HOW TO TROLL YOUR FRIENDS IN FORTNITE?! Ft. Cizzorz, Valkyrae & Janet!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • Why do i play with him? Always trolling.. 🙄 We got a victory, though! We also played squads with Valkyrae and Janet! 😊
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  • ZaydPlayz20
    ZaydPlayz20 15 days ago +1

    Copywrited music 🎵

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  • The Devil Gamer
    The Devil Gamer 21 day ago +1

    Wait Is that Sin of pride background music

  • Francie Cutie
    Francie Cutie 24 days ago

    Pokimaneeeee Pls Pls Pls bring back the squad😄

  • Ivan Castro
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  • Ivan Castro
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  • Ivan Castro
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  • Ivan Castro
    Ivan Castro Month ago

    Actually 😷

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  • Ivan Castro
    Ivan Castro Month ago

    I don’t fucking want you imane

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    Ivan Castro Month ago


  • Ivan Castro
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  • Ivan Castro
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  • Toxic 2.0374
    Toxic 2.0374 Month ago

    Was that sds LETS GOOO

  • Piogwit
    Piogwit Month ago

    2:27 emmm umm

  • The RogueGamers
    The RogueGamers Month ago

    Go to 0:52 and look at the banner???

  • gabo electrico YT
    gabo electrico YT Month ago

    Te amo pokimane

  • PandaBear_GOD
    PandaBear_GOD 2 months ago

    Please like took 2 seconds

  • DekuUltra
    DekuUltra 2 months ago

    The tekninque that you killed was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa mestdagh
    Lisa mestdagh 2 months ago

    Hello pokine

  • Vibezz tL
    Vibezz tL 3 months ago

    0:52 Vanoss?

  • Leap
    Leap 3 months ago

    Love you

  • Yasir Jouied
    Yasir Jouied 3 months ago

    I like = i jump in the Thames naked

  • RedFoxyBlue
    RedFoxyBlue 3 months ago


  • naila luqman
    naila luqman 3 months ago

    RIP greasy grove

  • Cristal
    Cristal 3 months ago

    0:16 hahahahah😂😂😂😂😂

  • QuadToxiC Aura
    QuadToxiC Aura 4 months ago

    2:19 oh my gosh always with the frustrated moans 😂

  • MrCho604
    MrCho604 4 months ago


  • Andorezu
    Andorezu 4 months ago

    insrtuctions unclear: i dont have friends

  • DarkSecret canal sters
    DarkSecret canal sters 4 months ago

    Hi big fan add on fortnite Daerquan (user shows as stefxnlogy) also i watch your videos everyday and i dont regret it. Thanks for reading if you did

  • Loucinda Marie
    Loucinda Marie 4 months ago +1

    Your hot 🔥

  • Sami Bocharov
    Sami Bocharov 4 months ago

    Tsm , team that sucks moms

  • Dezzerz
    Dezzerz 4 months ago

    when poki realizes the other person is better than her and they out build her she says "ok i need to stop trolling"

  • Roudy Nassour
    Roudy Nassour 4 months ago

    I do not know how she does kills she is really bad but I guess it is just the guys she is facing that are trash (so that means you are better than a lot of people so i guess it is good)

  • Fe fe Boi
    Fe fe Boi 4 months ago +1

    Is your cat a pillow not that I said that in a weird reason is just she fat and fluffy and chubby

  • Master YT
    Master YT 4 months ago


  • austin Linton
    austin Linton 4 months ago

    Hi basket bur

  • Mr.Golden freddy
    Mr.Golden freddy 5 months ago


  • desai Mann
    desai Mann 5 months ago

    You are cute in the world

  • Brady Claycamp
    Brady Claycamp 5 months ago

    His name is not Jack it is John

  • Blaze Daniel
    Blaze Daniel 5 months ago

    1 like = 1 percent less of cizzorz not bullying poki

  • Bushdid7/11
    Bushdid7/11 5 months ago

    Poki is the god of stealing kills

  • Jojo Cool
    Jojo Cool 5 months ago

    Loki mane is very cute and thick

  • Jojo Cool
    Jojo Cool 5 months ago

    Doo solo plays 👍

  • -_WoLf _-
    -_WoLf _- 5 months ago


  • Tony N
    Tony N 5 months ago +1

    5:22 the sound of poki getting fucked from the back by jack

  • Glen Ferenczi
    Glen Ferenczi 5 months ago

    Tell cizzors to stop being a idot

  • Bear Studios
    Bear Studios 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that ships poki and cizzors

  • Young Pebble
    Young Pebble 5 months ago

    You’re really pretty myth is a lucky dude

  • Nkosi Wilson
    Nkosi Wilson 5 months ago


  • Oxno
    Oxno 5 months ago

    At the start look at the chat

  • BeeJar
    BeeJar 5 months ago

    im gay and i wanna say she's hella cute :3

  • thelitgamerz 856
    thelitgamerz 856 5 months ago

    Has anyone noticed the vanoss banner at 0:50

  • Elite Clan
    Elite Clan 6 months ago


  • Venix
    Venix 6 months ago

    I love cats but my cat smacks me in the head thankfully he doesn’t have his claws if you have a cat.

  • James Lebron
    James Lebron 6 months ago

    i want to play with you, jack and rae please i really want to get that snowman glider please

  • SNTF Stuff
    SNTF Stuff 6 months ago

    Anyone notice that no life drift in the bottom left hand

  • Loye Loye
    Loye Loye 6 months ago

    567 life deez nuts road

  • Loye Loye
    Loye Loye 6 months ago

    I know poki address

  • Gbjm 34
    Gbjm 34 6 months ago

    You need a better man than myth he wouldn’t sing happy birthday to you on your birthday

  • Harlord's Gaming
    Harlord's Gaming 6 months ago +1

    If u are under 13 just go away go away from this channel and never look back.... DO IT before its too late

  • Dazaiツ
    Dazaiツ 6 months ago

    R.I.P Drum/tommy gun.

  • Stay Etienne
    Stay Etienne 6 months ago

    Drift [355] is soooo cancer

  • _boogie boi_
    _boogie boi_ 6 months ago


    You thought

  • Karina Bates
    Karina Bates 6 months ago

    I love how when the faze guys play with each other and get kills, their reactions are all "OHHH MY GOD BEAST MODE AHHH" but when you gala play and get kills. The reactions are "that was so nice :) woo!" 😂 I love it

  • adrian_av
    adrian_av 6 months ago +1

    I dont remember if you had a boyfriend, if you do, forget all I said before

  • adrian_av
    adrian_av 6 months ago +1

    I ship you with myth and jack

  • adrian_av
    adrian_av 6 months ago +1

    Yeah also,

  • adrian_av
    adrian_av 6 months ago +3

    Poki, can a person be so stressed to listen to 1 hour of Rainy Day of Animal Crossing

  • Lost Apocalypse
    Lost Apocalypse 6 months ago

    #safety cizzors

  • Lost Apocalypse
    Lost Apocalypse 6 months ago

    Cats sucks dogs and fishes are way better

  • Project PhaZe
    Project PhaZe 6 months ago

    If he doesn’t have any stinkys then he used it!🧐

  • GamingWith DonovanYT
    GamingWith DonovanYT 6 months ago

    2:20 WTF

  • The Cooper Squad
    The Cooper Squad 6 months ago


  • LostWanderer
    LostWanderer 6 months ago

    I like it how u used seven deadly sins music when jack is bout to be shredded lol

  • Derrick the bored one
    Derrick the bored one 7 months ago

    im 12 but im not freaking perverted like other people..

  • Rehv Deleon
    Rehv Deleon 7 months ago

    "THEY'RE ABOVE US!" so cute!

  • Juicy Dragon
    Juicy Dragon 7 months ago

    1:24 You can't sneak that Gilneas music over me

  • funnygames funnygames
    funnygames funnygames 8 months ago

    I don't know

  • cjallen 11
    cjallen 11 8 months ago

    His name is not Jack it’s John

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 8 months ago


  • Nighthawk Emoji
    Nighthawk Emoji 8 months ago +1

    Imane and cizzorz would be a great couple!

  • Janon Swink
    Janon Swink 8 months ago

    i like the naruto music

  • o Roselina
    o Roselina 8 months ago

    3:58 baby shark du duru du

  • o Roselina
    o Roselina 8 months ago

    0:20 Wasted

  • benf
    benf 8 months ago +1

    Poki was killed by Rose team leader the one who stream sniped her on purpose with her or his friends. Everyone target Rose team leader

  • RaInBoW_ dAsH
    RaInBoW_ dAsH 8 months ago

    3.04 fortnite sad moments :(

  • RaInBoW_ dAsH
    RaInBoW_ dAsH 8 months ago

    3.01 poki no cry :(

  • Mr.Vortex
    Mr.Vortex 8 months ago +1

    Someone call peta, we got a cat abuser.

  • The Nerfinoid
    The Nerfinoid 8 months ago

    That’s a thick bottle u got there

  • Zelda kid
    Zelda kid 8 months ago

    Pls get back with Myth!!!!!

  • Zelda kid
    Zelda kid 8 months ago

    Pls get back with Myth!!!!!

  • A-unit Plays
    A-unit Plays 8 months ago

    What’s the song at the end of the video?

  • jj walker
    jj walker 8 months ago

    PoKi DiSaBlE pHoNe VeRiFy JuNk ThInG iT's AnNoYiNg cAuSe I cAnT aFfOrD a PhOnE pLs

  • Christian Louis
    Christian Louis 8 months ago

    Not Thicc

  • Vinny DiDomenico
    Vinny DiDomenico 8 months ago

    You should date cizzers, or myth

    ITS WAFFLEZ 8 months ago

    Fuck you

  • Trey Brown
    Trey Brown 8 months ago +1

    I love you your the best youtuber I lovvve you

  • Cursed Shark
    Cursed Shark 8 months ago

    Teach me how you manage to not get attacked by ur cat please.

  • lo nes
    lo nes 9 months ago

    Video idea how to get the friends to troll