it's still a turd!馃槅馃槀

    • Jonathan Pape
      Jonathan Pape 7 months ago

      Elijah Casey true. good thing this isn鈥檛 a turd tho

  • Random Stuff In Oregon
    Random Stuff In Oregon 7 months ago +4

    HOLY HELL! What a face reveal!

  • Random Stuff In Oregon
    Random Stuff In Oregon 7 months ago

    After doing such amazing detail work to my cars I'd be afraid to even touch them!

  • Cici Bracken
    Cici Bracken 7 months ago

    Omg hurry and get to the video already the intro is so long

  • soicystaxx
    soicystaxx 7 months ago

    Legendary video! Do you guys live in the same state?

  • Narco - Gaming
    Narco - Gaming 8 months ago

    No... Wait, You can actually purchase a can of air... Wow what happened to blowing?

  • The Doofus Channel
    The Doofus Channel 8 months ago

    9:51 ChrisFix sighting reported

  • Murad Ansar
    Murad Ansar 8 months ago

    4:25 i saw chrisfix face

  • Derrick2250
    Derrick2250 8 months ago

    That ain't no moss!!!

  • Sivgun PAUL
    Sivgun PAUL 8 months ago

    Did anyone notice at 9:53 someone was going down on the front of car while he was detailing could it Chris fix have we finally seen his face?

  • Kirsty Wilson
    Kirsty Wilson 8 months ago +1

    8:22 i saw john cena

  • jedalop cabrera
    jedalop cabrera 8 months ago

    9:53at this time Chrisfix is at the background

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 8 months ago

    Just saw Chrisfix face

  • Shelby Jene
    Shelby Jene 8 months ago

    @9:52 lol the dude in the background. 馃槀

  • hakman239
    hakman239 8 months ago

    Dish soap doesn鈥檛 strip wax

  • andoneta omellari
    andoneta omellari 8 months ago +16

    9:35 Chris wtf is that face HAHAHAHAH

  • boosted kid productions
    boosted kid productions 8 months ago +1

    *Pause at **9:53** chrisfix face reveal*

  • Brody Tallant
    Brody Tallant 8 months ago


  • FatalYT
    FatalYT 8 months ago

    9:53 when your parents are not home.....

  • E Abuhasbu
    E Abuhasbu 9 months ago

    Thats chisfix right there 9:53

  • waysidekids
    waysidekids 9 months ago

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  • Juan Urias
    Juan Urias 9 months ago

    Muy buenos videos pero mucha platica

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    Dolo Eugene 9 months ago

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