AMAZING Indian Food ADVENTURE in KOLKATA, India | BEST Indian Street Food and Homemade Indian CURRY

  • Published on Dec 16, 2017
  • Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Indian street food in Kolkata will blow you away. If you like traveling and eating Indian food and Indian cuisine and curry and Indian street food, I think you’ll love this Indian street food and Indian food series. We came to eat and try the best street food in Kolkata, India, and were invited to a local home to try an amazing home cooked meal! We also ate a ton of Indian street foods for breakfast on the side of the street with lots of friendly locals and delicious spices! It was the best experience from my trip to Kolkata, India.
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  • Abhishek Jha
    Abhishek Jha 2 hours ago

    I am from kolkata. Will u please come to kolkata again .Iwant to meet u


    Uuuuuunnnnn😙😙😙that sound is awsm

  • Danish Ansari
    Danish Ansari Day ago

    Omg the family visit is everything!!

  • Ankit Joshi
    Ankit Joshi Day ago +1

    When you are coming back to India..please let us know

    NARENDRANATH MANDAL 2 days ago +1

    u just missed everything in kolkata .

  • Reddy Challa
    Reddy Challa 2 days ago

    India treat relatives like a god this culture comes from olden days am. From Andhra Pradesh

    AR- BEATS 2 days ago

    Ghatiya hai

    SANTOSH KUMAR 3 days ago

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    Saikat Mondal 3 days ago


    ARC OHOF 4 days ago

    2:51 pedophile spotted.

  • Alauddin khan
    Alauddin khan 4 days ago

    Pakistanis didn't charge him anything for the food he ate there and they were giving a little more smile

    SIRAJUDDIN SHAIKH 5 days ago

    Only India have lots of variety of food

  • Paaru xD
    Paaru xD 5 days ago

    Thanks for coming to South india

  • mohammed emtiyaz
    mohammed emtiyaz 5 days ago

    Missed the fish curry, it is trademark bengali dish👌👌

  • Shib kumar Rooj
    Shib kumar Rooj 6 days ago

    Hospitality at ita BEST

    576 MEGAPIXEL 6 days ago

    Ladies are Busy With Food Ranger ,, The Other Guy is staring at Food Rangers Food !!!!!!

  • Pankaj Bisht
    Pankaj Bisht 7 days ago

    We indians pray to our God give us that much we shouldn't be hungry. And sage not hungry.
    Meanwhile We indians consider our guest as a God we worship them this can only happen in india i feel proud I am a citizen of this country. 🇮🇳
    Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • Bharath Reddy g Bharath Reddy g

    Enjoy all our indian delicacies and the love of indian people everybody ,from India

  • Gourav soni
    Gourav soni 7 days ago

    This motherfucker had also visited Pakistan for review..

    Man pray to God u never meet me in India

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    Farhan Sabuvala 9 days ago

    Come to surat india you must come for street foods

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    Muthu vel 9 days ago

    Food ranger come quick ASAP i am waiting for your videos

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    Mufasa 10 days ago +4

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  • Rupendra Kumar
    Rupendra Kumar 10 days ago

    Sir I am from India and my name is Rupendra I am the big fan of u and u r the my hero.and I love u lot.

  • cold shishir
    cold shishir 11 days ago

    magir dudh koto boro

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    ট্রেভর'দা - খেয়ে এসেছেন নাকি গিয়ে খাবেন?

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    Mehtab Hussain 12 days ago

    Uska muh utda hua kiyu tha..?

  • kamaruzzaman ahmed
    kamaruzzaman ahmed 14 days ago +1

    Kolkata sweet Best

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    syed jamil 14 days ago

    kashmiris are also hungry sydney aus

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 14 days ago +1

    Moral of the Story -
    Comes in India with thousands of Subscribers, Goes out back with Millions of Subscribers 🥂

  • Jiji Shahrazed
    Jiji Shahrazed 15 days ago

    مساكين البناويت قطعوا رواحهم و هما يوروله في الماكلة عاد قريب يقوموا يرقصوله .. ضحك و عينينهم تلمع اصل و الخو لابد حاقرينه و مصبولاش الماكلة لين تغشش ☺

  • ashmeet rocks
    ashmeet rocks 16 days ago

    The spoon for serving food could have been a bit bigger..

  • Victory Printers
    Victory Printers 17 days ago +5

    I Love India Food it's so hummy
    I wish 1 chance to visit india Lovely People
    love from Pakistan.

  • Shining Stars
    Shining Stars 18 days ago

    You come kolhapur in India. For tambda pandhra rassa

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    true indian 19 days ago

    You r romaing around not actual places of Kolkata....thus you missed actual taste of Kolkata, totally unfortunate episode...

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    Nobu Lama 21 day ago +1

    May I ask how do you manage to eat all day. 😅🤪

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    Salim Shaikh 23 days ago

    Love from India

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    SunaPana Reloaded 24 days ago

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    Its call FAAFDA not GATHIYA..

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    Sultan Saeed Month ago

    eat carefully they mix cow urine in food

  • Rana Chakraborty
    Rana Chakraborty Month ago +1

    Brother this muttan kosa is kolkata golabari muttan kosa. Not made it home.

  • Prapti Bordoloi
    Prapti Bordoloi Month ago +2

    When you go to Kolkata and end up trying south Indian food

  • Everything About Azerbaijan

    i will be happy welcoming you in Azerbaijan. you will see best foods all over world.

  • Bapan Mistri
    Bapan Mistri Month ago

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    Kiron Mondal Month ago +4

    Hi, I'm from Kolkata and thank you for visiting our City.

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony Month ago

    Dude, marry one of them ask one of them if they want to get married and then they could cook for you all day and all night well you know what happens at night but the eating would be phenomenal.

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    Nikhil Nike KING Month ago

    Hi bro come to Andhra Pradesh cal me and give me reply bro here Lata special food bro in East Godavari in Ravulpalem bro plz come to here

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    Subham Kumar Month ago +1

    Nothing can match the hospitality and affection of indian family.proud Indian

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    Mohammad Shah Alam Month ago

    কষা মাংস দেখতে ভালো ছিল। তবে মালাইকারি একদম বাজে দেখতে।