Beef Stroganoff Recipe - The Best Beef Stroganoff


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  • RC Marquette
    RC Marquette 5 hours ago

    A beef for the hottest politicos.

  • Len Odegard
    Len Odegard 13 hours ago

    i am going to take a river trip over there. i hope their crew's chef watches your videos.

  • Mr. Mike
    Mr. Mike Day ago

    This is the 5th time ive used this recipe. One of my all time favorite recipes

  • Shannon Niessink
    Shannon Niessink 2 days ago

    Kudos on the not one but TWO Putin puns🤣

  • Hshshs Maddock
    Hshshs Maddock 4 days ago

    0:4 0:5

  • Master J
    Master J 5 days ago

    I've seen Martha Stewart do Beef Stroganoff ,Yours is better I think , now I'm hungry lol

  • Jawado Time
    Jawado Time 6 days ago

    If I don’t drink what would be a good substitute for the wine?

  • Dixie Frank
    Dixie Frank 7 days ago

    Racist? Give us a break. It's okay to be white. As a matter of fact, I'm damn proud to be white!

  • Lawrence Rogers
    Lawrence Rogers 8 days ago

    Thanks, John. Now I understand why my previous attempts curdled. I had used sour cream. Love your humour (British spelling!).

  • Mike C Mike
    Mike C Mike 11 days ago

    Lol wouldn't this be considered cultural appropriation? I love this dish; My mom would make this when I was a kid..

  • marina Loizou Mantorini

    Hi chef Jon. I made this recipe & as always it came out perfect. My family & I totally loved it. I also tried your Tuscan French onion soup for some friends as a starter a few weeks ago & it also was a hit. Their still talking about it even now! Thx and keep your recipes coming.

  • T0WL1E 0B3Y
    T0WL1E 0B3Y 14 days ago

    I asked my butcher not nicely, he gave me a chicken, then I apologized and we are best buddies . And my cuts are perfect, and not chicken after I ask for chuck

  • holace benton
    holace benton 17 days ago

    I always thought Stroganoff was Hungarian, or Polish

  • Astorista
    Astorista 19 days ago

    I think it looks like pasta from Italy,not Beef Stroganoff.I put dislike cos it doesn't conform to the recipe.

  • Bicbug1
    Bicbug1 20 days ago

    cooked it for family tonight.... awesome dish.

  • funny bunny
    funny bunny 20 days ago

    Thank you for the inspiration chef! My go to recipe guide for everything!!

  • Bill Randolph
    Bill Randolph 21 day ago

    OMG your Crem Fraiche recipe along with this Russian Stroganoff is the best I have ever tasted. Insanely good! Thank you master, thank you.........

  • John Linley
    John Linley 23 days ago

    I have for years made beef stroganoff in almost exactly this way, until I read the original recipe from Tsarist Russia. It involved the same ingredients, except the beef, which was fillet mignon, cut as you have done. The idea was that the mushrooms and onions were cooked briefly, and then the beef flash fried, and the sauer cream is thrown in, as the dish is rolled out of the pan. It is meant to be cooked as fast as possible, often at the table, cooked on a cart. The meat is rare, (scorched), and the sauce is barely mixed. It is a different dish, and worth the preparation.

  • Emma Wilson
    Emma Wilson 24 days ago

    fuck butchers

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye 25 days ago

    Doesn’t he sound like Ernie from seasame street? You know, Burt and Ernie? The gay muppet couple

  • Taelor Watson
    Taelor Watson 25 days ago

    I am not a huge fan of sour creme or creme fraiche, I wonder how marscipone would do.

  • Mr. Thickey
    Mr. Thickey 27 days ago

    "Ach du lieber, big John"! Shame on you for sloppin' your juices all ova my screen! I had to lick it all off!! But it sure do taste "goot"! For me, I would put a touch of horseradish in the sauce to "take it up a notch", like "bam" (yes, senor LaGasse!!!). "Gesundheit" & dish me up anudder bowl of dat slop polease!

    DAVE MISAL 27 days ago

    Damn, the Putin jokes had me laughing hard enough to snort...

  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 28 days ago

    Should have hot mustard in the sauce.

  • Adrian Coleman
    Adrian Coleman 28 days ago

    I would love to see an updated version of this

  • Jiri Liska
    Jiri Liska 28 days ago

    I miss a sliced pickle, onions and a splash of pickle juice in that Stroganoff.

  • Laszlo Horvath
    Laszlo Horvath Month ago

    You are amazing! Thank you for all you do. 🤗🙏

  • Michael Aaron
    Michael Aaron Month ago

    How many people does this serve?

  • joe jitsu
    joe jitsu Month ago +1

    "Is it racist?" Hell yes it's racist. Everything is racist.

  • rhaven50
    rhaven50 Month ago

    Mine is better

  • I Make Reddit Users Cry

    That’s to dry

  • Alrachid
    Alrachid Month ago

    Great recipe! I change a couple things my self. I do a can of cream of mushroom with equal amount of beef broth. I also add peppers because my family loves peppers and it fits surprisingly well in this. But I do a similar technique of browning the beef and cooking the veg in the pan stuck goodness. I use small amounts of worcestershire and beef broth also at this point. One of our favorite meals for sure!

  • genius mchaggis
    genius mchaggis Month ago

    no paprika!...not real stroganoff

  • The Ruddz
    The Ruddz Month ago

    Thank you chef John, made this for our residents tonight 👍🏼

  • C Harrison
    C Harrison Month ago

    I like watching food wishes dot com, but I agree with Женька и Конь as this recipe does seem quite a bit 'French' vs proper Russian... And, I don't think it's even a Russian dish. Putin jokes are okay, but more Trump jokes are more funny. As Putin has lasted and Trump is a one hit wonder.

  • Brendan sherman
    Brendan sherman Month ago +1

    Love food wishes I know its classically made with egg noodles but you all should try it on alfredo noodles, game changer...

  • Zac vaper
    Zac vaper Month ago +1

    I approve of this video with only one exception; worcestershire sauce is a must have, otherwise, it's not complete.

  • B Stott
    B Stott Month ago

    Plain Yogurt works GREAT instead of Sour Cream. It isn't heat sensitive. Like Sour Cream.
    Yogurt - If, you don't have creme fresh (sp.?)

  • 6xArcaNumx6
    6xArcaNumx6 Month ago

    Putin 🤣

  • MGH
    MGH Month ago

    I have a shitty memory so every once in awhile I need to pull this video up and follow it to make stroganoff - I usually use venison, deer meat though. Other than that I follow it perfectly. It's a fantastic recipe and also works great for venison. Thanks Food Wishes.

  • Rivet Gardener
    Rivet Gardener Month ago

    I love beef stroganoff, but with more mushrooms than beef. Beef as a condiment. Plus, tons o' noodles baby :) Oh yeah! Chopped spring onions on top, too.

  • D C
    D C Month ago

    I love some good beef stroking off

  • Joe Kaye
    Joe Kaye Month ago

    After watching 10 vids on beef stro'noff I'm convinced there's a million ways to make it. Obviously it's impossible to mess it up no matter what you do.

  • Best Ever Epic Millennial

    Not bad but try the Julia Child 5 hour recipe, very good indeed

  • Parys West
    Parys West Month ago

    Made this and it was the most amazing thing ever!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Publius Ovidius Naso

    Helpful and hilarious!

  • Kevin Lew
    Kevin Lew Month ago +1


  • andy cairns
    andy cairns Month ago

    great , i'm going with your recipe

  • Christopher Z
    Christopher Z Month ago +1

    What I find interesting about stroganoff is that not only is it really easy to make, and absolutely delicious to boot(one of my favorites since I was a child--I'm 40 now), but I have never in my life ever heard of a restaurant that served stroganoff. Wonder why that is. Hmmm....

  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz 2 months ago

    I’m making it with sour cream. It better not kirtle.

  • Hussain Q
    Hussain Q 2 months ago +1

    I knew you were 25% commie

  • Mary Hook
    Mary Hook 2 months ago

    I love your cooking 🥘 thank you 😊

  • infinityd
    infinityd 2 months ago

    Veal stock? You asshole.

  • Vladimír Mach
    Vladimír Mach 2 months ago

    Bullshit. This is not the real Stroganoff. This is just a low class fake.

  • Two Scoops Covfefe
    Two Scoops Covfefe 2 months ago

    Russian kollusion before it was kool

  • Robert Kopp
    Robert Kopp 2 months ago


  • Donnoha
    Donnoha 2 months ago

    You’ll be Putin garlicky beef all night

    CYRUS GRAHAM 2 months ago

    Merry Christmas 2017.

  • James Parrish
    James Parrish 2 months ago

    Made this last nite. Very good.

  • Larry Goodwin
    Larry Goodwin 2 months ago

    I like a dash of Coleman's dried mustard and Worcestershire, I think I picked that up from Two Fat Ladies.

  • Brenda Gilbert
    Brenda Gilbert 2 months ago

    Chef John is the best. Love ALL your videos. FAB U Lous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Von Musklaus
    Von Musklaus 2 months ago

    Brilliant 😊

  • *ARELL*
    *ARELL* 3 months ago

    My white friend talked to me about the beef stroganof

  • xavierprotocols
    xavierprotocols 3 months ago

    Don't be STALIN around to make this you should be RUSSIAN to the store ;)

  • uhavemooface
    uhavemooface 3 months ago

    We tried this recipe once but didn't add any creme freche to it or how ever you spell that last word there. I can't wait to try it again. I did like creme better then sour cream. But we had to buy sour cream.

  • Carolyn Rothrock
    Carolyn Rothrock 3 months ago

    Love the reflection of the clock in the lid of the pan that is way cool. You are the cosmonaut of your camera shot.

  • Sehun Park
    Sehun Park 3 months ago

    I'll be Putin haha that's a nice pin

  • Kate Cotta
    Kate Cotta 3 months ago

    I LOVE your channel! Thanks for everything you share with us.

  • Людмила Верещагина

    Really? It is a beeth stroganov? Guy! You have made my day! I am russian and live in Россия! Повеселил! Спасибо! С итальянскими макаронами на гарнир...!

  • chris jones
    chris jones 3 months ago

    Are You putin' me on.....

  • wrecker4
    wrecker4 3 months ago

    i have worked with a lot of foreign chef's and beef stroganov is like a lot of meat dishes where it is made so many ways around the world,,,, when i made beef stroganov for a buffet table i made it so the sauce would not split or dry out,, for the sauce i used bought sour cream and then i added fresh cream and lemon to it,, i thickened the sauce with cornflour (corn starch) , the cornflour stops the sauce from splitting while in a bain marie and you can reheat the beef stroganov without splitting the sauce,
    if you want to try something different,, add sliced beetroot, paprika and sliced gherkins to the stroganov,,, sure it's not beef stroganov but it's so tasty..

    CYRUS GRAHAM 3 months ago

    Loving Spoonfuls 📺📱🔊2015-2016

  • MrShamus07
    MrShamus07 3 months ago

    This is basically the same Beef Stroganoff recipe that I make, but I also add a little tomato paste to taste and a dollop of a good French Dijon mustard.

  • George
    George 3 months ago


  • Tyler Bryant
    Tyler Bryant 3 months ago

    Terrible puns.

  • Witchy Woman
    Witchy Woman 3 months ago

    Im gonna be Putin these ingredients in my pot tonight 😂

  • Sandy Lucas
    Sandy Lucas 3 months ago +5

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  • Chrisg841
    Chrisg841 4 months ago

    No paprika?

  • Douglas Roth
    Douglas Roth 4 months ago

    Zero Putin jokes would have been plenty

  • Greg Last
    Greg Last 4 months ago

    I want this dish putin my belly

  • Ung Grabb
    Ung Grabb 4 months ago

    Red wine instead of white wine

  • just tired
    just tired 4 months ago

    Russian isn't a race. lol It's a nationality. I think Slavics are the number one ethnic group in Russia followed by several Asian ethnic groups. Racially, Russia consists of mostly whites and Asians. And when Asians and whites mix, you get some beautiful people. In my opinion anyways.

  • lonnie romero
    lonnie romero 4 months ago

    I went to a Brazilian bbq restaurant that had a buffet with sushi, vegetables, soups, stews and a chicken stroganoff. It was so good I had never heard of chicken stroganoff.

  • Terry Northrup
    Terry Northrup 4 months ago

    I love your channel, but, like I'm sure many others, I can't hear and really need closed captions.

  • Chandler McElroy
    Chandler McElroy 4 months ago

    Your cooking makes my mouth water. Thanks for your presentations, keep up the good work.

  • bugger490
    bugger490 4 months ago

    My Mom would make this when I was a little girl and wanted comfort food. Soooo good.

  • Tim Downey
    Tim Downey 4 months ago

    Full Marx for this dish.

  • Paul Magowan
    Paul Magowan 4 months ago

    Wow chef that looks killer I’m Putin this in my belly this week🇨🇦👍🇺🇸

  • moggs
    moggs 4 months ago

    Great video, and an excellent recipe. Would plain solid yogurt work in lieu of the crème fraiche ? Your jokes brought back memories of Fred Astaire " Putin on The Ritz ".

  • Susan Sanderson
    Susan Sanderson 4 months ago


  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson 4 months ago

    Make own cream fresh!!! Go F urself man

  • csufjeff
    csufjeff 4 months ago

    Awesome as always John. Cheers Jeff

  • jarry jayo
    jarry jayo 5 months ago

    when you post the recipe for foodwishes, could you also include the instructions as well as the Ingredients: someday this video could disappear and we would lose that recipe. it would be nice to just print out the recipe and go the kitchen and start cooking. I do know there are things like ipads but my version isn't kitchen safe.

  • Shante Barze
    Shante Barze 5 months ago

    Can you serve it over rice instead of noodles maybe?
    Im a girl who loves rice.

  • Shawn Caney
    Shawn Caney 5 months ago

    Mmmm some nice beef stroke me off

  • Jama Thaughn
    Jama Thaughn 5 months ago

    At first I thought this was going to be about how they collect bull semen - which I thought was weird for a Chef John video. Then I realized it was beef 'stroganoff'.

  • Liberty And Justice MAGA

    Loved this recipe. I'm going to be "Putin" it on my table for dinner tonight. :) ty

  • The 62nd Chef
    The 62nd Chef 5 months ago

    My word this was tasty. I cooked it last night for some friends and they couldn't get enough.
    I would really value your opinion on my recipe