AMAZING Indian Food ADVENTURE in KOLKATA, India | BEST Indian Street Food and Homemade Indian CURRY

  • Published on Dec 16, 2017
  • Indian street food in Kolkata will blow you away. If you like traveling and eating Indian food and Indian cuisine and curry and Indian street food, I think you’ll love this Indian street food and Indian food series. We came to eat and try the best street food in Kolkata, India, and were invited to a local home to try an amazing home cooked meal! We also ate a ton of Indian street foods for breakfast on the side of the street with lots of friendly locals and delicious spices! It was the best experience from my trip to Kolkata, India.
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    Bloddy city and blody dumm family....

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    good india iam pakistani

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    family was very warm n loving to welcome him

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    India is so poor and dirty.. thanks Jinnah

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    india is best

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    india is full of fun

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    lol sewai served with non veg

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    Nice VDO

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    Not only this family.. But most of the families from INDIA will love like this..

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    Hi James
    Come to Tamil Nadu
    South India

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    Bekar or baqwas

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    dirty and unclean wtf , they make every dirth hands without gloves

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    Great vid👍

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    Ashwani Sehgal 12 days ago

    Great family hospitality....great food & love 💘

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    14:58 mother is upset. her son was not given enough attention by the sisters.

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    u have to try indian hyderabadi desi chikhen curry

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  • Navdeep Gupta
    Navdeep Gupta 23 days ago

    People around the world may have different perceptions but being an indian i can tell in one sentence that guys like ADITYA define india pretty much.

  • nithish kumar
    nithish kumar 28 days ago

    When we hearing comments from other country peoples about indian culture and about indian people giving respect to others I feel proud to be a indian

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    you are so lucky.

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    This type of love only present in INDIA.. and In Kolkata it add more.....

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    Fantastic job sir

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    U must know that this food is like being served in ur home and like u r at ur home as well 😃👍

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    14:16 iski mom ko pata h bete ko aur chicken khana h xD lekin sharma rha h ..
    Same meri mom bhi aise hi h

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    The boy looks visibly...diffident and scared, by something. His sisters, in contrast, are much more confident and vibrant.

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    y only south indian food whn it cms to street food u guy's missed bengali street food...
    I mean common u r in kolkata in bengal not in South india...😑

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    Nice family and nice family food, address please ?


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    I love the hospitality. 💗

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    No restaurant in India would have served the food that they served. That is the actual Indian food. It is what is prepared in our homes...

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    Do visit us in Pakistan :)

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    Kolkata is a heart ❣ of India 🇮🇳 iam from Andhra Pradesh Jai hind

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    Plz call for booking s 9035252076

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    Wow😍 We Indian treat our guest as God n bengali people r known for their sweetness n hospitality.. Bengali loves food they r real foody.. they not only love to eat but also love to invite others to join them.. Thank u for visiting us🙏🏻

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