March Milkness Taste Test: Sugary Cereals

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • March Milkness is officially underway! What’s the sweet breakfast favorite from the Sugary Region?! GMM #1510
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Comments • 5 853

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  5 months ago +3785

    SPOILER ALERT: This episode is now spoiler-free. Thanks for hanging in there while we fixed it! Enjoy.

    • Eben Cole
      Eben Cole 18 days ago

      Good Mythical Morning hi good mythical morning!

    • Sprite Bonn
      Sprite Bonn Month ago

      Cotton candy candy looks like somebody from Al-Qaeda🤣

    • Succ Master 56
      Succ Master 56 2 months ago

      That’s great but... WHY DID YOU PUT MINI WHEATS AHEAD OF FROSTED FLAKES!? Frosted Flakes will always be better than mini wheats!

    • Yeet Meister
      Yeet Meister 3 months ago

      the only spoiler i cared about was the snack king! i hadnt seen that episode yet! 😭😭😭

      LOVE IS LOVE. 4 months ago


  • ajkb1988
    ajkb1988 12 hours ago

    This bother anyone else? There should be more milk in the bowls.

  • DrBadFish1
    DrBadFish1 Day ago

    I'll never understand the USA's obsession with cinamon lol

  • Unknown Nebula
    Unknown Nebula 2 days ago

    I like soggy cereal

  • Real Random
    Real Random 2 days ago

    Who else now wants cereal right now but it's night time

  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain 2 days ago

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch is still the GOAT don't @ me.

  • Bohs Boi
    Bohs Boi 4 days ago

    In Ireland Frosted Flakes are called frosties

  • Andrew Stilt
    Andrew Stilt 4 days ago

    Link with frosted mini wheats is like Gollum with the one ring.

  • Kratos
    Kratos 4 days ago +1


  • mr. drabbles
    mr. drabbles 4 days ago

    I always cheer for Link, but dammit, how dare he put frosted pillows of dry ass hay over my Lucky Charms

  • Peeravat KPR
    Peeravat KPR 4 days ago +1

    This whole comment section made it clear that Frosted Flakes is the true champ haha

  • Pancho Llamas
    Pancho Llamas 7 days ago

    how did tony lose

  • Wolf Games003
    Wolf Games003 7 days ago

    Why is a guy with a cotton candy beard sitting in the corner of my basement.

  • Hans Larson
    Hans Larson 8 days ago

    Does anyone else suddenly want cereal

  • Bryce Armstrong
    Bryce Armstrong 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who likes cereal soggy

  • MJ Bridges
    MJ Bridges 9 days ago

    So confused about the seeds

  • gamerhood 420
    gamerhood 420 10 days ago

    Cinnamon toast crunch is my favorite

  • Evan Deans
    Evan Deans 10 days ago

    Rice crispy plain are soo much better than rice crispy treats

  • TheCowsMeow
    TheCowsMeow 12 days ago +1

    Also Link- Mini Wheats beats Frosted Flakes
    Me- Thanks for remaining a toddler😂

  • EHamAndFam
    EHamAndFam 12 days ago

    Frosted mini wheats> lucky charms

  • EmmaOnATangent
    EmmaOnATangent 13 days ago

    Frosted flakes deserved better. . . . .

  • Person of marshmallow
    Person of marshmallow 15 days ago

    Cotton Candy Randy is the best

  • The Helping Tree
    The Helping Tree 16 days ago

    “the- the fravorite”
    another time link can’t talk properly 😂

  • Andji Lock
    Andji Lock 16 days ago +1

    ThEy dIDn't leT My FAvouritE CEREALS WiN REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, grow up.They have the full right to have their own taste buds and opinion. If it's better for them than it's better for them. No one is forcing you to eat them or like them.

  • Dude The dude
    Dude The dude 17 days ago +1

    Rice krispy treats will always be my #1

  • Chloe
    Chloe 17 days ago

    It's okay, Link. I love mini wheats.

  • Methamphetameme
    Methamphetameme 18 days ago +1

    Commander Crunch

  • Daniel robles
    Daniel robles 18 days ago

    Cookie Crisp

  • New Karolina
    New Karolina 19 days ago

    Frosted Flakes and captain crunch are the best bozos

  • DarkAnubis
    DarkAnubis 19 days ago

    Honey Nut Cheerio - The most overrated cereal.

  • Matt Woodring
    Matt Woodring 19 days ago

    It's all about the strawberry frosted mini whats. Or the frosted flakes lucky charms

  • Jacobs Labs
    Jacobs Labs 21 day ago

    Corn pops or Honeycombs? 😕

  • Hashir Mughal
    Hashir Mughal 21 day ago

    Link's vocals are impressive

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 21 day ago +3

    @ approx 2:30; Fyi gentlemen, Rice Krispy Treats cereal Should be eaten with half & half. Trust me, from multiple personal experiences, that is the way it should be eaten!

  • Dragonfly Studios
    Dragonfly Studios 21 day ago

    Contrary to what everyone says, I LOVE frosted mini wheats

  • Cynthia Reis
    Cynthia Reis 21 day ago

    i’m from brazil and we don’t have almost any of this, but i’m still watching two grownup men eating cereal

  • Tiny Dino Productions
    Tiny Dino Productions 22 days ago

    I wanna eat all the cereal in the world

  • Kitty Chen
    Kitty Chen 23 days ago

    Lays= in England walkers

  • XTerra KnightX
    XTerra KnightX 23 days ago

    I don’t like cinnamon toast crunch... it’s to cinnamony...

  • dirty dan
    dirty dan 24 days ago

    I have a question, where is cotton candy Randy?!?!

  • Ayato sakamaki-senpai
    Ayato sakamaki-senpai 26 days ago +1

    wanna know something depressing? me not being able to
    eat cinnamon toast crunch cus of the country i live in

  • A R K
    A R K 26 days ago

    That "guest star" is the only reason i'm not leaving a like 😂

  • William James
    William James 26 days ago

    Frosted Flakes are galaxies better than frosted mini wheats

  • Kawhite Leonard
    Kawhite Leonard 29 days ago

    Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios are better than any cereal ever created

  • JBC_81
    JBC_81 29 days ago +1

    Golden Grahams didn’t even make the tourney?

  • Itz Eric
    Itz Eric Month ago

    no way frosted mini wheats beat lucky charms and frosted flakes bruh

  • Alberto Molina
    Alberto Molina Month ago

    Any one else eat all the cereal in lucky charms first and save the marshmallows for last?

  • Haley Derks
    Haley Derks Month ago

    link doesn't play by any good rules and makes this show so much worse

  • Edson Rodriguez
    Edson Rodriguez Month ago

    Frosted flakes should of won 😑

  • Kaitlynn •
    Kaitlynn • Month ago

    I can always appreciate a good cereal and frosted mini wheats really are where it’s at tho. It has the perfect sugar to wheat ratio. The only downside is they get soggy quite quick so you need just a little milk or you need to eat them fast. But also id just like to say I don’t understand why everyone’s so defensive towards lucky charms- those wheat puffs taste terrible without the marshmallows and frankly that ratio in the box is just not enough.

  • Shawn Gilbert
    Shawn Gilbert Month ago

    One cereal they forgot is French toast crunch, that would have been a good contender

  • Michael Robles
    Michael Robles Month ago

    Who else watched this while eating cereal

  • Clayton Roane
    Clayton Roane Month ago

    Link: Thanks for being such a big boy.
    Couple minutes later
    Rhett: Lucky charms are better.
    Link: But, I like frosted mini wheats more.

  • Rosanna Pansino fangirl for life, ilhsm

    This is an abomination! I love both Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch even without milk!!! Honey Nut Cheerios is clearly better!!! They are both amazing and delicious but Honey Nut Cheerios should've absolutely won the sugary region!!!

  • The DylanPlayer
    The DylanPlayer Month ago

    Frosted Mini wheats are not that good, they just habe flavor on top

  • The DylanPlayer
    The DylanPlayer Month ago

    Frosted flakes are my fav

  • leann.
    leann. Month ago

    Lucky charms are so ridiculously bland, but so are frosted mini wheats so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Javier Vasquez
    Javier Vasquez Month ago

    Anyone else bothered by how little milk there is in the cereal

  • Eddie Castillo
    Eddie Castillo Month ago

    When you do the next ones you should have all the winner's. Go against eachother

  • Leilee Pishva
    Leilee Pishva Month ago

    everyone complaining about frosted mini wheats, frosted flakes are overrated. I said it