The Backflip || Learn Not So Quick

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • I tried to learn the backflip. I'll come back to it.
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Comments • 1 821

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd  Year ago +1269

    Guys, what tips do you have? Either to over come fear or simply just technique. Interested to hear what you think.

    • Gideon Allen
      Gideon Allen Day ago

      tuck more

    • aqua beast
      aqua beast 4 days ago

      Mike Boyd y already got the hang of it in like 10 min

    • Jaxon_Herrod
      Jaxon_Herrod 4 days ago

      I have done gymnastics for nine years and I think that you need to jump up more not as far back and don’t lean back but tuck your legs to your chest to rotate you back around

    • AlphaCat 01
      AlphaCat 01 7 days ago

      Mike Boyd scream the fear out before doing it

    • AlphaCat 01
      AlphaCat 01 7 days ago

      Mike Boyd i think you where doing great!! I have a little tip, you should try opening up a little later when landing because if you open up too early you land more forward because you don’t turn as much as you would if you stayed in a ball for a little longer. I really hope you succeed in this and that my tip helped just a little!

  • R3W1ND Plays
    R3W1ND Plays 3 hours ago +1

    Hahaha, "more stained than he thought it was,"

  • Mahmoud Abdelaziz
    Mahmoud Abdelaziz 4 hours ago

    Hey Mike , I’m a gymnast and I have some tips for you ... If you want any advices here’s my email

  • TWB Echo
    TWB Echo 4 hours ago

    Where are u form in actually Scotland

  • Moksh Gautam
    Moksh Gautam Day ago

    Mike Boyd : * was not scared in trampoline park *
    Me : * if I go to trampoline park to backflip * I can not do this !!!

  • S3ntinel
    S3ntinel 2 days ago

    Just imagine this guy's skilltree...

  • Christian I
    Christian I 2 days ago

    Don’t put your head back

  • FlamesDragon 112
    FlamesDragon 112 3 days ago +1

    Hey could you try it again because I have looked on your channel for a bit and can’t find part 2 so just giving you some content options

  • Andrei Novero
    Andrei Novero 3 days ago

  • Danny Booth
    Danny Booth 4 days ago

    As a tumbling coach, seeing your progression is awesome. I'm literally sitting here screaming to myself "GET YOUR ARMS UP!" Lmao, great job, Mike!

  • Gabriel Fonzy Olivares


  • Gabriel Fonzy Olivares

    Learn butterfly kick

  • MrCrayCrayCraft
    MrCrayCrayCraft 4 days ago

    I wish I could backflip

  • Urbex.Jason
    Urbex.Jason 4 days ago

    yo thats the barking and dagenham better extreme

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 4 days ago

    When u back flip go up more rather than back

  • Paul Netuschill
    Paul Netuschill 5 days ago

    The exact same thing happened to me.. I am trying to do a backflip for 2 years, but I‘m to afraid to do it

  • MartinPlayz V2
    MartinPlayz V2 5 days ago

    it be year where is it

  • Jacob Sullivan
    Jacob Sullivan 6 days ago

    What I did is run up and then turn around to get momentum and make sure you tuck faster cause u were tucking a bit late.

    • Jacob Sullivan
      Jacob Sullivan 6 days ago

      To get more height try focusing on jumping higher and not jumping as far back

  • yoboinothing Lopez
    yoboinothing Lopez 7 days ago

    1:04 OOF

  • sean matthews
    sean matthews 7 days ago

    EXTEND!! Really reach up to the sky and open up your chest and your hips, it’ll feel more like a backflip should if you get where I’m coming from. Learn it flat on a trampoline, then an air track, then spring floor, then elevated surface onto ground (off a bench or wall etc) just get over the fear and extend.

  • Neil Hoskins
    Neil Hoskins 7 days ago

    3:05 don’t try to flip on to something higher than where you started, it makes it impossible to land. Instead get another mattress to flip off of onto the other mattresses

  • Poppa Flash
    Poppa Flash 7 days ago

    Why not learn how to frontflip first?

  • C M. Parker
    C M. Parker 9 days ago

    Learn the backflip you need to commit

  • Vanessa Baez
    Vanessa Baez 9 days ago

    Do a part 2!

  • Caene
    Caene 10 days ago

    1½ year later, have you overcome your fear yet? I think it's about time to grapple this one to the ground and conquer it.

  • Nicen't guy
    Nicen't guy 10 days ago

    Why would you jump from ground to something higher xD and you wonder why you can't get it

  • Christopher Z
    Christopher Z 10 days ago

    I knew how to do a back flip, but then I fell on my head and didn't have the courage to do it anymore, I'm trying to overcome my fear right now.

  • M3alem Ana
    M3alem Ana 10 days ago

    I wnt forget when i cracked my nose in a trampoline park trying to do a front flip i layed on the trampoline on mu butt and my nose hit my knee and i started bleeding🤕

  • tryingFIREbird 61
    tryingFIREbird 61 12 days ago

    I could do front flips on trampolines and people say its harder than backflips. I cant do backflips and some people can do them easier than frontflips. I would never try a backflip. But im happy that i can do something harder than something easier(i think).

  • Colin Adelsman
    Colin Adelsman 12 days ago

    I can do flips on the ground. You need to be fluent on the trampoline first before you even try on the ground. I learned to do a backflip at least a few months before I ever thought of doing it on the ground. Make sure you keep your core engaged and keep your feet more vertical when your looking down. The reason you weren’t making the flip was because you were scared, had learned it, and rushed it.
    It’s a process man

  • deividas jd
    deividas jd 13 days ago

    You should put your legs together and hold hands below knees when you are in the air .Im hoping that I help you :D

  • Zack Fair
    Zack Fair 14 days ago

    you should get more comfortable with other stuff like frontflip, sideflip, maybe palm spin (just use youtube to find out about palm spin). might take some of your fear.

  • iMeMyself
    iMeMyself 14 days ago

    the cat was cute

  • Bernardo Bello
    Bernardo Bello 15 days ago

    When is part II coming out?

  • HappyAlone
    HappyAlone 15 days ago

    One and a half years later, you got it

  • Paladin _
    Paladin _ 16 days ago

    If you can find the right swimming pool, it can be easier to go out on the diving board and stand at the end. From there it would be easier or maybe about as easy to learn.

    MR THE DUDE 16 days ago

    i just learned a full front on a trampoline

  • bruce kasmi
    bruce kasmi 16 days ago

    Almost 18 months now ! You gave it a first goal (part 1), now with better training and motivation you can succeed in part 2!
    French fan here, sorry for the occasional mistakes 🙂

  • Jan
    Jan 17 days ago

    There is a Video explaining how to learn it in "5 minutes". You start by flipping over your arms. Kinda lika a backwards flick flack. And from there you work yourself to just using one arm and finally no arms. Maybe that`ll help

  • Carl-Johan Olof Grabe rover3152

    I can do a standing backflip on the grass and it took me 1/2 a year were i tried so i would say in ful time one year.

  • Jon Boyd
    Jon Boyd 19 days ago

    Dear distant cousin when you try this again my teaching process is: Jump, Jump Tilt, Jump Tilt Tuck, then Jump Tilt Tuck Rotate. Your Dads spotting was good but you jumped back instead of up. Backwards is for a back handspring, up is for a back flip. It’s been over a year, time to try again.

  • Aki Kuukkanen
    Aki Kuukkanen 19 days ago

    Mike, I have the same exact thing that my mind doesn't let me to do the backflip. It just stop there when I want to do the backflip.
    PS. I don't have any advice im a bad explainer.

  • Tyler and Charlie's Channel

    Your eyebrows are amazing 😂😂

  • Zachary  LaCore
    Zachary LaCore 21 day ago

    Do monkey flips. It's where you are in a crabwalk position and you throw one hand and your lower body back over your upper body, while the other hand provides support.

  • An Uninterested Saitama

    i wanted to go to a trampoline aprk because i thought it would have a pit like that to practice backflips
    but they covered it up with tarp so i couldnt do shit

  • Anandhu
    Anandhu 22 days ago

    So he didn't?

  • Phillip Grube
    Phillip Grube 23 days ago

    I think you should learn to unicycle on a tightrope. Or learn to do the salmon ladder from American Ninja Warrior.

  • Bryon Carey
    Bryon Carey 26 days ago

    i never had a spare mattress then my parents never let me jump on my bed so everytime i tried a backfil i landed on my head and it doesnt hurt

  • Jake Metcalfe
    Jake Metcalfe 27 days ago

    You need to jump up more instead of going backwards as much and throw your arms above your head and finally tuck harder

  • Jonathan Ustasia
    Jonathan Ustasia 27 days ago +1

    Your technique for the flip is good but you jump way too much to the back you should’ve tried to put that power into going upward

  • XxDeadlyDTxX
    XxDeadlyDTxX 27 days ago

    he looks like a normal sized Peter Dinklage

  • Jai Phimsipasom
    Jai Phimsipasom 28 days ago

    Try on a trampoline from standing that helps

  • NateHawkThe FitnessBot

    I know I can do a backflip, I'm just to scared to attempt one! So I guess I'll never learn how to do one. I can front flip though.

  • looven 9999
    looven 9999 29 days ago

    im still waiting here haha, i want to try it too for myself

  • Nam Ta
    Nam Ta 29 days ago +1

    in my opinion it is a good time

  • K Boi
    K Boi Month ago

    You did flip but did not land on feet earlier

  • Matthias K
    Matthias K Month ago

    Him:learns how to backup a bit in an hour
    Me: been trying ever since I was born

  • Andrew Gick
    Andrew Gick Month ago

    Why does mike make things look so easy

  • ollie blakey
    ollie blakey Month ago

    @MikeBoyd try and grow an inch taller, hardest challenge yet!

  • Arkyturtle
    Arkyturtle Month ago

    The cat at 4:03 😂

  • Acsible
    Acsible Month ago

    I'm still waiting

  • GeneralKlug
    GeneralKlug Month ago

    My technique is say that you can do a backflip to your friends, (which you can't) so once they ask you to do one you'll have to do one, so then, just try it...

  • Joey Boy
    Joey Boy Month ago

    To bad you couldn’t backflip go over to my channel and I landed my backflip see ya and yes Ik what your going to say this little boy can’t backflip well I did and I’m only 11 so yea

  • Matthew Roman
    Matthew Roman Month ago

    learn to skate

    • Joey Boy
      Joey Boy Month ago

      Matthew Roman u idiot he has ARRRR

  • Forgefallen Swordsman
    Forgefallen Swordsman Month ago +1

    All the pros watching this are just cringing so hard

  • lauren duffy
    lauren duffy Month ago

    Learn it again

  • crazy bross
    crazy bross Month ago

    U just beat me in learning back flip. 3 Days

  • Its Aquatii
    Its Aquatii Month ago

    Part 2....

  • Jacob Taouk
    Jacob Taouk Month ago +1

    YOU HAD ONE JOB, seriously, your trash

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Month ago

    I can’t get over my fear of going backwards no matter what I try. I need someone to be successful at teaching me to do a backflip.

  • Chris Cossa
    Chris Cossa Month ago

    You should learn how to dunk a basketball

  • Austin Brister
    Austin Brister Month ago

    Have you ever thought of swing ur arms or trying to do it off ur mattresses

  • Denizhan Pelister
    Denizhan Pelister Month ago

    Learn how to dunk

  • GalacticPanda_Playz

    I did a backflip into a pool but i get scared to do it on a trampoline ._.

  • EnHiT444
    EnHiT444 Month ago

    When is part 2 coming out

  • graphicvids
    graphicvids Month ago

    hes genuis

    JCXLDXR Month ago

    This vid is shorter than the Learn Quick series vids.

  • AnneKitt
    AnneKitt Month ago

    4:03 cute kitty so surprised aww

  • James Trotman
    James Trotman Month ago

    wow i didnt know you could have bears as a pet

  • drumsti
    drumsti Month ago

    Do a flip on the hard floor then landing on trampoline

  • Mathew Quested
    Mathew Quested Month ago

    When you’re on a trampoline, you do the proper technique for a backflip as you have nowhere specific to land. Whereas when you put a mat or have a foam pit behind you, your brain is telling your body that you need to force yourself backwards in order to land safely, you’re better off staying on a trampoline, learning to backflip while bouncing, then when you’re comfortable with that, try to backflip on a trampoline without bouncing, then move on to flat, when you move onto flat however, instead of focusing on moving backwards in order to land on the mat, do the backflip properly, jumping upwards to give you more time for the rotation instead of jumping backwards, but you have someone stand behind the mat and when you leave the floor they push the mat quickly underneath you to catch you, this is a solid, more efficient way to learn and perform back summersaults @MikeBoyd

  • Søren Solevad
    Søren Solevad Month ago

    Hey Mike, new follower to your channel here. You are absolutely awesome! This video is over-the-top cool, and really shows your dedication to not only learning, but being true! Inspiring, awesome and ... did I already say inspiring?

  • Trey Barrett
    Trey Barrett Month ago

    How are you so good at things

  • sreekesh ns
    sreekesh ns Month ago

    Mike please learn to do it again, don't let your fears overcome your potential.

  • Callum Hancox
    Callum Hancox Month ago

    Fear takes more chances than success ever will...

  • Marius Heimli
    Marius Heimli Month ago

    I want to learn backflip myself, but we do not have a foampit in my City, only an air mattress.

  • Estevan Negrete
    Estevan Negrete Month ago

    i would have worn a foam neck brace and helmet, just saying

  • Zachary Cole
    Zachary Cole Month ago

    do he backflip now

  • OB1
    OB1 Month ago

    I really want you to do part 2

  • Parcekz
    Parcekz Month ago +1

    When is the backflip video coming?

  • BraydenVlogs
    BraydenVlogs Month ago

    I did it in 2 tries

  • William Beldam Løkke

    I tried to learn a backflip on the beach from the very start, where the only thing i landed on was sand. The reason I was able to do that, was that I had a good spotter, if u have someone u trust to spot u right, you'll be able to do way more.

  • mobile legends geme play

    Learn to make o with vape

  • Lukas Sjögren
    Lukas Sjögren Month ago

    why did ur grandpa help you

  • Nikola Poiukov
    Nikola Poiukov Month ago


  • Isiah Reza
    Isiah Reza Month ago

    Mike Boyd instead of just jumping the gun learn how to back handspring i had to learn back handspring before back flip and doing back handspring really helps cause your used to that motion i learned how to do it on trampoline first then ground then backflip hope this helps

  • Magical Mystic Ponnies

    You should finish it with nile Wilson

  • Panda
    Panda 2 months ago

    Can you plzz learn it now

  • Alex Layton
    Alex Layton 2 months ago

    Where's the follow up?

  • SnowWolfGaming 12
    SnowWolfGaming 12 2 months ago

    tuck harder