MY NEW FAVORITE WATERCOLORS?! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • My watercolor game isn't very strong, but HOLY MOLY I never realized what a difference the quality of pigment could make on my paintings. I've finally made a watercolor painting that doesn't look like a muddy mess. W00T!
    Of all the paletteful packs I've unboxed thus far, this one felt the least full...? if that makes any sense. Usually they provide a pad of paper, this time they only provided the one board. And the weird cardboard piece with the watercolor ground painted on it. I would have liked to see either another couple sheets of paper or the actual container of Watercolor Ground for me to call this one 100% worth it. I still had a lot of fun, and I am so excited to be introduced to Qor watercolors!
    ► Inside the August Box:
    QOR Watercolors:
    ProArt Small Folding Palette:
    Board with QOR Watercolor Ground Painted on it:
    1 sheet of 500 Series Strathmore Mixed Media Board:
    Winsor and Newton Kolinsky Red Sable Brush 00:
    Princeton Snap Golden Taklon Round Brush 4:
    I also used Water, some generic Paper Towel, and the Paint Puck:
    ► For more information on Paletteful Packs:
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  • GalaxianPika
    GalaxianPika 7 months ago +2563

    My mom: What do you want for breakfast?
    *Me watching Waffle’s vid”
    Me: Waffles please with art on top :)

    • ADMF art
      ADMF art 2 months ago

      +ARTicWoof I need 2 say this 2 me mom!!!

    • Wings of Fire
      Wings of Fire 5 months ago

      This is me, every Saturday morning upload.

    • GalaxianPika
      GalaxianPika 6 months ago +1

      CinnamonLlama aw thanks! :)

    • CinnamonLlama
      CinnamonLlama 6 months ago

      GalaxianPika you draw so good though!

    • GalaxianPika
      GalaxianPika 6 months ago

      CinnamonLlama I can relate 😂

  • Anastasiia
    Anastasiia 5 hours ago

    I still like the flamingo better 😤😤 (pls don’t hate me this is a *joke* I love ur art 💕💕)

  • anim235 :D
    anim235 :D Day ago


  • Space Geek 85
    Space Geek 85 2 days ago

    anybody else get weirdness around 10:48? like static stuff

  • Zara 01134
    Zara 01134 2 days ago

    What if you took a huge piece of drywall, covered it in the watercolor ground, then did a huge watercolor mural.

  • Riley Bertrand
    Riley Bertrand 2 days ago

    You could do a galaxy butterfly that would be very cool

  • Shianne Major
    Shianne Major 6 days ago

    Face reavel

  • Joelle Likes Art
    Joelle Likes Art 6 days ago

    Looks like you have 2 thumbs in the thumbnail lol

  • Tahlia Burton
    Tahlia Burton 6 days ago

    All your drawings are good

  • akita sOuNd
    akita sOuNd 7 days ago

    hi, are u goin to an art school?

  • Jabber Ginger
    Jabber Ginger 7 days ago

    Her thumbnails are like 10x better than my final drawings

  • muddyz artz
    muddyz artz 9 days ago

    Omg have you played overwatch? Brigite from overwatch has the same hair style!!!! Just her ponytail is shorter, thats it!

  • Mel Latimer
    Mel Latimer 10 days ago

    I saw those paints for 8 dollars for those 5ml tubes (I live I Canada)

  • ipudding111
    ipudding111 11 days ago

    she looks like teen titans starfire. and ive wondered what others do with the leftover paint in the swatch holder area do you just scoop it back in the container or throw it all away?

  • T E
    T E 13 days ago

    am i the only one who cringed when she squeezed out that much paint at once 😂

  • mawimawiwi
    mawimawiwi 13 days ago +1

    The lines at 10:40 ish gave me a heart attack thought I broke my boyfriend's laptop TT

    • Native Doll
      Native Doll 13 days ago

      Omg I've been searching for this comment, I was worried it was just me! Lol

  • The epic sharky
    The epic sharky 15 days ago

    Love watching your videos their so relaxing 💙

  • Shayden Salas
    Shayden Salas 16 days ago

    I love your drawings 😄

  • Harley Bates
    Harley Bates 16 days ago

    poopy diarrhea color.... lol

  • GhostDrow
    GhostDrow 17 days ago

    I want that painting so badly.

  • yeetus
    yeetus 18 days ago

    *weasel hair*

  • Violet Lester
    Violet Lester 20 days ago

    9:12 omg I just got those same ohuhu markers! I love them!💕💕

  • Violet Lester
    Violet Lester 20 days ago

    9:12 omg I just got those same ohuhu markers! I love them!💕💕

  • Allison Wood
    Allison Wood 20 days ago

    Bob Ross it!!!!!

  • E.C. Animation
    E.C. Animation 20 days ago

    Total Street Fighter Ibuki vibes! Though I like this color version better! :D Good job!

  • Wrenn Wolfe
    Wrenn Wolfe 22 days ago


  • Paige Simmons
    Paige Simmons 24 days ago

    So I got a pack of water color paint tubes and a pallet we to go with it, but I don’t know how to use them. Any tips?

  • Katie Tom
    Katie Tom 25 days ago

    oh my gersh itz LAUREN!!!

  • CookieDraho
    CookieDraho 26 days ago

    10:37 look at the mixed paints it kinda looks like a woman

  • Maggie Burgess and willow# best friend chennel

    Bloop bloop ......bloop bloop bloop bloop

  • Potato Life
    Potato Life 26 days ago

    My sister has the pallet box thingy

  • A Fellow Doge
    A Fellow Doge 26 days ago

    you deserve way more subs!🤩

  • Jamie Woods
    Jamie Woods 26 days ago

    i saw that palette in walmart 😭

  • broke ass Army / lil meow meow worshiper

    Who else thought in the beginning it was noodles

  • Tessa Mayes
    Tessa Mayes 27 days ago

    I love how she says she messed up in her videos whereas I’m over here barely able to draw a hand and she’s like drawing still life people tat look realistic. Like girl your amazing and definitely better than I am!

  • TonyPerryIsMyTurtle
    TonyPerryIsMyTurtle 28 days ago

    “Made out of weasel hair”

    Me: * me gasps and grabs my ferret holding her close * NO!

  • Cat Gamers With M & S
    Cat Gamers With M & S 28 days ago

    If you look at 9:47 in the left hand corner you can see the pink and blue mixed shapes something like a girl.

  • Mia Coolcat9001
    Mia Coolcat9001 28 days ago

    I love this work! And I also love how she critiques her work when I can barely draw a straight line! XD

  • AzuriteT3
    AzuriteT3 28 days ago

    Maybe she's a cute dwarf girl and she has a luxurious soft beard.

  • Madison Potter
    Madison Potter 29 days ago

    I have that exact folding palette and I got it from Walmart for like $3 or $4

  • KatlynnDrew
    KatlynnDrew 29 days ago

    10:44 what's happening

  • Teriasy draws
    Teriasy draws Month ago

    Why does the pink and the blue water paint on the palette looks like a pink haired girl's back facing the side?

  • - Dragniv -
    - Dragniv - Month ago

    "can you see? can you see?"
    i can't see,,, there's an ad

  • g-girl Jackson
    g-girl Jackson Month ago

    Did anyone else get dash lines going across their screen like it was glitching out??? Starting around 10:44 ???

  • Jacob and Anna and Jeremiah Hitchcock

    oh my gosh i love ow you do your art work!! I will sit here and just watch all of you'r vid's !!

  • beep bop
    beep bop Month ago

    Thats so much watercolor you squeezed out ;-;
    less is more..

  • Crafty Cow
    Crafty Cow Month ago

    If you wet the paper first you can get smoother colors with small brushes! 😃

  • Mary Ellen Thompson

    Your picture is gorgeous.

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX Month ago

    i kinda love the pants on the purple girl cause they look like galaxy leggings

  • ashley sullivan
    ashley sullivan Month ago

    Qor can be rewetted once dry! I like to put mine into little gum packets and use them as custom trays. Best brand I have ever tried! I loved the way the overall piece turned out! If your feeling a little adventurous, I would try shading with the yellow orangey colors with pink and then purple to darken it a little... I always love the result.

  • Isabel Unrein
    Isabel Unrein Month ago

    If you had a spirit animal it would be a fox because you are beautiful, quick to think, fast, and smart 😁😁😊

  • Kz NotCrazy
    Kz NotCrazy Month ago

    She reminds me of Star Fire

  • gachagirl lol
    gachagirl lol Month ago

    OMG i can draw anime but not that good. *ten days later still shocked* SHE WENT TRY HARD MODE ON THAT

  • Kanishka Art lover
    Kanishka Art lover Month ago +1

    I’m in LOVE with the background music!

  • Shanette Amey
    Shanette Amey Month ago

    Drawing sun and the moon as girls

  • Vicha iina
    Vicha iina Month ago

    love that "nice, NICE" Voice xD

  • Ermansyah Ang
    Ermansyah Ang Month ago


  • Miss D Dellapina
    Miss D Dellapina Month ago

    What earaser do you use

  • Debbie Buttars
    Debbie Buttars Month ago

    Watercolor quality and paper quality. That's where it's at!

  • anna boyer
    anna boyer Month ago

    the pants looked like she had period blood on them before you added the blue splotches

  • anna boyer
    anna boyer Month ago

    -splish splash i was taking a bath-

  • Gracelin Jenison
    Gracelin Jenison Month ago

    Am I the only one that the whole time they watch this is like what does she look like

  • Rose Innes
    Rose Innes Month ago

    I legitamally thought my phone was messing up at 10:43. I got really scared😨. Beautiful art by the way.

  • DrawingWiffWaffles

    Dang, I sound so tired in this video. haha

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones Month ago

    I like it! Oh you know what would make a good character... Have the hair pink/purple and do like yellow/orange outfit. I think it would be a good contrast and those colors are pretty together.

  • Candy Cake
    Candy Cake Month ago


  • Kaaviya Ramalingam
    Kaaviya Ramalingam Month ago

    I wish I could draw

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha Month ago +1

    Look at the palette at 17:40 it looks so pretty

    The purple and blues like the one she uses for the hair

  • MistyQueHarper
    MistyQueHarper Month ago

    wow, the pallete is 10 dollars on Amazon? I got the same kind from AliExpress for 2.46 dollars... Amazon sure seems expensive

  • Brvnvz Pazzoz
    Brvnvz Pazzoz Month ago

    OMG! She kinda looks like Starfire's family. Those syderal space pants... I LOVE IT!!!! Imagine her with neon lipstick...

  • Diane Tipton
    Diane Tipton Month ago

    What's this background music 7 minutes in? It's beautiful but I couldn't find a link in the desc. :(

  • Shame Is complicated

    How do you even get the anatomy so well. In like a short time. AND THE POSES I CANT THINK OF ANY AND HERE YOU GO LIKE ONE SECOND LATER YOU BE LIKE OH HEAYY IM DUNEEEE!!

    QANOOT FATIMA Month ago +1

    You draw SO GOOD 😊

  • Mya Adshade
    Mya Adshade Month ago

    21:11 what pen is dat, what pencils do you use dats PURPLE? and how are you so good...?

  • Mya Adshade
    Mya Adshade Month ago

    WhAt pEnCiL dO yOu UsE? aNd HoW iT pUrPlE??

  • vinnila the nokey
    vinnila the nokey Month ago

    You are Sooooo good at art!!!!

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    Rose Doll Month ago

    Looks like it came straight out of a comic book👌

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    Juju Kharz Month ago

    Im addicted to your artwork...😍

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    MacDre Month ago

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    dabby boy Month ago

    10:43 yo that scared me i thought my phone broke

  • Kait Kat12
    Kait Kat12 Month ago

    8:38 pause- on the pallet, the pink and purple watercolours look like a woman

  • Wilda Nordenborg
    Wilda Nordenborg Month ago +1

    oh mah god how can u only have 1 million subs when yah draw so good!?

  • Wellington A
    Wellington A Month ago

    Olá sou BRASILEIRO e gosto muito do seu canal gostaria de Saber se vc poderia colocar legenda nos seus vídeos em português Br

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    ssophiie Month ago

    me - *saw ad under video, screenshots ad to draw*

  • Season Cookie
    Season Cookie Month ago

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  • Season Cookie
    Season Cookie Month ago


  • Keylah Jane
    Keylah Jane Month ago

    even when you wing it your work still turns out flawless 😩😍

  • Elies
    Elies Month ago

    My Mom bought me a whole set of Wiesel Brushes and I lost them and never told her. Now that I know how much they cost I feel really really bad for her.

  • Sophia Gonzalez-Ellis

    since you haven’t done a face reveal i’ve been keeping a list of things i know about you from your videos in my head i’ve got:
    big forehead

  • noskin
    noskin Month ago

    you can bob ross it.

  • Meow Meow Kapow
    Meow Meow Kapow 2 months ago

    When I first started using watercolors, like most people, I thought cheap would be good enough. And there is NOTHING wrong with cheap paints if you can get them to work for you but MAN. The good stuff? The good stuff is like the difference between fighting with something all along the way and forcing it to do as you demand versus the good stuff being like gently and politely asking for your desires and having them executed completely before you're even done with your request. I actually now think that it's worth it to spend money on the big stuff for watercolors and only buying cheap stuff after you've had a good experience so you have pleasant memories and experiments to draw on when you end up needing to use every trick in your arsenal for the cheaper stuff.

  • Alexander Rembiszewski
    Alexander Rembiszewski 2 months ago

    The weird grainy stuff is because your paints are granulating. Look up granulation in watercolor for further info 😄

  • Snapped And Snatched
    Snapped And Snatched 2 months ago

    Must be getting better at art because I’m starting to notice the mistakes your pointing out! But beautiful drawings as always❤️❤️❤️😂😭

  • logan dedo
    logan dedo 2 months ago

    Amazing video but did anyone else get a weird glitch thing at 10:44 ?

  • Clover Ferrell
    Clover Ferrell 2 months ago


  • Clover Ferrell
    Clover Ferrell 2 months ago

    SOOOO cute!!!

  • CloverToon
    CloverToon 2 months ago

    10:43 I thought my cintiq was messing up but it was just the video :') WOW that scared me so badly.

  • Lizabeth
    Lizabeth 2 months ago

    I thought my phone was broken at 10:43🤣🤣

  • Kimeesunshine
    Kimeesunshine 2 months ago

    I liked the flamingo better without the detailing with the fine brush

  • EggsOver Easy
    EggsOver Easy 2 months ago

    When you first opened the box it looked like there was spaghettios inside XD