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  • captainmidnight
    captainmidnight 7 months ago +390

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    What did you think of the Aladdin trailer?

    • Mr. Never Wrong
      Mr. Never Wrong 29 days ago


    • Mr.E
      Mr.E Month ago

      Aladdin was pretty good actually

    • adams darwins
      adams darwins 2 months ago

      Aladdin movie was amazing, Jasmine finally has her own song and it was *SPEECHLESS*

    • Eprocto-Files
      Eprocto-Files 3 months ago

      Telling any company to stop making money is stupid. Sorry not sorry.

    • Andrea Hoffman
      Andrea Hoffman 3 months ago

      Disney was good in classic animated movies/ fairytales. For realistic fairytales they should go to school in Czech film industry. Best realistic Cinderella and best Little Mermaid are done by Czech.

  • Cassie!
    Cassie! 4 days ago

    My side on this:
    *Do you think Walt Disney would’ve wanted this?*

  • DisneyFied
    DisneyFied 5 days ago

    Anyone else get an ad for the live action Aladdin?

  • Denis Rutz
    Denis Rutz 6 days ago

    Sorry, but while the Jungle Book live-action was great on it's own (otherwise i wouldn't have bought it on blu-ray) the so called "best of the bunch" when it comes to said remakes, was/is DEFINITELY the Lion King, which was (apart from one added and one slightly changed song) a deep bow in respect before the original, (in fact as deep as it get's) and unlike Aladdin, the director of The Lion King (while still giving the female lions an extra scene/line or two) didn't go full-blown SJW at the end like a certain ex-husband of Madonna did on his turn.
    Aladdin 2019 (while still very far away from besting the animated classic) was actually quite an enjoyable flick, up to that all-in SJW ending that ruined it all.
    The Lion King didn't make that mistake, nor was Simba (or any lion actually) ever displayed around 10 feets tall, like a certain ape in the Jungle Book, despite of both movies being made by the same director. ^cough^

  • MGTOW are Incels
    MGTOW are Incels 7 days ago

    Sorry. The free market has spoken. remakes will not stop coming

  • Ginger beard
    Ginger beard 8 days ago

    In my opinion Mary Poppins Returns is a really good movie and sequel.

  • Edita M.
    Edita M. 9 days ago

    That casually slipped in ad/sponsorship was very cheap.

  • Just Gameplay Previews

    If Disney wants to gain so much Money,
    Disney should have started a Religion.

  • Amara  Jordan
    Amara Jordan 10 days ago

    I loved the footage of Sleeping Beauty. I rewatched it JUST for the animation the last time I watched it. It is so beautifully done. Holy crap.

  • Janessa Kelly
    Janessa Kelly 11 days ago

    I agree the singers in these remakes need to be BROADWAY singers. Not actors or pop singers. If you listen to Beyoncé sing as Nala, her voice is very breathy. I know people who worship her will get upset when reading that, but if they close their eyes and listen to what the voice sounds like, or turn away and not listen with their eyes, but with their ears. I think her voice came up short in the movie.

  • Manol Georgiev
    Manol Georgiev 14 days ago

    I have no problem with the CGI. I think it makes for astonishing visuals (yes I don't see problem with the Geeny's face in Aladin 2019). I prefer it to any old style animation. However, great visuals doesn't make for a great movie.

  • Summer Paradiso
    Summer Paradiso 15 days ago

    And this video was narrated by Tobey Maguire.

  • Tonaldf Drumpf
    Tonaldf Drumpf 16 days ago

    "Who doesn't like Emma Watson?"

  • I want to die
    I want to die 17 days ago

    When are people gotta learn that "NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR EVERYONE" if you don't like the remake then go watch the original.

  • Master Farr
    Master Farr 18 days ago

    1:50 this is the company that made Thanos look amazing and fully realized, and yet they can’t master cgi with emotion

  • Skeeter
    Skeeter 18 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this video. I agree 100%. I hate the live-action ones and I love the original ones.

  • Katie G
    Katie G 19 days ago

    Video: who wants to see the exact same movie, with an extra song or two-
    Me getting back from Lion King: uhh yeah... about that

  • SwedlePOP
    SwedlePOP 22 days ago

    Aladdin remake was amazing 😮
    The whole movie was different from the original but was the same story

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 22 days ago

    Too late, lady n the "cramp" is coming

  • Markos H
    Markos H 22 days ago

    I just found out that throughout the 90s, Disney re-released their classic animated films from the 30s/40s.
    Perhaps this is their new version of re-releasing, remaking. Not ideal but at least it gives us something slightly different.

  • Angie2343
    Angie2343 23 days ago

    Here's my thoughts on the TERRIBLE movie sequel to Mary Poppins.
    Not as good as the original. In fact, it sucks. The real problem is the film's failure to do its own magic and give life to what's on screen. Forgettable songs, DREADFUL casting and acting, and a worthless plot.
    A horrible cast with wasted energy. Foiled by shoddy, humorless writing, completely over the top dance numbers, ill-conceived plot with unnecessary nonsensical CGI-filled scenes, convoluted and forgettable musical compositions. Not to mention that Mary has shifted from sweet and sympathetic to the cold and aloof nanny from the original books. I truly dislike Emily Blunt in this role.
    The sets are also beautifully detailed but what happened to the fireplace mantle?
    Overall this "movie" lacks Mary Poppins' original magic and I DO NOT recommend watching it at all. Save your money and don't waste your time.

  • Dark Autumn Stories
    Dark Autumn Stories 24 days ago

    Here comes Lord Fury, with his 10 inch danglerrrr. He's done all women here, real wellll! He has pumped them up real good, like he can and bloody should! And their boyfriends are now damn single as welllll!

    Song about the legend that is I. Sang to Bell.

  • Orion Watson
    Orion Watson 25 days ago

    Jungle Book is the only live action I liked more than their animated counterpart

  • Spicy Biscuit
    Spicy Biscuit 26 days ago

    The only interesting thing about the Beauty and the beast remake is Lefou and Gaston. Their actors actually did a good job and worked together to make their character's relationship work. How did they make the villians more interesting to watch than the main character? I suppose it's not surprising that Josh Gad was on Broadway, and Luke Evan's was a west end actor.

  • Zetima Yela
    Zetima Yela 26 days ago

    I still feel like the Aladdin 2019 remake was more centered on princess Jasmine than Aladdin himself,plus theres more merchandise of her!just because she's a woman doesn't mean she needs to be in the spotlight

  • Mia Branwen
    Mia Branwen 26 days ago

    What ive noticed is that disney is trying to rewrite its history.

  • Aidan Barnes
    Aidan Barnes 27 days ago

    if all Hollywood does these days is turn every cartoon into a movie than why don't they remake The Brave Little toaster in live action?

  • Anil Achirb
    Anil Achirb 27 days ago

    As a kid I hated live action movies. So why remake great animated movies into trash. You get more money by targeting kids. I bet all kids would hate to watch remakes.

  • Penny Makri
    Penny Makri 27 days ago

    i think for all their flaws, and of course they have flaws, it's nice to see your favorite movie for the first time again

  • Steven Ross
    Steven Ross 28 days ago

    I think these films are designed for todays kids. And they seem to like them. I think we dont like them as much because we are now grown ups and have preconceived ideas of these films from our youth. Its never going to appeal to adults as much. Its a kids film. We are used to adult stuff now like game of thrones and breaking bad which are much better suited to appeal to our current interests as adults.

  • James M
    James M 29 days ago

    Omg the la croix comment you made lmao that’s why I can’t drink it, because when it’s in my mouth my brain wants it to be pop.

  • Areej Bahrawi Work
    Areej Bahrawi Work Month ago

    Animation is a medium to tell stories not a genre in itself.Some stories are better told through animation,just look at many anime shows/movies and their success.

  • Grisel Baez
    Grisel Baez Month ago

    Yes, they will stop making billion dollars worth in movies just because a bunch of sad people don't like it. Go watch another thing and stop complaining...

  • ViciousBane 56
    ViciousBane 56 Month ago

    I totally agree with you bro but the one I really liked was Cinderella and I even bought it on physical medida. The one I did enjoy was the jungle book and beauty and the beast but the one that’s isn’t from Disney is mowgli from Warner Bros. And somewhat Tarzan from 20th century fox which the should’ve make the characters little bit better and the cgi.

  • Anonymous Boi
    Anonymous Boi Month ago

    I really didn’t like the jungle book remake. For a remake, they changed far too much

  • Human Rocket
    Human Rocket Month ago

    Disney needs to fire the entire "creative" team. Cause I'm not seeing any creativity or originality. Just a lot of copy and paste.😂

  • Neffite davis
    Neffite davis Month ago

    The Kids love it! That what matters! Billion dollars proves me right!

  • erich
    erich Month ago

    3D Computer CGI is fading unless its Pixar Disney

  • Devilstat14
    Devilstat14 Month ago

    I actually like the lion king remake. Anyone else?

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith Month ago

    Taking bets on how long it takes them to make a live action version of The Princess and the Frog, and totally f*ck that up, too.

  • Frank K
    Frank K Month ago

    As long as Disney makes money doing these mediocre remakes, they will make more.

  • levi Ackerman
    levi Ackerman Month ago

    I wanna see you do a review on the Mulan remake after it comes out.

  • Kristina Lopez
    Kristina Lopez Month ago

    I can’t stand when they say “for a new generation”...what the hell? Make these kids their own! How cheap and inconsiderate to not make something magical for them during their childhood and for us to see you butcher our beloved classics...also, if it’s for nostalgia hungry audiences, that means it’s NOT for. New generation, so “they” need to get their -ish together and pick a lane!😒💯 Love videos like this! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Øath betrayer
    Øath betrayer Month ago

    Disney is Dead and so is CGI

  • Mason Perry
    Mason Perry Month ago

    Yeah It should have ended with the Lion King, That's all I wanted to see. Stay away from Pocahontas & Hercules.

  • Cerd71
    Cerd71 Month ago

    While I agree that the original is better, the new one was still pretty good. It was also refreshing that they didn't sexualize the princess like they usually did in the cartoons.

  • ShyGuy83
    ShyGuy83 Month ago

    Once upon a time, Disney had PASSION and HEART in their projects. They also used to do remakes PROPERLY by adding or even changing up certain elements from the originals without taking away the heart of the story and NOT following cancerous Hollywood focus groups who just want to remake old projects simply because they existed or made boat load of money or even pandering to obnoxious children just to get them to shut up for two hours or even obnoxious adult children who just want to see something they liked before without questioning why they liked it or what made it so great in the first place.

  • H T
    H T Month ago +1

    This can easily be resolved if the sheeple stopped buying movie tickets for trash like this.

  • Yung Tubbie
    Yung Tubbie Month ago +1

    Fans:Stop making live action remakes
    Disney: *sneaks over to princess and the frog*

  • DarkWazaman
    DarkWazaman Month ago

    Ive seen aladdin and lion king and although i enjoyed them, obviously is not the same. I felt the story rushed, and lacking “feeling” and “epicness”. For example: the stampede in 2019 look awesome but mufasa’s death i was like “thats it?” I was expecting to feel the death and get choke up like in the animated one but i was like THAT WAS IT?! When scar throws him and he falls kind of slow motion and had alot of feeling. The 2019 miss the mark. The jungle book was great in my opinion. It was not a scene by scene remake like the other ones. It was a little different.

  • Ondřej Volejník
    Ondřej Volejník Month ago

    For me, the worst part of these remakes is that Disney decided to push their crap social justice narratives into every single one of their remakes even at the cost of of the original narratives for which we all loved those original movies. I could still very much enjoy the CGI version for the nostalgia effect if the stories themselves weren't disrupted by the SJWs that Disney has become.

  • beast1909
    beast1909 Month ago +2

    I totally agree. Disney needs to stop these cash grabs. I couldn't even get through the new Aladdin.

  • Ayako
    Ayako Month ago +1

    Imagine if disney kept on improving their 2d animation. Their shading, animation, fluidity would be top notched. 2d animation can still be improved by western studios.

  • Matt Purvis
    Matt Purvis Month ago +1

    The lack of creativity and originality in Hollywood goes hand in hand with the CGI heavy live action Disney releases, major franchise sequels, reboots, and re-imaginings. The reason Disney closed their doors on the hand drawn department that made them famous is because of money, money, money. Now you're surely saying "Duh, tell me something I don't know asshole." Well sure, I may not be saying anything groundbreaking, and perhaps I'm guilty of rebooting myself...but it seems Disney, and Hollywood have abandoned that last sliver of integrity, and artistry they once possessed. It's been replaced with nostalgia whoring garbage, and bland, soulless movies that avoid offending anyone, pass Chinese censorship requirements, and are sure fire money makers. No more art, no more love, no more avant-garde creativity, and inspiration. But as long as we keep shilling out that cold hard cash we're going to get the same cold heartless trash.

  • Oscar Duran
    Oscar Duran Month ago +2

    “Who doesn’t like Emma Watson”

  • No Comment
    No Comment Month ago

    Disney does what Disney want. Period. All the rest are really sterile polemics... :-)

  • Blinkbliz6 Blink
    Blinkbliz6 Blink Month ago


  • Sunquad
    Sunquad Month ago

    I like how things are now made "*R E A L I S T I C*"
    Action packed filming

    that makes you want to murder/run away from; it because of the caveman instincts in your mind

  • ThisGuyFrritz
    ThisGuyFrritz Month ago

    I wouldn't mind watching stuff like "The Mind's Eye" today, than wasting time on "Live-Action"/CGI Disney remakes... expcept for maybe one or two. That would be it!

  • Phuindrad
    Phuindrad Month ago

    They won´t stop until they re-rape every classic movie they had. And then they re-rape their re-rapes. No creativity just the run for money.