Difference between РАЗВЕ and НЕУЖЕЛИ in Russian. How to ask "REALLY?!" in Russian

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • The words РАЗВЕ and НЕУЖЕЛИ are very similar in Russian, and it is very easy to confuse them, so if you'd like to use them, just watch this video lesson, it will help you to understand how to use them correctly. 📽
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  • ajith gopi
    ajith gopi Month ago

    really good!

  • Hong Wang
    Hong Wang 2 months ago

    1I like your lesson very much! Thank you very much

  • Chernor Sulaiman Bah
    Chernor Sulaiman Bah 4 months ago

    Great keep it up

  • culture wars
    culture wars 4 months ago


  • Helen Shahbazyan
    Helen Shahbazyan 7 months ago

    Thank you dear I hope that I will have my future job, really you help us so much. Again and Again thank you. XOXO from Armenia 🇦🇲

  • Carmen Arzabe
    Carmen Arzabe 11 months ago +1

    Please create diference beteween уродливый annd

      RU-LAND CLUB  11 months ago

      Carmen Arzabe уродливый - ugly (about appearance). Ужасный - awful or terrible (about anything)

  • Shafi Azam
    Shafi Azam Year ago

    Красивая учитель 😍

  • Yoshi Todo
    Yoshi Todo Year ago

    Классно! Молодец, Ника!)) 😄

  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose Year ago +2

    Thanks! Is there another big difference between these and действительно?

  • Patricia Vasquez
    Patricia Vasquez Year ago

    Nika..my 🐻 is anzures. He loves me.

  • * عربي *
    * عربي * Year ago +1

    Малышка, ты мне нравшися

  • Саманта м

    Спасибо за видео. Ника скажите пожалуйста какая разница между этими с "что ли"?!

  • Evie  Soboleva
    Evie Soboleva Year ago

    Hello Nika, Thanks for you vedio lesson, Can I make a request..? Please can you make a positive affirmation, I have an interst about it. And I really love positive affirmation. Godbless..

  • tarek tariko
    tarek tariko Year ago

    thank you

  • Sebastian Nordstern

    Thank you NIka, you are a great teacher

  • crunchywrap
    crunchywrap Year ago

    Hello Nika!
    Thanks always for your lessons,im learning a lot and sometimes go to Ukraine for practice.Each day im improving.
    I didnt study yet some of that new words that you put on examples,so why its different married in femenin than in masculin?
    Because as i see,in the lesson you use the same examples,but the word"married" its different in each one.
    Thanks os much

  • Sebastian Nordstern

    It's Russian equivalent of 难道

  • daniel francoise
    daniel francoise Year ago

    Ника you are an excellent actriss!!!! Useful video!

    • araz sh
      araz sh Year ago +1

      daniel francoise , actress

  • okibumfl
    okibumfl Year ago

    What about действительно?

  • Fred McKay
    Fred McKay Year ago

    Awesome as always Nika :)

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson Year ago

    Спасибо Ника👌 Разве - это сложное слово!

  • James Bailes
    James Bailes Year ago

    Nika, is it true that Russians are taught to write only in cursive? that they never print words?

  • peter lev
    peter lev Year ago


  • Kaisyah K
    Kaisyah K Year ago

    Yay Nika you are an amazing teacher! Spasibo bolshaya for this xx

  • Родриго Робледо

    большое спасибo.Вы можете снять видео о как говорить "let's go" на руссом языке?

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Year ago

    Do you recommend any books for an A2 level learner?

  • АвтоОбзор

    Such a nice video. Thank you.
    Ты против со мной познакомиться?
    Вк vk.com/id423728115

  • Francis Srečko Fabian

    Неужели! Я всегда так удивлен когда родные русские ораторы мои плохие русские переводы!

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Francis Srečko Fabian не совсем поняла вас)

    TOP VIDEOS Year ago

    Thanks a lot Nika

  • elias eliasi
    elias eliasi Year ago

    спасибо огромное эти у меня давно были вопросы, сегодня наконец-то понял их.
    спосибо тебе огромное.

  • Wassup GangGang
    Wassup GangGang Year ago

    Я седьмой

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  • Chad Andrews
    Chad Andrews Year ago +2

    Спасибо! У Вас хорошая английская интонация. Really!

  • Хосе Э.
    Хосе Э. Year ago +5

    Я восхищаюсь вами. Вы очень хорошо объясняете и выбираете хорошие темы. 😊

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    眉白 Year ago +1

    Вы очень красивые 😍😍😍

    • 眉白
      眉白 Year ago

      veronica iglesias Yes, of course! Kind regards from México.

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      Halka Hercai Year ago +1

      眉白 yeah it's True she is so beautiful