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Red Hot Chili Peppers- By The Way


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  • Rodrigo Gatto
    Rodrigo Gatto 2 months ago

    Hey guys I just recorded a acoustic cover of this song, it would be awesome if you'd check it out! :D It's also showing the guitar in the video so you can easily learn the version. God bless and good vibes!!

  • James Butler
    James Butler 11 months ago

    tried this in a Karaoke bar on Jersey....its tough

  • Emily Westwood
    Emily Westwood 11 months ago

    I dosed by you is just fucking beautiful this is where you need your speakers full blast

  • Harry Casper
    Harry Casper Year ago +1

    Didn't ANYONE at WMMR get sick and tired of this song?!

    • Isaiah Johnson
      Isaiah Johnson Year ago

      Harry Casper It's a great song. Why would anyone get sick of it?

  • Thot Exterminator
    Thot Exterminator 2 years ago +2

    I fucking hate the drums n the rapping part or whatever tf it is

  • 塞薩爾·馬塔
    塞薩爾·馬塔 2 years ago +1


  • aurora la rocca
    aurora la rocca 2 years ago +3

    Always Amazing! RHCP are the best!

  • Boby
    Boby 2 years ago +6

    brasileiro nao nesta pourra ?

  • Fabian Domenic
    Fabian Domenic 2 years ago +1

    I hope i see you

  • Fabian Domenic
    Fabian Domenic 2 years ago +1

    Thats fight music kill them i love

  • Antonio Alejandro
    Antonio Alejandro 2 years ago

    Elegante csm

  • Kevin 'Back To Prelims' Lee


  • Sehm Dgordz
    Sehm Dgordz 2 years ago

    oh ahh oh ahhh chissin n' A muchin 4x

  • Rub3n3
    Rub3n3 2 years ago +2


    • Rub3n3
      Rub3n3 2 years ago

      By dat boi

  • The legend in the making 1994

    that bass line is everything!

  • samuel creed
    samuel creed 2 years ago

    Anyone else wanted him to say "you" at the end?

  • Sandor Clegane
    Sandor Clegane 2 years ago

    Ednaldo Pereira

    • Sandor Clegane
      Sandor Clegane 2 years ago

      +Gato da Floresta Só um mito (vish,vi agr pq fiquei sem net :v)

    • Gato da Floresta
      Gato da Floresta 2 years ago

      +Carlos Rogner Quem é esse?

  • Taylor Bird
    Taylor Bird 3 years ago

    I think he should upload more

  • Mommas Knight
    Mommas Knight 3 years ago +1

    this song got me into the chili's easy and fun to play on guitar too. if you want me teach you hmu. got the tab book

  • Coldwind81
    Coldwind81 3 years ago

    Including over 100 of mine.
    This is....dissapointing.

  • U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone

    is sharper where the will overcomes the pressure of a stranger. she gave that. I know it a spat at the point of a finger and a high five of another.

    • U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone
      U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone 3 years ago

      +U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone til it's gone.. they say it's all about to October...and I missed the post....

    • U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone
      U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone 3 years ago

      +U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone over a million servers on the web. I'm a juke box junkie at a bar just pulling up any song I want. there's no order rhyme or reason. whatever I feel like.

    • U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone
      U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone 3 years ago

      +U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone I'm leaving and I'm taking the door with me!!! who wants to endorse it when the end was to get eden to go? sin-to-go.

    • U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone
      U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone 3 years ago

      +U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone call her your go to girl where a single thought is an intelligent effort.

    • U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone
      U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone 3 years ago

      +U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone nervous because blood is in the air? it's a spot at the point of a pen. a tip. my-got-2-tude.

  • Stevie Wolfe
    Stevie Wolfe 3 years ago +31

    Thank you flea for yet another awesome bass line

    • Darryl Scopes
      Darryl Scopes 7 months ago

      Very tight

    • MyNameIsMud
      MyNameIsMud 2 years ago

      +Tom Sibilsky Yeah totally, Flea is awesome i just like Les and his crazy style over Flea's

    • Tom Sibilsky
      Tom Sibilsky 2 years ago

      I personally prefer Flea but its comparing apples to oranges

    • cueball9183
      cueball9183 2 years ago

      +MyNameIsMud He is my opinion anyway.:)

    • MyNameIsMud
      MyNameIsMud 2 years ago

      +cueball9183 Les is the Best

  • Gramztoker
    Gramztoker 3 years ago +3

    Love that bass slide at 0:25!

  • RawrImAFish
    RawrImAFish 3 years ago +1


    • fidan2fast
      fidan2fast Year ago

      RawrImAFish makes sense, they are both funk rock bands

    • RawrImAFish
      RawrImAFish 2 years ago +1

      +JSwanKilowJ yeah thats what I was talking about haha

    • JSwanKilowJ
      JSwanKilowJ 2 years ago

      +RawrImAFish lol! it's all good. I get what you're saying though. the part right before the verses makes me think of RATM

    • RawrImAFish
      RawrImAFish 2 years ago +1

      +JSwanKilowJ I have no idea why I wrote it like that. im starting to realize I sounded like a lunatic.

    • JSwanKilowJ
      JSwanKilowJ 2 years ago

      +RawrImAFish I kind of hear it

  • RawrImAFish
    RawrImAFish 3 years ago

    so much good music and no one has gotten the memo yet

  • Cherolyn Mayer
    Cherolyn Mayer 3 years ago +2


  • Sam J
    Sam J 3 years ago +1

    Love this music

  • Tyra Suliwan
    Tyra Suliwan 3 years ago +36

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

    • Tyra Suliwan
      Tyra Suliwan 3 years ago

      +➏➏➏ Slasher/Gunslinger Sid Mercer Thank you! it is :)

    • Tyra Suliwan
      Tyra Suliwan 3 years ago +1

      +Al Huggins Thank you my friend :) Have a happy day!

    • Al Huggins
      Al Huggins 3 years ago

      +Tyra Suliwan by the way Tyra, have a very happy and special International Women's Day today. sit back, put your feet up, relax, chill out and let somebody spoil you all day. :):):) and just keep smiling, and smiling, and smiling. hahahah

    • Tyra Suliwan
      Tyra Suliwan 3 years ago

      +Rick Richardson Hi!

    • Tyra Suliwan
      Tyra Suliwan 3 years ago

      +Al Huggins hahaha 😁

  • patricia dias
    patricia dias 4 years ago +3

    Fantastic :)

  • Vivian Parmingo
    Vivian Parmingo 4 years ago


  • Edo Satya Pratama
    Edo Satya Pratama 4 years ago +10

    i'm all about 'that' bass ~

    • m sanders
      m sanders 3 years ago

      +Edo Satya Pratama (y)

    • red drib
      red drib 4 years ago +4

      I support that decision (y)

  • Augenstein
    Augenstein 4 years ago +12

    Danny DeVito singing songs to me beneath the marquee.

  • blackrock2626
    blackrock2626 4 years ago

    oh god, i've made the best decision to listen to all of their songs this weekend

  • Clorox Waifu
    Clorox Waifu 4 years ago

    Love the funk roots.

  • Powerpuff Katie
    Powerpuff Katie 4 years ago

    I love this song

  • Francisco Muñíz
    Francisco Muñíz 4 years ago +3


  • Olivia Ibarra Torres
    Olivia Ibarra Torres 4 years ago +20


  • sumwun speshal
    sumwun speshal 4 years ago

    Seungho brought me here and I am impress with this song ^^ Music make one

  • ketley silva
    ketley silva 4 years ago +6

    amo essa musica ♥♥♥

    • Rodrigo Gatto
      Rodrigo Gatto 2 months ago

      da uma olhada no cover que eu fiz no meu canal =D

  • Paulo García
    Paulo García 4 years ago +1

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO! And I say ok let's fall for it, *click*, "private video" -.-

  • belinda bustamante
    belinda bustamante 4 years ago +2


  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 4 years ago +1

    Am I the only black guy here?

  • Bertolt Hoover
    Bertolt Hoover 4 years ago

    This is what i'm hearing at 0:48
    "Skin that chick she's got little DJ, get back quick ma strips are on the freeway, turn that chick to make a liddle lee way, beat that mic but not the way that we made"
    I don't understand what goes on in his mind, anything he thinks that rhymes he just throws it into the song!

    • Beast5273
      Beast5273 3 years ago +1

      +RawrImAFish you look ten

    • Bertolt Hoover
      Bertolt Hoover 3 years ago

      +RawrImAFish Please tell me how that makes sense to you?
      And how are you so sure that i am younger than you??

    • RawrImAFish
      RawrImAFish 3 years ago

      +Father Anderson you'll understand when you're older 😊

    • Bertolt Hoover
      Bertolt Hoover 4 years ago

      +Max Loch It's what i'm hearing maximus loch. It's not the real lyrics, i don't even know why he's saying these things anyway, it does not make any sense. It's called Misheard Lyrics Maxie.

    • Sire Hank
      Sire Hank 4 years ago +3

      Your lyrics are wrong.
      Skin that flick
      She's such a little DJ
      Get there quick
      By street but not the freeway
      Turn that trick
      To make a little leeway
      Beat that nic
      But not the way that we play

  • Andre Luna
    Andre Luna 4 years ago

    I shall learn this song on guitar... sounds easy.

    • Louie Wilkinson
      Louie Wilkinson 4 years ago

      It's a great band, Can't stop is easy, the tempo is a little tricky considering the string skipping, but still fun as hell.

    • Andre Luna
      Andre Luna 4 years ago

      Those are all other great songs... But I only wanna learn can't stop and Dani California.

    • Pixeldark51
      Pixeldark51 4 years ago

      and californication, dani california, give it away, zephyr song, can't stop and under the bridge?

    • Andre Luna
      Andre Luna 4 years ago

      True, but I have no desire to learn other songs by them.

    • Pixeldark51
      Pixeldark51 4 years ago

      of course it is like almost all RHCP songs

  • Hayden Byers
    Hayden Byers 4 years ago

    here's a face listening to music with headphones... kinda
    and this one just coz Pikachu is cool lol

  • Lucas Boubrit
    Lucas Boubrit 4 years ago


  • emiliano alaggia
    emiliano alaggia 4 years ago

    2:22 BAJO

  • Johnny Ramone
    Johnny Ramone 4 years ago

    Flea sos un monstruo. Genioooooooo

  • Jack Quirke
    Jack Quirke 4 years ago +6


  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 years ago

    I love Frusciate's wah pedal on this.

    • Kaspar Bakker
      Kaspar Bakker 4 years ago

      Check out Storm In A Teacup then, it's mindblowing *_*

  • epicnightwater
    epicnightwater 5 years ago

    its been 5 years since ive heard you on the radio btw

  • Dead5kip
    Dead5kip 5 years ago

    Theres a whole lot of nothing in the end, very impressive.

  • R4gEsL4yer
    R4gEsL4yer 5 years ago

    Deine Mutter.

  • LuKa h.c
    LuKa h.c 5 years ago

    q da hora a musica

  • Sam Hardy
    Sam Hardy 5 years ago

    Awesome Marimba solo.

  • Diogo Ribeiro
    Diogo Ribeiro 5 years ago


  • ckhanson81
    ckhanson81 5 years ago

    simply beautiful

  • dimitri jameson
    dimitri jameson 5 years ago

    love this song because of the guitars and i listen to it while I'm working on my stuff at school. :)

  • Joepes91
    Joepes91 5 years ago

    If he would let that S out at the end of the word sucks it would've been normal english ??

  • imhalfdead
    imhalfdead 5 years ago

    this is my ringtone

  • hannahnelson80
    hannahnelson80 5 years ago

    LOL this made my day.... xD

  • T.J. Allen
    T.J. Allen 5 years ago


  • Chief Chewie
    Chief Chewie 5 years ago

    You sir need to take a spelling class and a grammar class.

  • chey cat
    chey cat 5 years ago

    I love you red hot chili peppers. lol

  • Big kiwi
    Big kiwi 5 years ago

    fucking freak you really sucks

  • anthonyneva
    anthonyneva 5 years ago

    its because they are BA

  • anthonyneva
    anthonyneva 5 years ago

    its because they are badass.

  • anthonyneva
    anthonyneva 5 years ago

    its because they are badass.

  • Hashtag Productions
    Hashtag Productions 5 years ago

    boa de mais cara rockeiros cade curtam isso :3

  • mareeeps
    mareeeps 5 years ago

    hahahahaha nooooooooo

  • Salvador Arellano
    Salvador Arellano 5 years ago

    stupid girl, dont try to listen to this music. NOT FOR IDIOTS!!!!!

  • Stop WhiteGenocide
    Stop WhiteGenocide 5 years ago

    All you anti-Whites make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a non-White country - Genocide.
    All you anti-Whites rationalize and justify White children living as minorities in their own homes - Genocide.
    All you anti-Whites justify a future without White children. - Genocide.
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    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Joshi Tributes 2
    Joshi Tributes 2 5 years ago

    RHCP have too much money already.

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 5 years ago

    you do realize every time you download pirated music you are stealing right? but not just from cooperate companies. you're stealing from the RHCP themselves. selling their music is how they make money.

  • gilli pepper
    gilli pepper 5 years ago

    this song is just so exciting hot damn

  • gilli pepper
    gilli pepper 5 years ago


  • Semcheddine Med Lamine


  • Patrick Franke
    Patrick Franke 5 years ago


  • Edelwulf Karlsson
    Edelwulf Karlsson 5 years ago

    Brilliant album this one, my first RHCP album.

  • Ghostman660
    Ghostman660 5 years ago

    you're a genious.

  • VanXIInX
    VanXIInX 5 years ago

    In english it's said "clueless".
    Sem noção em inglês é "Clueless"...

  • Joshi Tributes 2
    Joshi Tributes 2 5 years ago

    I thought your download link was to Mediafire or something but it's Amazon. Lol fuck you. I don't pay for music.

  • Leticia Dias
    Leticia Dias 5 years ago

    191 People without notion

  • Abhinav Srivastav
    Abhinav Srivastav 5 years ago

    No knowledge here man.Sorry I just was spitballing.If you are right then I am happy to be corrected,or let us wait for some expert.

  • ShermanSquiggly
    ShermanSquiggly 5 years ago

    Oh, I always thought Dani California is a song about a girl whose name was, of course, Dani California, and the--character, I guess you'd say, is used to represent any girl this song might be about. I feel like she was used in another song, but I don't know off the top of my head. I don't know, just things I've picked up on here and there I might be wrong.

  • MMAisWinning99
    MMAisWinning99 5 years ago

    i want yall to picture something. 8 months ago i was in the back of a cop car at midnight on my way to juvinile hall in raleigh. as it was so peacefull and dark out, the female cop starts playing this on low volume from the front. imagine how peaceful it was.. thats why ill never forget this song.

  • Bo Wolfe
    Bo Wolfe 5 years ago

    you only vaguely remember this???! blasphemer

  • Abhinav Srivastav
    Abhinav Srivastav 5 years ago

    Yes.Thank You much.

  • Koshunae
    Koshunae 5 years ago

    It's about a girl named Dani that her met in California. I remember hearing about the meaning of these songs. I think she was some sort of stage performer that he hooked up with and something happened to her. I can't really remember though.

  • Abhinav Srivastav
    Abhinav Srivastav 5 years ago

    Californication,Dani californai and by the way are related I guess

  • Johannes
    Johannes 5 years ago

    I'm not here because I remember this song from my childhoof. I'm here because I'm listening to RHCP all the damn day :D

  • luvthetunesmannn
    luvthetunesmannn 5 years ago

    yes. on purpose.

  • luvthetunesmannn
    luvthetunesmannn 5 years ago

    im going vomit, nose as you dont make sense has bad grammer?

  • Michelle Misery
    Michelle Misery 5 years ago


  • paul michael margallo
    paul michael margallo 5 years ago

    one of the best bassist... FLEA* ^_^

  • One Guy Jeff
    One Guy Jeff 5 years ago

    If you check out her profile she's a big fan of One Direction. Oh boy, here we go.

  • Tyler Mclovin Johnston

    wrong place to voice your musical views lmao

  • Brentavius
    Brentavius 5 years ago

    And let me guess. You like some shit music like Lil Wayne or any other shit artist that doesn't understand what talent is even defined as. Right, this song is bad. I think RHCP has more talent in one song than the whole Lil Wayne shit Clique has all together. That was a joke though, because Lil Wayne has no talent!

  • Sydney
    Sydney 5 years ago

    You should've said "Yeaaah...if you could go jump off a bridge...that would be great.."

  • Flabulo
    Flabulo 5 years ago

    Eminem is amazing. But his fanboys annoying as shit. All flippin on people for saying he's not the best, and saying things like "sounds like someone is jealous that a white boy is better than 99% of rappers. Get off Eminem's dick. Seriosly...