• Published on Jul 29, 2017
    We have finished our Vietnamese Street Food Journey and have come to Borneo Malaysia for a ton of local Malaysian street food and Jungle Food! It's been the best trip ever and I can't wait to share it with you! While I edit these next couple videos, if you have any recommendations for street food locations in Indonesia, please post it on my latest blog post at:
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    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious Chinese food as I can
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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  • im miata mike
    im miata mike 17 days ago

    Go to Italy

  • Blaa Blaa
    Blaa Blaa Month ago

    Weeee wantttt chuchu :)

  • Gigih Halim
    Gigih Halim Month ago

    How could you explain to ting ting that there will nothing happen with chu chu coming along? Why does ting ting seem okay with all this? Why the hell do they get along? Dude, it's too much. Chu chu is too much. Please. Just show up alone.

  • Mapx Renthlei
    Mapx Renthlei 2 months ago

    Come to Aizawl, mizoram in India

  • AmeliART
    AmeliART 3 months ago +1

    Go to France

  • The end of time
    The end of time 3 months ago

    Hunan, ask Tingting, I think she would like too)

  • Alev
    Alev 3 months ago

    I thought there'd be more videos from Japan :(

  • Martha Castillo
    Martha Castillo 5 months ago


  • Xx_ItzMehNils_xX
    Xx_ItzMehNils_xX 5 months ago

    plz come to sri lanka

  • Ali -S
    Ali -S 5 months ago

    Go to pakistan...

  • Summer Ho
    Summer Ho 6 months ago

    Go to HK!!!!! or Tokyo will do! I have a list of great food awaits you!!! Thanks for your awesome vidoes Trevor!! Best!!!

  • Alif Afnan
    Alif Afnan 6 months ago

    try some arabs food.

  • demon for sure
    demon for sure 7 months ago

    Gangbang in the jungle

  • boniface justinus
    boniface justinus 7 months ago +1

    Go Chu Chu!! I choose you!

  • lazy weed
    lazy weed 8 months ago

    Come to miri

  • IBM Vrc
    IBM Vrc 8 months ago

    These names...tingting chuchu.....

  • Peter Ying
    Peter Ying 8 months ago

    chu chu is way hotter than ting ting

  • Z Daseh
    Z Daseh 8 months ago

    Please go to amman, jordan

  • Stephen Seychell
    Stephen Seychell 8 months ago

    Come to the Maltese Islands (Malta)!

  • Dev Das
    Dev Das 9 months ago +1

    U could have easily get 10M+ subscribers.. If TVclip hasn't been banned in China..

  • Chai Xyooj
    Chai Xyooj 9 months ago

    eventually u'll run out of places to go eat trevor....so i guess the last thing to do; serve food on ting ting and chu chu than go deep on those chili peppers....what else can u do with 2 sexy ladies....tai hao le....

  • Juan Andres Ferrero
    Juan Andres Ferrero 10 months ago

    Come to Colombia!

  • _BOKCHOY_ Gaming
    _BOKCHOY_ Gaming 10 months ago +1

    Guangzhou dim sum!

  • zbod1
    zbod1 10 months ago

    Go to Bangladesh! Best fruit and veg

  • Gandalf
    Gandalf 10 months ago

    More Chu Chu and Ting Ting please...

  • D Yq
    D Yq 11 months ago +1

    Why is Chu Chu so fake, so unprofessional ? Please don’t show her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zhenyu Liu
    Zhenyu Liu 11 months ago

    Qingdao for the seafood, dog.

  • Yahdee
    Yahdee 11 months ago

    lmao chu chu. Loving the quirkiness! 1:28 1:56

  • wombat
    wombat 11 months ago +1

    choo choo is so hot

  • The Greek
    The Greek 11 months ago

    you got fat man stay away from the starch lol

  • RichPhoto
    RichPhoto 11 months ago

    South Korea guys, they have amazing food :)

  • mohd talha
    mohd talha 11 months ago

    pls go to Iran

  • Ezequiel's Healing Tools
    Ezequiel's Healing Tools 11 months ago

    try food in mexico!!

  • Chetan Bhatkar
    Chetan Bhatkar 11 months ago


  • Yan Herliana
    Yan Herliana Year ago

    u should go to Bandung,..

    KN DAILY Year ago


  • Boy Hassan
    Boy Hassan Year ago

    Come to pakistan let me be your host

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll Year ago


  • TheGanzo73
    TheGanzo73 Year ago

    Come visit to Mongolia

  • Kambing
    Kambing Year ago

    I've never visited any of these places but I would say Turkey, Morocco or Jordan.

  • chrizhera gillby kwa

    You have to eat manadonesse food in indonesia its really really good there is a pork too, in indonesia people who eat pork really like manado food but manado food is spicy more than padang, really hope you eat manado food

  • Javier Donoso V
    Javier Donoso V Year ago

    Korea will be interesting , Philippines

  • Hacking All Games

    Visit bali and komodo land

  • IanRhethy
    IanRhethy Year ago +1

    Go to somewhere in Shandong or Dongbei (i.e. Northeast China)! We don't see much Northern Chinese cuisine in the West, and besides your great Beijing videos, I'd like to see more of what the North has to offer. Keep up the good work!

  • ItzIsaac 0407
    ItzIsaac 0407 Year ago +1


  • andrew jounathan
    andrew jounathan Year ago

    indonesia go to mangga besar and kali mati

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa Year ago

    Go to Armenia, it is increadible place with yammy food

  • Fadi Semmo
    Fadi Semmo Year ago

    Libanon - capital city - middle eastern - asia --> Beirut, Jnoub, Trablous and so on !!!!!YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL THERE!! IF YES; LET ME KNOW; ILL SHOW YOU THE BEST STREET FOOD !!! :)

  • GD humanppplus
    GD humanppplus Year ago


  • Aritz Sna
    Aritz Sna Year ago

    Come to Spain. Where we have the best food around the world

  • Muneer Ahmed
    Muneer Ahmed Year ago

    Come to INDIA you missed Lucknow

  • Ayoma Senanayke
    Ayoma Senanayke Year ago +1

    Shrelanka come on

  • Marcelo Rovea Serres

    Brazil street foods, first in Rio Grande do Sul...

  • Elang Raditya
    Elang Raditya Year ago

    if you come to Indonesia ofc you will try nasi padang, but if you consider to go to Solo city, you will find Bebek Goreng H Slamet in kartasura, Nasi Liwet all over the place in surakarta, for the dessert try Surabi in notosuman. This three foods from solo are well known all over indonesia. For the real street food , try mie ayam its actually food from neighbour city Wonogiri, but in Capital Jakarta , the tasty mie ayam usually comes from Solo street vendor.

  • Le Gil
    Le Gil Year ago


  • Kristina
    Kristina Year ago


  • Fortituder Riz
    Fortituder Riz Year ago

    How about Okinawa and Taiwan

  • Deonvito Leo
    Deonvito Leo Year ago

    otherwise you should go to pluit or muara karang part of north jakarta... thera are also a lot of medanese food ..north sumatra foods.. yummy

  • Deonvito Leo
    Deonvito Leo Year ago

    james.... you should go to mangga besar street in jakarta... there are a lot of specific of indonesian street foods there

  • Shibo Cao
    Shibo Cao Year ago

    You have not been to Northeast China. Try it!

  • Eric Pelky
    Eric Pelky Year ago

    I've been trippin about Viet Nam for a while now.

  • Tanin Nahar
    Tanin Nahar Year ago

    Go to Bangladesh

  • Fuad Nana
    Fuad Nana Year ago

    go to south frica

  • Marcus F
    Marcus F Year ago

    Try Philippines @The Food Ranger

  • Haidan Zhou
    Haidan Zhou Year ago

    You should go to Taiwan!

  • jawad malik
    jawad malik Year ago

    do tour to Pakistan

  • Creeper Waflers
    Creeper Waflers Year ago

    Mexico !!!

  • Farikh Zulhuda
    Farikh Zulhuda Year ago

    In Indonesia you must visit 2 cities Surakarta/Solo and Jogjakarta not only in jakarta you can find a lot more traditional food and cheap food in there . First come you must try nasi padang the most popular food in Indonesia .

  • Ootskee
    Ootskee Year ago

    U have to try beef rendang , nasi goreng (fried rice) , coto konro, satay,

  • peterstang
    peterstang Year ago

    I'll follow where you go.

  • rakuen:Callisto!
    rakuen:Callisto! Year ago

    Have you guys done Japan? Kyoto specifically?

  • Sondarva Hardik
    Sondarva Hardik Year ago +1

    sir want chuchu in every video you will shoot....oky..we want chuchu in videos..plz

  • Dorr Corn
    Dorr Corn Year ago


  • MochixYui
    MochixYui Year ago

    Why don't you come to Singapore! :D

  • Albert Gunawan
    Albert Gunawan Year ago

    you can go to Java island that most of big city in Indonesia such as Jakarta which more metropolitan city , Jogya is more traditional city and Surabaya is hero city that have more spicy food than other.
    Most of the foof in Jogya is sweet .
    The most chalenge food that you can have is in Papua island ... people there cook using stone and burry the food ...also you can eat sago tree worm there too.
    I can guide you to Indonesia , welcome to Indonesia

  • Novita Lo
    Novita Lo Year ago

    Go to indonesia,you must go to pontianak or medan city.. Not jakarta.. The heaven of food medan and pontianak.

  • Jue Wang
    Jue Wang Year ago

    If you plan to come to China again, please please come to Changsha, Hunan, the most spicy foods are waiting for your Tai Hao La!

  • ChanFlex
    ChanFlex Year ago

    Go to Hainan, China

  • wladimirjsilva
    wladimirjsilva Year ago +1

    More videos with Chu chu :)

  • Edon445
    Edon445 Year ago

    go to kosovo

  • UltraValor
    UltraValor Year ago


  • VaniStyles.
    VaniStyles. Year ago +1

    Do more Food tour in Hong Kong!! There are way more delicious food for you to try!!! :P u ask me for some personal favourite restaurants

  • Sutar Diansyah
    Sutar Diansyah Year ago

    heyyy,, come to borneo indonesia,, im sutar from borneo indonesia... you can try tradisional food Balikpapan and Samarinda with me

  • Alexander Truman
    Alexander Truman Year ago +1


  • Sean de Erio
    Sean de Erio Year ago


  • youtuber 12345
    youtuber 12345 Year ago

    Checkout Bangladesh, main cities to got to Dhaka, Chittagong AND SYLHET

  • Taipans
    Taipans Year ago

    Come to America our street food is delicious (LOL)

  • Icy Mizo
    Icy Mizo Year ago

    ting ting + chu chu= bang bang

  • alex jaydee
    alex jaydee Year ago

    Go to the Philippines and try food there!!!

  • 王四月
    王四月 Year ago +1


  • HammaD KhaN
    HammaD KhaN Year ago

    Russia for the food

  • 李纳豆
    李纳豆 Year ago

    how follow chuchu?

  • Anul Shrestha
    Anul Shrestha Year ago

    Yo, Mr.James, come to Kathmandu for Newari cuisine.

  • Timothy Soerianto

    sate kambing Kim tek, nasi uduk kebon kacang, pecel lele, nasi goreng. and many more

  • Tim Shiu
    Tim Shiu Year ago

    what about festival foods and stories, like moon cake origin?

  • Yez Zuz
    Yez Zuz Year ago

    do u have 3somes with chuchu and ting ting

  • sun yuan
    sun yuan Year ago +2


  • Gamer Sparta
    Gamer Sparta Year ago +2

    Trevor is the man, he travels the world, he eats good food, he bangs two chicks, life must be good!