Nets PG D'Angelo Russell 2017-2018 Season Highlights ᴴᴰ

  • Published on May 13, 2018
  • Highlights from Nets PG D'Angelo Russell's 2017-2018 season.
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Comments • 262

  • chito glen Deslate
    chito glen Deslate 8 months ago

    Lakers rcgrets trading

  • Garrett Lawes
    Garrett Lawes 9 months ago

    D Lo definition of young talent

  • Michael Gugliotta
    Michael Gugliotta 11 months ago

    The trade paid off for us but DAM I miss dlo he’s great and a bit of a better fit for the lakers imo but Lonzo still got time I believe in him

  • Sim Hui Chun
    Sim Hui Chun 11 months ago

    My all-time point guard in GM mode since NBA2K2016

  • Benjamin Aluyi
    Benjamin Aluyi Year ago

    He has good vision and he knows how to utilize his big

  • Treeezplz
    Treeezplz Year ago

    So fluid tho ✔️✔️✔️

  • Kripa Mcper
    Kripa Mcper Year ago

    This guy dropped 40 on Irving, he is a future all star for sure

  • avantgardener
    avantgardener Year ago

    Timberwolves should get him in exchange for Butler

  • kobeshaqera
    kobeshaqera Year ago

    damn why this dude have to snitch and talk shit on bryon scott (magics friend).
    probably would have still been in LA

  • AJ Abu-Hala
    AJ Abu-Hala Year ago

    3:47 I like that

  • StephMadeSmk
    StephMadeSmk Year ago

    Bro if dlo gets an above average 3 ball, and it stays consistent... He's gonna destroy

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold Year ago

    shot creating is his greatest strength he needs to play for a coach that will put him in situations where he can go one on one

  • CP4Z
    CP4Z Year ago

    A year later : Russell or Ball?

    • CP4Z
      CP4Z Year ago

      Enlix Lavar Ball might disagree 😂

    • Enlix
      Enlix Year ago

      ball cant even shoot the ball xD

    • Enlix
      Enlix Year ago


  • undagrin
    undagrin Year ago

    That slip pass at 3:48 through traffic was just

  • Linin S.
    Linin S. Year ago

    Am I the only one who likes dangelos form a lot ?i try to mimic it sometimes 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Enlix
      Enlix Year ago

      i did too

  • Chris Ayo
    Chris Ayo Year ago

    Play jus like James Harden but got the potential to play D and better 3pt shoot LA should’ve kept em played em at the 2 SMDH

  • Ryan Espiritu
    Ryan Espiritu Year ago

    Lakers really got rid of this man to make space for Lonzo.....

  • Emjay Jay
    Emjay Jay Year ago

    Hope he can stay healthy and improve his speed

  • Tony .O
    Tony .O Year ago +1

    I never knew that He was actually a solid player
    Who can be a spot up shooter or shoot of the screen and create his own shot
    He's also wonderful passer with vision better than London balls
    Lakers shouldn't traded he could've helped lebron

  • Terence Ball
    Terence Ball Year ago

    Omg that pass at 3:50 was sexy

  • KJ3
    KJ3 Year ago

    D-LO you gotta stay healthy much potential

  • Steve2025
    Steve2025 Year ago +5

    His shot is so smoove

  • Kellen Hall
    Kellen Hall Year ago

    He’s up next with a James harden vibe to his game the nba is in good hands with him book and Giannis

  • Tim Clark
    Tim Clark Year ago +8

    Imagine having him and Devin Booker together 🤭

  • Adam Neil
    Adam Neil Year ago

    DinWiddie > Russell

  • Markyell Gardner
    Markyell Gardner Year ago

    Still onf my favorite beast in the East let's Get it Nets!!

  • Prodigy Films
    Prodigy Films Year ago +1

    you can tell hes main strength is on the left side of the court.. yes ik hes a lefty but as a primary ball handler u should utilize both hands...he still a baller tho

    QUAALUDES Year ago

    Hopefully the Nets keep Dlo, Levert and Allen for the long run, those three have good chemistry on the offensive end

  • Ciroc Papi
    Ciroc Papi Year ago

    Poor mans James harden but has the potential to be as good

  • Your Average Guy
    Your Average Guy Year ago +55

    It's just something about D Lo's style of playing that makes it so entertaining to watch.

    • dope fresh
      dope fresh Year ago


    • Al Coholic
      Al Coholic Year ago +1

      yea hes smooth, the only thing holding him back is his explosiveness compared to other nba point gaurds

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim Year ago

    This guy is a star it’s a shame..

  • I Finesse Tv
    I Finesse Tv Year ago +3

    if dlo stays healthy and puts in work this off-season he'll be an all star next year💯🙏

  • I Finesse Tv
    I Finesse Tv Year ago

    if dlo stays healthy and puts in work this off-season he'll be an all star next year💯🙏

  • Colby Young
    Colby Young Year ago

    lakers coulda had this man and lebron

  • Ubernoobtuber
    Ubernoobtuber Year ago

    his team's reactions are great in this video

  • EtoGenesis
    EtoGenesis Year ago

    Lakers could’ve had
    PG- Ball
    SG- DLo
    SF- Ingram
    PF- LeBron
    C- whoever
    Smh DLo may be a snitch but that boy can get buckets

    • Enlix
      Enlix Year ago

      javalee mcgee at center that would have been lit

  • Simón Sarmiento Mora

    all-star next year mark my words

  • Randy Tran
    Randy Tran Year ago +4

    He’s really crafty but I’d like to see him use his right side some more. He’s already got a pretty deadly pull up.

  • Doc Davis
    Doc Davis Year ago

    Looking like Reggie Jackson to me

  • danny delgadillo
    danny delgadillo Year ago

    Guy’s game got sooo much sauce. He has potential to be bringing in other players to wanting to play with him

  • Hassen Elahi
    Hassen Elahi Year ago

    Great passer 🔥

  • BammerMusic
    BammerMusic Year ago

    smh i miss this man. magic makin up for it this year but still

  • Dom B
    Dom B Year ago

    Him with LeBron wouldv been cool

  • Nate Collins
    Nate Collins Year ago

    watching his game is like no other in the league, something about the passes he makes, he has complete control of the ball idk hes just inspiring to watch

  • Jayden Fading
    Jayden Fading Year ago

    He Got What He Deserve Ending Up In Brooklyn😂😂😂

    • LakerNation StayTuned
      LakerNation StayTuned Year ago

      Lil Jay 7 You damn right...he bout to breathe life back into NY basketball and become a superstar

  • Samuel Bailey
    Samuel Bailey Year ago

    REALLY hope he develops into an all star, I really like him and I want him to succeed

  • jose yepez
    jose yepez Year ago

    Russle is Kyle kuzmas age

  • eldhand
    eldhand Year ago

    He is so fun to watch!!

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold Year ago

    the nets failed to draft a power forward once again

  • KG Slump God
    KG Slump God Year ago

    Harden jr?

  • justen hawk
    justen hawk Year ago +3

    I miss my dawg on the LAKERS smfh why pelinka why

  • コロナエクストラ Corona Extra XD

    He’s got swag

  • Anthony Porter
    Anthony Porter Year ago

    Trade him to the suns .... They would be viscous then 😅

  • Timothy Richmond
    Timothy Richmond Year ago

    Missing open shots and is too slow

  • Haha Tai
    Haha Tai Year ago +1

    Snitch bitch

  • Wontons and Noodles

    He like a mix of harden and dame

  • Wontons and Noodles

    His jumper smooth af

  • Clyde Barrow
    Clyde Barrow Year ago +4

    He's 6'6 and only have like 2 or 3 dunks a season

    • Polish Sniper
      Polish Sniper Year ago +1

      #CBRGANG yeah he should use it as an advantage

    • Clyde Barrow
      Clyde Barrow Year ago

      Kicktastic he's 6'6...

    • Polish Sniper
      Polish Sniper Year ago

      #CBRGANG I mean he is a guard, not a forward. Although he should be dunking more often

  • J D
    J D Year ago

    Russell’s shot release is one of my favorites in the NBA. It’s so smooth and just butter when it goes in. I wish lakers could’ve kept him along side lonzo because he’s just a pure shooter and has good passing skills. The thing about Russell though is that he’s just slow and lakers want to play a faster tempo. Whereas russell plays a more controlled tempo. Guarantee in 2-3 years this guy is gonna be an all star

  • Django's Lil' Slave
    Django's Lil' Slave Year ago +1

    Next Michael Jordan