Nocturnal Animals - Movie Review


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  • Paul Hilburger
    Paul Hilburger 19 days ago

    The films ends with Amy Adams looking at menu for 5 minutes. No joke. What pretentious garbage.

  • Cheyanne Warner
    Cheyanne Warner 25 days ago

    *Exactly, couldn't have said it better myself, an A- film with A- list actors, doing A- performances.*

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel Month ago

    Finally watched it. I was surprised at how low the review scores were for it, very underrated gem

  • madisoned
    madisoned 2 months ago

    1. I love this movie. So intense, so heart-breaking. What's scary is that the road trip scenario can so easily happen in real life (probably already has happened to someone somewhere)
    2. Where can I get that T-shirt????

  • ItachiEspada
    ItachiEspada 2 months ago

    Hey Chris, I've been a huge fan for years now and as I just rewatched Nocturnal Animals and also wanted to rewatch your opinion on it, I started wondering why you're not doing actual movie analysis every once in a while ? I also definetly like your Interviews - would dig more of these as well - but I think a lot of your subscribers would love to hear your interpretations and more elaborated opinions on different films as well. Is that something you thought of doing in the furure or wouldn't it fit with your time or idea of the channel in general ? Keeping it how it is would still be great of course :) I've been curious for while now and hope this reaches out to you, keep it up pal !

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 3 months ago

    Aaron Taylor Johnson terrified me so much in this movie that every time I looked at him, I had to think of him playing John Lennon to feel less intimidated.

  • unnamed af
    unnamed af 3 months ago +1

    Amy's scenes were just boring af...other than that the movie is 9.5/10 in my book

  • winterfrostwidow
    winterfrostwidow 3 months ago

    It’d be nice if you reviewed Sharp Objects.

  • Deepa Lall
    Deepa Lall 4 months ago

    Fat women jiggling their naked bodies in the opening credit made me lose my appetite.Loved ATJ.

  • Francesco Ramicani
    Francesco Ramicani 6 months ago

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      Roni _82 6 months ago

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  • Mike Panick
    Mike Panick 6 months ago

    Unlike Arrival, I was wide awake for this wonderful movie.

  • Laura Hoke
    Laura Hoke 7 months ago

    Isla Fisher does a great job too! Feel like everyone overlooks her performance and what her character contributes to the themes throughout the movie.

  • Parallaxis
    Parallaxis 7 months ago

    The film is a bit Dark, though.

  • Yuzuru Nomura
    Yuzuru Nomura 9 months ago

    That opening.....

  • kimmyfreak200
    kimmyfreak200 9 months ago

    shannon and johnson were reallly really good..

  • Marco Arsenault
    Marco Arsenault 10 months ago

    I was eating during the movie intro....ffs hahaha

  • Sam Bailey
    Sam Bailey 11 months ago +1

    I preferred the stuff that took place in the book the most, but I definitely loved how the three stories combined

  • MarvelousMusic
    MarvelousMusic 11 months ago

    This movie was too obvious, I saw the ending coming by the middle of the film. Enjoyable and disappointing at the same time

  • ryan james
    ryan james Year ago

    does this movie have a 4k release?

  • Mariojinn2
    Mariojinn2 Year ago

    You're trash

  • Ajiana Napier
    Ajiana Napier Year ago +1

    i had to go back to make sure aaron taylor johnson was actually aaron taylor johnson bc i was NOT expecting him to play the role that he played

  • Oli Rayner
    Oli Rayner Year ago

    I had high hopes for this movie, and there were some great moments but at the end i was like ‘meh’

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    I don't care if it's a great movie. If you have to get through 3 mins of naked obese woman dancing then I'm not watching it.

  • Melia Mandrasari
    Melia Mandrasari Year ago

    That shirt. I want that shirt, Chris

  • workoutfanatic787
    workoutfanatic787 Year ago +3

    revenge within a revenge story. Great foreshadowing in the beginning when Amy Adams suffers a paper cut from opening Gyllenhaal's manuscript. That's just one detail out of many.
    really need to watch this movie half a dozen times in order to find all the "oh, I see what they did there", moments!

  • workoutfanatic787

    AA's character actually runs an art-gallery as a director

  • Joseph Skelatin
    Joseph Skelatin Year ago +2

    Jake Gyllenhaal and thriller movies go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    Did you see Nightcrawler? That film was tense.

  • mdmyer
    mdmyer Year ago

    The minus was for the naked fatties at the beginning, lol.

  • Bryan Chu
    Bryan Chu Year ago +12

    The highway scene was physically painful to watch

  • Shannan Osnower
    Shannan Osnower Year ago

    this is one of my new favorite films.... 100% this gets an A+ why the hell did i wait this long to watch it. Once i understood what this film was really about, I literally got shivers down my whole body.
    ANY movie that does that to me is fucking fantastic

  • Pablo Vargas
    Pablo Vargas Year ago

    I saw this movie yesterday it was heavy stuff

  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley Year ago

    I nearly didn't get past the opening credits but I was glad that I did.

  • Emi Grant
    Emi Grant Year ago

    I don't know, I really like Gylenhaal but I didn't like his performance here at all

  • Anonymous Chosen
    Anonymous Chosen Year ago

    You mean allegorical not philosophical lololol

  • Craig Seamus
    Craig Seamus Year ago

    this was a very good movie ... i enjoyed it very much..... just kidding it was kind of a mess although i enjoyed killing time by wartching its nonsense.

  • Atom Manhattan
    Atom Manhattan Year ago +2

    Great flick, amazing cast. Loved it.

  • Fernando Gonzalez

    I liked the ending - I'm glad it ended like that even though it's sad and striking

  • Everyday Bodybuilding

    Got an unfair shake from critics because of abortion being painted in an accurate light

  • NickPlaysz
    NickPlaysz Year ago

    This movie was bad. Really bad.

    • John Joseph
      John Joseph Year ago

      What are you talking about...this movie was a masterpiece, great concept and storyline, tremdous acting.

  • Azzip
    Azzip Year ago

    So yeah, I just finished watching it and understand nothing. I will think about it for the coming days, but will look some explanations after if I can't figure it out myself. This was really "mulholland drive"-level of cryptic of a movie.

  • Aisha Alegre
    Aisha Alegre Year ago

    i still dont understand how she got an abortion if we were shown her daughter in the future as a young adult

    • John Joseph
      John Joseph Year ago

      Aisha Alegre She had another child with her second is that hard to understand

  • Don Rubiono
    Don Rubiono Year ago +2

    movie sucks

  • poe's ReLiC
    poe's ReLiC Year ago +1

    This movie was fucking retarded! Just like this youtube review.

  • Hunter Mason
    Hunter Mason Year ago

    This movie is fricken incredible. For me it's an A+

    • John Joseph
      John Joseph Year ago +1

      Hunter Mason IKR...great storyline and tremondous acting, I loved it...


    Do an explanation video! Do one do one do one!

  • Joe Beese
    Joe Beese Year ago

    Do the movie Pet. I'm interested and need you to tell je how to feel.

  • Rosie Khan
    Rosie Khan Year ago

    Worst movie i have ever seen...

  • heisenberg guy
    heisenberg guy Year ago

    i just saw this movie and it is amazing. i dont know if anyone noticed this but in the scene where they break up and she leaves him, jakes character is standing in front a green car, early in the film we see the killer wearing a shoe that is the same color as the car from the break up we also see him wearing the same green shoe in the finale of the move. i just think it was cleaver showing even if it wasn't intentional that an author uses experience or subconsciously use images from the past in there work.

  • Melike öztürk
    Melike öztürk Year ago +2

    I just saw this movie. And I didn't like it at all... All of it seemed pretentious to me.

  • PK Ralph
    PK Ralph Year ago +13

    I loved this movie. My parents hated it and even laughed at it cuz it was so "bad". And I was so angry lol

  • Cutie pie
    Cutie pie Year ago +1

    That opening was horrible Chris. 😂😂😂

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 Year ago +1

    Lol so tom ford has a big luxury brand n now gone to film making?? Wow one person to look up to for pushing yourself..

  • Jon Lee
    Jon Lee Year ago +1

    It's a film that will definitely make you feel uncomfortable from the very first moment.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica Year ago +9

    Amazing movie gosh I loved the story and the performances by the whole cast and Jake Gyllenhaal is for sure an amazing actor along with Amy Adams!!!

  • Higauge
    Higauge Year ago +2

    It was pretentious and had awkward acting. It was an ok movie.

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman Year ago

    I wish he'd do a in depth thing with this

  • Christopher Stark

    "Very unique"? as opposed to just everyday unique?

  • cool okay
    cool okay Year ago

    This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Ford just couldn't help himself. I was more angry after watching this movie than I was after watching "Knock knock". It was horrible from beginning to end.

  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith Year ago

    This movie really wasn't good!

  • Peter E
    Peter E Year ago +1

    I can never unsee that opening credit, I had to convince myself that they were wearing fat suits

  • Aseer Hameem
    Aseer Hameem Year ago

    Please do a spoiler review

  • Fei Li
    Fei Li Year ago +2

    1:30 Jake Gyllenhaal was NOT in "Arrival" !!

  • migueluspa
    migueluspa Year ago +3

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson did such a good job playing that character that I just don't like him anymore

  • mishimi
    mishimi Year ago +1

    This film tricked the critics into thinking that it's actually good, but it isn't. It starred top-notch actors, but the movie itself is so shallow and contrived. Since Mr. Tom Ford is gay person living in a gay marriage, then why doesn't he share his own experiences, instead of resorting to portray "cishet" people and their marriages in a rather tacky, Jane Austen kind of way? In this film you have the caricature of a cold-hearted classist mother, the caricature of an unfaithful husband, the caricature of an aspiring writer etc. - all the characters are so hopelessly hackneyed and engaging in an equally hackneyed dialogue, like "When you love someone you have to be careful with it, you might never get it again" etc. And the novel subplot (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) is even cornier. The "crime case" in it deals with a gang of hillbillies, who have this "strategy" of abducting and murdering people, dumping them in the dumpster and then waiting around for a year in honky-tonks for the sheriff to pick them up and round them up, so that then they can tell him and to the surviving victim "You got the wrong man, It wadn't me". And the assault scene itself was unbearable to watch. Not because it was realistically depicted, by any means. I know that the Jake Gyllenhal's Sheffield character, both as the writer and the character of his own novel, represents cowardice, but in that scene Gyllenhal is not even putting up a fight, acting like the whole thing is an embarrassment for him, and not the threat on the life of his family. No father and husband in the audience could have identified with him. Maybe that scene conveys the impression Tom Ford has regarding "cishet" fathers. In his own head, supposedly, such a father would not fight to the tooth and nail, no matter what the odds are, to protect his family from a trio of drunken rapists, who are even unarmed, but rather pussyfoot around them. Some would say that this was the point of the whole movie, which deals with Sheffield's own fears and cowardice, but it surely fails to hit the spot when it's forced upon the audience in such a movie-phony way. The ludicrous villains and this whole sub-plot was contrived for the purpose of the movie, which wanted to elicit the aha-moment from the audience when they realize that it serves as an allegory for the movie's "real world" within which the novel subplot is framed. The movie's two components, the "real world" and the novel, are two equally mediocre parts of the film that do not form a satisfying whole. Instead of one good movie, you have two mediocre ones.

    NISCHAL TIWARI Year ago +1

    That opening scene though.

  • English Vibe
    English Vibe Year ago +2

    You haven't included this film in your TOP 2016...why?

  • D Molina
    D Molina Year ago

    It's actually a 10 for me

  • Mae Michelle
    Mae Michelle Year ago

    Jake Gyllenhall is so underrated. I fucking love him

  • Mimi Aldh
    Mimi Aldh Year ago

    One of my best movies in 2016

  • Charlie Prez
    Charlie Prez Year ago

    saw it because positive reviews and movie let me down. "black mirror" ruined everything for me

  • thesanderson09
    thesanderson09 Year ago

    I was genuinely surprised at how well Aaron Taylor Johnson can play a white trash piece of shit.

  • Richard Blevins
    Richard Blevins Year ago

    I thought this was a great movie.

  • YuMi Kim
    YuMi Kim Year ago

    I like your totoro shirt:)

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith Year ago

    Loved this movie so much! Beautifully shot

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    good movie

  • CdawgnLA
    CdawgnLA Year ago

    I enjoyed the film tremendously but I wish that opening sequence had been left on the cutting room floor. Horrible beginning to an otherwise well told story.

  • Jood2004
    Jood2004 Year ago

    did he grow up with rape and murder?

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago +2


  • Destructive DJ
    Destructive DJ Year ago

    The opening credits are horrifying, to those with weak stomachs, do not watch

  • Chloe Medeiros
    Chloe Medeiros Year ago

    This should have gotten an A+. Just saying.

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02

    Man... This movie gets you at times.

  • Vinstinctify1
    Vinstinctify1 Year ago

    gyllenhaal is one of my fav actors but i cannot stand adams. ill wait for this to air on tv and watch it only for jake

  • Ricky Melendez
    Ricky Melendez Year ago

    The opening credits was disgusting. I'm all about body positivity but normalizing obesity is not good nor artistic

  • Craig Murphy
    Craig Murphy Year ago

    Garbage. A waste of film. OMG , thought Amy Adams was Nicole Kidman. This movie was a bad derivative of the Texas chainsaw massacre all generations and the next.

  • Sebastian Flores Leon

    this and Hell or High Water are the most underrated movies of 2016

  • Fabio De Santis
    Fabio De Santis Year ago

    The first scene is disgusting

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Year ago

    I would fuck the DAYLIGHTS outta Amy Adams

  • Phillip Scott
    Phillip Scott Year ago

    I've watched like 4 months ago and I'm still thinking about the complexity of this movie.

  • Cameron Hawes
    Cameron Hawes Year ago

    Maybe it's because Tom Ford was a world reknowned fashion designer before he got into directing but his movies are impeccably shot, the cinematography is beautiful, and everything from the sets to the little nuances are extremely well placed. Not to mention everyone is well dressed. I guess a fashion designer would make for a stylish director. " A Single Man" was fantastic too.

  • cliffedward
    cliffedward Year ago

    The book was a long winded way of saying "Fuck you bitch!". And then just to drop the mike he stood her up in the end.
    Great movie.

  • RyeBread.
    RyeBread. Year ago +1

    I still think it's meh...still a rich persons problem, connected with it none

  • Miguel Malpica
    Miguel Malpica Year ago

    A-! . NAIN DUDE

  • Lisa
    Lisa Year ago

    Aaron Taylor is still a pretty boy no matter his character. Yum

  • Dancerama6
    Dancerama6 Year ago

    I just saw this and you're absolutely right it is one of those movies that makes you think afterwards.

  • Alexis Lopez
    Alexis Lopez Year ago

    I finally saw this movie and this is MUST WATCH. Both story lines in the movie are AMAZING

  • Desirée Vega
    Desirée Vega Year ago +13

    as for the "words literally written on the wall" issue, I thought the REVENGE painting on the wall was extremely clever, not everyone really saw it or if they did they didn't have enough time to connect it to the story. Plus you don't know that an actual revenge is going on up until the very end scene. This movie was outstanding, definitely one of my favorites I saw so far this year. This one and Arrival. SOMEONE GIVE AMY ADAMS AN OSCAR ALREADY!

    • NicKeLas
      NicKeLas 3 months ago

      Also, Amy Adam's character didn't remember ordering it, so I think it might've been Jake Gyllenhall's character who did.

  • Victoria grey
    Victoria grey Year ago

    Man i am still wondering what did i watch did she die, what was real, what was the connection in the three story lines wtf help me please

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Year ago

    This was not a good movie. The book part was good, but the whole time I'm still thinking why did I have to watch that lady dancing for 5 minutes in the opening credits. Also, the ending was supposed to leave the audience thinking? Really? It just pissed me off and I'm pretty sick of movies trying to be so smart and uncover layers of meaning. I get it Jake is holding a grudge and lost his wife and child in real life and the book. This movie was pretentious.

  • Aisha Thomas
    Aisha Thomas Year ago

    I hate it

  • Bruce LeeRoy
    Bruce LeeRoy Year ago

    Lots of random nudity, and lots of attractive gingers.