Kobe Bryant & Tracy McGrady Interview Part 1: On their disputed 1-on-1 game & more | The Jump

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant sit down with Rachel Nichols of The Jump for an exclusive interview, discussing their relationship throughout their NBA careers, including a trip on a roller coaster, a one-on-one game in Germany between Kobe and T-Mac (2:14), being rookies coming out of high school with the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors, and how they drifted apart as their careers went on.
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Comments • 3 284

  • Danilo Gustavo
    Danilo Gustavo Day ago

    ESPN should give thoose 2 a show.

  • Gideon Williams
    Gideon Williams 2 days ago

    Kobe's career summed up in one sentence: "You wanna bury me here on this bench, everyone is gonna pay for this". LOL! dwag. Dude was different smh. Him and Mac top 5 guards to every play the game.

  • Captain EunKook
    Captain EunKook 2 days ago

    Best Rivalry we never had in the Finals

  • January's Own94
    January's Own94 2 days ago

    The crazy thing is the real can tell that Kobe isn’t lying ... t-Mac just being in denial about the one on one ... no need tho bro t-Mac u still a legend..... Kobe just put buckets on yo head 😂😂

  • James Peery
    James Peery 3 days ago +1

    Iverson was better than both of them. He was 6 foot tall and put them on rollar skates.

  • Jerome Richardson
    Jerome Richardson 3 days ago

    Luv t-mac but kobe da 🐐

  • Chuck Moore
    Chuck Moore 5 days ago


  • wakulu riel
    wakulu riel 5 days ago

    When kobe was out from adidas T-Mac took over.

  • Rainherself
    Rainherself 5 days ago

    BEST.... No offense but... These were when NBA was a lot more real and fun. Tmac fan since 2001... I still have his posters up in my old room.. just cuz it's a huge ass sticker of him and I can't scrape it off... Lol.

  • Lifes a Beach
    Lifes a Beach 5 days ago

    What a stupid video. It's immature and misleading, all I heard was goat noises coming from Tmac and Kobe. Somebody please upload the real one

  • Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins 6 days ago

    Best eras in basketball = nineties and 00s. The common denominator? Offense talent meets physical and aggressive defense. Todays players are very offensively gifted especially when it comes to shooting but defense is a joke compared to what it was a decade ago. No one gives a shit if you can drop 30-40 points with your defender barely being aloud to walk within two feet of you. That's not hard. Nor is it entertaining.

  • Common man!
    Common man! 6 days ago

    proud of kobe when Lebron kept a lot just to play 8-9 championsip most with garbage playersssssss

  • Common man!
    Common man! 6 days ago

    fuck MJ with no competition. overhyped fuckin Jazzz wahahahahhaaha!!!!!!

  • Joshua Felicilda
    Joshua Felicilda 6 days ago

    you know Kobe had the competitive edge every time. He kept score in everything

  • dayday 53
    dayday 53 6 days ago

    Haaaa gaaaaayyyyyyy

  • Squelch
    Squelch 7 days ago

    Great interview

  • TyWidThePack 10
    TyWidThePack 10 7 days ago +2

    having someone like kobe to lean on during times is coo as hell

  • The Great One
    The Great One 7 days ago

    Who else heard T-Mac call Rachel Lisa

  • Buck The Ripper
    Buck The Ripper 7 days ago

    As I'm learning more and more about basketball, in these past months, I've never felt joy, inspiration, or any other emotion... this has brought me so much happiness. I'm seeing into all the years behind all this and I'm just destroyed with emotion. Wow.

  • Joe Della Selva
    Joe Della Selva 7 days ago

    Tracy McGrady is overrated. I could not believe that he was elected to the NBA Hall of Fame!!!! McGrady???? Good NBA player BUT Hall of Fame?

  • Ards cification
    Ards cification 8 days ago

    T-mac for me had the most beautiful shooting stroke even in free throws its almost like effortless

  • Technibility
    Technibility 8 days ago

    @0:46 Biggie and Tupac

  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks 8 days ago

    2 greats tho

  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks 8 days ago

    Spray on for Tracy anyone

  • Kibblez HmK
    Kibblez HmK 10 days ago

    McGrady vs Kobe in the Big3 letssssss gooooooooo

  • JACK Liu
    JACK Liu 10 days ago

    kobe is a snake . telling tmac not to go to the gym, look at his awkward smile

  • Jesnar Jaso
    Jesnar Jaso 10 days ago +1

    Those are Giants you better get ready, ma'am hahaha

  • Casual Camera Tester
    Casual Camera Tester 10 days ago

    Why is Kobe wearing Nike?

  • Joel Taveras
    Joel Taveras 10 days ago

    At 5:00, the older guard weren't so excited bout these young players coming out of high school! Lol, i've always said it, the old school 90's n 80's love to hate on new talent! They swear they where better in everything just because they came 1st, showing no respect! 2days NBA talent is far better than those yrs, bigger faster n stronger. Im not hating on the old school but it's the truth

    BRIAN BC PRYOR 11 days ago +1


    BRIAN BC PRYOR 11 days ago +1


  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray 11 days ago

    Called her ass Lisa @ 1:48 😂

  • phillyslasher
    phillyslasher 11 days ago +3

    Two dudes who would RUN todays NBA. lol and fans today think James Harden is a "scorer".

  • I am Nico
    I am Nico 11 days ago

    ESPN put these guys on your show. Kobe, Tmac, Duncan, AI, Dirk, KG, Steve Nash, Paul Pierce, Shaq, VC. Good to see those guys again (2000's all stars)

  • William GodBoi43
    William GodBoi43 11 days ago

    I could listen to this forever

  • Howie Ng
    Howie Ng 11 days ago

    Dam Kobe still look handsome and tracy is UAF

  • Howie Ng
    Howie Ng 11 days ago

    Dam Kobe still look handsome and tracy is UAF

    KEEL ME YT 12 days ago

    I saw kobe when he went to disneyland in 2006

  • TheThegoodbadboy1
    TheThegoodbadboy1 12 days ago

    500 haters

  • Thunder Bolt
    Thunder Bolt 12 days ago

    “GOOD DAWG”- t Mac

  • elgallorojo
    elgallorojo 13 days ago

    My brother keep on doin it!!!!!! Finally someone who keeps it real. Can you do one about your opinion about the Shaq and Kobe breakup after 3 rings? I would love to see if our opinion as well as the opinions of the many who subscribe to your channel are the same

  • Mark Darnell
    Mark Darnell 13 days ago

    That Mamba hoodie though...!

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy 13 days ago +1

    I love you 2 guys Explosive on the Court

  • Shorty
    Shorty 13 days ago

    Man it felt great growing up in the 2000's era: Kobe, T-mac, KG, Iverson, Dirk, Duncan, Nash, Shaq. Didn't really experience the 90's since I was born in 91 but boy the 00's were damn enjoyable.

  • richard gelilio
    richard gelilio 13 days ago

    Prime T-Mac > Prime KD

  • Abdullah Hardy
    Abdullah Hardy 13 days ago +9

    Kobe and T-MAC team up equal Championship Ring!

  • Chuck Williams
    Chuck Williams 14 days ago +4

    2 Of My 3 Favorite Players Ever?! In 1 Interview?! Quit Playing!!!

  • Chalrie Chen
    Chalrie Chen 14 days ago

    kobethe goat

  • Jonathan Suarez
    Jonathan Suarez 14 days ago

    I would’ve loved to see these 2 play together

  • You Like!?
    You Like!? 14 days ago +1

    imagine if these guys were on the same team, who do you double?

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
    Tiger25NYC Brooklyn 14 days ago

    Imagine if they were in the same team, there were a few years T-Mac was better then Kobe I remember playing NBA streets putting Kobe, T-Mac and Shaq on the same team. I also loved Gilbert Arenas back in the 2000s it was the best era of basketball

  • John Dew
    John Dew 14 days ago +1

    Kobe obviously smoked t-mac on that one on one...

  • I n T e R e Y e
    I n T e R e Y e 15 days ago

    What people don't understand is, T-mac was injury prone from the beginnig. Before ever stepping foot on an NBA court he had a herniated disk in his back

  • That TV
    That TV 15 days ago +3

    Imagine if they were like today superstars and formed a super-team

  • TrapSkateLive
    TrapSkateLive 15 days ago

    Kobe always keeps score... #WinnersBall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cd li
    cd li 15 days ago

    11:3 lool

  • Amir McDowell _
    Amir McDowell _ 15 days ago

    “Who wasn’t keeping score?”😂😂😂

  • Keyboard Legend
    Keyboard Legend 15 days ago +44

    T-mac and Kobe were so alike one another, even in the stats. Unfortunately T-mac got his career destroyed by injuries

  • Bartholemew1000
    Bartholemew1000 15 days ago

    I didnt know they were so close lol

  • Leonardo Rodriguez
    Leonardo Rodriguez 16 days ago +4

    Who wasn't keeping score??? Lmao 😆

  • iHaul Azz
    iHaul Azz 16 days ago

    How u doing..
    I'm good dog..
    Real shizzle..

  • Juls c
    Juls c 16 days ago

    Kobe the rapist was thinking about hittin that the whole time

  • Isaiah Ford
    Isaiah Ford 16 days ago

    Rachel is cute and all. but doris Burke can have all my babies

  • cheick Samake
    cheick Samake 16 days ago +3

    Tracy had more talent kobe was the most compétitive of the two.

    • Ky
      Ky 16 days ago

      Hard work beats Talent

  • JJ Limpin
    JJ Limpin 16 days ago +3

    i regret that these two never played together in the NBA... if so... wow... I can't imagine what would be the result... :)

    • youngzoe305
      youngzoe305 15 days ago

      Would of been dope af...highlights after highlights

  • 9ossay Hdad
    9ossay Hdad 18 days ago

    When legends talk

  • Darnell Williams Jr
    Darnell Williams Jr 18 days ago

    Adidas vs Nike

  • J Rod
    J Rod 18 days ago


  • leon scott
    leon scott 18 days ago +4

    Before there was KD and pg13.... There was mcgrady

  • Sean Im
    Sean Im 18 days ago


  • Dave Huynh
    Dave Huynh 18 days ago

    I just peeped TMac called Rachel, Lisa lol

  • C O
    C O 18 days ago

    3:54 “it was 11-3” I’m dead lol

  • Agree2Disagree
    Agree2Disagree 19 days ago +9

    Kobe put the hit on ya TMac lol!
    *Mind games...Edge....*

    Kobe studied the Romans.

  • Young Love
    Young Love 19 days ago

    From what I gathered, it looks like Kobe Bryant loves fucking with Tmac. It's like he's a perfect target.

  • Pablo De Bella
    Pablo De Bella 19 days ago

    what a great lost generation these two belong to, now all they talk about is instagram and being vain.

  • Esther Awino
    Esther Awino 19 days ago

    Damn i'm in love with both men??? i can't help i wish i was born in the USA! Jesus i'm proud of being black! good lord i thank you for these awesome ballers.

  • HighFlyer
    HighFlyer 19 days ago

    I know nobody is seeing kobe 1 on 1, but beating t-mac 11-3. Jezus

  • Joseph Johnroe
    Joseph Johnroe 20 days ago +19

    That's the difference between Kobe and every other guy he faced like McGrady. "Who wasn't keeping score?". Kobe was always in attack mode.

  • KimMessengerOfRap
    KimMessengerOfRap 20 days ago +3

    Great interview. I loved their synergy😂

  • DanInspiration
    DanInspiration 20 days ago

    Kobe was a carbon copy of Jordan, but more beautiful. His shot was better and his footwork more graceful. Jordan was more athletic and forceful to the hoop.

  • Kengozin
    Kengozin 20 days ago

    Wow...wow. so for they career, as good as Mac waa, Kob' was 8 pts better than mcgrady to 11. FUCK!!

  • john doe
    john doe 20 days ago

    T Mac was better than Kobe in their prime, t mac was more athletic could shoot just as good, had more size and had a more signature cross over, shame that he got hindered by injuries early 😔

  • James Warren
    James Warren 21 day ago

    “It wasn’t that I was afraid Rachel, we just had lunch...”😂😂😂 Great interview! Kobe was clearly having fun hanging with and reminiscing with HIS BOY!! Just great!!!

  • Olivier Louis
    Olivier Louis 21 day ago

    rachel fine as fuck

  • InviteTheLight Readings

    I really loved this interview. These two have what seems a great friendship and great chemistry on camera - they really were like two old men you enjoy watching chop it up (only they're not old)

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra 21 day ago

    Kobe isn't driven, he's mentally deranged lol
    This the type of guy to alienate everyone over petty stuff
    He's gonna die alone lol

    • Jaiye Okesola
      Jaiye Okesola 20 days ago +1

      I don't think it's that serious. Besides, he has a family. He ain't alone

  • Beast from the East
    Beast from the East 22 days ago

    It must be great to be these guys, filthy rich and basketball legends.

  • pongd
    pongd 22 days ago

    its funny, my two favorite players of that era and i can't seem to ever watch more than a minute or so of this interview.

    i think its the part of me that still wants to see them competing on the court against each other.

  • Alex Zohrab
    Alex Zohrab 22 days ago

    these interviews say a lot about Kobe as a person and how he approached the game. I do feel he is underrated primarily because his stats may not be as favourable as players like LeBron, Curry, etc. But they way he talks about preparing, working on his game, and how he describes the issues with the rockets offense are articulated in such a way that it's easy for anyone to understand. Just a remarkable individual and one of my idols in terms of basketball.

  • Renjo Jose
    Renjo Jose 22 days ago

    Kobe is one of the GOAT but espn is fcking stupid as hell

  • Orlando Villarreal
    Orlando Villarreal 23 days ago

    I'm a tmac fan since I'm from Houston but I believe kobe on the score lmao......

  • KEEM
    KEEM 24 days ago

    How Mike Tyson end up in everything? Lol gotta love Mike

    • James Warren
      James Warren 21 day ago +1

      KEEM EVERYBODY has a Tyson story!

  • makavelithedon13996
    makavelithedon13996 24 days ago


  • straightlead8
    straightlead8 25 days ago +3

    Greatest under-achiever in the NBA

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 25 days ago +6

    Dope interview!! Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady had EPIC battles.

  • Brandon Madden
    Brandon Madden 25 days ago

    We miss you kobe

  • Tom3K GrabarzzZ
    Tom3K GrabarzzZ 25 days ago

    We got Boby and Toby its ok but honestly Kobe and Tracy would be to good ;3

  • Glenn Hauk
    Glenn Hauk 25 days ago +1

    Mamba nd tracy? Yeah... but daaauumm she's fine asf😍😘

  • Francisco Sanchez
    Francisco Sanchez 26 days ago

    I remember watching highlights of them in college 😳 CRAZY 😂

  • Life Granville
    Life Granville 26 days ago

    gotta love Kobe's laugh 🤣