The Backflip || Learn Not So Quick

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • I tried to learn the backflip. I'll come back to it.
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Comments • 2 726

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd  2 years ago +2310

    Guys, what tips do you have? Either to over come fear or simply just technique. Interested to hear what you think.

    • Aaa Aa
      Aaa Aa Day ago

      Just dont think about it you can not break your neck easily doing this I know from experience (ie neckplanting on hard ground) you can just take a second shake it off and try again

    • Archie Collinson
      Archie Collinson Day ago

      It’s primarily fear about 80% however technique comes from experience and control which is easy to acquire when you trampoline a lot

    • Namboss Awesome
      Namboss Awesome 5 days ago

      I tried to backflip and ended up broke my face. several steel plates and stitches later im fine BUT YOU CAN DO IT

    • TrixxxTC
      TrixxxTC 13 days ago

      Focus on jumping up rather than back, then when you master the hight work on the rotation (rotating your arms as well, will help a lot with this)

    • Anchor Gaming & vlogs
      Anchor Gaming & vlogs 15 days ago

      Mike Boyd
      Playing video games

  • gaming with firas
    gaming with firas 27 minutes ago

    4:05 look at the cat run

  • X Axiz
    X Axiz Day ago

    Try not to do a backflip stall it is a lot easier to learn not that for a beginner

  • Archie Collinson
    Archie Collinson Day ago +1

    A backflip is a very different skill to learn , it took me a very long time to move from the trampoline onto a mattress and finally the floor and that feeling of fear in the back of your head is what everyone gets and it’s unlike anything else

  • Piper Snell
    Piper Snell Day ago

    Would love to do this, too bad I ruptured by ACL flipping 3 months ago 😂 I'm still traumatised

  • Samuel Paramor
    Samuel Paramor 2 days ago

    please finish this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luke Devadoss
    Luke Devadoss 2 days ago +1

    Swing your arms more 👍🏾

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh 2 days ago +1

    Don’t worry better luck next time but you give your best I like it

  • Skate For Life Vlogs

    1:19 me decideing to get the doritos

  • That City Kid
    That City Kid 2 days ago

    you got this man i have been watching you since the rubiks cube video and since that you helped me to learn stuff and i have learned how to ride a Unicycle, solve A Rubiks cube and do a kick flip the next thing I want to do this summer is a backflip after watching this video I feel stronger than ever that you can do it and that so can I . You have taught me not to give up and to always succeed I believe you need to look at that your self and nail this backflip

  • Brynjar Eyberg Sigurðarsson

    Part 2 or gave up

  • JP
    JP 4 days ago

    What a giant, damn

  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome 5 days ago +1

    I backflipped and broke my face. several steel plates and stitches later im fine BUT YOU CAN DO IT

  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome 5 days ago +1


  • Bear Broes
    Bear Broes 7 days ago

    Hey Mike when you where trying to throw a backflip on the flat ground go higher than trying to throw your movement backwards put a little backwards and more straight up. But keep on trying :)

  • Matess 36
    Matess 36 7 days ago

    You inspired me, going to my local JumpPark as soon as possible and then trampolines.

  • TheWakaWakaFish
    TheWakaWakaFish 8 days ago

    Gradually built mine over a few years with practice off of quarry cliffs and trampolines. Getting rid of the fear is truly the only barrier for the average person

  • Henrik Salvesen
    Henrik Salvesen 8 days ago

    the way i learned it was that i first learned backflip on trampoline, and then jumping lower and lower to the point where i felt comfortable and could do it without jumping. Then do it on the ground. Still waiting for that video mike
    Good luck

  • Hurricane Tortilla
    Hurricane Tortilla 9 days ago

    I did it a few times on grass. Then I fell on my neck and have never wanted to try it again on grass

  • armie liberty agnis
    armie liberty agnis 9 days ago +1

    mike tips to land backflip
    tip1 should always practise jumping high
    tip2 practise roll backs
    tip3 in mid air try to tuck and pop
    tip4 always know were to land
    tip5 do it first on the matress if you feel comturble try to solid grass
    tip6 try to backflip with partner holding your back
    tip7 try to backflip alone in matress
    tip8 once you fell comturble alone backflip in matress try on grass
    tip9 if you landed it on grass try solid floor with partner then try alone
    tip10 one you feel comturbel in all this tips you should landed it by yourself
    that’s it

  • Eddy
    Eddy 10 days ago

    I've always had a fear of snapping my neck while trying a backflip...

  • Unknown Spectre
    Unknown Spectre 11 days ago +1

    Same thing happend to me i didnt spend enough time on my trapoline practicing...

  • Tom Lischke
    Tom Lischke 14 days ago

    It’s all about the technique and a bit about jumping power. Most people who try this jump backwards instead of upwards, but that’s where you have to go before attempting going far both a backflip.

  • Ancient World
    Ancient World 14 days ago

    Come on... keep trying

  • Legend Vlogs
    Legend Vlogs 14 days ago

    Hey mike, I can do a backflip on flat ground. You need to start at a gymnastics gym to get to know your jump power. Then you need to get more of a spot to help over come going upside down. It was scary to over come at first but it’s just that mental block holding you from it. Also try air track (you can find at most gyms). Hope this helps. Like to help Mike Boyd see this comment. Thanks!
    Edit: check out pigmi he will help a ton

  • Airidas Paskevicius
    Airidas Paskevicius 15 days ago

    Make a second part, YOU yes YOU can do it!!

  • Ethan Rivaud
    Ethan Rivaud 15 days ago

    U r little...

    CrazyFORTNITE GAMER 16 days ago

    I love this channel I saw him scratch his dick in the beging

  • Rohit Unnithan
    Rohit Unnithan 16 days ago

    When i went to a trampoline place, i got tired just by getting out of the cube pit

  • Tjejify
    Tjejify 17 days ago

    I love that you use youtube as motivation and confidence to learn things quickly. It must make these things so much easier lol

  • Valte
    Valte 17 days ago +1

    I learned it in a week

  • Tyler Peltier
    Tyler Peltier 18 days ago

    I was at a friend’s house when he dared me to do a backflip on the tramp I did it first try

  • Max Carney
    Max Carney 19 days ago +1

    Cant believe you gave up you used to inspire me

  • [3cubed]
    [3cubed] 21 day ago +2

    Instead of jumping up, you're jumping backwards, which gets you less height. Try jumping straight up off of the mattress. When comfortable, remove the mattress.

  • _ YOLO
    _ YOLO 22 days ago

    Hoow tall ar u. U look like 165cm

  • Brebeeb
    Brebeeb 22 days ago

    Watching a learn quick where you couldn't do it is actually way more inspirational/empowering than ones where you succeed

  • Jake L
    Jake L 22 days ago

    when you do a backflip you half to erase the fear from your mind

  • Jake L
    Jake L 22 days ago

    i did standing on trampoline without jumping

    TOIS TOIL 22 days ago

    Let's see a part 2, would love to see you do an actual back flip

  • El3ktronic Modern Music
    El3ktronic Modern Music 23 days ago +1

    I learned to backflip in three minutes on a trampoline

  • gab g
    gab g 24 days ago

    Where’s part 2

  • Yourboi Soccergod
    Yourboi Soccergod 24 days ago

    come on let’s see a part 2

  • Water Bubble
    Water Bubble 25 days ago +2


  • Error 404
    Error 404 26 days ago

    You have to come back to this Mike !

  • geinling
    geinling 26 days ago

    can't wait for part 2 ;) maybe be this year in 2019?

  • TrollNova
    TrollNova 28 days ago

    tip:1. look at one point a front of you and get as high as you can. 2. really swing your arms up and tuck real tight. 3. just get over the fear better first. hope this helps

  • Fernando Silva
    Fernando Silva 29 days ago

    Dude, I am an even bigger fan now

  • Míra Killer
    Míra Killer Month ago

    JUST DO IT :)

  • ItssTinnotTim
    ItssTinnotTim Month ago

    Mike when you come back to this, you wanna fully swing your arms, focus on jumping high and up, not forwards, and you should get the backflip easier.

  • Beastmoto
    Beastmoto Month ago

    The trampoline park here is like 20 small trampolines and no foam pit or anything cool

  • izaiah bonilla
    izaiah bonilla Month ago

    Common mike

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    You can do it bro

  • TheTozotube
    TheTozotube Month ago

    So... you jumped WAYYY back. Exactly not how to do a standing tuck. Jump straight up instead. All about getting height !

  • Jake Muir
    Jake Muir Month ago

    Mike your only problem with the backflip that everyone has is not committing to it. When you are upside down you should be confident. Also try to spot the ground or mattress below you then try to get your feet under you to place them where you are looking. Also when you are jumping you aren’t jumping has high as you should be. You are jump backwards more then you need to be.
    Hope this helps you, all the best 👍👍

  • PizzaNoob !
    PizzaNoob ! Month ago


  • Duckbilled Walrus
    Duckbilled Walrus Month ago

    Part 2?

    MicSTAMAN Month ago +1

    this is the first video i have ever disliked. giving up! thats no mike boyd

  • Wrench
    Wrench Month ago +1

    4:04 RUN trnananatranana


  • AV3RAG3_GAM3R d3rp
    AV3RAG3_GAM3R d3rp Month ago

    Where's part 2???

  • Jaxon Joudah
    Jaxon Joudah Month ago

    3:30 is mike short or is he just really tall

  • Lukas Kristensen
    Lukas Kristensen Month ago

    Swing your arms more🤗😁

  • Michael Kurschat
    Michael Kurschat Month ago

    also learn to jump higher

  • Michael Kurschat
    Michael Kurschat Month ago

    its more overcoming your fear but u just gotta 100% commit and you'll go all the way around

  • Buckyboy404
    Buckyboy404 Month ago

    part 2

  • Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!

    It’s great that you got a spot, but your cats got totally freaked out.

  • elafrit seif
    elafrit seif Month ago

    I tkink you have to try to learn it another time but instead of trying to jump far try to jump high and youll get it

    JGMC CUBES Month ago

    Do a part 2 for this video! :)

  • Cieran Thayre
    Cieran Thayre Month ago

    Learn how to do it again

  • Johnmarben Dagohoy
    Johnmarben Dagohoy Month ago

    Where's part 2???

  • Ryan Smidt
    Ryan Smidt Month ago

    what you need to do is get past the mental walls that YOU placed in your mind. Believe it or not a back flip is much more simple than a front flip so once you get past the fear and you learn to properly set then your back flip will be clean.

  • Smonter2002 S.
    Smonter2002 S. Month ago

    I'm 9 yrs old and it took me 30 seconds to learn a backflip

  • LBSK Films
    LBSK Films Month ago +1

    Do it into a pool

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol Month ago

    Love your channel bro but you are on a tramp I learned how I backflip on a tramp within 1 hour.

  • Just a Teddy
    Just a Teddy Month ago

    You motivated me so much to learn how to do backflips

    BEINDE XD Month ago

    I learned to backflip in 30
    Here’s what happened
    I was at my mates
    And I had to get home by a certain time
    I was about to leave but my friend wouldn’t let me
    Until I learned to back flip
    1 I don’t care about dieing (because I can’t get hurt, I could get punched in the face and it will just feel like a pinch)
    2 i had to learn because I would of been putt up for adoption if I didn’t get home on time (not really but I was in trouble)
    3 I do parkour for a hobby

  • Mario Burghila
    Mario Burghila Month ago


  • Adam Day-Williams
    Adam Day-Williams Month ago

    Still no part two...

  • Djatsoris26
    Djatsoris26 Month ago

    So better extreme is the British version of Sky Zone?

  • Mk Mk
    Mk Mk Month ago

    You look like that youtuber Crayator

  • mustafa cimenoglu
    mustafa cimenoglu Month ago

    I love day 2 where theirs a grown man with a 2000 dollar camera and a lot of little kids. hmmmmm...

  • DeltaruneGamer
    DeltaruneGamer Month ago

    I never could do backflip but once I tried to do it but I landed on my neck and I couldn't breath very good

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S Month ago

    Yo the same shit happened to me. I did it once and I thought I can do it again and I got cocky and hurt my neck like three times. it hurts bad

  • ArtStation 112204
    ArtStation 112204 Month ago

    make a part 2 and COMPLETE THAT SHIT

  • IcyAlex07
    IcyAlex07 Month ago


  • Luke Websper
    Luke Websper Month ago

    attempt this again but stay longer in trampoline park

  • Moises Trujillo
    Moises Trujillo Month ago

    1:09 Me with all the questions on my Math Quiz

  • Creepystone 17
    Creepystone 17 Month ago

    Who else loved when his cat ran away when he did a backflip on 4:03 to 4:05

  • Ludda
    Ludda Month ago

    I got the exact same problem the fear is just killing me wen I try.... and I already did it and after winter the fear was back

  • The Real Entrepreneur

    Mike you need to complete this!!!

  • TechnoBeet
    TechnoBeet Month ago


  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte Month ago

    funny, I've seen you do a lot of thing that I couldn't even start to attempt yet I finally see you stumble on something I've been able to do as a child. Guess it just shows how much easier it is to learn a skill as a kid when you're still open to new experiences and you have none of the "I might hurt myself" fear that you get as you grow older. I'm sure I could still easily backflip on a trampoline but I don't think I'd ever try doing it on the ground from a standstill like I used to.
    Also, you're kind of hampering yourself by standing on the ground and then trying to backflip onto multiple mattresses that really raise the ground height. You're trying to flip onto higher ground and that is countless times more difficult than just doing it on flat ground or a ball pit that is lower than what you jumped off of.

  • Lecimy z Koksem
    Lecimy z Koksem Month ago

    Sooooo :) when the part 2?

  • Marius Sand
    Marius Sand Month ago

    I can do a backflip, i did however lern it by a trainer.. it requires a lot of tehnic, and you dont own that. - thats why you have the fear.

  • T
    T Month ago

    surely come back and do it.

  • Azzault
    Azzault Month ago


  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 Month ago

    How about you finish this Mike?

  • OldSlowGamer
    OldSlowGamer Month ago

    Get back into the trampoline park and rock it until it's automatic and fearless. Then you'll get the rest.

  • Finnian Murphy
    Finnian Murphy Month ago

    i learned how to backflip on a tramp in 20 minutes

  • 日西ディエゴ
    日西ディエゴ Month ago

    U should do this

  • Dumb Productions
    Dumb Productions Month ago

    You gotta do PART 2!!!