• Published on Mar 23, 2018
    Today Carter Sharer went outside on this epic snow day to do an epic prank on Lizzy Sharer. Lizzy was building an igloo out of snow and Carter was driving his huge RC car in the snow. Thats when Carter got the idea to prank Liz. He plan was to build a snow fort that was actually an RC car jump. Then he was going to jump his RC car into Liz's snow fort and destroy it. When Carter did the prank her reaction was unexpected. The prank backfired and has started a prank war. Comment #Prank if you loved this vlog.
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Comments • 5 532

  • Gigi Hale
    Gigi Hale Year ago +994

    Best ending ever

  • The Master
    The Master 2 hours ago

    You can eat snow since snow is water once I ate it

  • Guillermo Vaquero
    Guillermo Vaquero 2 days ago

    stop extinga yo look stuped

  • Tammy Cramer
    Tammy Cramer 2 days ago

    I’m team carter

  • CaliGaL
    CaliGaL 3 days ago

    sheeeshhh, another scripted prank.

  • Brooke Bunny
    Brooke Bunny 3 days ago

    Lucky it does not snow in Miami.

  • SuperSn0wy
    SuperSn0wy 3 days ago

    What made Lizzy cry

  • Kiaraha Glenn
    Kiaraha Glenn 5 days ago

    Why am I watching this my dog just died:c

  • Sarah Clouse
    Sarah Clouse 6 days ago +2

    Thats bad for the RC cars because you no when snow melts it becomes water so the water can ruin it

  • Codi Sanchez
    Codi Sanchez 6 days ago +2

    Best ending ever she got so mad.

  • Thelma Raines
    Thelma Raines 6 days ago

    VYou don’t hear that a lot but it’s not uncommon. Even my boy absolutely will NOT take a bath! But if he can get in water on his own he loves it! I say if you love him and he loves you what else matters?!💜💜💜y

  • mustafa Serhan
    mustafa Serhan 7 days ago

    I miss these days ughh carter may you visit them

  • Shreya Karthik
    Shreya Karthik 7 days ago +4

    Hahaha it backfired on you but great video u should make more like this

  • Shreya Karthik
    Shreya Karthik 7 days ago

    YOU MADE HER CRY?!!!!!!!!

  • Firaol Ulfata
    Firaol Ulfata 7 days ago

    I'm from colorado

  • Danny Barrett
    Danny Barrett 9 days ago


  • Frosty Gaming
    Frosty Gaming 13 days ago

    I feel bad for both of you's... idk whyy

  • Natalee Bailey
    Natalee Bailey 13 days ago

    Go Carter love your prank war

  • Nelia Canares
    Nelia Canares 13 days ago

    Shes pranking you carter

  • Layla Ashour
    Layla Ashour 14 days ago

    I’m a like probably 6 years old

  • Layla Ashour
    Layla Ashour 14 days ago

    It’s a prank

  • Janes Muntz
    Janes Muntz 17 days ago

    Cater is going to prank you

  • Janes Muntz
    Janes Muntz 17 days ago

    Snow day

  • Renante O. Turtor
    Renante O. Turtor 18 days ago

    Hey Carter i have a tip to make it go in snow you need to put spikes on wheels to go and act like normal

  • Xavier Buggs
    Xavier Buggs 19 days ago

    I never saw snow before I never played in it

  • Alison Whitehead
    Alison Whitehead 19 days ago

    worst actors in the world. Be yourself

  • Marko Cvijanovic
    Marko Cvijanovic 20 days ago


  • oskuboi [GD]
    oskuboi [GD] 20 days ago

    haha cry baby

  • Mohamad Najmi Abdullah


  • galaxy gaming girl
    galaxy gaming girl 21 day ago +1

    best ending ever

  • Richard Kennedy
    Richard Kennedy 21 day ago

    Liz being so obnoxious

  • Pwin Aung
    Pwin Aung 21 day ago

    #Prank Worst ending ever

  • Yessi Gonza
    Yessi Gonza 22 days ago

    I love your video it’s so fun TO WATCH SHARE THE LOVE EVERY Day

  • Badik Abina
    Badik Abina 22 days ago

    Great idea

  • Badik Abina
    Badik Abina 22 days ago

    Carter are you playing minecraft

  • DJ Gecko Bro
    DJ Gecko Bro 23 days ago

    My name is Carter 😏

  • Arys  Sacramento
    Arys Sacramento 24 days ago

    I'm just k out kidding carter

  • مارال بیات
    مارال بیات 24 days ago

    I feel bad for lizzy

  • GADL Phaw
    GADL Phaw 25 days ago


    J L J L ORQUINA 25 days ago +1

    I already saw a snow and touch one in cebu snow world me and my sisters play and its so cool because theres an ice slide and in the end you got to land in the snow and also when you breathe it will smoke like the temperature is 50 celcious and below and also you can play snow ball fight and outside of the snow world is rides you better go in the philippines cebu so you can have fun especially for first timers like me like this if you want to go to cebu

  • UnicornGaming TV
    UnicornGaming TV 26 days ago

    Snow day, it's a snow day
    Share the love, let's play today
    Dangit I got that song stuck in my head since like 2 days ago,

  • Adrian Beckford
    Adrian Beckford 26 days ago

    Best ending every

  • Sesulelo Simpiwe Moyo
    Sesulelo Simpiwe Moyo 27 days ago

    That a cool xmaxx😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Janine Naidoo
    Janine Naidoo 27 days ago


  • Donella Florence
    Donella Florence 29 days ago

    I've never seen snow before

  • bro and friend channel Vlogs and wins

    It's no epic channel on TVclip!!!

  • Lizet Velazquez
    Lizet Velazquez Month ago +2

    No far you have snow and sorry liz about what happened to you 😰😢😥😢😭😓

  • Denny Hutchison
    Denny Hutchison Month ago


  • Eric Velasquez
    Eric Velasquez Month ago

    Do it at the frost

  • Eric Velasquez
    Eric Velasquez Month ago

    Motrsiko in the snow

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer Month ago

    Bo its because its just the channel name

  • Joy Lin
    Joy Lin Month ago

    She couldn’t have spent ALL day to build that small structure

  • Sweet Suger Heart
    Sweet Suger Heart Month ago +5

    I live in Canada and I have more snow

  • dvdlate
    dvdlate Month ago

    I love snow❄️🌊😀

  • Riju Brainy
    Riju Brainy Month ago

    project zorogo is always watching it

  • Juan zamorano
    Juan zamorano Month ago

    Where is Stephen share

  • megan schrooten
    megan schrooten Month ago

    Sorry if I'm being rude but that's not a lot of snow where I come from we got over 3 feet this winter #MN

  • Star Jones
    Star Jones Month ago

    You got to many ad's

  • Dante Teran
    Dante Teran Month ago


  • deziray aubry
    deziray aubry Month ago +3

    i loved it and it was so cool

  • Lawrence, Jiemin Wu

    Do more pranks to carter

  • Koh Soo Moi
    Koh Soo Moi Month ago

    Your mean carter

  • Serena Oflye
    Serena Oflye Month ago +2

    I never felt snow before... what does it feel like?
    C.like ice
    Comment which one ☝🏻

    • Jasmine Nasafotie
      Jasmine Nasafotie Month ago +1

      Like ice

    • Sophia Graham
      Sophia Graham Month ago +2

      Serehna Oflye all of them sometimes it’s soft and fluffy other times it’s mixed in with ice

  • Brooklyn Laboy
    Brooklyn Laboy Month ago

    How was it a prank

  • Ana Sofía
    Ana Sofía Month ago +2

    The ending: lol!

  • Mayra B
    Mayra B Month ago

    Hey, what happend to u and stephen together? Aren’t u brothers? ..........lol

  • Slime Sisters
    Slime Sisters Month ago

    my favorite color is blue kind of like a cotton candy blue or like a baby blue

  • Racheal
    Racheal Month ago +8

    What the heck are you wearing😂

  • Oding Ermac
    Oding Ermac Month ago

    Boo lizz sharer 👎 👎

  • Georganne Hoing
    Georganne Hoing Month ago


  • niuma shifaz
    niuma shifaz Month ago


  • Eda Ramani
    Eda Ramani Month ago

    Why lizzy you prank him

  • cindy owen
    cindy owen Month ago

    Drive the xmax on ice

  • Roger Gurrusquieta
    Roger Gurrusquieta Month ago


  • Mary Witten
    Mary Witten Month ago

    why did you do that

  • O'Pamilerin Yusuf
    O'Pamilerin Yusuf Month ago +2

    The snow day music is the same as this video

  • roblox Axel1288 ortiz

    Hi there

  • Summer Kitten
    Summer Kitten Month ago

    If you EVER think it’s cold where you are, you should’ve seen wisconsin a few weeks ago WE WERE COLDER THAN ANTARCTICA -50 IT WAS THE WORST

  • Brandi Jones
    Brandi Jones Month ago

    i feel so bad for liz sorry

  • Talayah Williams
    Talayah Williams Month ago

    Hello Angeline My sis why are you laughing ha ha no

  • Cheska Lorenzo Hinalog
    Cheska Lorenzo Hinalog Month ago +32

    I never touch a snow... I never saw a snow but in videos i have saw many snow.... I wish i can see and touch and play in the snow 😢😢😭

    • Mikal Kelly Martinez
      Mikal Kelly Martinez 3 days ago

      me snow is freezing

    • Sarah Clouse
      Sarah Clouse 6 days ago

      I live in USA LIKE IF YOU DO TOO

    • butalass
      butalass 7 days ago

      Cheska Lorenzo Hinalog I mostly have snow in three out of the four seasons, it is very fun to play with but after a while your hands get really cold even when you are wearing 🧤 gloves.😆🦄💩❄️☃️⛄️🌨

    • William Crees
      William Crees 13 days ago

      That's so cool you live in Perth to 😀😄😆

    • Frosty Gaming
      Frosty Gaming 13 days ago +2

      +William Crees wait, I LIVE IN PERTHH

  • John Yarenis
    John Yarenis Month ago

    Otter SO cute and small

  • kirsten Astles
    kirsten Astles Month ago

    I feel bad for lizzy

  • qwertyuio 123456
    qwertyuio 123456 Month ago

    i love snow

  • Ariful Islam
    Ariful Islam Month ago

    Can u find the difference

  • Cai Juying
    Cai Juying Month ago

    Great payback lizzy

  • Cai Juying
    Cai Juying Month ago

    See You made her sad

  • Cai Juying
    Cai Juying Month ago

    Carter It’s not funny and it’s not nice to do that!!!!!

  • Mary Zarubina
    Mary Zarubina Month ago

    Why did you do that to Liz?

  • Liz Duffy
    Liz Duffy Month ago

    Lizzy is the best prankster

  • Liz Duffy
    Liz Duffy Month ago +5

    Are you married? You have the same last name

    SILVIA IWANDI Month ago

    It’s so sad 😭

  • Rachel Lyon
    Rachel Lyon Month ago

    love you guys i subed nice prank carter bye love ya #SharerFam

  • B Logan
    B Logan Month ago

    I love it if you did more pranking videos

  • David Fancy
    David Fancy Month ago

    I think your new surprised is a puppy

  • Jeff Hickey
    Jeff Hickey Month ago +1

    There is 6 feet of snow in Canada

  • Jeff Hickey
    Jeff Hickey Month ago

    Come to Canada 🇨🇦 there’s Even more snow

  • Isabella Mutahi
    Isabella Mutahi Month ago

    1 like=1 🙏for lizz

  • Isabella Mutahi
    Isabella Mutahi Month ago

    Otter is soo funny when attacks😂😂