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  • Published on Oct 20, 2013
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    Join Trev for a walk through some of Beijing's most lively food spots and a taste of Beijing's most popular dishes.
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  2 years ago +78

    Hope you enjoy my Beijing food tour vid! This is the first vid in China I ever created! you can follow my Insta for more photos of these food journeys : bit.ly/2c5ojch
    Check it out! And thanks for watching!

    • Donatien Chikatilo
      Donatien Chikatilo 3 months ago

      Loved your early porn music background bro 😁
      Damn man, how come to overreact so much now, your true Trevor is quieter, or did you change over the years in China?

    • eastbay4eva
      eastbay4eva 6 months ago

      @Nicholas Lai This was the morning market on Longfusi Street, near Dongsi Station. Unfortunately, I believe it's gone as that entire area is being built into a pedestrian street.

    • Nicholas Lai
      Nicholas Lai Year ago

      The Food Ranger
      Hi, May i know where the morning Market in the video?

  • Ralph Reyes
    Ralph Reyes 2 months ago

    The ladies Man Trevor, she is not interested in food, she is interested in you!!!

  • sara jiang
    sara jiang 2 months ago


  • Milo Calm
    Milo Calm 3 months ago

    3:00 alright close your eyes

  • Dolores Shepherd
    Dolores Shepherd 3 months ago

    Yes im here in 2019 lol im trying to figure out how u stood there like a boss listening to her talk in her language 🤣 do u also speak it?

  • Luc Schots
    Luc Schots 4 months ago +2

    Wow! There's a world of difference between your style then and now!

  • Moii Morin
    Moii Morin 5 months ago


  • Milan Dzunda
    Milan Dzunda 5 months ago

    The easiest way how to learn foreign language is to be with someone foreign. Looks like Trevor got that very quickly :). Good for him.

  • Jonathan H. C. Tang
    Jonathan H. C. Tang 5 months ago

    Did you do Mongolian Feast? Please make a video about Either Inner Mongolian food or Ulannbataar. Thanks Ranger!

  • Ibeth Chandeck
    Ibeth Chandeck 6 months ago

    You were sooooo skinny back then.

  • 4injustwetrust
    4injustwetrust 7 months ago +1

    Fantastic seeing the difference in your early videos compared to your later work.

  • Helena Lee
    Helena Lee 7 months ago

    Trevor, you forgot to introduce the woman in this video. Anyway, I like her more than Chu Chu.

  • Eric Lee Piano
    Eric Lee Piano 8 months ago

    That woman is GORGEOUS. It's impossible to not fall in love with Chinese women and food. 😁

  • El Ahrairah
    El Ahrairah 8 months ago

    can anyone recommend any vegetarian beijing staples?

  • E Tv V
    E Tv V 9 months ago

    Please come to karnataka you went to e ery place in india but you didnt come to karnataka 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏come to karnataka

  • Manic Mailman
    Manic Mailman 9 months ago

    Hello there,
    Who was the beautiful lady you were with?

  • Ray Escobar
    Ray Escobar 9 months ago

    Wonderful show but please drop the horrible music. The inclusion of music when in China should be Chinese not American hip hop. Please don't lower your standards.

  • julia pinky
    julia pinky 9 months ago

    omg look at james he was skinny back in 2013 plus he was very poor ...now he become fat and rich with huge tummy keep it up boss

  • Ethan Po
    Ethan Po 9 months ago

    gotta eat Chinese both day and night, what a life

  • Victor Ojeda
    Victor Ojeda 10 months ago

    Can someone write the addresses of the places Trevor visited

  • Alex P
    Alex P 10 months ago

    Damn you were edgy 4 years ago that intro

  • P Williams
    P Williams 10 months ago

    Now who is the beautiful woman. Dude, you a beast.

  • Mark C
    Mark C 11 months ago

    Trevor, I like your videos in USA. Have you been to Tianjin? There are wonderful foods there.

  • wabadahugo
    wabadahugo 11 months ago

    That first song really sounds a lot like a Boards Of Canada song.

  • Faisal Hussain
    Faisal Hussain 11 months ago +1

    1:18 . Looks like Dosa the South Indian dish.

  • Xander Yong
    Xander Yong 11 months ago

    年轻的常乐 哈哈哈

  • Abhishek Joshi
    Abhishek Joshi Year ago

    all the dishes look just so mouth watering, I am definitely gonna try out as many of these dishes as I can when I visit Beijing in a few month.

  • 劉美珠


  • my name
    my name Year ago +1

    he didnt had much experience but now he got wooowww

  • Missy L
    Missy L Year ago

    This soup looks soooooo DELICIOUS 😍

  • The Gaming Toe
    The Gaming Toe Year ago

    Been binge watching your videos!! ☺ Great job even on your first vid.

  • Michael Tian
    Michael Tian Year ago


  • RedPillorBluePill

    Isn't tofu bad for men to be eating??

  • Craig Wynsouw
    Craig Wynsouw Year ago

    You’ve made great improvements since this first video

  • Zhexing Li
    Zhexing Li Year ago

    u r super quiet in this video :)

  • Benson Dead from the neck up

    Frickin plastic bags. China is gross.

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose Year ago +1

    look how slim you where xD

  • Celadon Zhang
    Celadon Zhang Year ago +3


    • BURRR
      BURRR Year ago

      Celadon Zhang 看着还比较稚嫩

    RAMA YANA Year ago

    Mm Mm Beautiful lady near you ...? Of course Mm Mm .. Yummy ...! 😀😀😀

  • KatsaPoBane
    KatsaPoBane Year ago

    Came a long way. Not bad for a first.

  • Crybabehot
    Crybabehot Year ago


  • Soley Yan
    Soley Yan Year ago


  • MD Saif Ali
    MD Saif Ali Year ago

    Where is Ting Ting Sis..I miss her

  • J Antonio Valdez
    J Antonio Valdez Year ago


  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Year ago

    Beautiful lady with a class, whom paid for a man. I hope every working woman should pay every now and then. Makes a man feel like the prince he is . ;)

  • annayu7
    annayu7 Year ago

    a beijinger currently in DC. Cant believe it has been 4 yours, miss beijing and all the food so much

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares Year ago

    Holy crap. That's a lot of vehicles and people at rush hour. No wonder Beijing has a severe smog problem. It makes Los Angeles and New York City look good. Trevor. Thanks for bringing us along for another delicious episode. By the way. Another cute female.

  • V
    V Year ago

    7:02 ❤️

    JOHN DANA Year ago +2

    Hi T. Im going to take your girlfriend.:-)

  • J H
    J H Year ago +1

    She is very pretty indeed. nice body too! with a cute voice! Chu Chu and her are top two so far!

  • overcomeevilwithgood

    came to watch you not to eat foods but to watch you speak mandarin with the local. love it

  • Antonin
    Antonin Year ago +1

    I love your videos! Sorry I only subbed now lol

  • ritesh kholkar
    ritesh kholkar Year ago +2

    who all r watching in 2017?😋

  • Thanakorn Tanampon
    Thanakorn Tanampon Year ago +1

    Trevor sounded pretty depressive back in the days

  • John Dawson
    John Dawson Year ago +1

    Man this intro to the video was like the matrix

  • Jimmy Stones
    Jimmy Stones Year ago +1

    Please visit south borneo please :)

  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar Year ago +1

    you look soo dull in this video.... not like your usual videos.... u didn't like the food???????????

  • Bernard-Marie Mendes France

    Loved the background Music following them ... incredibly perfected for it. Touring these great spots together in Beijing.

  • Rachel Wells
    Rachel Wells Year ago +1

    Damn dude.. I think all this good food made you a little fat since this one! Haha

  • Charles Cxgo
    Charles Cxgo Year ago +1

    She looks like an elf.. in a good way

  • afterdark12341
    afterdark12341 Year ago

    Very good videos!
    Do you remember the restaurant addresses or your favorite places?
    Thank you

  • lobir
    lobir Year ago

    Hey, just so you know, your music is really loud - louder than your voice.

  • Noises in the System

    this is such a chill video so freeing

  • Qiang Yang
    Qiang Yang Year ago

    I came here for one reason: to eat

  • Yang Wang
    Yang Wang 2 years ago

    the cinematography in these earlier videos is really great

  • Renu Rani
    Renu Rani 2 years ago

    Aww you looked so innocent.

  • anummasa
    anummasa 2 years ago

    laying in bed watching this.Impossible cannot see thee incredibly small subtitles either speak in English or make the subs bigger

  • guyman solomon
    guyman solomon 2 years ago

    Im a super fan of you. I have never missed any of your videos and I watched them at least twice. I found you in this video look sooo young.

  • jrguichenne
    jrguichenne 2 years ago

    Hi Trevor, i met you in Chengdu on a World Fair Expo in a University.. i wanted to ask you which morning market was the one on the start of this video.. were you get the jianbing cause i went to a supossed morning market but it was already close forever.. Thank you very much!

  • Ramona
    Ramona 2 years ago

    hello Trevor, you've made a lot of improvements since 2013 in regards to the food description part. Please keep making those videos, they are awesome :)

  • Ron stark Ron Stark
    Ron stark Ron Stark 2 years ago

    At his is a wonderful cultural experience. Where do you find your guides ?

  • AdamR
    AdamR 2 years ago

    He is living “ Chinese” dream.

  • TameTusker Silly
    TameTusker Silly 2 years ago

    Chinese masala dosa? Chinese poori too?:):):)

  • barrelrolldog
    barrelrolldog 2 years ago

    jian bing is da best

  • Longo
    Longo 2 years ago

    Of all the food you've shown in this video, only tofu brain is traditional Beijinger. You need to find a proper "OLD Beijinger". She might be cute, but I didn't detect a sliver of Beijing accent in her voice.

  • Sun Wu
    Sun Wu 2 years ago

    He found a chinese elf.

  • Wentworth Miller
    Wentworth Miller 2 years ago


  • Aliex Sam
    Aliex Sam 2 years ago +2

    Why you need the lady pay the money? That's very rude and unrespectful in China.

  • Violet Wong
    Violet Wong 2 years ago

    I cried so hard watching this video. Seeing places I used to go everyday really triggered my memory.

    • Violet Wong
      Violet Wong 2 years ago


  • Stuart Williams
    Stuart Williams 2 years ago


  • shengf40
    shengf40 2 years ago

    As a Beijing native now living in Canada, this video makes me so miss my old home! Great production work, Trevor!

  • Uma Grace
    Uma Grace 2 years ago

    How do you get money to buy foods and travel place to place?

  • Salman Abid
    Salman Abid 2 years ago

    one should not waste food

  • 王文伟
    王文伟 2 years ago

    妹子so good

  • daws555
    daws555 2 years ago

    so if I learn mandarin I can get these chicks. pay for me.

  • Lamartin Sangkoyo
    Lamartin Sangkoyo 2 years ago

    who is she ?

    ALPHA IC1 2 years ago

    He definitely got a happy ending later that day

  • Yaming Liu
    Yaming Liu 2 years ago

    where is the video that you and your parents were in beijing?


    So different from your newer videos, the tone and the editing and everything is so different. And your so skinny here


    Watching these videos are so addictive

  • gphuang67
    gphuang67 2 years ago

    Trever, where is your on-screen grading system? tell us what you really think of the food.

  • Indian Nigga
    Indian Nigga 2 years ago


  • ZKT XO
    ZKT XO 2 years ago

    ......... where can we find these places if we wanna go see beijing? like.... you don't have them listed.

    BHAKUNDOO 2 years ago

    where is this place in beijing

  • M L
    M L 2 years ago

    I cannot get enough of your videos, I love how you analyze the food and give your honest opinion on each dish, stay hungry my friend!

  • Jim Hackworth
    Jim Hackworth 2 years ago

    Your language skills have of course exploded. And your production is no A1! Good Job. I have watched so many food travelers who have no descriptive talents. You were good even then.

  • mo jojo
    mo jojo 2 years ago

    Is she a beauty queen or something like that?

  • Evelyne at CulturEatz
    Evelyne at CulturEatz 2 years ago +8

    great video, I am going to Beijing soon, what is the name of that restaurant?

    • eastbay4eva
      eastbay4eva 6 months ago +1

      It took me forever to find. It's called Huangjia Bingjiao Xiaoyuan. The english name is Gongjian Icehouse; it's on Gongjian Hutong near Beihai Park. Its apparently an old icehouse from imperial times. I know your trip has probably already ended, but hopefully someone else will be helped.

  • Erik Persson
    Erik Persson 2 years ago +1

    I really love ur vidoeos m8. Just became a subscriber! I'm also living away from my own home country so I know how much it takes, but ur doing an awesome job. I'm so impressed with u. Cheers m8 :-) Keep up the good work!