How Far Did You Go In Truth Or Dare? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • ► How Far Did You Go In Truth Or Dare? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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Comments • 383

  • rochelle thundercloud
    rochelle thundercloud 15 hours ago

    Different times,but on a bed of nails
    2.made out with a female friend.
    No.she was not involved in the bed of nails incident

  • Keith Soo
    Keith Soo Day ago

    ‘was dared to go home, i went home.’ shit had me in stitches hahahahaha

    KANYANTA MWANSA 4 days ago


  • XxMysticCubeXx
    XxMysticCubeXx 5 days ago

    How are you

  • Artin Khorramzadeh
    Artin Khorramzadeh 7 days ago +1

    Your sisters younger than 12 and has her own personal bathroom...

  • jojopig13
    jojopig13 9 days ago

    I was on a school trip i kissed a girl and was dared to twerk i didnt know how....

    I learned to twerk

    And im a girl

  • TheSimpson Chin
    TheSimpson Chin 10 days ago

    B R O W N P Y T H O N

  • Blue-Berry
    Blue-Berry 10 days ago

    "I peeded in a cat" The fuc that supposed to mean?

  • The Skelliz
    The Skelliz 10 days ago

    Why tf is touka in the thumbnail? 😂

  • Jimmy_the_joke 06
    Jimmy_the_joke 06 10 days ago

    Who’s the girl in the thumbnail

  • Ziowar Biowar
    Ziowar Biowar 11 days ago

    Farthest I went was teething a rock through a friends window then jumping through yelling “FBI OPEN UP” shooting him Ipswich a paint ball gun will he was grogerly waking up he chased me out with a machete..........(don’t worry I paid for the window and he got me back three days later with a potato cannon to the gut will I was 70-90feet away I was quit worried I was going to have intestinal issues but I didn’t.)correction he said it was closer to 120-150feet and I’m just stupid....I agreed

  • Delaney Cronin
    Delaney Cronin 11 days ago

    My friend made out with a shrek figurine

  • Alexander.j
    Alexander.j 11 days ago

    In truth or dare o actually got to sell my small little Minecraft account

  • ffsthe1st
    ffsthe1st 12 days ago +1

    Monster log 🤣🤣😂

  • Alexander Nguyen
    Alexander Nguyen 12 days ago

    Wrestle a pet pig/hog for 10min

  • Eric DIaz
    Eric DIaz 12 days ago

    Getting some emitt till vibes

  • Rusty’s Legion Gacha

    As for me.... well lets not talk about it.

  • Gowthemkrishna R
    Gowthemkrishna R 13 days ago +2

    Imagine telling your kids that the only reason they were born was because of a ducking dare.

  • —TheLegend27 —
    —TheLegend27 — 14 days ago +1

    A dare to go home could mean escaping hell or escaping a paradise

  • Doctor. Moe
    Doctor. Moe 14 days ago +1

    Toungue kissed 4 girls same night. Had to pull my pants down. They said i had a big d. We went to the sauna and slept in the same 2 x 2 tent

  • Tristan The FiendishLombax

    I was playing with a bunch of girls and my friend who was a guy. I was dared to make out every girl in the room including the really ugly nerdy girl that wasn't really invited but showed up anyway and if I didn't do it or someone for any reason didn't want to kiss me my friend and everyone else would get to kick me in my nuts full force. So I got to work started with the ugly girl rip it off like a bandaid. Went around and got to the girl who was hosting the party and she said she didn't want to kiss me... Tears started streaming down my cheeks, as I heard everyone behind me standing up and walking towards me. I was saved by the nerdy girl and later I was talking to her and asked why she helped me, she said "I liked how you kissed me and I like you too." And that's how I was stuck in a relationship with an abusive nerdy bitch for 4 years.

  • Ronald Knox
    Ronald Knox 15 days ago

    who the fuck would trick their partner to kiss someone else..? If that would happen to me, I'd die inside and feel that I'm not good enough for my partner and cry for years

  • Lillian Meidinger
    Lillian Meidinger 15 days ago +1

    I went as far as to making out with my crush in forth grade

  • Ethodica
    Ethodica 15 days ago

    god i have a boring life

  • shabwaten da one 14
    shabwaten da one 14 15 days ago

    Is that trai in the thumbnail

  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman 16 days ago

    I fucked an ice hole while ice fishing

  • Christian Makilan
    Christian Makilan 16 days ago

    can someone tell me where is this voice from i used to know this but now i forgot.

  • SeeU Vocaloid
    SeeU Vocaloid 16 days ago +1

    1. Homework assignments. 2. Strawberry margaritas. 3. Truth or dare. 4. Orgy

  • Maxtendo
    Maxtendo 17 days ago

    i ate grass straight off the ground

  • lolski games
    lolski games 18 days ago

    I dont wanna go to america if this is from americans im lucky im here

  • lolski games
    lolski games 18 days ago

    As far as twerking in the middle of class XD

  • Larry Cabz
    Larry Cabz 18 days ago +1

    never beyond the threshold of doorway to the party/sleepover...

  • Amy Solomon
    Amy Solomon 20 days ago

    Me: looks at title
    Also me: To far😅😣😅

  • Night Theone
    Night Theone 20 days ago +1

    Me and my friends cousin We’re fighting naked for a dare

    FIREBLAZE PANDA 20 days ago

    Well. Not far. Was dared to go home

  • 000 000
    000 000 20 days ago

    Biggest dare I did was chug half a bottle of whiskey (so 35 cl), and smoke a fat joint on the last bus home, near the bus driver. Me and my friends were out in Antwerp, doing a bunch of dares and it went on till 4 am, just taking copious amounts of drugs in risky ways

  • SneakyEnchalada
    SneakyEnchalada 20 days ago

    I had my first game of truth or dare that actually started getting serious. My best friend and I were only saying dare because we weren’t pussies. My first dare was to run around the park we were in barefoot and without my shirt, and I couldn’t put my shirt back on. The second one I did was climb onto the roof of a nearby shaded area and scream REEEEE at the top of my lungs for 10 seconds straight. And the dare that ended it all was him daring this girl with horrific teeth and a lazy eye who stalked dudes almost every day to suck my dick. She didn’t say anything and just smiled and I said “no offence, but no. No thank you.” The rest of the game she was playing with my hair. If it was almost any other girl I would’ve said hell yea.

  • foxhound kentuckyace gaming

    About six inches

  • u wot
    u wot 22 days ago

    honestly just looking for that thumbnail pic bub

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott 22 days ago

    I feel bad for the 50 yr old ngl

  • †ʜooʍaɳ†
    †ʜooʍaɳ† 22 days ago

    To the point where 2 of my friends had sex

  • castlevaniax1
    castlevaniax1 22 days ago +1

    Truth or dare is better when you and your friends are all in heat :)

  • Emo bbq
    Emo bbq 22 days ago

    Dude who tricked his gf should be on r/madlads

  • Small Might
    Small Might 23 days ago

    7:41 "some say he is still playing to this very day" XD

  • Flynn Mandrake
    Flynn Mandrake 23 days ago +2

    1:57 That guy's a legend.

    • AnnaDoesStuff
      AnnaDoesStuff 22 days ago

      Ikr! If I saw that, I would be soooo happy lol

  • Kanna Is My Waifu
    Kanna Is My Waifu 23 days ago

    So i used to have a friend and we'd play truth or dare a lot. I was known for always picking dare and it was just the 2 of us and it started getting a little heated we fingered and made out a lot as a dare we'd also be naked a lot of the time. And another time i was playing with another person we made out fingered each other and this happened twice, thats how i realized i was pansexual.

  • Obama’s Hand
    Obama’s Hand 23 days ago +1

    I had to dislike. It was at 68
    Edit: I can undislike it now

  • B M
    B M 23 days ago

    I have a scar on my shaft because of a dare........ women like it

    • Hexings
      Hexings 21 day ago

      my dick hurts now thanks

  • ColdNapalm42
    ColdNapalm42 24 days ago

    Have sex in the balcony of the church during service.

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox 24 days ago

    I got a call of the void moment when I was about 11-12 I was happy and not suicidal one bit but hearing that a train was non stop and going past the platform I was waiting on made me think of how cool it'll be to jump in front of it and splatter blood everywhere and make my classmates scream I was on a school trip to the science museum and how cool it must be to be a ghost I didn't jump but I was tempted too the science museum was allot better then stopping a popular train line cause I was a sadistic little shit who thought it would be funny to die

  • hogan R
    hogan R 24 days ago +1

    For research who is dat in the thumbnail. Also the farest i took a dare was to get me self ducked by my hot af gf, who was dared to kiss me at a bus stop while she was dating my friend, she then got dumped by him (even tho he was an a$$ and never spent time with her) and that same day i started dating her then got ducked as a dare
    Tldr: got ducked by my hot gf, that same girl kissed me as a dare while dating my friend who also ditched me and treated me like I kissed her

    • Hexings
      Hexings 23 days ago

      hogan R Touka from Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith 24 days ago

    That Cornholio dare seemed hilarious to me😂

  • esmeralda guerrero
    esmeralda guerrero 24 days ago


  • Gingerbread Man
    Gingerbread Man 24 days ago

    Nude in the middle of town cops were not happy

  • NotPickledLemon
    NotPickledLemon 24 days ago

    Sheeeeeesh those dares are... ayyyyy they a bit extreme. I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of them but... jeez

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 24 days ago

    Who’s the girl in the thumbnail? She looks a lot like Alita the battle Angel

    • AnnaDoesStuff
      AnnaDoesStuff 21 day ago

      @Hexings oh I see. Thanks!

    • Hexings
      Hexings 21 day ago

      @AnnaDoesStuff In the anime yeah because they didn't change it in re:. She dyed it in the re: manga though.

      also heres the sauce. Some of it is NSFW I think

    • AnnaDoesStuff
      AnnaDoesStuff 22 days ago

      @Hexings is it? Touka has darker hair...

    • Hexings
      Hexings 23 days ago

      Mordecai It’s Touka from Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Caleb Riley
    Caleb Riley 24 days ago +1

    I’m using subtitles watching this

  • Lili Rhodes
    Lili Rhodes 24 days ago +6

    Got dared to kiss my best friend. We've been dating for 3 years

  • Roger Taylor
    Roger Taylor 25 days ago

    who is your crush

  • dj carp
    dj carp 25 days ago

    slept whith my cousin