The Backflip || Learn Not So Quick

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • I tried to learn the backflip. I'll come back to it.
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Comments • 2 035

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd  Year ago +1469

    Guys, what tips do you have? Either to over come fear or simply just technique. Interested to hear what you think.

    • ROBLOX Community
      ROBLOX Community 4 days ago

      And also you need to spin backwards faster

    • ROBLOX Community
      ROBLOX Community 4 days ago

      If you have a higher jump you will be able to do it but you also need to weight less so that's how

    • Jonathan Clark
      Jonathan Clark 5 days ago

      Mike Boyd the monkey flip

    • R?ndomizer Channel
      R?ndomizer Channel 11 days ago

      Don't bother
      I nearly broke my neck and spine trying to backflip

    • Veni RBLX
      Veni RBLX 13 days ago

      Tips: Jump higher, Do more practice on trampoline, practice on the diving board but try not to fall off it

  • Hayden Harper
    Hayden Harper 14 hours ago

    I can do a back tuck on ground and he's really doing a layout not a back flip at 3:30

  • Tarik Džemidžić

    You are pulling back 125° but you have to pull back 90°

  • TEAM Nefføs
    TEAM Nefføs Day ago

    Never give up man

  • void walker117
    void walker117 Day ago

    How tall are you?!?!?!?

  • Singalong Monkey
    Singalong Monkey 2 days ago

    Please finish this challenge

  • Sergio Trevino
    Sergio Trevino 3 days ago

    I inspire fear for my backflip

    IM FADZZ 4 days ago

    If he Lerns it standing on trampoline and then standing on a bouncy castle then he should try on mattresses

  • AkE and Customs
    AkE and Customs 4 days ago

    It took me to learn backflip on ground about 3months so... Don't give up!!

  • SH1R4Z .S
    SH1R4Z .S 5 days ago

    Holy crap I have been to the same one

  • Blood struck
    Blood struck 5 days ago

    How about back flipping backwards then on the spot

  • Cube MasterMind
    Cube MasterMind 6 days ago

    Your cat got scared

  • smakkacow
    smakkacow 7 days ago

    The American equivalent is Sky zone.

  • Codie Plays
    Codie Plays 7 days ago +1

    Come on Mike! It’s been way over a year now!! You need to finish this! I believe in you 😁

  • Azizah Aziz
    Azizah Aziz 7 days ago

    I subscribed and liked it.....

  • Azizah Aziz
    Azizah Aziz 7 days ago

    You are the nicest TVclipr I ever seen. You never gave up on anything.

  • Gustas1990
    Gustas1990 7 days ago

    U should of stared to jump of ground then learn how to get better air time so you have to stand

    FIREFOXBOY8311 7 days ago

    Funny enough I learned my back flip on a trampoline today wow a coincidence

  • Lorax Bleach
    Lorax Bleach 8 days ago

    learn to hand stand walk

  • CraftyCuber
    CraftyCuber 8 days ago

    It’s nearly been 2 years. Cmon mike

  • Jarvis Perkins
    Jarvis Perkins 8 days ago

    Jump straight up and then tuck tightly. Don't jump backwards. You should land on the same spot. Jump high and tuck, high, tuck. You got this I was the same but got it in a day

  • Corey Harrold
    Corey Harrold 9 days ago

    When I was quite little I could back flip but I stopped trampolining for a wile and when I came back to it i had the same fear as you but after a lot of practice I can now do them again and a lot better than I used to be able to

  • Ethan Bailey
    Ethan Bailey 9 days ago

    Come on Mike! Get it done! 😁

  • Austin Abney
    Austin Abney 10 days ago

    You shouldn’t try and jump back you jump up and tuck in

  • James Adair
    James Adair 10 days ago

    Mike what’s happening with learning how the do a back flip ???

  • ZenTunE
    ZenTunE 11 days ago

    If I had a trampoline park I would have learned it in 1 day, instead of a year.
    You wen't over your head on the second attempt, I was afraid to do that on a tramp.

  • Just Oli
    Just Oli 12 days ago

    In 1hour and I am 10

  • AdriaNation
    AdriaNation 12 days ago

    Watch the cat from 4:00

  • Zaxo
    Zaxo 12 days ago +1

    It took me like 4years

  • Liam Brennan
    Liam Brennan 13 days ago

    Part 2 Mikey boy? 🤔

  • Lapakka 1
    Lapakka 1 13 days ago

    How many cats you have?

  • אוריה שמש
    אוריה שמש 14 days ago

    Yo man! You can do it! I really want to let you know, you got this, so go out there, practice, you will make it

  • Dat Lam
    Dat Lam 15 days ago

    Stand on the mattress, Do backflip and land on where you stand .Sorry my english not good

  • Stanley Bond
    Stanley Bond 15 days ago


  • Hakon Onken
    Hakon Onken 15 days ago

    U jumped to fare backwards but u have to jump higher (I can do it easy on hard ground😅)

  • Abdulrahman Alattas
    Abdulrahman Alattas 16 days ago

    we want more

  • N.A.R Channel
    N.A.R Channel 16 days ago

    U r pretty good eith basically everything but try to slam dunk

  • Orçun Özgür
    Orçun Özgür 16 days ago +1

    nice socks :D

  • HiTs TaGz
    HiTs TaGz 17 days ago

    Who else noticed when he said " a face full of trampoline" he grabbed his dick😂

  • Lamia Tasnim
    Lamia Tasnim 17 days ago

    How much you need a time to make a video

  • Rohit Solanki Musical
    Rohit Solanki Musical 17 days ago +1

    which part of london?

  • Swastik Sharma
    Swastik Sharma 17 days ago

    Pls do it soon

  • Adomas
    Adomas 18 days ago

    You look sincere in your videos and even were capable to inspire me. I believe you. So... Keep up the good work, buddy! :)

  • GogicheZZ
    GogicheZZ 18 days ago

    1:07 dEEck touch on point

  • VipersHearing
    VipersHearing 18 days ago

    Backflip part 2 would be pretty cool

  • Sevarioo
    Sevarioo 19 days ago

    I could send u a video of how to do it, it's vwry easy you just had to overcome the fear and that's it now i can do a double backlfip lmao

  • BiggeChesseBig
    BiggeChesseBig 20 days ago

    you make this stuff look easy

  • xXPotatoCakeXx
    xXPotatoCakeXx 20 days ago +1

    I’m surprised that you learned to do this so quick I am a professional dancer and it took me 5 years to be able to do a back tuck by myself

  • Kaden Gamer MLG
    Kaden Gamer MLG 20 days ago

    Most of the sweat came from getting out the foam pit

  • Ronan Allen
    Ronan Allen 20 days ago

    I still can’t wait for part 2 Mike!

  • Anders Johnson
    Anders Johnson 21 day ago

    You need to raise your arms above your head as you jump. You can only go as high as your arms go.

  • Caleb Farthing
    Caleb Farthing 21 day ago

    For your backflip your not throwing your arms hardanof

  • WW4GT YT
    WW4GT YT 21 day ago

    Congrats tho u can do it on a trampoline

  • Augustus Kaufmann
    Augustus Kaufmann 24 days ago

    You are jumping too far back instead of jumping up

  • LegendSkys
    LegendSkys 24 days ago +2

    Please revisit this

  • Atay Sevinc
    Atay Sevinc 24 days ago

    You are a living legend

  • wiletheridge88
    wiletheridge88 24 days ago

    Tumbling is also 90% mental and 10% physical lol you got this !

  • wiletheridge88
    wiletheridge88 24 days ago

    When it comes to the tuck a mans center of gravity is his upper body. You gotta use more of it . Make sure you’re driving your arms all the way up pointing to the sky . Then use your core more to help rotate your hips . After that that try to pull your shin/ toes over more . You shouldn’t back tuck with your calf’s touching your thighs . Think of it as doing a back words roll on the ground but in the air . You can do this ! Come back to this one !

  • Toubsen WarCry
    Toubsen WarCry 24 days ago

    Despite you not pulling you off... let me get down to a message and vibe you are sending out. I just recently discovered your channel due to recommendations of TVclip.. however, some of them were nothing i was interested in... but then i noticed how incredible you devote yourself to overcome your comfortzone and to literally push yourself of never just sitting down and "resting" on your archivements. I am about to move to the states (will be there for 3 month from November to February for visa etc.) and i feel thrilled to push myself. To learn more things, especially sports wise. So yeah.. you might have not managed to do the backflip. But seeing you facing your inner demons to even attempt it and going so far for your goal of learning something new is amazing to see and it inspired me to continue and move on to see what else i can archive in my life. So thumbs up.. oh! and thanks for the positive vibes your videos send out. Keep on going man. Seems there is a reason why you have 1m Subs

  • Dean Raynes
    Dean Raynes 24 days ago

    I know the video is old but you can do it!!!!

  • alex magoo
    alex magoo 24 days ago

    Try again lol and make someone push you. My friend helped me by making masking the fear with anger/annoyance lol

  • gustgames
    gustgames 25 days ago

    I makes a bacjflip in five minutes on a trampline

  • Dadagames
    Dadagames 25 days ago

    I can do a backflip and i would like to learn you better i am a proffessional in trampoline i can do a double front and i am learning double back

  • Herculean
    Herculean 26 days ago

    I suggest backflipping on the same spot not pushing yourself back.

  • FrozenExplosion
    FrozenExplosion 26 days ago

    day 1, hour 0??

  • superhumangames
    superhumangames 26 days ago

    please rty again

  • Micah Scanzillo
    Micah Scanzillo 26 days ago +1

    Teaching myself to backflip when I was 15 was one of the best decisions I ever made. The experience taught me more about how to handle fear and not give up easily than anything else I've ever done.

  • Kondrador098
    Kondrador098 27 days ago

    I live in London! Can you tell me the address please of the trampoline park? I also go swimming in Brixton Recreation Centre (Which is in London). I really want to learn how to do a backflip on the trampoline 😉😉😉.

  • Ryan Horn
    Ryan Horn 27 days ago

    You’re jumping from the ground to the mattresses that are higher than the ground, this gives you less time to flip. Start from an elevated platform (just like a foot or so above the mattress) then flip onto the mattress, this will give you more time to rotate and finish the whole flip. Then gradually lower the platform until you’re eventually even with the mattress

  • Louis Cortez
    Louis Cortez 28 days ago

    *can I have you at my birthday party?

  • Noah Bennington
    Noah Bennington 28 days ago

    I did a backflip on a trampoline in like 5 min.

  • Landon Frye
    Landon Frye 28 days ago

    You can do it.
    Just keep trying

  • Mehdi Talebi
    Mehdi Talebi 29 days ago

    The way to do it is to first learn to control yourself in the air and not to panic. First master it on the trampoline then attempt to do it on ground.
    Otherwise you will make very slow progress

  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    First time I did it, I did it straight on grass and just tried as hard as I could to flip because I really didn’t want to hurt myself. Like my fear of hurting myself was my motivation to land it first try and that was the same as the first time I didn’t my front flip. You legit just gotta use your fear of your hurting yourself to just do it

  • Rigil Kentaurus
    Rigil Kentaurus 29 days ago

    how to front flip
    1: go a decent hight
    2: raise your hands up
    3: at the highest point of the jump throw your hands down, turn, and grab your legs
    4: land like a normal jump
    Dont feel scared to land on your neck, you'll likely land on your legs rarely your back or neck if you do it right

  • Exodus
    Exodus Month ago

    That happened to me, btw part 2 will probably I. A year or so because when I tried a backflip 1080 I couldn’t get the turn in and landed on my head and was stuck for 2 years

  • Enrico Caruso
    Enrico Caruso Month ago

    I'm not a stuntman but I think you should work for a vertical jump and not a horizontal jump; training on the mattress you jumped too far from the start point. Anyway, I like what you are doing, I think you improved the learning ability that every person has. Great job ;)

  • egjw1234
    egjw1234 Month ago

    I just need to go that park and the fear will go away

  • Zane Cowles
    Zane Cowles Month ago

    He kept diving backwards

  • Kam Gregory
    Kam Gregory Month ago

    plz do pakour next

  • Emelyn Patalinghug
    Emelyn Patalinghug Month ago


  • QwertyKing
    QwertyKing Month ago

    still waiting mike.. get it!

  • Gaby PB
    Gaby PB Month ago


  • Nancy Anchang
    Nancy Anchang Month ago

    Learn how to rool spike

  • Miles Pavon
    Miles Pavon Month ago

    Where’s part 2??

    OCTNT Month ago

    i can do a double backflip on ground

  • Casperillus
    Casperillus Month ago

    I really like that you uploaded this video although you didn't make it. That's perfectly fine and part of the process of learning. It just showed me why I love this channel so much. Because of you being honest and faking things. Keep up the good work!

  • The witcher 360
    The witcher 360 Month ago

    I was there alot

  • Katherine camacho
    Katherine camacho Month ago

    Where’s part two!!!!

  • pavelP 17
    pavelP 17 Month ago

    Omfg iv been that exact place

  • ChessHGuide
    ChessHGuide Month ago

    We want a retry !

  • Tiger Games
    Tiger Games Month ago

    The guy who was spotting him was doing it all wrong he was like throwing him he should just be support not throwing him to the right

  • Smidgen
    Smidgen Month ago

    you should attempt this again

  • Kara Bloomie
    Kara Bloomie Month ago


  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark Month ago

    The difference between doing a backflip on the ground vs the trampoline is that there’s support on the tramp that even if you fall it won’t hurt as much, on the ground there’s this scary feeling to do the flip, I commend you for trying.

  • Pooja Shah
    Pooja Shah Month ago

    Part 2!?!?!

  • alexdino1396
    alexdino1396 Month ago

    Slackin on part 2 boyo

  • Jesus Guevara
    Jesus Guevara Month ago

    Learn a double back flip and land it

  • Hutch Gibbons
    Hutch Gibbons Month ago

    Tell me why he looks like mcsquizzy from open season