Meet The 2019 Sierra Canyon Squad!!! ALL ACCESS w/ Zaire Wade, Bronny, BJ Boston, Amari & More!!

  • Here is an all-access look at the 2019 Sierra Canyon squad featuring Amari Bailey, Brandon Boston, Terran Frank, Bronny James, Zaire Wade, Ziaire Williams, Lathan Wigington & More!
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Comments • 80

  • Emma Bonshak
    Emma Bonshak 21 hour ago

    this is the most attractive video i’ve ever watched.

  • ella ward
    ella ward 13 days ago

    i love the way bronny keep a smile on his face

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams 19 days ago

    Zaire and Bronny gay asf. Gayist team in high school

  • 1Shot Cap
    1Shot Cap 23 days ago +3

    Zaire and Bronny just remind me TOO much of Bron and Wade. Imagine if the heat got both these dudes...

  • Shanead Daniel
    Shanead Daniel 27 days ago

    I bet its a joy to coach those young men

  • kenteezy kenteezy
    kenteezy kenteezy Month ago

    Prodigy prep is coming 4 u 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wavy Keith
    Wavy Keith Month ago

    Amari sound like he gay not to be mean

  • KeyDrippy
    KeyDrippy Month ago


  • Klove The Lou
    Klove The Lou Month ago

    BLACK & AMAZING !!!!! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • King Jasiah
    King Jasiah Month ago

    Bronny be cussing 😂😂

  • renanta
    renanta Month ago


  • Marcos B
    Marcos B Month ago +2

    Damn shawty wit the mic bad though

  • Ayden Harris
    Ayden Harris Month ago +1

    They rly don’t b interviewing my boy bronny

  • Keyonia P
    Keyonia P Month ago +1

    Y can he actually sing 😂😂😂

  • Solo Nasa
    Solo Nasa Month ago +1

    I wanna see them recreate some of lebron and Dwaynes pics

  • The Creature In Me
    The Creature In Me Month ago +1

    Mr. Boston needs to talk Bronny into going to UK in the future.

  • 28andee
    28andee Month ago +167

    Bronny is going to grow up much more athletic, rich and good-looking. God bless momma Savannah and pops Bron.. Them girls out to go after young king!

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Month ago +2


  • Lillian Supo Adekola
    Lillian Supo Adekola 2 months ago

    All of em...shroom gang. They all mushroom head.

  • Lillian Supo Adekola
    Lillian Supo Adekola 2 months ago +4

    Bronny and zaire both got spit out by they dads. Why they look exact the same???😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 2 months ago

    Hi guys I just bought the air Jordan 11’s I’m scared to play basketball in them can someone tell me what to do with white shoes while playing?

  • Dre Brown
    Dre Brown 2 months ago +17

    Sierra Canyon : Were the number one team in the county
    Montverde: Hold my cup

  • Eireee17
    Eireee17 2 months ago

    Zaire gotta cool personality

  • Jamaican man
    Jamaican man 2 months ago

    "alot of them are older than me"
    but he looks the oldest

  • fahad
    fahad 2 months ago

    0:17 ah shit i feel just like leborn

  • tilt canary
    tilt canary 2 months ago +1

    Bunch of Scrubs losing to minnehaha.lololol

  • Ajulu Nyang
    Ajulu Nyang 3 months ago

    wait zaire rlly be singing doe

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos 3 months ago

    pls me someone drops her ig 3:22

  • Chief Keef
    Chief Keef 3 months ago

    The best player on the team isn’t in the video

    • TheMiamirep
      TheMiamirep 3 months ago

      Chief Keef Zaire was all over the video

  • Jeffery Preece
    Jeffery Preece 3 months ago

    Game of the century Sierra Canyon vs Montverde love to see that game future lottery picks on both sides

  • Wendel Wells
    Wendel Wells 3 months ago +1


  • HeartBrokeKids
    HeartBrokeKids 3 months ago

    bj so damn tall fukkkkkkkkkkk🤮

  • Nilsson Yao
    Nilsson Yao 4 months ago +32

    5:42 bro that looks like a kids size ball in his hands

  • Ronnie Lemke
    Ronnie Lemke 4 months ago

    Who is gonna even start ?

  • Nakiya J
    Nakiya J 4 months ago

    I did not expect amari to sound like that

  • Purpie Purp
    Purpie Purp 5 months ago +1

    All imma say is by the time Bronny become a senior he’s going to be UNSTOPPABLE

  • HunkpapaLakota
    HunkpapaLakota 5 months ago

    5:52...dat nigga every interviewers dream...he be looking at the reporter and camera at the same time.

  • Connie B
    Connie B 5 months ago +1

    Y’all have tutors for those boys. . One might want to become a lawyer or doctor after they're playing days are done.

  • r j
    r j 5 months ago

    take those goose chains off u little queers

  • Who That Boy
    Who That Boy 5 months ago

    Bronny and Zaire are so overrated and over hyped rn it’s sad. They post highlight videos of themselves and people think they look like their fathers lmao. They literally check into the game and are one of the weaker players on the floor...their so soft...they’ll get better tho

  • Regaria Adams
    Regaria Adams 5 months ago +4

    Damn so yall gone act like Zaire brother or cousin (#4) a nobody 😂 d.wade raised that boy too

    • TheMiamirep
      TheMiamirep 3 months ago

      Regaria Adams dude for real. Dahveon can ball too

  • Joaquín Adema
    Joaquín Adema 5 months ago

    Beats name on the vídeo?

  • Jack Butler
    Jack Butler 5 months ago +3

    You know this boy bronny flexing as hard as he could in that flic Lol

  • Furious Stylez
    Furious Stylez 5 months ago +2

    High school sports done change

  • RapCityMusic
    RapCityMusic 5 months ago

    Yo Zaire gotta stop acting like he a good lookin cat bro how he come out of Dwade and His girl lookin like that, boy look like praying mantis

  • Jelani Scott
    Jelani Scott 5 months ago

    Dope video! But yo I've seen this chick before at the airport, lookin lit out her mind. She just as bad in real life, actually nah she badder

  • Trey Bugg
    Trey Bugg 5 months ago

    Who is the host

  • FBI •
    FBI • 5 months ago

    Terren Frank:

  • Dewey
    Dewey 5 months ago

    Worst reporter ever

  • OllieTEE _
    OllieTEE _ 5 months ago

    Interviewer kinda cute tho no cap

  • every day we Lit Jones
    every day we Lit Jones 5 months ago +4

    Brandon remind me of brandon ingram

    SPANISH MANILA 5 months ago

    Kids are looks like ancient people....

  • Katie Dally
    Katie Dally 5 months ago +1

    Number 15 has an unfair advantage he could have his back to the basket and still see the hoop

  • C Brown
    C Brown 5 months ago

    Yall niggaz tweekn. Aight none a y'all ranked in the top ten #humblethyself

  • Rick Ballout
    Rick Ballout 5 months ago

    I’m tired of everyone dick riding these kids bc of who they parents sre

  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 months ago +6

    The coach looks baked asf

  • Dr. Bullet
    Dr. Bullet 5 months ago +5

    Lol I thought there jersey name is brazzers 😂🤣

  • haile 89
    haile 89 5 months ago


  • İbrahim Buğday
    İbrahim Buğday 5 months ago +3

    Zaire lost son of Tracy Mcgrady 🤣

  • Michael Kaneko
    Michael Kaneko 5 months ago

    Man they flexing so hard with the chains haha having fun I fuck with it

  • tygur23
    tygur23 5 months ago +2

    Masculinity is an endangered species

  • Robert S.
    Robert S. 5 months ago

    High school media day? Really ? Haha

  • Brent Jones
    Brent Jones 5 months ago +4

    BJ a bad man. Love watching him and cooper.

  • Demetri Lee
    Demetri Lee 5 months ago +1

    Terren Frank look like a picasso painting

    • Demetri Lee
      Demetri Lee 5 months ago

      D. Omole fuck you and ya mother

    • D Omole
      D Omole 5 months ago

      Demetri Lee shut up anime weirdo

  • Treycoyne12
    Treycoyne12 5 months ago +2

    Why didn’t you interview bronny?

  • Treycoyne12
    Treycoyne12 5 months ago +1

    That ball orange af

  • Ely Teo26
    Ely Teo26 5 months ago +6

    That reporter is fine....Does someone know her name..asking for a friend..😂

    • Karlito Edwardo
      Karlito Edwardo 5 months ago +4

      Ivana Rojas aka @ivanareds .
      A friend told me 😂🤣

    • Lennys Mendez
      Lennys Mendez 5 months ago +2

      Been wondering the same thing g

  • Roczilla Carley
    Roczilla Carley 5 months ago +40

    Lmao Zaire looks all the way like wade crazy

  • Terelle Mackey
    Terelle Mackey 5 months ago +2

    So why do they have to wear the only chains on the team?🙄

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money 5 months ago +1

    Why is bronny in your title if he isn’t gonna do shit dis year

  • Alex Kieu
    Alex Kieu 5 months ago +2

    Mannnnnn ima pull up to the state game for sure. Y’all needa stop hating and appreciate 😂👌

    LOVE HATE 5 months ago +1

    is little wade going to a D1??

    • Forest Girl
      Forest Girl Month ago +1

      He hasn't committed yet. He has offers from Nebraska, Rhode Island, Toledo, and DePaul.

  • thelast-
    thelast- 5 months ago +2

    How Tall is he ? (11)

    • thelast-
      thelast- 5 months ago

      Ok dude

    • William Wang
      William Wang 5 months ago

      @thelast- well you can watch jesser's video. that's how tall he is

    • thelast-
      thelast- 5 months ago

      Dude i dont think so i think he can be 6'8 dude 7'3 impossible i think i m 14 and i m 6'5 how he is 7'3 in his 16 if he is 7'3, i think he cant walk

    • William Wang
      William Wang 5 months ago

      @thelast- my bad he's 7'3. and just turned 16 i believe

    • thelast-
      thelast- 5 months ago

      And how old is he?

  • finness king
    finness king 5 months ago +1

    Bronny look like Jordan in his prime or jordan son no disrespect for lebron tho.

  • LV2H8ME 15
    LV2H8ME 15 5 months ago +1

    Hope they lose

  • Nick Z
    Nick Z 5 months ago

    Shy Odom best of Boston doing it big 617

  • EBR0 _YT
    EBR0 _YT 5 months ago

    Mini Miami heat

  • Lil Vodge
    Lil Vodge 5 months ago +1

    Niggas needs stop tryna sum him up to be like his pops, that will never happen.

    • Jonathan Ohin
      Jonathan Ohin 5 months ago

      He Will probably be a PG13 type of player

  • bats.
    bats. 5 months ago

    Why wade son taller than bron son

    • CoZy FlaKKo
      CoZy FlaKKo 5 months ago

      Jump Scare cause that Nigga a senior bronny a freshman once he hits his growth spurt like melo did mans gonna be scary

  • Schwarz Bruder
    Schwarz Bruder 5 months ago +1

    Gohan and trunks son of vegeta and goku!