I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • The equation still astounds me... Love + Tequila = a Person. :-) Happy Bday, J-Diggy.
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  • anonymous 111
    anonymous 111 53 minutes ago

    This is a lovely family! ❤️

  • APlife
    APlife 2 hours ago

    😂 I'm too

  • George samuel
    George samuel 3 hours ago

    Time Flyies

  • gonzalo carrasquel
    gonzalo carrasquel 8 hours ago

    Jaden Smith for Spiderman To Marvel..Ucm. Miles Morales

  • GetHyper2065
    GetHyper2065 11 hours ago

    on a real must be nice having a dad like will smith


  • gwen •—•
    gwen •—• 12 hours ago

    that was the best video of the year

  • keanu bel
    keanu bel 13 hours ago

    hey way back in 1967 fresh prince of bel-air

  • Tech-Geek-Mayur
    Tech-Geek-Mayur 16 hours ago

    This video was too short I was willing have it of 1 hour. Both of you are amazing.

  • 홍길동
    홍길동 Day ago


  • The Story and Her

    I still remember JADEN from Pursuit of Happiness Such a dope video - watch JADEN Smith Live in concert on my page - lit asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥 you’re welcome !

  • Leandro Sena
    Leandro Sena Day ago

    Só eu, ou tem mais alguém que acha que Jaden só faz sucesso por causa do pai ??

    CRAYON 2 days ago +1

    Why am I crying? 😭

  • fai shal
    fai shal 2 days ago

    i swear to god this video feels like an hour long

  • Scarleth Alvarez Araya

    This is so flyyyy 🤙🏼 their relationship is goals.

  • Jay Wooten
    Jay Wooten 2 days ago

    Idk what I'm going do in 6yrs I will experience the same thing

  • Tyler ThaGr8
    Tyler ThaGr8 2 days ago

    Keep up the great work young man!!!

  • marko retard
    marko retard 2 days ago

    So manny niggas in one picture

  • D 1
    D 1 2 days ago +1

    Watch Jayden perform with nothing but his underwere on

  • Almadich
    Almadich 2 days ago

    I feel old

  • TL
    TL 2 days ago

    Jaden is seriously the luckiest boy in the world and have the proudest dad in the world im SO jealous

  • Kay E.
    Kay E. 2 days ago

    The water thing made me cry...🙏💧

  • that's maee
    that's maee 2 days ago


  • Mrajd Cabet VEVO
    Mrajd Cabet VEVO 3 days ago

    That's boi ain't no 21

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious 3 days ago

    Your son stole my car a few years ago. You should apologize

  • Sania Cato
    Sania Cato 3 days ago +1

    that moonwalk clean tho

  • Jeffrey Ward
    Jeffrey Ward 4 days ago

    Jaden smith ugly he use to look good as a kid but he went bad with all that bs

  • Yu Yang
    Yu Yang 4 days ago

    2 words to describe Jaden personality; "Delusional & Disappointment"

    RIGGED 4 days ago

    It’s crazy how I was watching Fresh Prince earlier and now ur old 😂😂

  • Irealla Natural Girl

    I didn't take a breath through this whole video! Aww! Jaden is Amazingly Epic! ⭐💓💯🚀🚀🚀

  • nik v
    nik v 4 days ago

    The coolest dad and son ever to be in history....😍😍😍 god bless them forever 🙏

  • Alexia Ransom
    Alexia Ransom 4 days ago

    He was one of the most beautiful kids I've ever seen, and grew up to become a man with a beautiful heart. Much love, Jaden!

  • Robert e ma
    Robert e ma 4 days ago +7

    I am gona cry because of Jaden , I wanted to be like you

  • binai last king
    binai last king 4 days ago

    My dad said the same!!😆❤

  • MrGrifft
    MrGrifft 4 days ago

    Does he believe mirrors/eyes are real yet?

    My siblings realised this at 5/6 yo.

  • raiyan rahman
    raiyan rahman 4 days ago

    Your kid looks like some homeless

  • - Onna -
    - Onna - 4 days ago

    Hip hop for 5 days.
    And all I can do in not 5 days but a week is the splits.
    I would rather have learned hip hop in 5 days...(it took me 1yr to get the basics of hip hop choreo)

    MJ LOCSIN 5 days ago

    HI JADEN Can i see you in personal I WISH. My name is gay ann escrez. Im ur n0.1 fance in PH. OR CAN U GREAT MY NAME

  • Oe Oetojo
    Oe Oetojo 5 days ago +1

    I think Jaden have a strong charisma when his hair in black.

  • Kami Ore
    Kami Ore 5 days ago


  • Aalaijah monae
    Aalaijah monae 5 days ago

    Pursuit of happiness 😭

  • mork
    mork 5 days ago

    Pick it up, Icon.

  • diamondx224 _
    diamondx224 _ 5 days ago

    I'm old(16)😂

  • Manigandan R
    Manigandan R 5 days ago

    I think Jaden doesn't know where he is right know( baby)

  • K.R
    K.R 5 days ago +1

    2:01 song????

  • Young Ziz
    Young Ziz 5 days ago

    1:55 look at them moves

  • Bebe X
    Bebe X 5 days ago


  • Ikke Permatasari
    Ikke Permatasari 5 days ago +2

    Good dad ever 🙏🥰

  • Ape Chongtham
    Ape Chongtham 5 days ago +3

    My crush Jaden:)😊

  • Mr. Mercer
    Mr. Mercer 6 days ago

    I cant believe you let your own son turn out like that.

  • Steven Gutierrez
    Steven Gutierrez 6 days ago

    Easy for you to say you f****** rich

  • bts jungkook
    bts jungkook 6 days ago

    Last i was this early jaden was in karate kid

  • Jamaar Anthony
    Jamaar Anthony 6 days ago +4

    This is inspiring as hell yo 🔥🙏🏾

  • Miles Robinson
    Miles Robinson 6 days ago

    I always remember watching Jaden in the Karate Kid! Dang times goes by so fast!

  • Micheline Burgett
    Micheline Burgett 6 days ago

    I remember when Jaden was born .It was 1998 and it was all over in T.V.News .I was here in Virginia .

  • Mr unique
    Mr unique 7 days ago +5

    Wills smith :i can't believe jaden is 21
    Next video :how they made me look 23

  • Iqbal Hidayat
    Iqbal Hidayat 7 days ago

    Im sorry to say this but Jaden is not good rapper and his rap style is not better than his father

  • BoiiiMang Juan
    BoiiiMang Juan 7 days ago

    Wat happened to him

  • Im Dreamer Cat
    Im Dreamer Cat 7 days ago


  • Caden Koepp
    Caden Koepp 7 days ago

    that was really sweet,i mean watching in pursuit of happiness,then looking at him now im like,what,its,caden here,i was just gonna say i dont know if youll read this comment but if you do,you should make a video about you talking about the movies youve been in,and ur favorites

  • IDoGamingVideos - AND I DO NO VLOGS

    Beginner dancer: 1:45
    Reality dancer: 1:53

  • Nick Horton
    Nick Horton 7 days ago


  • Tina Moss
    Tina Moss 7 days ago

    He has grown too quick

  • Jake CakeMax
    Jake CakeMax 7 days ago

    He not crazy, he insane

  • bock 26taou
    bock 26taou 7 days ago


  • Massai Mara
    Massai Mara 7 days ago


  • JackpotTV
    JackpotTV 7 days ago


  • STUPID IDIOT thats my name1

    Man all these people get like 14k to 1k likes and all I get is 1 for me

  • ComStudio
    ComStudio 7 days ago

    Kala ko si wealand ung nasa thumbnail.. 😂

  • L4C1D.
    L4C1D. 7 days ago

    Did youtube just copyright this fuckin video fuckin idoits

  • Lungchuipou Gonmei
    Lungchuipou Gonmei 8 days ago

    Like for water box!😢👍

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 8 days ago

    I love Nigga Familys..but this Family is my personal favorite

  • Lopez AM
    Lopez AM 8 days ago

    I wish I had a dad like Will 😭

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  • ALFADON ::
    ALFADON :: 8 days ago

    F****** black people

  • AdiZguk 13
    AdiZguk 13 8 days ago

    4:16 what’s the song in the backroundV