Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class Review


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  • rohit nautiyal
    rohit nautiyal Month ago

    Emirates have 3-4-3. Feel like cattle

  • Dody Febriarto
    Dody Febriarto Month ago

    Wow..nice video.. love turkish air 😀

  • Headlines Generator
    Headlines Generator 2 months ago

    USA airlines are the best. GREAT AMERICA

  • Holly Lippmann
    Holly Lippmann 2 months ago


  • Holly Lippmann
    Holly Lippmann 2 months ago

    DO NOT Travel via TA!!! They are the worst airlines experience ever! READ the TA Reviews!
    Read FB page:

  • Анжелика Анкудинова

    Very cool and complete review, thanks :)

  • Ahmetcan Begüm Betül Al
    Ahmetcan Begüm Betül Al 3 months ago +1


  • Reinhold Sonntag
    Reinhold Sonntag 3 months ago

    An interesting view from inside the plane, thank you. What I am missing is a view at the seats at the emergency exits. Is it really worth paying an extra fee to sit there to have more space for your legs?

    • Giulia G
      Giulia G 2 months ago

      Hi, for a tall man, is the leg space comfortable?

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  3 months ago +1

      Yes, but there may be spots left when the check-in is open, you can be seated for free then. It has NO guarantee though.

  • Μαρίνα Αντωνιάδου

    Do you remember which was your meal selection when you booked the flight? I mean low calories meal, vegetarian etc..

  • Petr Zouhar
    Petr Zouhar 3 months ago

    I so don't like how you destroyed the whole video with the backround music :/

  • Ян Цонев
    Ян Цонев 3 months ago

    Usually on 777 seat config in economy 3-4-3

  • Michelle Kukuri
    Michelle Kukuri 4 months ago +3

    If God is with me I will travel with trukish air line next week I cant wait

  • EritreanMusiq
    EritreanMusiq 4 months ago

    Turkish airlines has great service and food

  • RotorMickey 365
    RotorMickey 365 4 months ago

    Worst experience ever. Horrendous toilets. Food not hot and gluey, tasteless. Service lacking In a big way. No smiles. Smelly cabin. Incompetent "pilots" and on and on. Utter fucktards.

  • Humaira Ibrahim
    Humaira Ibrahim 5 months ago

    I am so happy that I pick Turkish airlines for my trip fro Riyadh to Istanbul

  • Irtiza Haider
    Irtiza Haider 5 months ago

    So what do u think Turkish air is better or Qatar air?

  • ali akyüz
    ali akyüz 5 months ago


  • erkan demir
    erkan demir 6 months ago

    I watched horror movies in the airplane, airplane was dropped in the ocean at the movie 😂

  • Ozturk Yildiz
    Ozturk Yildiz 6 months ago


  • MertcanBabiss
    MertcanBabiss 6 months ago

    I Love Turkısh Aırlınes because ıt is Very nice Aırlınes. I was go to the NewYork to Istanbul

  • Daniela Shaqja
    Daniela Shaqja 6 months ago

    Stupendo ❤❤ sono tornata ieri da Istanbul a roma 👌 i ragazzi dello staff sono molto disponibili e cortesi 👏👏👏👏 viaggero volentieri.🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷👌

  • Onur
    Onur 6 months ago +2

    I love the 2-4-2 layout on TK's A330-300. Not sure why 3-2-3 is used when 2-4-2 takes up the same amount of room while being preferable for having more favorable seats.

  • william hunt
    william hunt 7 months ago

    valuable video ..thanks

  • Haseeb Baloch
    Haseeb Baloch 7 months ago

    Their food is worst !!

  • In God We trust
    In God We trust 7 months ago

    I love Turkey , next winter i want to travel to Turkey but unfortunately Turkish airlines doesn’t serve in My City Seattle , Lufthansa and KLM does .

  • Andy Davis
    Andy Davis 7 months ago

    The hot towels are nice

  • sevim acun
    sevim acun 7 months ago +1

    Educational! Like your rating too :-)

  • duck rie
    duck rie 7 months ago

    I miss Turkish Airlines. The video is exciting. I remember cabin crew gave each passenger lokum💞

  • Desi Kartoos
    Desi Kartoos 7 months ago

    When comes to food in cabin, Turkish Air Line serve cheap, smelly Luke warm taste less food. In Feb. 2018 I flew first time with Turkish. Dinner was 0.30 cents Luke warm smelly taste less pasta with ground beef. In breakfast served sandwich full of cheese (I mean sandwich contained 3,500 layers of cheese) from USA. Return flight same cheese sandwich in breakfast, in lunch the $hittty smelly Luke warm meal ground beef kaboobs. Advice stay away from Turkish Airline.

  • LukeTheCanadian
    LukeTheCanadian 8 months ago +1

    Tonight at 1am I am going on a flight to Spain.

  • MLek Özdemir
    MLek Özdemir 8 months ago

    Did u have to pay the food into the airplane? Or is it included in the ticket price?

  • Laiba Yousuf
    Laiba Yousuf 8 months ago


  • Suleyman Talayhan
    Suleyman Talayhan 8 months ago


  • tiwi arch
    tiwi arch 9 months ago

    The best reviewed

  • Isabel Cristina
    Isabel Cristina 9 months ago

    Boa noite a todos linda cidade antalia

  • Spoonge Boob
    Spoonge Boob 9 months ago +1


    I’m a skinny boi so I’ll fit even better

  • eren aga
    eren aga 9 months ago +1

    İ am türkey i gana be Türkish airlanes pilot

  • Premium Gold
    Premium Gold 9 months ago


  • Bareaah Malik
    Bareaah Malik 9 months ago

    I'm mostly interested in the movies

  • Daniel younan
    Daniel younan 9 months ago

    Honestly, Qatar Airways 777 did look much more cool but the tray table was to small so I picked Turkish Airlines from my flight to Doha!

  • Ev Fann
    Ev Fann 9 months ago


  • venkateshwar rao manyam
    venkateshwar rao manyam 10 months ago

    Dalls to Las Vegas

  • EritreanMusiq
    EritreanMusiq 10 months ago

    The bins for the carry-ons look small.

  • Fede Brown
    Fede Brown 10 months ago

    Amazing video, very informative and entertaining! Will be having my first ever flight on this plane and with this airline next June, from Buenos Aires to Catania, via Istanbul and I wanted to check the plane and the service TK provides. A lot of my doubts were answered and now I know what I can expect from that flight and I'm really looking forward to it, more than before seeing this video ;) Thanks again!!

  • Cypheryoongi__ Chim
    Cypheryoongi__ Chim 10 months ago

    When I ate their spaghetti I threw up lol
    It was gross . I’m an American anyways

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee 10 months ago

    looked like I have to avoid Turkeish Air. They served nothing but butter, cream, and cheese likes others.

  • Subhana Mondal
    Subhana Mondal 11 months ago

    Turkish airlines is really beautiful

  • wisam nassar
    wisam nassar 11 months ago

    my last trip from IST to LAX and back we didnt have access to the wifi , and the space between the seats is very small for that long trip .... however the prices are good !

  • ayu ayu
    ayu ayu 11 months ago

    nice flight from jkt-ist-mxp and ams-ist-jkt.. good food and ife

  • Akbar Muhtadin
    Akbar Muhtadin 11 months ago +10

    Yes im very Happy now after i watch Turkish airlines via flight review thankyou very much and tomorrow i will go to Oslo(Norwegia) from Jakarta(Indonesia) and transit for Change airplane in Istanbul to Oslo i hope tomorrow will be my great traveling by Turkish airline Thank you very much for flight review 👍 good job man💪

  • Violeta Aplasca
    Violeta Aplasca 11 months ago

    good service

  • Emerald Kwekowe
    Emerald Kwekowe Year ago +2

    1:55 Sundar Pichai?? Lol, looks like him.

  • Alperen Arslantürk

    Hello, Streaming, plain, quality and real video footage. Thank you for this beautiful video.Turkish Airlines really is number 1 . In the near future Istanbul 3rd airport will be in service. It is going to be the biggest airport in the world.

  • Red Shaun
    Red Shaun Year ago +2

    Going to Iran with this airline and stopping in turkey. Wanna see what it is like to sleep eat and live on a plane for 14 hours because I have never even been out of the continent. Thank you for this video, all I am still scared of is turbulence but that’s normal I hope

    • דוד טוביאן
      דוד טוביאן 8 months ago

      Red Shaun dont worry this is the safest air line in the world,but please bring your own life jacket just in case,you can buy it on line

  • Jake Memes
    Jake Memes Year ago +3

    I’ve been on Turkish airlines over 5 times and first class and economy class IS AWESOME

  • Deli kız Aysel
    Deli kız Aysel Year ago

    Omg beuatiful

  • mohamed hasan
    mohamed hasan Year ago +2

    I plieve its my own country plain... yes iam somali ... happy to have such bloody brother turkey

  • woshinawa fadhil
    woshinawa fadhil Year ago

    Bismillah ...wait for me istanbul at last january 2018

  • Ray ra
    Ray ra Year ago

    Sehr schlechte Service u unfreundliche Personal. ..

    • Oguz Kaan
      Oguz Kaan 6 months ago

      Ha ha sei nicht so neidich du hurensohn .du bist ein armes schwein du kanns nirgind wo fliegen

  • Efrates Chanyalew

    I hope it will be nice i am flying from ethiopia to istanbul by turkish airlines with my family😉

  • Djamal atrous
    Djamal atrous Year ago

    waw the food was good and the bathroom too like fly Emirates.

  • Djamal atrous
    Djamal atrous Year ago

    fly Emirates is the best

  • Jihad Islam
    Jihad Islam Year ago +2

    Can someone tell me the cost of wifi ?

  • SAR tv
    SAR tv Year ago

    Turkish airlines new airport 2018 best of europa and world 2. airport :) best transit center and cheap air

  • Muhamad Khan
    Muhamad Khan Year ago

    Can we walk around the plane and ask for food whenever we want when we’re in the sky??? I’m flying out next week?? Also how is the staff members??

    • Muhamad Khan
      Muhamad Khan Year ago

      Flight Reviewer thank you! And can we walk around in the airplane when it’s in the sky

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago +1

      For long flights there are sandwiches and muffins at the galleys and they are free like all the other food given. They taste pretty good. Flight Attendants depend but they are helpful and never rude to the passengers.

  • behafarid alibakhshi

    Last night I was on a plane and there were some safety concerns before taking off! A passenger was screaming about a guy that is a troublemaker and airline needed to check all the bags! The Turkish Airline staff didn’t do a good job checking the bags and one of the bags was believed to have something very dangerous inside!! I asked them to let the people get off of the plane and then check all the bags but they said it caused them to pay penalty fees. THEY PREFERED TO PUT THE PASSENGERS SAFETY IN DANGER INSTEAD OF PAYING A PENALTY!!!! Later on, the FBI and Police got involved in the situation. I got off the plane because of my safety concerns, and the FBI and Police told me that I made a right decision by getting off of the plane!! The day after I asked them to reissue my ticket, AFTER HOURS OF WAITING ON THEIR CALL CENTER LINE, THEY FINALLY TOLD ME THAT THEY WILL NOT REFUND OR REISSUE MY TICKET!!! I went to talk to their office staff at LAX location and INSTEAD OF ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS RESPECTFULLY THEY YIELD AT ME AND THEN THEY CALLED THE AIRPORT SECURITY!!!

  • ram men
    ram men Year ago

    Great video! I was hesitant about Turkish airlines, since I have never flown with them. Your video provided sufficient visuals to make my own decision. So far everything looks great. (....way better than most American companies) Great job. Thank you!

  • Frank Ie
    Frank Ie Year ago

    good vidso! how tall are you?

  • jarokanal
    jarokanal Year ago

    can i charge my laptop becouse the flight is about 14 hours long ? is there plug beside the USB port ? can you stream movies from usb ?

  • Jason VanBoesschoten

    Awesome video, im so glad i saw this. Booking my flight to Spain soon and not sure what airline to take. TA is by far the cheapest out their, just wasn't sure if the price reflected the quality.

  • Manale Habri
    Manale Habri Year ago

    thank you very much you give us a good idea. it was awesome

  • Arham Ahmed
    Arham Ahmed Year ago

    I Love your videos !

  • westregent66
    westregent66 Year ago

    Thanks for posting this I've been trying to decide between Turkish Airlines and SAS for my trip to Europe next year and this had definitely convinced me to take Turkish 👍

  • nick harris
    nick harris Year ago +2

    turkish airlines is so cool..

  • pear ches
    pear ches Year ago

    Knoblauch Bomber würde ich nicht mitfliegen.Auch wenn es Premium Economy Class wäre!! Nie mit Türkische Airlines!!!

    • Oguz Kaan
      Oguz Kaan 6 months ago

      Knoblauch ist gesunde als schweinfleich.oder du schwein

  • Arshad Nosarka
    Arshad Nosarka Year ago

    does it have wifi

    • Arshad Nosarka
      Arshad Nosarka Year ago


    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago

      +Arshad Nosarka for economy it is $25 whole flight $10 1 hour. but you can disconnect anytime and not waste the pack while you are not using it

  • Rico No
    Rico No Year ago

    Does anyone know if they have power ports for laptops on these flights meanwhile? My girlfriend told me she had them once on the same flight.

    • Andreas
      Andreas Year ago

      Ricoone usually the Power ports are under the seat!!!

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago

      +Ricoone they dont have a power port in economy but they do have a USB port which is not really useful. It is way slower than normal power supplies. Though new planes might have, which I dont think so, I would still bring a power bank on the flight.

  • Khalid Carrillo
    Khalid Carrillo Year ago

    Wow seems very impressive. Looks better than Lufthansa economy class by a mile. More legroom, amenity kits and menus! Their prices are not bad either, just unfortunate that from Chicago going to mainland Europe you'd have to fly all the way to Istanbul and then back, but it might seem worth it.

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago +1

      +Khalid Carrillo I would definitely prefer Turkish Airlines to Lufthansa as well

  • kebazlx
    kebazlx Year ago

    I love TA. I just dont like IST airport :/

  • Prd Liem
    Prd Liem Year ago

    do you need to pay for the in flight food service? 😀

    • Prd Liem
      Prd Liem Year ago

      wooowww, thank you for replying my comment this fast 😂
      i will take a flight from indonesia to germany tommorow, so i need all the information i can get...
      i hope you can give more review in the future 😊

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago +2

      +Kawaii Lim no you dont :)

  • ma ta
    ma ta Year ago +1

    They got the newest Planes,

  • Son Goku Libanon
    Son Goku Libanon Year ago

    Intro song ?

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago

      +Son Goku Libanon all music links are in DESCRIPTION BOX

  • Rosa Maria Santos

    péssimo atendimento

    • Rosa Maria Santos
      Rosa Maria Santos Year ago

      os funcionários são péssimos , os clientes é que precisam deles "na visão dos funcionários ". viajo sempre pelá Turkish mas estou decepcionada.😟😟😟😟😳😳😳😳

    • Rosa Maria Santos
      Rosa Maria Santos Year ago

      fincionarios grosseiros em aerporto de Istambul ... com grande mal humor. tive muita dificuldades perdi meu vôo para o Iraque.... a atendente mandou eu me virar. que eles não tinham nada com isso....

  • Iheoma Adiele
    Iheoma Adiele Year ago

    Wow amenity kit for economy. That's a first! Love TK

  • Nahal Malaika
    Nahal Malaika Year ago

    What was your weight limit?

  • Paulo Dybala Fan
    Paulo Dybala Fan Year ago

    I hate turbulence ik The plane!

  • Nahal Malaika
    Nahal Malaika Year ago

    Is the amenity kit free

  • md habib
    md habib Year ago

    I am going there this summer

  • Aparna Vaidya
    Aparna Vaidya Year ago

    how big is the screen?

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago

      +Aparna Vaidya I am NOT 100% sure but it is something like 17 cm and 14 cm

  • Srk lover
    Srk lover Year ago

    do we have to pay for the food? Urgent plz answer

  • dBager
    dBager Year ago

    How tall are you?

  • Mykol Brooklyn
    Mykol Brooklyn Year ago +1

    Turkish Airlines are wonderful...your review was nice. I love how the interior of the plane is.

  • Spartan-Surfer
    Spartan-Surfer Year ago

    thank you :)

  • KS Squad
    KS Squad Year ago +4

    Thanks for making this video I am going to Egypt next month on Turkish airlines and I wanted to know more about it

    • Daniel younan
      Daniel younan 9 months ago

      I am from Egypt!!!

    • Speili X
      Speili X Year ago

      The Exploder Omg same but not next month but in 3 months cant wait 🙈🙈🙈

  • The Real Fuzzy
    The Real Fuzzy Year ago +11

    Thanks for letting me know how good Turkish Airlines is, I am travelling Chicago to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines and after this video, i am excited af!!!

  • Rafi Bhat
    Rafi Bhat Year ago

    Thank you really helpful information I'm flying on 7th may to argentina from mumbai

  • Radar Man
    Radar Man Year ago

    How good is the IFE?

    • Radar Man
      Radar Man Year ago

      Flight Reviewer Thanks a lot! I'm flying with Turkish next month, this video really helped.

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago +1

      +Radar Man wide choice of films and live tv

  • poodtang1
    poodtang1 Year ago

    Did you have to get permission before filming.
    That is so cool.

    • poodtang1
      poodtang1 Year ago


    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago

      +poodtang1 yes i did but sometimes they dont let you film idk the reason why

  • Selim Eylül
    Selim Eylül Year ago

    Incredible flight review mate. The TK6 flight for me has always kept a special place in my heart, jumping up and down as kids when the time of the year around June comes to fly to Istanbul to see relatives and take a break from school! All of the parts of my bi-annual Chi-Ist flight are sacred, only coming to my mind when the real life event is happening. I am really happy to see a quality review of my absolute favoriate trip of all time, TK6 onboard the 77W! Well done mate!

    • Yassine Nabet
      Yassine Nabet 7 months ago


    • Selim Eylül
      Selim Eylül Year ago

      Definitely will man, keep up the good work!

    • Flight Reviewer
      Flight Reviewer  Year ago +1

      +Selim Eylül ohhh, thank you ao much. I am also really glad to see that this review took a really important role in your heart. Keep up with my other reviews bro! Cheers...

  • Gus W
    Gus W Year ago +1

    Who here would rather shoot themselves in the face than fly with this airline

    • when life gives you lemons
      when life gives you lemons 6 months ago

      Gus W literally everybody else is writing good comments about the airline

    • when life gives you lemons
      when life gives you lemons 6 months ago

      Gus W no one

    • דוד טוביאן
      דוד טוביאן 8 months ago +1

      Gus W here at turkish air lines we apologize for you not being totally satisfied,next time this happens please ley us know,we can refund your ticket fully or parcialy
      Many thanks
      Customer service

    • Mustafa Kose
      Mustafa Kose Year ago +2

      If I knew u I would have bearing u up. Turkish airlines will never do that I been on it so many times u are proably a guy who can't afford to go with plane and trying to make the airline bad

    • Gus W
      Gus W Year ago

      Don't be sorry - why be sorry? They're clearly inconsistent and not just a little bit dangerous in their maintenance and flying practices. I'm not sorry, I'm glad of the experiences to let me know to make other choices and I don't think I'll be going back to Turkey anytime in the near future with what's going on there. If I do It'll be a rail journey.