DLC 1 for Call of Duty WW2

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
  • DLC 1 for Call of Duty WW2 is almost here!
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Comments • 447

  • John Guzman
    John Guzman Year ago

    Lol, these are the maps they should have made for competitive. How disappointing.

  • SpoonfulForYou
    SpoonfulForYou Year ago

    Another bad thing is the mw3 map was remade in infinite warfare!

  • edwinplays417
    edwinplays417 Year ago

    i shed a tear for my memories on MW3

  • Reee E
    Reee E Year ago

    Is there gonna be new content from supply drops?

  • DittoCake
    DittoCake Year ago

    They should bring drop zone back

  • Lenti 187
    Lenti 187 Year ago

    Omg omg ohhhh my god this dlc is gonna be so nice! All of them content looks so magnificent! ( This comment is paid by Activision ) :D

  • Fragdude 44
    Fragdude 44 Year ago

    wow so a total of 12 MP maps?! that's how many we got on the launch of BO3, and I guarantee everyone will be playing the same maps over and over.

  • Im Alqha
    Im Alqha Year ago

    If you like cod ww2 content and DOPE gameplays I'm starting to post daily so please check me out👌👌

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J Year ago

    dope vid

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot Year ago

    Too many remade games and now there are too many remade dlcs in terms of maps

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson Year ago

    I already got bored. They need to bring those dlc packs out a month earlier. Wont be getting this one, I dont play war and zombies. 3 map packs and 1 is a remake? Nah. I'm gonna boy cott this one.

  • Msanders100
    Msanders100 Year ago

    I love the remake of this map but it shouldn’t be apart of the DLC

  • Nathan Stansfield

    They have the entire of ww2 to chose from, endless numbers of unique battles and storylines...but they chose to remake a map and put the rest centred around the French resistance, another European theatre setting AND one covered in the campaign. Feel like they are half arsing this year for MP, which is a shame because it's such a fun game to play

  • Wonduhs
    Wonduhs Year ago

    i dont like war kills dont count

  • XBox One
    XBox One Year ago

    U must suck if u don't play war solo I play it solo all the time that's where most of the experience is at u don't need to have a party to play war

  • Busher50
    Busher50 Year ago +1

    Anthropoid! Watch the film. It's amazing. They've based the map off the film of a true story.

  • Michael Prete
    Michael Prete Year ago

    I love ur vids

  • Sami Bari
    Sami Bari Year ago

    I really like resistance this will really improve my felling of hating every damn map

  • George Minton
    George Minton Year ago

    Lemme guess... you're going to pay $15 or roughly £12 to get the DLC just like all the previous CoD games? Why can't you just get it for free?

  • GNOrozco91
    GNOrozco91 Year ago

    Who else wants a D-day/Omaha Beach WAR map?

  • BurningMoreXP.
    BurningMoreXP. Year ago

    Upload dude!!!

  • BigBoyMcEvoy
    BigBoyMcEvoy Year ago

    I just don't get why they can't convert a section of a War map into a regular map....

  • Seth P
    Seth P Year ago

    Fog rolling in

  • Josh Callaway
    Josh Callaway Year ago

    Resistance was a really good map on MW3, so I’m excited to get I️t back, but I agree, 3 (really 2) new multiplayer maps in a game that has features only 10 maps is an interesting choice. I definitely feel like I’ve played Saint Marie Du Mont about 6,000 times already

  • Steven Sam
    Steven Sam Year ago

    Will this be included with the season pass or nah??

    MM BITW Year ago

    Lazy ass developers

  • Alfie Boyd
    Alfie Boyd Year ago

    Looks like cancer.

  • Pabbs
    Pabbs Year ago +1

    How many favorite maps do you have ? I swear everytime they make a remake you say it's your favorite

  • freshestemo
    freshestemo Year ago

    They should make a pack for MP and other game modes individually. I only play MP and its probably $15 for 2 new maps.. cmon now

  • xBrNz
    xBrNz Year ago

    Operation Market Garden would be awesome for War.

  • Derek Blackwell
    Derek Blackwell Year ago

    A smart ai zombie Jesus they are running out of ideas.

  • tommzy
    tommzy Year ago

    Who’s waiting for treyarchs next game?

  • Brendan Hoareau
    Brendan Hoareau Year ago

    Is he serious. This has 4 maps, oh wait sorry 3 because one is a war map, oh wait 2 maps because one is a remake. So overall we have two new maps he says. This video was a series of complaints. He doesn’t even say the new war map is not a new map. Like serious, what happened to you?

  • seppe van de vijver

    Bra seriously there adding fog have they never heard the meme 'Transit' wtf

  • Gallopingfish
    Gallopingfish Year ago

    we need FREE map packs to make up for the piss poor 9 at launch!!!

  • Dylan McLaughlin
    Dylan McLaughlin Year ago

    I want a Hardhat remake

  • B Sea
    B Sea Year ago

    we're getting ripped off so hard I honestly can't believe I bought the season pass thinking this game was going to be a banger

  • Santiago Rodriguez

    Looks like #hutch

  • Vi.Xvii.Mcmxcvi
    Vi.Xvii.Mcmxcvi Year ago

    Glad I didn’t buy the season pass this year again lmaoooo

  • JSchaaf95 Gaming
    JSchaaf95 Gaming Year ago

    Resistance was also remade in Infinite Warfare

  • Ben Reaves
    Ben Reaves Year ago

    "There are no AR's in the game", yeah there is AR stands for assault rifle jeez don't say anything if you don't know what you're talking about

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J Year ago

    I blow fat nugs of Kush. GET SOME

  • JakeMcBoss
    JakeMcBoss Year ago

    For those wondering, the remake is from MW3 ( best cod ever) in France, only its Paris during the time of Vichy France when hitler broke down the Ardennes forest and defeated France!

  • JakeMcBoss
    JakeMcBoss Year ago

    I love when Americans talk about Europe in ww2

  • Fajitahmed
    Fajitahmed Year ago

    Why did you give up on videos?

  • Rasdheed Horne
    Rasdheed Horne Year ago

    Haha he said enjoying the game

  • IceIn MyCoffee
    IceIn MyCoffee Year ago

    so this comes out on PS4 January 30th? I'm assuming XboxOne, February 28th - 4 months after original release. I will be beyond sick of the game by then with only 3 War maps (one of which is almost unplayable in Neptune) and 9 MP maps (one of which are absolutely awful - Gustav Cannon). Thank God I didn't buy the season pass since it will probably be September by the time all the added maps are out. Agree/Disagree?

    • chickenfkeryay
      chickenfkeryay Year ago

      IceIn MyCoffee
      Last map pack comes out less then 30 days before cod 2018 will release. Iw dlc 4 released 10/12 and ww2 came out 11/3

  • MuscledRMH
    MuscledRMH Year ago

    WAR mode should not have been here, I think I speak for all when I say we rather had more base MP maps and more base DLC maps than WAR maps. SHGames is making dumb excuses because WAR is not even designed by them, but by Raven Software😂

  • sanandreasX
    sanandreasX Year ago

    THANK YOU! When I first saw the trailer TmarTn I was thinking I don't like how they switched one multiplayer map out with a war map because this game barely has enough multiplayer maps as it is.

  • that meme guy
    that meme guy Year ago

    this is tranzit 2.0 with the fog

  • cybersunday07
    cybersunday07 Year ago

    I paid £50 already, I'm not paying another £11.99 for the rest of the BASE GAME.
    These maps should be FREE. And if you pay for them, you're a complete IDIOT.

  • Caleb Sayer
    Caleb Sayer Year ago

    Did you just say achen is close range? Am I playing the same game as you?

  • Slimshady Jesus
    Slimshady Jesus Year ago

    Invading Hitler's bunker should have been a war map

  • Mika K.
    Mika K. Year ago

    Remade maps should be free for everyone and a bonus map...

  • Defective Raccoon

    Yes finally

  • BustNchop - FPV
    BustNchop - FPV Year ago

    They need more maps

  • UnlikeLucid
    UnlikeLucid Year ago

    Do you have to buy this dlc pack??

  • Shota Nakano
    Shota Nakano Year ago

    i mean.... they didnt really do good job with maps so. im hoping at least those new maps are playable for a long time

  • Kenny 2
    Kenny 2 Year ago

    If you have the season pass you should get the DLC maps and then the remade maps as a bonus. And then if you don’t have the season pass you only get the base DLC maps. Anyways WW2 has been great since they’ve fixed most of the YUGE issues that plagued players the first few weeks. Excited for the DLC.

  • SpeCiiaLAssAss1N13

    Imagine ground war in war