The Backflip || Learn Not So Quick

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • I tried to learn the backflip. I'll come back to it.
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Comments • 1 724

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd  Year ago +1180

    Guys, what tips do you have? Either to over come fear or simply just technique. Interested to hear what you think.

    • Dawid Kit
      Dawid Kit 5 days ago

      spent a lot of time in trampoline park just doung backflips and then jump on from the same high as support

    • Arthur Tan
      Arthur Tan 11 days ago

      Mike Boyd learn the monkey flip and start tucking also jump straight and not back put your hands higher(over your head)

    • Harper Marshall
      Harper Marshall 24 days ago

      You need to focus on getting more vertical height. Currently, you just have horizontal and that’s why your not getting the right flip. (I just learned yesterday so the process is fresh in my mind) Try thrusting your arms straight up and keep your shoulders over your knees when you jump. Also if you can, go to the beach and try it off a small dune. And also buy a trampoline( it will really help)

    • Play by NEMESiS
      Play by NEMESiS 25 days ago

      everithing was good for first backflip next time go up and pull your knees close and grab them and backflip is done :) good luck if need video for how to do backflip i can up load in my other chanel

    • Play by NEMESiS
      Play by NEMESiS 25 days ago

      if u do backflip then try to jump up not back if u jump up u got more time for spining :)

  • William Beldam Løkke

    I tried to learn a backflip on the beach from the very start, where the only thing i landed on was sand. The reason I was able to do that, was that I had a good spotter, if u have someone u trust to spot u right, you'll be able to do way more.

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  • Lukas Sjögren
    Lukas Sjögren 2 days ago

    why did ur grandpa help you

  • Nikola Poiukov
    Nikola Poiukov 2 days ago


  • Isiah Reza
    Isiah Reza 2 days ago

    Mike Boyd instead of just jumping the gun learn how to back handspring i had to learn back handspring before back flip and doing back handspring really helps cause your used to that motion i learned how to do it on trampoline first then ground then backflip hope this helps

  • Magical Mystic Ponnies

    You should finish it with nile Wilson

  • Panda
    Panda 5 days ago

    Can you plzz learn it now

  • Alexander Layton
    Alexander Layton 5 days ago

    Where's the follow up?

  • SnowWolfGaming 12
    SnowWolfGaming 12 5 days ago

    tuck harder

  • Sedin Sejdin
    Sedin Sejdin 6 days ago

    jump more up m8 instead of jumping backwards

  • ExoticButters
    ExoticButters 7 days ago

    Plz make a part 2

    CJ FLIPS 9 days ago

    Throw your arms a little bit more

  • Yaresi Tiarzon
    Yaresi Tiarzon 10 days ago

    I was laughing so hard when he did it in the tropoline

  • Arthur Tan
    Arthur Tan 11 days ago +1

    Try this again

  • Arthur Tan
    Arthur Tan 11 days ago +1

    Try this again

  • Arthur Tan
    Arthur Tan 11 days ago +1

    Try this again

  • Arthur Tan
    Arthur Tan 11 days ago +1

    Try this again

  • ExoticButters
    ExoticButters 11 days ago

    You want to jump more up you are jumping back you want to get your chest high in the begin

  • Rory Hemmings
    Rory Hemmings 12 days ago +1

    Sounds like you need to revisit this one

  • T Cubed
    T Cubed 13 days ago +1

    What helped me with fear of going backwards Is leaning back and land on your hands in a bridge. It gets you used to going back and putting your head towards the ground.

  • nico h
    nico h 14 days ago +1

    3:28 the cats face😂

  • Cute Lilianne 27
    Cute Lilianne 27 14 days ago

    while backflippin someone tries to peek your butt

  • Zane Fillion
    Zane Fillion 15 days ago +1

    Try again?

  • RamenFilms
    RamenFilms 15 days ago +1

    Part 2?

  • JackStacks
    JackStacks 15 days ago

    I tried learning a backflip on foam a couple days ago. I flipped and hit my lip on my Xbox and now my lip is cut open xd

  • listojay
    listojay 15 days ago

    The ground is lower than the foam. You need to set the floor where you take off equal to the height of the foam. I think your already did it.

  • Stephen Dolzall
    Stephen Dolzall 17 days ago

    It will help a lot if you try to start on the mattress and land on the mattress. You are putting to much force backward and not up, therefore not having enough time to complete the rotation.

  • Karl van Wel
    Karl van Wel 19 days ago +1

    please learn to do a backflip. :)

  • Ky_Without_ An_’I’

    At my trampoline park (there’s only one here on Guam ) you aren’t allowed to do backflips,gainers,stuff like that

  • Üri Barchana Gafni
    Üri Barchana Gafni 20 days ago +1

    you should come back to this

  • DeRPGamer 25
    DeRPGamer 25 22 days ago

    When you paused the backflip on the mattres i thought your gonna break your neck and i was like WTF! Then when it played i was so glad😂

  • Simon Würtele
    Simon Würtele 22 days ago +1

    Learn how to stoppie a bike

  • Simon Würtele
    Simon Würtele 22 days ago +1

    But a something under you that you are at the same high than the mattress

  • ItzzWilko
    ItzzWilko 22 days ago

    Retry this

  • uta uta
    uta uta 23 days ago

    learn how to play on launchpad

  • Garret Kraft
    Garret Kraft 24 days ago

    Its been over a year Mike. I think you should face your fears and revisit this one. Would love to see the progress you make.

  • Yair Klein
    Yair Klein 24 days ago

    Dude this is impressive, it took me years. Try it on a trampoline with no bounces, then do it on a mattress on the ground but start from on one and go to another so it's an even level.

  • Jason PypsAeris
    Jason PypsAeris 24 days ago

    Try doing it at the beach. That’s where I learned. Do it close to the water so the water can catch you

  • Vilmos Egri
    Vilmos Egri 26 days ago

    Try it again mate

  • Adam Snaider
    Adam Snaider 27 days ago +1

    Mike, You should come back to this. Finish what you started and overcome fear.

  • Sherrill Cardistry
    Sherrill Cardistry 27 days ago

    It took me like a year to learn he backflip

  • Mochijin
    Mochijin 28 days ago

    I’m American, what is “quid” mean, as in 15quid

  • Kain Howl
    Kain Howl 29 days ago

    revisit this please!!!!

  • Phoenix flips
    Phoenix flips Month ago

    Worst part 2 I've been waiting for it for a long time plz post part 2

  • Gravity Free
    Gravity Free Month ago

    Make part two

  • JustComedians
    JustComedians Month ago

    it took me 4 days to learn a backflip on a trampoline, you did it in 14 minutes!

    STREET JAMMERS Month ago

    Learn how to butter cup on a scooter

  • PlS Fine
    PlS Fine Month ago

    Please try again

  • Teddy Roberts
    Teddy Roberts Month ago

    Get a bit more technique and you could totally land it!!!!

  • Sureshkumar A J
    Sureshkumar A J Month ago

    Mike can you please learn how to bunny hop it's very interesting

  • jesperj86
    jesperj86 Month ago

    Thank you for posting this, I just discovered your channel and i love it. love to see the second part some day!

    MISTER GG Month ago

    hahahah i learn them in 5 minuts

  • sh0uple
    sh0uple Month ago

    I saw a video of this guy learning how to do backflips too. He also was held back because of fear, so he drank some vodka and did a backflip.

  • LavaLord67
    LavaLord67 Month ago

    Backflip is easy on tramp all I did for my first time was jump lean back and tuck and now my form has improved a lot from a ton of practice.

  • Brad the Jew
    Brad the Jew Month ago

    I ant never doing a backflip again. I did it once, and got the wind knocked out of me so bad I couldn’t breathe for 10 seconds. Literally thought I would die...

  • XxOfficially BethanyxX

    Ahaha he is in the trampoline park i go to

  • Kong Squad
    Kong Squad Month ago

    Mike can you come back to our school ( Ardler primary school)

  • Ethan Te Tana
    Ethan Te Tana Month ago

    I love how the title says not so quick

  • Edward Bellamy
    Edward Bellamy Month ago

    How did he learn it after 2 attempts

  • Hvem kan det være?

    I landed my first backflip on a trampoline when i was 8 now i am working on doing it on the Ground.
    You really helped me, thanks for making the video.

  • Undead-Predator8
    Undead-Predator8 Month ago

    So when's part 2

  • Bernard Hollands
    Bernard Hollands Month ago

    Please re-visit this, You could get in contact with Nile Wilson (Olympic Gymnast) in Leeds, who also has a very successful youtube channel. He teaches his guests how to backflip.

  • Rizky Kurniadi
    Rizky Kurniadi Month ago


  • Edrian7
    Edrian7 Month ago

    Learn to do 3 backflips in a row! with no jumps inbetween each backflip

  • Ben Snow
    Ben Snow Month ago +1

    God told you not to keep going and you saved yourself from who knows what

  • Tendo
    Tendo Month ago

    I'd love to try that to, but at my local jump house backflips are forbidden

  • EzL Horizon
    EzL Horizon Month ago

    i honestly think frontflips are less scary

  • Jack Pywell
    Jack Pywell Month ago

    Bounce higher

  • Kiều Tuấn Khang

    4:02 look at that cat

  • Misterbutter44
    Misterbutter44 2 months ago +1

    Please make the part 2 of learn quick backflip

  • Marcos Gonzalez
    Marcos Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Death by foam pit.

  • beanieboola
    beanieboola 2 months ago

    Try it again we believe in u

  • Wyatt Armando
    Wyatt Armando 2 months ago

    I like your video. Make me want to try it

  • CharlesProd
    CharlesProd 2 months ago +1

    Hey Mike, I just want to say that it took me 6-8 years to actually learn to backflip on the ground. I had been doing backflips for years and was even good at it. One close call freaked me out for years and hindered my advancement. My advise would be to keep trying and to spend time with people who can already backflip on the ground. Their excitement will help motivate you to get it. Persistence is key!

  • SkitZ GaminG
    SkitZ GaminG 2 months ago

    feel free too keep trying. go to a beach and try on sand before on a hard surface.
    my learning curve was exactly like this.
    though i can say you arnt tucking enough and you arnt jumping straight up. you are losing some of your hight by jumping backwords rather then straight up you are losing too much air time doing that. once you master jumping straight up your fear will go
    practice jumping straight up and tucking your knees to your chest then add the next step by swinging your arms back to give you momentum

  • Camzemin6969
    Camzemin6969 2 months ago

    Part 2 ?

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago

    You try one more time.

  • User `
    User ` 2 months ago

    Dude dude dude its been 7 mounth. Can u back flip yet.....
    Wheres prt2

  • Ben Hilton
    Ben Hilton 2 months ago

    Don't go so far backwards as you do and tuck your knees in earlier

  • Paul Georgiyev
    Paul Georgiyev 2 months ago

    It's been over a year I'm losing hope.

  • kate ray
    kate ray 2 months ago

    Mike please go to my channel I will be making a video of how to backflip

  • Luke Ds
    Luke Ds 2 months ago

    Once I got over my head, all the fear disappeared and now I can backflip perfectly

  • s.vsr_ -
    s.vsr_ - 2 months ago

    I was dreaming about I could do a backflip on flat ground because that was goal so I wasn't sure if it was a dream or just life so I did it and it worked.

  • Evan Breen
    Evan Breen 2 months ago

    I know it’s a big step up but u should try do a backflip on the ground because I’m learning myself and it would help me a lot

  • unnew
    unnew 2 months ago

    Idk if that’s your dad but he’s tall af. You must have your moms traits lol

  • Trickster Master
    Trickster Master 2 months ago

    the video is called I got it

  • Trickster Master
    Trickster Master 2 months ago

    Hey quick tip this is how I learnt it get it on trampoline then do it on the mistress get it on that then go of the floor onto matress if you want have a look at the video I posted of it I learnt it in 5 minutes

  • Lucky Dog
    Lucky Dog 2 months ago

    Why did you do it from floor to mattress? I learned it from doing It, Mattress to mattress

    • Lucky Dog
      Lucky Dog 2 months ago

      Then I did it on flat grass, I can barely land it from the ground to a mattress that’s like next level

  • Lauren thurrowgood
    Lauren thurrowgood 2 months ago

    Jump more straight up

  • Christopher Universal
    Christopher Universal 2 months ago

    He got really close. It was just mental.

  • Loretta Woods
    Loretta Woods 2 months ago +1

    1:03 Skittles. Taste the trampoline.

  • Tomato Town
    Tomato Town 2 months ago

    That fear happens to me. It's so annoying

  • Fionn Owens
    Fionn Owens 2 months ago

    I have been back flipping and have not done it on the ground

  • Galaxtech Gaming
    Galaxtech Gaming 2 months ago

    To fix your backflip throw your arms up and pull your hips over your head.

  • Rory O’D
    Rory O’D 2 months ago

    Where’s the part 2 :(

  • Peleg
    Peleg 2 months ago

    try it againn you can do that backflips are scary but when you practice it will be less scarier

  • Christian Bisgaard
    Christian Bisgaard 3 months ago

    This shit took me 2 months.. And now I can do it on grass.. :)

  • catherine turner
    catherine turner 3 months ago

    The cat is just in the back like WTF